Binance Japan! & Revolut Expands Crypto Investment Services to Brazil! [ Crypto Espresso 5.3.23 ]

It's Wednesday and you know what that Means oh come on don't make that face You know it's news that's right I'm your Host Andrew and after looking at today's Stories noticing a theme Here expansion And adherence to local Financial Regulations my favorite first up binance Is gearing up for the June launch of its Japanese subsidiary aptly named binance Japan yeah this development allows the Acquisition of TaoTao a local Cryptocurrency exchange bolstering Binance's strategic growth in the region Designed to provide a secure User-friendly digital asset trading Platform tailored to Japanese users Binance has been collaborating closely With the Financial Services Agency or FSA to guarantee that its platform Adheres to all Japanese laws and Regulations binance remains pretty Tight-lipped about which country will be Next on its Global expansion agenda and On yesterday's episode te iwa said from Now on I'm gonna take a shot every time You mention that coin market cap is Owned by binance well get ready to party Bro because binance is the parent Company of coin market cap crypto Currency platform level Finance has Confirmed a recent exploit leading to a Loss of roughly one million dollars due To a software bug that left the system Vulnerable to hackers in response level

Finance has temporarily ceased all Operations to conduct an in-depth Investigation and Implement enhanced Security features to thwart future Incidents level Finance has pledged to Reimburse the affected customers taking Full responsibility for the losses in Collaboration with cyber Security Experts and law enforcement agencies the Company is working diligently to track Down the culprits and recover those Stolen funds cryptocurrency platform Revolut has broadened its Horizons by Introducing its digital banking services Now including cryptocurrency Investments To the Brazilian Market customers in Brazil can now access a variety of Digital currencies such as Bitcoin Ethereum and other leading Cryptocurrencies through revlid's Platform all while adhering to Brazil's Financial regulations revolutes foray Into Brazil signifies a crucial step in The company's larger plan to solidify Its presence within the Latin American Market the digital Bank intends to roll Out more services and products tailored To the specific needs of customers in The region in a settlement over Securities violations cryptocurrency Exchange poloniex has consented to pay a Hefty 76 million dollar fine the U.S Treasury Department's office of foreign Assets control or ofac claims that

Poloniex neglected to establish Sufficient compliance measures thereby Enabling users in countries like Iran North Korea and Syria to access its Services the exchanges believed to have Processed approximately 22 000 Transactions involving these sanctioned Regions between 2015 and 2019 as part of The settlement poloniex neither admitted Nor denied the allegations but has Agreed to pay the penalty and enhance Its compliance processes so let that be A lesson to the rest of you exchanges Australian crypto exchange coin jar says Gadai as they Venture into the U.S Market undeterred by potential Regulatory hurdles capitalizing on its Achievements in Australia The Exchange Seeks to make its platform available to Bus Yanks by diligently working to Satisfy regulatory requirements and Obtain necessary licenses to operate Stateside this U.S expansion is a Component of coinjar's wider growth Strategy which involves entering European and Asian markets the Exchange's focus is on ensuring Regulatory Compliance and delivering a Frictionless user experience across Multiple jurisdictions and speaking of Friction No no let's not do that segue please Just like this video subscribe to our YouTube channel and click on that little

Bell icon to get buzzed whenever a new Crypto espresso video goes live and Layout let's never talk about this again On yesterday's show XYZ said say sweet Again well XYZ come close to your Speaker this one's just for you If you have a request for old Andrew be Sure to leave one in that comment Section below because you know I read Them questions about our headlines or Crypto in general why not take the Plungeness Alex in that description Below Alex is always a great resource For all things web 3 and the metaverse And that about does it for today as Always I've been your host Andrew these Have been your headlines and we'll see All of your beautiful shining faces Tomorrow


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