Binance in BIG TROUBLE!? ⚠️ Elon Musk DROPPING Dogecoin for AI?

On Friday SEC attorney William uptergrove 
said in court that SEC staff believed that   Finance U.S might be an unregistered Securities 
Exchange binance International the world's largest   Cryptocurrency exchange and binance U.S their U.S 
regulated entity seemed to be in hot water after   A new Wall Street Journal article was published 
sharing previously unseen telegram chats between   Binance International Leadership and binance 
international employees fretting over their   U.S ties also revealed was how the binance team 
tried to recruit Gary Gensler onto team binance   A telegram group chat reveals the binance team's 
skittishness over regulatory scrutiny Finance the   World's largest cryptocurrency exchange reportedly 
didn't disclose the extent of its ties and control   Over binance us a supposedly independent unit 
set up to comply with U.S financial regulations   According to the Wall Street Journal which cited 
its internal document in Communications that it   Said it has reviewed what are the key takeaways 
from The Wall Street Journal report well binance   International programmers allegedly reportedly 
based in Shanghai had control over the software   Code that supported binance U.S users digital 
wallets which could give them access to U.S   Customer data The Wall Street Journal reported 
citing internal telegram text messages from 2019   In addition while binance International said it no 
longer accepted U.S customers upon the launch of   The U.S entity its officials reportedly discussed 
ways to keep U.S investors including encouraging   The use of vpns the Wall Street Journal report 
says now there were a few other things but to   Give you the other side of the story what 
does binance say about these allegations   Well a binance spokesperson told forecast via 
telegram we have already acknowledged that we   Did not have adequate compliance and controls in 
place during the early years while growing at such   A rapid Pace we made some intentional missteps 
which have been now rectified also a binance U.S   Spokesperson cited by The Wall Street Journal 
in the story said that the company and binance   Never mixed user data they claim binance us and 
binance never mixed user data well what about   The Gary Gensler connection that was also in the 
Wall Street Journal article financed by far the   World's largest crypto exchange was also among 
many firms that sought to bring Gary Gensler into   The fold as an advisor while he was teaching at 
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT the   Report said as many as two years before Gensler 
became a chairman of the Securities and Exchange   Commission binance tried to poach him the journal 
signed in many documents and interviews with   Former employees but also quoted from a group chat 
among key members of the binance team including CZ   Of meeting with Gensler CZ reportedly wrote while 
Gensler declined advisorship he was generous in   Sharing license strategies the idea that binance 
Global has greater control role of binance us then   Either company is willing to admit is probably 
not good for how binance will be perceived by U.S   Regulators coindesk reporter nikelish D Finance 
Global has much greater control of Finance U.S   Than the you know either company is willing to 
admit is probably not great for how binance and  

Binance us will be perceived by U.S Regulators 
on Friday SEC attorney William uptergrove said   In court that SEC staff believed that Finance us 
might be an unregistered Securities Exchange but   Before that we've heard concerns from Regulators 
that Finance U.S acquiring voyagers assets   Might run foul of foreign investment rules and 
regulations so I imagine that the Wall Street   Journal report forms a weekend suggesting that 
Finance has much greater control and access to   Binance us will probably be an additional you know 
spanner in the works of that acquisition but also   Um you know last week lawmakers asked binance 
about what was going on with Finance us we've   Heard Regulators before you know expressed 
concerns about the possibility that brightness   Us is not an independent exchange all of those 
concerns I imagine are going to be heightened   In other Regulatory and cryptocurrency Exchange 
News the justice department is now pushing for   An independent investigation of the FTX collapse 
unsure if this independent investigation will be   Allowed to happen do you think aspi app should 
be investigated to the full extent of the law   Because in other news Sam bankman freed wants 
to watch Netflix and read crypto news while   On house arrest while awaiting trial the U.S 
attorney submitted a new request to limit the   Websites and online services Sam bankman 
freed can use while SPF awaits his day in   Federal court he should be allowed to conduct 
legal research online keep up with news keep up   Sports shop on Amazon and place food delivery 
orders this all according to a letter submitted   To the court by U.S attorney Damian Williams 
a previous request that focused on messaging   Applications was rejected last month by federal 
judge Lewis Kaplan hopefully the food delivery   Request the Amazon request or the Netflix request 
hopefully I don't know do you think SBF should   Be allowed to watch Netflix in a year or two 
the shows are going to be about him Dogecoin   Dropping 10 percent on the week that Elon Musk 
turns his attention to AI as meme coin promoter   Elon Musk turns his attention from crypto to AI 
Dogecoin appears to be bearing the brunt of this   Week's losses so that's what everybody's saying 
that Elon Musk is no longer into crypto as much   Certainly not into Dogecoin as much because now 
he's interested in Ai and this is from something   He tweeted quote I used to be encrypt crypto but 
now I got interested in AI so maybe he's because   This is in quotes is he making fun of people who 
say this yet people are still saying that perhaps   Elon Musk isn't in to Dogecoin as much because 
of this tweet however at the Super Bowl he was   Just wearing a Dogecoin inspired shirt when he 
sat next to Murdoch I don't know it just seems   To me that Elon Musk isn't as into Dogecoin as 
he used to be because he used to say things like   This even though it was it was created as a 
silly joke Dogecoin is uh better suited for   Transactions why is that the total transaction 
flow that you can do with with um Dogecoin is   Substantially more than like transactions per day 
is much higher than has much higher potential than   Than Bitcoin cryptocurrency is getting bigger and 
better the space is evolving and polygon Matic is  

A perfect microcosm a perfect example of what is 
happening in all of crypto so let me update you   Polygon Matic is up 61 year to date the third 
most transactions the fourth highest number   Of active addresses the fourth largest index 
volume the fourth largest in total value locked   Well what's driving this polygon activity what 
are people actually doing on polygon gaming is   Now the dominant category on polygon today taking 
up 32 percent of fees spent on polygon 35 percent   Of active addresses on polygon 23 percent of 
all transactions on polygon and if we take a   Few steps back a year ago defy indexes were the 
primary driver of activity on Matic a year later   We can clearly see gaming makes up a majority of 
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