Bilt Mastercard- Earn FREE Money While Paying Your Rent

Late last night I was about to go to Sleep and I got a text from one of my Friends saying this wait I know you Don't pay rent but you should view this Credit card I think it's fairly new but You pay rent with it no transaction fee And I feel like people would opt for it Since normally you have to just take it Out of the checkings account also prob Good for viewership since I feel like There's not that much info on it okay so It actually turns out I've made multiple Videos about the built MasterCard and Although I ended up moving into my dream Home this past year I still have this Product with the bill MasterCard I've Made a review on it it's been included In my top five credit card picks Multiple times and I even did a whole Unboxing video for it too now through This text I realized it's been a while Since I last talked about this card and I realized that there's been a ton of Different updates that they actually Made so in this video here I'm gonna go Over all of the new updates and changes That they made to this credit card and In case you're completely new to the Card benefits I'll do a quick recap on That as well starting with the wall Welcome bonus the annual fee and the Point earning categories you get towards The end of the video I'm also going to Be answering the most popular question

That I've seen people have which is is This card really worth it for me all Right so to begin this card here is what I consider to be very simple it's almost Future proof because there's nothing Like this and on top of that really easy To use so zero dollar annual fee meaning As soon as you get this card you will Not have to worry about ever paying this Issue or any additional money on top of That you can also get 3x points on Dining which is generally most people's Most popular spending category then you Get 2x back on travel which I think is Still fantastic for a no annual fee card And then you get 1X points on everything Else which also includes rent payments Without that transaction fee now this is Probably the only time I'll ever be this Excited to get One X back on any other Category and that's because of the fact That if you pay your rent using this Credit card they will reimburse that Transaction fee for you now keep in mind This is coming from someone who ended up Before moving into this home I was Living in an apartment this was actually The biggest unit I had three bedrooms in There had the whole kitchen the living Room set up but at that time I was Paying a good amount in rent especially After my one-year lease was over and I Was going months a month during that Month-to-month period I was paying

Anywhere from four to five thousand Dollars a month and I was still all About the credit card game where I Wanted to earn additional points of the Money that I was spending but the Drawback here was the fact that the Apartment complex actually charged me a Transaction fee so for me I began Justifying that transaction fee telling Myself look if I get a good Redemption With my credit card points it'll cancel Out but I realized over the span of About two three years I've paid these Apartment building companies multiple Multiple thousands of dollars in those Transaction fees and when you start Paying like three four hundred dollars Every single month it begins to add up Pretty quick now the built MasterCard Did not exist back then if it did I'd Have a whole lot of points and I would Have saved myself off a lot of money and This is where from my mistakes I want You guys to be able to benefit from if You're renting this card is the most No-brainer card meaning you don't got to Think twice about it because you sign up For it you pay no annual fee you still Get pretty solid benefits for a card Like this and all you have to do is go Into your apartment rental portal use This as the card of choice and they'll Set it up for you so that they pay off Your apartment rent you pay the credit

Card company you collect the points and From there the main benefit is that your Crew all of these free points that you Normally wouldn't do anyways if you were Worried about paying that transaction Fee now on built's website they actually Advertise these three additional points So first of all we covered it earn Points on rent at any apartment the Second one get double points on the First of every single month a lot of People sleep on this benefit here too Where you can earn even more on rent day This is what they call it on the first Of the month where you get 6X on dining You get 4X on travel and you get 2x on All other purchases except rent that Right there is insane I have never heard Of a no annual fee card being able to Give you six percent back on a category Granted this is on one day of the month But you could get creative with this Where you want to plan a family dinner You want to do it at the first of every Month and you say it's on me you're Pretty much getting six percent back and If you get a one point to two cent Redemption on those points essentially You can get up to 12 cash back or if you Want to look at it another way you're Getting about 12 back on that restaurant Bill this third Point here built is Claiming that they redeem the most Valuable reward points I had to do a

Little bit more research and it turns Out this was not cap what I mean by that With what the genziers call it these Days built was actually rated to have Some of the most valuable points within The entire industry comparing themselves At the number one spot to Chase Ultimate Reward points now this valuation here Was reported on the Points Guy after Doing some further extensive research to Show how you can get outsized value from Using your built MasterCard now Personally what I love about the built MasterCard is just the fact that it Makes sense for a lot of people even When I'm just going out getting dinner Last time I was eating Pho with a group Of my friends too and they were all Talking about the built MasterCard this Is because most people right now cannot Afford to buy a home and even if they Could I don't know if it's worth it just Because of how high interest rates are And usually I'd say usually it just Doesn't make sense in locking up that Much Equity right now in this current Market where even right now I just Hopped in onto Twitter and they're Talking about how this housing market is Setting itself up to look like the 2006 Housing market and if any of you guys Know what happened there yeah it was a Big crash all right now this video is Not intended for us to go and talk about

The entire housing market status but It's intended for you guys to learn more About how you can optimize your spend And pretty much just get free money with That said let's cover just an additional Few free things that you will also get With this card if you do decide sign up And that's actually going to be trip Cancellation and Interruption protection Which I think is phenomenal just because Usually no annual fee credit cards are Not going to go out their way to offer You these additional benefits you also Get trip delay reimbursement you get Auto rental collision damage waiver you Get no foreign currency conversion fee You also get Lyft credits so you can Take three rides in one calendar month And get a five dollar lift credit it Ain't that much but if you're someone Who really values even just those small Things it ain't too bad either now a lot Of people end up sleeping on the Benefits that I'm about to talk about Here but I wouldn't just because I've Gone through the process many times and I don't know what it is about me but I Dropped my phone every now and then and When I do it always breaks it shatters So it was like maybe five six months ago I talked about it here on YouTube but I Broke my phone then again I had to use My American Express cell phone repair Service and with that service I actually

Had to pay a pretty high deductible but With the built MasterCard you can get up To 800 of protection and their Deductible is only 20 25 dollars so if You're paying your cell phone bill with Your credit card here you also get that Protection meaning that you also don't Need to waste your money on Apple Care Which is something that I know a lot of People consider when they pick up a new Apple device all right so where I'm also Seeing a lot of the updates getting made With built is more on the back end they Have been continuing to add additional Partnerships with either Airlines or Different companies and we're seeing a Lot of other Transfer Partners Continuing to get added within the Program to expand upon that a bit Further I was over on Reddit doing just A bit more research for this video here And I saw a lot of good feedback from Just people like yourself so this Reddit Thread not too long ago about four Months ago was just asking the general Question is getting the built rewards MasterCard still worth it first answer Here with the most upvote says is it Worth it well almost always yes with Zero annual fee and a pretty hefty Downside for paying rent with other Credit cards it's hard to not justify in My opinion the only circumstances I can See it not being worth it is some

Version to having many credit cards Either risk wise or credit score wise Now I personally agree with this person Here just because if you're someone who Can't pay your credit card off on time And that's why you got this card just so You can rack up the payments and you're Like okay maybe I'll get away with not Paying rent and pay an additional Interest amount no it's not going to Worth it get out of this video don't get This card or any credit card in general Fix that mindset first but if you're Someone who's just getting these cards Trying to utilize the benefits you're Going to pay off your card in full on Time anyways it's a no no Brian younger No-brainer yeah what I really liked was This comment right here where this Individual says definitely this card is Worth it even more so if you live in a High cost of living area with high rents I just booked about sixteen hundred Dollars worth of Hyatt stays with my Built points that I earned over the last Two years which otherwise would have Gotten me no points of any kind since my Building doesn't accept other credit Cards without a surcharge Storyteller Scotty says I think it's worth it American Airlines and Hyatt are great Transfer Partners for me especially when Combined with the Chase Sapphire prefer He talks about having a fraudulent

Charge happen but they did end up Sending him a new card pretty fast and This individual said that fraudulent Charges are happening more on built than Any other Banks but then another person Was actually talking about how they Actually had zero fraudulent activities Using their car now I've had my built MasterCard since what has it been like Four months at least now and I've had Zero fraudulent charges on my account Either so I believe moving forward They've been able to patch that issue I Haven't heard anyone actually having an Issue in more recent months in my own Life but your miles may vary just like This card and any other credit card set Up the alert notification on your phone You can do it through Apple wallet Apple Pay link it up so that anytime you see a Charge on your card you know exactly if It's you or not so ladies and gents I Still believe this here is going to be One of the best credit cards out on the Market especially if you pay rent and Even if you don't pay rent all right You're living in a house or maybe you're Living under your parents crib this is Still a great no annual fee credit card My only gripe with it is that it has no Welcome bonus offer and this is Something that we're usually more Accustomed to with Chase and American Express but with this instance just the

Fact that you're getting a point Redemption category that is unlike Anything within this industry I'll let Them slide there the only other reason Why I would be careful of applying for This card is if you are planning to get Other credit cards with other issuers Like with Chase and you're a bit more Inquiry sensitive where you're trying to Not account for the 524 rule because There's a whole bunch of Chase business Credit cards you might want to get that Makes sense but as long as you are not Inquiry sensitive you don't really care About that and most people aren't it's Just a very small micro population you Should be good to go so that right there Is going to be my full review on the Built MasterCard leading up to the year Of 2024 if you guys found any value you Guys have any questions be sure to join Some of our communities down below we Have a ton of helpful members on Facebook and over on Discord and I'd Love to see you guys in there by the way If you guys do want to check out built One last time I do have a link Down Below in the description now this card Has no welcome bonus offer so anytime You use my link you are getting the best Offer possible on this card I appreciate You guys I love you guys thank you for Always supporting this Channel and the Capacity that you do it goes very very

Much long way to support me and my team Here to continue providing you guys the Best content possible but if at any Point you know you got a referral link From your mom your dad your friend I Always encourage you guys to use those First but if you don't have any of those Referral links that you have access to Check out mine here it's a win-win Situation and we're going to continue to Provide you guys the best unbiased Content here on YouTube as much as Possible so thank you all so much again For watching today's video take care Have a blessed day and I'll see you all Soon peace


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