So recently I made a video talking about How the brand new built MasterCard is One of the best essential credit cards To have within your wallet for this year And it seems like now ever since then I'd be going on Instagram or Tick Tock And I see it all over social media so in This video let's talk about whether or Not this car is actually hype or not in Addition to that I'm also going to be Sharing with you guys something Interesting that I found I went all Detective junk mode I don't think anyone Has found any information on this or Even talked about it on the interwebs so With this piece of information that I'm Going to share with you guys in this Video just know that it's going to Completely change the credit card game So first of all for anyone who doesn't Know what the built MasterCard is what The all-new best credit card of 2023 is All about this card currently allows you To pay for rent 100 of it and get that Transaction fee covered now we've made Several videos talking about how much Money I would have saved if I just used The built MasterCard about four years Ago and you know I don't want to for you With the math but just for you to know I Would have saved over eighteen hundred Dollars every single year so in the span Of four years that would have been over Seventy two hundred dollars I know that

I would have been able to find a really Good point redemptions so I would have Value that at over ten thousand dollars Back in my pocket that I would have Saved so this card happens to just be One of the best cards if you are someone Who pays for rent but there are a ton of Other people right now who are some Lucky lucky Joe's and Jane's that Actually have a home that can actually Pay mortgages instead of rent so the Question is what about the rest of them Well the answer by built has been pretty Clear that you cannot use their credit Card up for mortgages well that was at Least until this point when your boys Started to do some digging and I found Some pretty good Alpha now check this Out if you guys didn't know built has Been doing some really crazy stuff like Little Easter eggs where according to One user if you message one of their Accounts the secret code word close Friends and they add you to it you'll Have access to their close friends list Where you'll see little tasks or Missions where you can make additional Points such as just following them Posting the build card in a certain area Or a certain part of day where maybe You're dining and you got them in the Instagram story of your account and They'll reward you some free additional Points now although that's pretty cool

Because you know I really haven't seen Any credit card go these links to engage With the community as much as built has I've found some really interesting data Points that might be pointing to Something even cooler than that I was Actually going through the FAQ once Again on the built website for the Question of can I earn points on my Mortgage payments and there was an Answer by an admin two months ago that Stated we'd love to offer points on Mortgage payments but this isn't an Available feature at this time it's However something we're considering for The future wait a second built is not Saying this is a definite no they're Actually saying the exact opposite and That they're considering this for the Future so upon doing a bit more more Digging I went ahead and found the Reddit page 4 built and there was also a Question asked there about 18 days ago Stating when is the option to pay Mortgage coming to build credit card and They had actually responded to that Question saying stay tuned with the big Old eye emoji so to all of the people And there's been a lot of people have Been asking me whether or not built is Going to be allowed for mortgages I Think the answer is pretty clear as Great as this card is right now I think It might get even better in the near

Future and if you happen to be someone Who's paying for mortgage I do think This card is going to be another staple That allows even more users to sign up Now the way all this is unfolding is Pretty crazy too because the build card Is one of the first cards that I've Applied for since it's been a while like Over the last one to two years and even With the whole unfolding of what we're Seeing real time happening with this Credit card I'm like that user profile That happens to fit right into that mold Because I've been living in an apartment I've been going months a month because I've been waiting for my house to get Built you know what built built house Getting built I just realized something Is that where is that why they came up With the card name my house is getting Built in about two months if I can pay My mortgage through this and if I'm able To max out a hundred percent of that 50 000 point cap I would be earning an Additional one thousand dollars cash Back from just using this card in Addition to that if built goes ahead and Actually removes that cap anytime in the Future I'd actually be making way more Than that because for the past I think It's been over a year now I actually Paid for the mortgage of my parents House so if I'm able to use the built Credit card to pay for the mortgage on

That earn some additional points that Way too this card will hands down be one Of the highest Roi given cards out of my Entire credit card binder so ladies and Gents that right there is the piece of Amazing news if you're someone who's Renting and you might be buying a house Within the next one to three years I do Think this credit card is still going to Offer you value and if you're someone Who doesn't pay any type of rent at all And you're just paying for mortgage or You know you pay money to a landlord This will still be a viable card for you Right now the built MasterCard is still Offering some of the best protections Even better than some of the more Comparable mid-tier cards like the Chase Sapphire preferred which has a 95 annual Fee the American Express green card with A 150 annual fee and even the City Premiere which has another 95 annual fee In the build MasterCard is competitive To those card products so you guys may Hear about this card even more you know Whether it's on social media or TV Commercials and if you're asking Yourself is this card really worth it is It worth the hype the answer in my Opinion is yes let me know how you feel Down below about this card and if you Guys want to check it out the link is Down below in the description by the way The built MasterCard does not have any

Type of like higher referral bonus so if You guys signed up using Google versus Using the link down below you're not Going to be getting any different offer But if you guys do use the link Down Below in the description I will be Giving you guys back just some really Good gratitude and energy and thanks for Supporting this channel as well it is Always such a delight where I find a Product that I genuinely love that I see Being one of the best and I can actually Share it with you guys and it just ends Up being a win-win-win so yeah check out My referral link Down Below in the Description at no cost to you supports This Channel and you're also getting a Wonderful great product if you guys do Have any other questions about this card If you guys want me to make some more Detailed videos about that let me know Down Below in the comment section like Always follow me down below as well on Instagram at credit Brian follow me on Twitter if you haven't done so already Stay blessed stay amazing stay healthy You guys and I'll see y'all in the next Episode Peace


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