BILLIONS of Ethereum about to be SOLD! *THIS* is the real reason Bitcoin is PUMPING!

Ethereum's next big upgrade Shanghai is Set to launch tomorrow and will unlock More than 30 billion dollars of ether You're looking at about two billion Dollars that is going to be immediately Available to be sold most people have no Idea why Bitcoin fell from 69k to 16k Most people have no idea why this Happened they just tell you the crypto's Over that bitcoin's over crypto is done I would sell my Bitcoin right into this Rally and believe me I had been a Believer One Time in Bitcoin not here Not now now you might know because I Know that our audience is smarter than Most retail crypto investors so let me Tell you let me update you three big Reasons as I see it why Bitcoin fell From 69k to 16k or as followed number One aggressive interest rates from the FED causing investors to de-risk number Two incredible amounts of Fraud and Leverage in this system that Unwound Number three people selling from Fear Uncertainty doubt from the market Overall turning over billionaire Investor Mike novogratz explains exactly This on CNBC it is really hard for People to understand what Causes Bitcoin to go from 67 000 back to 16 and now back to 30 but it's very That's what we've seen through the History of Bitcoin well listen I think Going from 60 on its way down happened

Because chairman Powell got really Aggressive on interest rates right so That made sense to me I think the last Bit I don't know if it was 25 to 16 or 30 to 16. uh was this Collection of frauds in Risk Management Mistakes that our whole industry had to Wash out of the system and that took out Lots of Leverage it took out lots of Bad Actors and left the market the beginning Of the year where anyone who had a cell Had already sold the question is why did Bitcoin shoot back up from 16k back up To 30k why did it do this do you know As I see it Bitcoin shot back up 230k For three reasons number one Anticipation that the fed's aggressive Rate hikes have slowed down number two The washout of Fraud and leverage in the System is very bullish and number three General continued adoption from all over The world as Banks fail Bitcoin and Crypto shines through billionaire Investor Mike novogratz continues Explaining this on CNBC we're having a Pretty constructive rally uh based on a Bunch of things one is the market is Pretty certain that chairman Palace Finished are close to finished right We're heading into a credit crunch in The United States and gold Bitcoin Ethereum you know those assets that will Do well in a Slowdown are are telling us Something the second is adoption right

There are 180 million people that own a Piece of a Bitcoin and that number grows Every year and we're seeing aggressive Moves in Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi in Dubai to set up regulatory Frameworks to Attract crypto right as the US is Fighting against it uh and so we're Seeing a lot of Asian money move in Um you're seeing some hedge funds the United States participate in the Futures Market uh but it's really got a story For for the first time in a while Bitcoin's 30k price range is support Turned resistance hopefully Bitcoin can Clear 30k and turn it back into support This will happen eventually be ready for It bitcoin's trend has changed Corrections and volatility will happen Of course but we are in a bull market Again in my opinion we need to talk About ethereum you're looking at about Two billion dollars uh that is going to Be immediately available to be sold Ethereum has a major upgrade in less Than 24 hours staking withdrawals will Be enabled 2 billion of ethereum could Be sold immediately again most people Are under informed when it comes to this Ethereum upgrade I'm here to inform you So you can make the best investing Decisions this is why you subscribe so Ethereum withdrawals tomorrow will be Enabled in two ways partial withdrawals And full withdrawals partial withdrawals

Are anything above the 32 eth that you Have staked that you can sell selling Anything over the 32 eth while the 32 Eat are still staked that's partial Withdrawals full withdrawals are selling All 32 each first thing you need to Understand is partial withdrawals which Is the most pressing concern Joshua Frank CEO of the tie explains partial Withdrawals on CNBC meanwhile we have This huge upgrade for ethereum tomorrow There is this concern that now that Withdrawals will be enabled it'll mean Ether tokens flooding the ecosystem that Flood of Supply could be a headwind for Price what's your read on on what to Expect tomorrow Yes so there's actually two things that Are happening uh and so there is what's Called partial withdrawals of ethereum As part of Um a part of the upgrade but there's Also full withdrawals so the way that Partial withdrawals works is basically To stake eat you need to provide 32 Ethereum anything above that is your Staking rewards that you're going to Receive and over the last year or so Those staking rewards have been accruing What's going to happen is once Withdrawals happen you will see partial Withdrawals open first in any rewards Above those 32 are going to be given to The east stakers so your next question

Is well how many rewards is that so on Average the average validator has about 34 each so about two more each than the 32 required to stake which is all going To automatically it's not a manual Process automatically be sent to those You know ethereum stakers so they're About 565 000 validators that have 32 Each uh and the current price is about 1900 and so quick math you're looking at About two billion dollars that is going To be immediately available to be solved And that you know for reference that's Going to happen over around five days uh And if you compare that to the average Trading volume of ethereum you know on Binance for reference you're looking at About a billion and a half dollars a day On a single exchange so it's not crazy You're looking at about 400 million Dollars a day over the course of about Five days which is a percentage or a Fraction of all the eat that assaults Keep in mind obviously that's not all Going to be sold some people probably Forgot a steak to eat maybe you staked Ethan coinbase and you're leaving it There you're not even thinking about it So partial withdrawals as far as impact On price will be closer to a drop in the Bucket not a huge concern like full Withdrawals could be the kind of bigger Concern is that full unstaking right Well what happens when people can

Actually fully withdraw those 32 Ethereum because that's a lot more than The two right and so the way that that Process is actually going to work is it Is going to be a much more extended Process over time and the way that it Basically works is that depending on the Number of validators that are staking if There is a very big difference the Amount of ethereum that can be withdrawn Over time so basically ethereum wants to Make sure that the network is secure so The more that people are withdrawing Ethereum the less they're going to Actually enable those people to withdraw And so for a very quick reference point And we can get into a lot more detail if You want it's going to take about 500 Days total if people wanted to withdraw All of that ethereum so it can't happen In a day at minimum you're looking at About 520 to 550 days but what we'll Likely see at the starting point if we Assume there are a number of people that Want to withdraw and sell about 110 Million dollars is going to be withdrawn Every day for the first 10 days and over Time that's going to kind of decrease so Full withdrawals will happen over 500 Days plus understand that ethereum is Fine what's all this going to mean for Price and so what are the considerations In terms of what's going to happen to Ethereum's price

Well the first consideration is well is That a lot of ethereum certainly it's a Lot but it's not you know this Existential amount that I think people Are concerned about right it's not the Billions of dollars the 30 plus billion That are locked in staking it's only you Know 100 million dollars a day the Second thing to consider is there is now Going to be a lot of investors that Might want to actually stake eth that Weren't staking before so this is a big Milestone for ethereum a successful Upgrade like this will be another Feather in ethereum's cap and overall Give confidence to Future investors and Stakers which will make ethereum's Network even stronger not to mention This ushers in The Verge The Purge The Scourge ethereum's future upgrades with Ethereum being deflationary it seems Like a ten thousand dollar ethereum is Possible now more than ever Subscribe to altcoin daily we keep you Updated on a daily basis see you Tomorrow


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