Billionaires Are SELLING!! Here’s Why & What it Means For You!!

Recently some famous billionaires have Started selling various stocks cashing In on billions of dollars in profit this Begs the question have we hit the market Top or do we still have room to run Today we'll take a closer look at the Investments made by the mega Rich to Find out if this profit taking is just Dumb luck or if they know something that The rest of us Don't one of these billionaires is Jeff Bezos at the time of filming Bezos is The second richest man on the planet Behind Elon Musk according to Bloomberg As the founder of Amazon as well as the Owner of the space exploration company Blue origin and the Washington Post Bezos has a net worth of around $99 Billion and Bezos has been in the Spotlight recently after it was revealed In February this year he sold 50 million Amazon shares worth around 8.5 billion Dollar this selling was filed with the SEC back in November 2023 through Something called a 10 b51 plan for Reference a 10 b51 plan is a structure That prevents insiders from taking Unfair advantage of information that the General public doesn't yet have access To by making them declare trades months In advance any who Bezos had declared That he planned to have sold 50 million Amazon shares by the 31st of January

2025 he certainly didn't need that long Though because he's already sold up and In fact all 50 million shares were sold Very quickly selling started on the 7th Of February and by the 20th of February All 50 million shares were gone that's Just 2 weeks while $8.5 billion might Sound like a crazy amount of money to be Shifting around for Bezos this is just Just a drop in the ocean he still owns 10% of Amazon which has a market cap of Over $1.8 trillion trillion logically Then a bit of quick math tells you that He still owns $180 billion worth of Amazon stock with the recent sale Accounting for around 4.7% of his Overall allocation so just a little bit Of pocket change then right and by the Way if you're enjoying the video so far Show it by hitting the like button and Give the video boost And subscribe if You haven't already we interrupt this Program for an emergency crypto weather Forecast get ready for the worldwind of Savings we're seeing a high pressure Sign up bonus system forming in the Northeast with some exchanges offering Up to $50,000 Lush in the South we'll be Seeing some heavy discounts on Hardware Wallets so watch out for those if you're Going to be out and about and then over In central areas there's a high chance Of trading fee discounts which should be

Setting in later on up to 60% off there Amazing for a more comprehensive Forecast visit the coin buo deals page Using the link in the description these Deals are red hot so make sure to take All necessary Precautions that's all for the forecast Now back to our scheduled program it's Not just Jeff basos that's been selling Recently either another high-profile Billionaire is meta platform CEO Mark Zuckerberg who was spotted selling Almost half half a billion dollars worth Of meta stock in the last few months of 2023 in case you weren't already aware Zug has a net worth of around $176 billion making him the fourth Richest person on Earth according to the Bloomberg billionaire index the vast Majority of his wealth comes from Naturally meta as the company's Controlling shareholder Zuck owns around 350 million shares worth around $170 Billion at today's price prices as a fun Fact on the 2nd of February this year Meta announced its first ever dividends Payout which will see Zuck making $700 Million in passive income each year it's All right for some like Bezos Zuck filed For his sales via the sec's 10B 51 plan Which was submitted on the 31st of July 2023 with the aim of selling $428 Million worth of shares by the 1st of February 202 before sales started on the

1st of November last year with Zuck Silly shares bit by bit every day until Wrapping up on the 29th of December I Bet his New Year's Eve bash was a pretty Good one but perhaps the most shocking Of all of the recent billionaires Offloading their portfolios is Jamie Diamond CEO for the past 13 years of Mega Bank JP Morgan as the bank's Longest serving CEO he has a net worth Of $2.1 billion he sits much further Down the rich list than bezel and Zuck Being merely the 1,498 richest person in the world but Hey still a billionaire so does it even Really matter diamond and his family own Around 8.6 million shares of JPM and aim To sell 1 million of these shares valued Around $150 million now $150 million is Me a fraction when compared to the sales Made by Bezos and Zuck so you'd be Forgiven for not paying as much Attention to Diamonds little winfall That is until you learn that this is the First time ever that he sold any of this JP Morgan shares probably nothing so That covers the recent selling from the Rich then but what about the powerful as You'll have no doubt guessed the Powerful in question here are the Politicians who've been been able to Make trade after trade to massively Outperform the rest of the market as the Stock market continues to rise retail

Traders have seen their portfolios grow At an impressive rate for reference the S&P 500 has grown by as much as 207% over the last 12 months if you did Held on during that time you're probably Feeling pretty pleased with yourself and Rightfully so however this pales in Comparison to the affend mentioned Elite Who seem to have been able to time the Markets very well indeed maybe a little Too well you see once you start to take A closer look at who made certain trades At particular times you begin to Question if they had access to Information that other Market Participants didn't spoiler a l but in Almost every case they almost certainly Did note that we actually did a video in October that covers all of the Shady Goings on in Congressional trading the Link is down below if you want to learn More about that any who this is Something that was brought to light on The 2nd of January this year in a report Posted by unusual Wales an anonymous Team who raised awareness of topics such As Congressional inside of trading and Corporate lobbying in America as you can Hopefully see the Spy index which is an ETF that tracks the performance of the S&P 500 increased by 24.8% you'll also see that 32 Politicians are noted to have Outperformed the spy with four standouts

Seeing over 100% returns Brian Higgins Is way ahead of the rest with gains of 238.9 per. although to be fair this is Accredited to long-term Holdings of Nvidia stock which he first acquired way Back in 2017 the following three Politicians are Mark green with gains of 122.2mi The chances of this being a mere Coincidence are slim to say the least Especially when you see reports from Various Outlets that seemingly Pro that There was more going on behind closed Doors in other words insider trading Arguably one of the most notorious of Politicians in Congress to face insider Trading accusations is Nancy Pelosi the Representative for San Francisco who Also served as the 52nd speaker of the United States House of Representatives For context Pelosi has a net worth of Around $165 million all on a relatively modest Salary of $2.2 million per year however She also manages to make around $1 Million a month through other financial Means now Nancy Pelosi has been subject To allegations that she partakes in Insider trading if these allegations are True then Pelosi serves as an example of Just how corrupt politicians can become If given enough freedom to maneuver Behind closed doors this is something That unusual Welles reported on in

Detail and I'll leave a link in the Description to the thre they posted on X If you want to read it in full for now Though here is a tldr recently Pelosi Made a boatload of money from an Nvidia Call options that she and her husband Purchased on the 22nd of November 2023 In a leverage bet the Nvidia share Prices would go up it's worth mentioning That in one calendar month prior to this Nvidia prices had already rallied by 22% Before they made the purchase sure Enough though in video call went up by 85% netting the Pelosi's $1.8 million in Just 93 days more than 8X what her Salary paid in that time and as unusual Wales highlighted this trade was done While Congress was still in session 20 Minutes before the close of the market What's interesting here is that Pelosi Was already trading millions of dollars In Nvidia in the summer of 2022 before Voting on a semiconductor bill put Forward by the Biden Administration one month later Pelosi Then proposed her own bill along with Representative Lofgren that introduced a Congressional trading ban however this Bill was weak flawed and full of Loopholes and it's possible that this Was by Design Pelosi then stepped away From Trading Completely that is until her leverage Bet with Nvidia in late 2023 it seems

Though that was too big of an Opportunity to turn down there's Actually a clip you can find from Yahoo Finance's YouTube channel where Pelosi Was asked if her husband has ever made a Trade based on Insider information has Your husband ever made a stock purchase Or sale based on information you Received from you no absolutely not Naturally she denied it but we'll let You be the judge of just how convincing Her response really was to be clear Inside a tra is illegal it seems the Reason politicians can get away with it Is simply because they're the ones in Charge case in point just last month a Man from Texas was CAU out by the SEC For making a $1.8 million profit after Listing in on his wife's work calls and Making investment decisions based on What he heard anywh who regardless of Whatever may or may not be the truth Behind their success the fact of the Matter Still Remains po politicians Continue to make perfectly timed stock Purchases that see them make Substantially larger returns compared to The general public of course these gains Cannot be realized until those stocks Are actually sold and to make sure those Gains see their maximum potential the Selling has to be just as well timed as The buying so this begs one question Then why now despite all of the recent

Selling falling with within a relatively Short time frame each billionaire seems To have a different reason for Offloading masses of stock for Jeff Bezos the sale of Amazon stock was Allegedly due to him moving back to Miami Florida where his parents reside Something that he announced 6 days Before filing his 10B 51 plan notably It's estimated that this move also Allows Bezos to avoid paying around $430 Million in capital gains tax but we're Sure this is just a happy coincidence Interestingly though other billionaires Including KL ien and Josh Harris appear To have moved to Miami for the same tax Reasons and in fact it's not just the Billionaires analysis from 2019 to 2020 Shows that households earning more than $200,000 annually have moved to Florida At four times the rate of any other State meanwhile Mark Zuckerberg seems to Have sold after meta stock rallied by Over 170% throughout 2023 showing that Investors have moved on since that Metaverse debacle although there could Be a much more Sinister reason for him Selling more on that later this rally Was very much needed because when Zuck Announced that he was rebranding Facebook to meta and switching the Company's Focus to VR metaverse the Price of meta shares plummeted for

Reference meta alltime high around that Point was in September 2021 and just one year later the price Had fallen by over 50% and just to keep you on your toes There's also the possibility that Elon Musk could soon start offloading Tesla Stock to be fair to musk he did promise In December 2022 that he wouldn't be Selling Tesla stocks for another 18 Months which would take us to June of This year this announcement so Tesla Share price surge by more than 50% in The 3 months that followed however There's nothing officially in place to Stop him from changing his mind and Offloading sooner but it's perhaps Jamie Diamond's first everever sale of JP Morgan stocks that has the most eyebrows Raised recall that this is a man who has Been in charge of the mega bank for over 13 years until now Diamond seems to have Been taking the Rick Ashley approach What makes this even more intriguing is That it seems like for no real reason Was given for these sales at least not Publicly anyway whilst it's entirely Possible that this is simply a little Bit of profit taking Jamie Diamond's Diamond hands finally easing up could be Taken as a sign that something big is Imminent in case you didn't already know The banking sector in the US has been a Little shaky recently and you would

Expect that the CEO of one of the World's leading Banks has a better Insight into upcoming events than most This highlights the question we asked Earlier why now is there something on The horizon and more importantly does This signal that the markets are in for Some hurt to understand just how Significant this all could be let's First take a look back at the last time Major Sun like this took place Billionaires have notoriously sold in Previous Market Cycles just as their Company share prices were peing one Example would be none other than Jeff Bezos Who Sold Amazon stock in November 2021 the sales came in a time when Bezos Was at the Glasgow cop 26 climate Summit Where he proposed $2 billion from his Earth fund to restore nature and the Transform Food Systems incidentally These November sales were also worth Around $2 billion with around $8.8 Billion in sales throughout the whole Year notably he had also offloaded Around $10 billion the year before Shortly after the 2021 sales were Finalized the price of Amazon shares Tanked in regards to the sales made this Year the plans for the money aren't Clear but experts believe the timing Makes sense this is because Amazon share Price is up around 12% since the start Of the Year another billionaire who sold

In November 2021 was the one and only Mark Zuckerberg who divested more than a Billion dollars of meta stock although Trading at a peak meta share price was Actually one of the lowest points since 2015 interestingly the current traded Volume in meta is similar to that of November 2022 and with the price rally By 194% throughout 2023 it seems only reasonable that Zer Took some of this off the table unlike Basil however zck won't be avoiding Those taxes he could be on the hook for Approximately 24% in capital gains tax As well as 13.3% state tax in California Where he also keeps a $37 million estate And we would be remiss to not mention Elon mus selling of Tesla stock Throughout 2022 with ses starting at the tail end Of 2021 must dumped around $4 billion in Tesla shares throughout 2022 to help Fund his acquisition of of Twitter now X In characteristic fashion musk chose to Sell 10% of his Tesla stock after Putting the decision to a poll for his 62.5 million Twitter followers the day Before the poll went live his brother Kimble a Tesla board member also sold 88,500 shares at a value of $ 109 Million as mentioned earlier must Declared in December that year that he Won't be touched in any more Tesla stock For 18 months however this all could

Depend on how X performs Financially investors have been keeping A very close eye on X's performance Recently after several advertisers Paused their spending on the platforms What's concerning is that musk revealed That a single week without advertising Could have completely killed the company This shows the x is running a very Fragile operation this was evidenced When must just laid off a whopping 80% Of Twitter staff in 2022 after noticing that the company was Actually losing around $4 million a day If ax is still struggling then there is A chance that he could dump even more Tesla stock before June to keep it Afloat now given the fact that all of The Elite's recent portfolio offloading Is happening within a really similar Time frame the reasons given by each Individual should perhaps be taken with A massive massive pinch of salt this is Especially true when you consider just How much the overall stock market has Already pumped as mentioned earlier the Last time we saw this level of sellings The market crashed shortly afterwards The timing of billionaire trades is Definitely something to keep an eye on After all their ability to time the Market is part of the reason their Billionaires in the first place when you Consider that Jamie Diamond is selling

Stocks in his own Mega bank for the First time ever you start to wonder what It was that led to that decision could It be that he's concerned about the Banking situation in the US does he see Another collapse of some sort on the Horizon maybe a banking crisis is the Least of our concerns maybe there's an Apocalyptic level threat around the Corner sounds a little extreme well Maybe until you learn that Mark Zuckerberg is building a 270 m million Dollar underground bunker in Hawaii Complete with blast prooof doors that's Right the king of social media is Currently doing his best to fortify Himself away from society and this Sounds very much like it's partly for One anyone working on the 5,000ft bunker Has been sworn to secrecy with ndas Although given that Zer has been buying At the land in Hawaii it doesn't take a Rocket scientist to figure out who owns It As it happens he's not the only Billionaire to have plans of retreating To his own doomsday lirer open AI CEO Sam Alman and PayPal co-founder Peter Theel have an arrangement that if the World were to come to an end they'd Share a protective bunker in New Zealand Though ironically planning permission Was denied due to environmental concerns And if it's not an apocalyptic threat on

The horizon then it could be an imminent Large scale cyber attack this is because Nancy Pelosi was again caught out Potentially making investment decisions Based on Insider information on the 12th Of February Congress was briefed on a Serious national security threat Coincidentally or maybe not Pelosi just Happened to scoop up $1 million worth of Shares at Pao Alto Network a cyber Security company in the same Week oh Nancy but taking off are tin Full hats for just a moment it looks More likely that the main reason why We're seeing this selling is because of How heated up the markets are getting This can perhaps be best seen on the Nasdaq's S&P 500 which is currently Trading at its all-time highs while it's Great to be in the green it's also only A matter of time before we see a Correction that we'll see some investors Get burned when you consider that Millions of dollars worth of shares is Just a small percent percentage of a Billionaire's overall allocation it Looks a lot more like some simple profit Taking whether we see more selling in The future that remains to be seen but It does seem very likely so what should You do well far be it for us to ever Offer Financial advice but it would Appear that we're getting some strong Signals that the markets could cool off

And retrace at any moment what happens Next is anyone's guess but if you think There's a reason this selling by the Elite has been taking place then it Could be wise to consider taking a Little bit of profit off the table it's Also worth noting that there are a few Other individuals who have raised their Concerns about the market Economist David Rosenberg has said that the Recession has been delayed but not Derailed come to think of it maybe this Is something that Jamie Diamond has come To realize and then there's Mr Warren Buffett investment Guru and co-founder In CEO of Berkshire Hathaway with a net Worth of $34.71 hoping to make Bank when he Basically told the world that he Believed investment opportunities had Hit a brick wall he said outside the US There are essentially no candidates that Have meaningful options for Capital Deployment at BIR Berkshire he Then Followed this with a pretty damning all In all we have no possibility of eye Popping performance now obviously this Could be seen as a heavy signal that the Market is approaching its peak however As Warren Buffett also once famously Said never bet against America he might Be right given that the stock market's Continued growth is bringing the S&P to New all-time highs as the old saying

Goes though what goes up must come down While its price action seems to be Running on Rocket Fuel lately eventually That rocket will run out of steam and Come back down to earth so if you're Looking at when's the best time to take Some profits maybe following the Footsteps of some of the world's most Successful investors could be the best Place for you to Start okay that's all for today's video If you learn something new let us know By Smashing that like button if you want To make sure that you keep learning Subscribe to the channel and ping that Notification Bell if you want to help Others learn be sure to share this video With them if you happen to be into Crypto then the coin Bureau deals page Is where you need to go it's got trading Fee discounts of up to 60% and bonuses Of up to $50,000 on the best crypto exchanges as Well as the biggest discounts on Hardwood wallets the link will be in the Description and if you want some of the Hottest crypto tips delivered straight To your inbox then why not sign up to Our weekly free Newsletter and if that is not enough to Satisfy your Alpha Brain consider Joining the coin buau Club where you can Get access to insightful research posts Put out by our team view our portfolios

And also vote on which out coins we will Cover next the link for both of these Can be found in the description below Thank you all so much for watching and I'll see you all in the next one this is Jessica signing off


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