Biggest Scam in Crypto History… do NOT fall for it!!

This is the biggest scam in crypto History millions of investors are Falling for this it's new it makes me so Angry and this all stems from the Realization that there is money to be Made in crypto this is an emerging Technology The Innovation is real we are Hearing from clients around the world About the need for crypto and much like The early internet days with hype Excitement real Innovation real scammers take advantage Gary got scammed an internet scam I was A victim of an internet scam for a lot Of money I mean not like not like $10,000 but uh you got ripped off two Over two grand yeah how and and I can't Even figure out how to begin to get it Back or who to contact tell me what Happ We saw this in the late '90s we are Seeing this today and it's getting worse It's like any new technology right where You know the internet was around for 5 10 15 years before something happened And you know same with with Bitcoin and Blockchain and it's nothing like uh a Price rise to get people in let me take You through the three biggest crypto Scams happening now so you don't fall For it and keep in mind bad people do Not invalidate an emerging technology Internet scammers did not invalidate the Internet the internet's just a tool Like A Knife is just a tool good people can

Use it bad people can use it it's a tool But the Innovation and Adoption of a Knife was happening either way and this Is many elements of the same old scam Now just with crypto was shopping for a Christmas present for someone on the Show and I'll even tell you that it was You okay oh no yeah yeah yeah don't Worry Robin so Robin and Arty and Fred We were all going in on this gift okay Hey do me a favor don't get me anything Good because no no it's but this will be It's nice don't worry about it I'm not Going to tell you what it is there too Much pressure with this goddamn Christmas gift so the thing that I'm Looking for for you is sort of hard to Find so I went what are you looking for I'm not going to say I went on eBay and I found it okay and I bought stuff on EBay before eBay is great organizations Right so I buy buy this thing on eBay I Bid on it and I don't get it I'm the Second highest bidder right now eBay has An internal email do you know what I Mean not like the regular email but so I Get a note a couple days later said uh Hey listen you were the second highest Bidder the highest bidder couldn't take It I will sell it to you at your last Bid so I emailed the guy back a couple Of times we're going back and forth but Here's a stupidity it's a part where I Screwed up he said by the way don't

Respond here respond to me at my regular Email address okay so I do so once we Agree that I'm going to get it I get an Official email with eBay heading on it Just like I've gotten in the past you Are now the high bid you've won this Item you know deal with this guy Directly etc etc this is my gift this is Your gift yeah so then the guy so then The guy be happy wait it gets worse my B Was going to like this gift all the way From England full of pounds I'm the hot Bid so the guy shows me documentation That you know he's got um insurance and All that stuff but they use do you know What PayPal is yeah PayPal is really Popular he said you know I don't use PayPal cuz I'm in London so just send it To me Western Union uh so I go I go to Like my local supermarket cuz they have A Western Union there they need cash They my credit card I go acoss the Street to the bank send the guy the Money I was the victim of a scam 2,200 Bucks right right so the guys emailing Me every day like are you interested Just want to make sure let me know Because I'm going to put it back up send Him the money and you know his note said That I will let you know immediately When I'm going to ship it day goes by Two days go by I think I worked that Weekend I came back and I emailed the Guy when is it coming don't hear from

Him next day when is it coming so after Like 5 days start to realize something's Not right because this guy was really on It I don't think my boss was getting his Gift exactly he said I was my bitter So I go to eBay's um uh they have a Thing that you can go to but you can't Get a live person on the phone there Right right but they do a live chat so I'm you know instant messaging with this Guy and he said yeah you're the victim Of a scam he sends me an email I fill Out a form with the FBI's like internet Scam but you know they they sent me a Note pack and the not pack says um Hey Listen we get a lot of this stuff so you Know we have it our record but okay list Is stupid we can't really help it I Don't even know where to begin to try to I mean I got a guy's name and address in London it's probably fake who you going To send after It should I just ignore it then and just Chalk it up and say you got taken that's It I don't feel I feel like well if the Guy's going to cash the check who' you Make the check out to got a check it's Cash you're done saying cash many of the Very same elements you'll recognize now In crypto and while what's happening With AI will shock you this first scam Affects the most people affects all YouTube users because they're in the Comment section of almost every single

Prominent Channel's video let's go to This one released a few days ago Kathy Wood the crypto Bull Run is about to go Effing crazy we click we see hundreds of Thousands of people have watched over 9,000 people have liked but when we Scroll down to the comment comment Section what do you notice scams fake Scam coins being promoted the likes are Bought they claim this is Amazon's new Token that's fake what they want you to Do and what new people fall for they Want you to research this what is this New Amazon Jeff Bezos token I can make Money on uh-oh right at the top of Google nobody you should not do this I Am making content right now I'm taking The risk the goal is to educate for you You should not click any link because The wrong link you can lose your Bitcoin So let's watch 30 seconds of this video Obviously a scam hey guys what's up in Today's coin market news episode we talk About something that might be the Breaking news of the Year Amazon is Making the first moves to join the Crypto scene the US tech company under CEO Jeff basos has opened up the Pre-sale for their new AMZ Amazon token And again 10 tens of thousands of new Crypto investors fall for this every day If this wasn't profitable they wouldn't Be doing it in fact sending today's Video to a friend could save your

Friend's crypto in the link We attached One Invitational code you can use to Join the pre-sale we can still be early On this project no brainer to tell you That a brand like this is almost fail Prooof making a strong coin for the Future again please do not fall for this This scam has been going on for years I Know it's a scam because this happened In 2022 it happened in 2021 this isn't Even a real Channel and while we see in The Home tab if we scroll down wow they Are associated with coin market cap These are the coin market cap guys on The YouTube page it looks legit but this Is not their content you actually go Over to videos and they only have eight Videos all Shilling this scam and I know What you're thinking you're thinking Austin why don't you you and YouTubers Like you just block it mute these words So the audience doesn't have to deal With it this is the back end of YouTube YouTube Studio we'll go into settings We'll go into community and then you can See right here the hundreds and hundreds Of hidden bot accounts we blocked over 200 and we scroll down blocked words Again hundreds and hundreds and we can See all the fake variation Of these scam Amazon coins these fake Coins that are falsely promoted they buy Engagement in the comments and then Innocent people fall for this and then

Finally this is a fake YouTube Advertisement that was playing in front Of our videos and other major channels Videos ladies and gentlemen I am Brad Garlinghouse the CEO of Ripple and I am Thrilled to be here with you all in this Video today marks a historic day for us At Ripple and for every xrp holder Around the globe meaning scammers are Using AI to steal your money and YouTube Is accepting payment and allowing these Scammers to advertise in front of videos In light of these remarkable milestones And to show our gratitude to the xrp Community for your unwavering support we Are excited to announce the Ripple's 100 Million xrp giveaway here's how you can Double your xrp with Ripple's 100 Million xrp giveaway look for the QR Code at the top right corner of this Video and scan it it will direct you to Our official website where you will find An address send a minimum of 1,000 xrp And a maximum of 500,000 xrp to the Address listed on the website and this Is not just for xrp it's for Bitcoin It's for ethereum they trick you into Sending your crypto to a phony giveaway They promise to double your funds on any Amount sent the reality they steal Everything and you get nothing within Less than a minute you will receive back Double the the xrp that you sent to the Same wallet you sent from this giveaway

Is our way of giving back to the Community that has stood by us believed In our vision and held xrp through thick And thin we are here because of you and We want to ensure that you share in our Success stay safe my friends stay Vigilant share this YouTube is now Allowing these to be used as Advertisements the creators have no Control I'm trying to reach reach out to YouTube this this makes sick comment Down below your thoughts on this there's Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Hours of footage of my voice my Brother's voice you know we're going to Be a fake AI video sooner rather than Later so again just make sure you're Following the quality crypto channels The real ones and like always we drop One video per day keeping you informed About crypto see you tomorrow


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