So much is happening in crypto it's Crazy smash the like button support the Channel let's jump right into it binance Wins operational license in Dubai Congratulations CZ congratulations Dubai Binance the world's largest Cryptocurrency exchange has won a License to operate in Dubai after Meeting the preconditions since Receiving a preparatory license in September of 22. so last year binance Actually received a minimum viable Product license from Dubai's virtual Asset regulatory Authority allowing it To open up a domestic bank account to Hold clients funds locally operate a Crypto exchange and offer payments and Custody services this is a continuation Of that and a big win this is actually Three of four licenses binance needs in Dubai to be fully fully operational Let's talk about Richard Hart hex and The SEC case and that's a keep winning Winning over and over and over and over Again I'm a Serial winner we reported to You yesterday the SEC is suing Richard Hart of hex and pulse chain for Allegedly selling unregistered Securities Richard Hart Public Enemy Number One Persona non grata prison right I go to Prison okay now what happens per the Sec's website the SEC charges hex Founder Richard Hart with

Misappropriating millions of dollars of Investor funds from unregistered crypto Asset security offering that raised more Than one billion the SEC is also Alleging that Richard Hart used at least 12 million dollars worth of hacks and Pulse Ico money to buy luxury goods for Himself I'm seeing people in our comment Section very happy that Richard Hart is Being sued and looked into by the SEC I'm seeing people in our comments Section saying hey you know this is not Something we should root for as an Industry first they came for xrps and Nothing then they came for hex I said Nothing then the game from my coin and I Said nothing or I couldn't say anything Personally I've always been pretty Critical of hex and Richard Hart I did Think that there was a chance that hex Or pulse could do well in August since The Richard Hart documentary was coming Out and they really pushing that hard Quarter million hate me hate me I'm Farther than you'll ever be in your Whole life But the SEC lawsuit obviously changes The game Richard Hart and the hexakens And the pulse chain people never like to Talk about how Richard Hart basically Owns 80 percent of Paul's chain tokens Basically owns 60 plus percent of hex Chain tokens and will in perpetuity Forever that's just one of the issues I

Have but I'm not really a big fan of Gary Gensler and the SEC and I don't Think they really do a good job of Keeping regular investors like you and Me safe so ultimately we're gonna see What comes of this we're going to keep You in the know so make sure you Subscribe I do think that you should see This video prior to the lawsuit they Asked Richard Hart what if the SEC goes After you what if Geary goes after you In hacks and pulse what is your response What do you have to say to Gary Gensler Now keep in mind there's a lot of Marketing going on in this video one of Richard Hart's biggest strengths is as a Marketer but if you can push past that BS and just understand this is true or False what the the narrative Richard's Going to be pushing as they get into This lawsuit and ultimately you will Have to decide any of you guys from the SEC are listening I hope you are I want You to know in the deepest deepest parts Of your heart that I've saved a lot more People from being wrecked than you have I did everything I could to prevent People from putting their money into Celsius did you I did everything I could to put people In charge of their own keys and get them To have self-custody did you do that I Called the top on the day did you What have you done

So I break my balls to save people I'm Warning people about bad daps Fake Air drops showing people constantly Every single hack that happens right I Hand out free coins at the yin yang I Created free coins give me Bitcoin Quarters now I'm creating free coins Giving them to ethereum and every single Rc20 holder I'm The Giving Tree of crypto I raise 27 Million for charity You know what the SEC did the SEC got Paid 50 million dollars By block fi pursuing them And guess where the 50 million dollars Came from It came right out of the money that Would have been used to pay people now That they're bankrupt Uh uh what Hold on a second so now the people that Are that are hoping to get made whole in The block five bankruptcy have 50 Million dollars less to get made whole Because the SEC yanked it That sounds like the opposite of helping People that sounds like hurting people To me Toyota says yes to polygon says Yes to ethereum says yes to digital nft Trophies Toyota gr cup will award Digital trophies on the polygon Blockchain to race winners Toyota Continues its ongoing exploration into

Integrating blockchain Tech within its Corporate and developmental ecosystems The Toyota gr cup a North American Racing Series held by Toyota Gazoo Racing recently announced it would start Awarding digital trophies and record Driver performances on The Polygon Blockchain per a press release the new On-chain award system will include Digital trophies for Podium finishers Drivers who take first second or third Place in a race The Ledger entries will Also include statistics about the race And the driver's performance the point Of the program is to put drivers Accomplishments on the polygon Blockchain so fans can interact with Them quote from Toyota blockchain helps Us keep a permanent digital record of Drivers achievements that they can share With their friends families and fans it Also allows us to develop new Opportunities to introduce race fans to Our partners big ethereum milestone 3.5 Million ethereum have been burnt worth 6.5 billion US Dollars this is two years After ethereum's EIP 1559 has been Introduced make sure you subscribe to Our Channel and turn the notifications On so you can be the first to comment When we drop our daily videos Subscribers of our channel will remember When we turn you on to this two years Ago eth is burning a lot of its own eth

The takeaway is this the increase in Ethereum's burning Pace has the Potential to finally start affecting the Actual market price of the eth asset as Its circulating Supply is now decreasing At a faster rate the burning of ethereum Coins serves to reduce the supply of the Asset and increase its scarcity thereby Potentially leading to an increase in Its value the increase in demand and Scarcity could be one of the factors That will drive the price of eth upwards In the future and cardano has just Achieved a groundbreaking Milestone as Mithril a big update has finally Launched on cardano's mainnet cardano Has reached a watershed moment with the Launch of mithril a stake-based Signature protocol that enhances the Speed and efficiency of node syncing Times on cardano's mainnet this is a Significant advancement for cardano as Mithril's Innovation will allow the Network to become more efficient more Streamlined and more capable of Supporting a broader range of Applications and use cases aside from This mithril will provide security and Facilitate decentralized decision making Cardano is doing so much to upgrade and Prepare itself for the next crypto Bull Run many of you have been asking hey What happened to to that Ethiopia Partnership cardano is partnering with

Schools with Ethiopian governments what Happened to this Charles hoskinson gives Us an update it's a little bit wordy but Pay attention this is what's happening With cardano in Ethiopia any updates on The Ethiopia partnership kids uh yeah We're still pushing along the big piece Of work this year is going to be Upgrading from Prism 1.4 which is Deprecated Legacy to the latest version Of prism so uh 2.0 does not have the Multi-tenancy support that Ethiopia Needs whereas the Legacy software does That features being rolled over and Upgraded to the new modular framework so It'll take about one Pi cycle to finish And somewhere like 2.4 2.5 will have all The feature sets required for a Migration to occur the government's Still rolling things out there have been A lot of logistical challenges in Rolling things out it's just really hard To take paper documents especially Especially when there are geopolitical Instabilities and digitize them and get Them into the system the way they need To be but on our side on the software Side things are moving along and you Know we're just watching student after Student get enrolled the long-term goal Is to get 5 million that would cover the Entire K through 12. it'd be very Exciting to get everybody who's young in The country in so 25 or younger and that

Would probably be over 20 million or 30 Million but you just have to kind of Take it one day at a time like the video Share the video If you appreciate our Nuanced take keeping you informed on Everything going on in crypto I'll leave You with this Uber CEO says that Uber Will 100 percent definitely accept Bitcoin and crypto payments in the Future is there any chance of uber Accepting Bitcoin in the future are you Having conversations about this Internally like could it happen someday Uh it definitely could we're having Conversations all the time I think right Now what we see with Bitcoin and some of The other cryptos that they are quite Valuable as a store of value The Exchange mechanism is expensive it's not Great for the environment as the Exchange mechanism uh becomes less Expensive becomes more environmentally Friendly I think you will see us lean Into crypto a little bit more so we're Absolutely watching it and if you say is Uber going to accept crypto in the Future absolutely


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