Just in multiple spot Bitcoin ETFs will Be approved in q1 of 2024 guys smash the Like button let's get this information Out there to as many people as possible Multiple spot Bitcoin ETFs will be Approved in q1 of 2024 Paving the way For institutional Investment understand this isn't altcoin Daily telling you this before anybody Else tells you this again this isn't me Saying this this is from an 840 billion Global bank Standard Chartered in a Research note that they just sent out to Their investors this is what they're Telling their investors guys it's coming And so far every Bitcoin dip keeps Getting bought bullish it seems like Black rock is pumping Bitcoin black rock Is buying Bitcoin why a lot of Bitcoin Buying pressure seems to be coming from Coinbase coinbase is the official Custody partner of of Black Rock and Many of the spot ETF applicants this Could be Black Rock I wish more people Could see this I wish more people could Understand this this cycle is so much Different from every other cycle in so Many different ways we have multiple Mainstream presidential candidates going Doing media doing interviews talking About Bitcoin I want to remind you Robert Kennedy Jr is promising no taxes On bitcoin and backing the US dollar With Bitcoin does he have a strong

Chance not a strong chance but he's Moving the conversation in this Direction and only second to actually Getting these policies done is Robert Kennedy actually understanding why Bitcoin listen to him on what Bitcoin Did podcast explaining why he believes In Bitcoin now he's going to talk about The trucker protests in Canada but Understand under a different Administration he could be talking about Black lives matter protest the political Affiliation of of the protests do not Matter it's government's abusing power If they don't like what you're saying I Didn't pay any attention into the Trucker strike in Ottawa when I saw the Canadian government go in and um and Shut down all the trucker bank accounts These were people never convicted of a Crime never charged with a crime but They use the Canadian government use AI Facial recognition and surveillance Technologies to identify the Participants in a protest that was Peaceful that was like w stock it was uh It was that you know they were Exercising a right that we all assume That we have which is the right to Petition um uh to Assemble and they were their bank Accounts were shut and they couldn't pay Their mortgages they couldn't pay their Uh the gas the the petroleum for their

Their the diesel for their trucks they Couldn't leave they couldn't buy food For their children you know I had a I Have a friend who's a one of those Truckers Who was threatened with with jail Because he couldn't pay the court Ordered alimony so um I I recognize at That point that um that transactional Freedom was important as freedom of Expression Because we have freedom of expression But if the government then can punish You by shutting down your bank accounts With even charging without even charging You with a crime they have the ultimate Power to turn us into slaves and now That the dust has settled a little bit I Just want to make sure everybody's up to Date on what's going on with CZ and Binance and what's going on now with Sam Bankman freed so this is what's going on With binance and CEO CZ binance has Agreed to pay fines totaling $4.3 Billion the seventh largest of this kind In US history cz's plea deal May Preserve the company's ability to Operate so CZ is kind of taking one for The team leaving so binance what he Built and what he still owns the Majority of shares of can still function CZ will retain majority ownership of Binance CZ will not be able to hold an Executive role at the company CZ could

Face up to 16 months in jail again a lot Of people comparing this to Arthur Hayes And bit Max but probably a lot of this Will just be house arrest if not all of It so we'll see Sam bankman freed is Currently in prison taking part in the Prison circular economy with mackerel to Give us an update on this Tiffany Fong Apparently Sam bakman freed has begun Trading pouches of mackerel as current In jail yes mackerel like the fish According to the Wall Street Journal Sam Is learning the fundamentals of prison Economics because apparently he traded Four pouches of mackerel or Mac as They're called in jail to pay a fellow Inmate to cut his hair ahead of his Criminal trial smoking and tobacco Products have been banned in federal Jail so apparently pouches of mackerel Have replaced cigarettes as a federal Jailhouse currency inmates purchase Pouches of preserved mackerel in Commissary to pay for services from one Another a apparently a pouch of mackerel Fillets currently costs $11.30 up 30% From $1 in 2020 Bill Baron a prison Consultant told the Wall Street Journal That when Sam moves from jail to a Federal prison he will likely bring his Mackerel packets with him and also added That the Mac currency system is far more Stable than crypto and now for the first Time in a long time I can finally be

Bullish on this altcoin ton and finally We have a greater understanding of the Trajectory and the road map for this Project particularly because of this This is the huge news a huge Strategic Investment from Anoka Brands investing In ton Network becoming the largest Validator there is on this network Currently and I know you're thinking What I thought that was like telegram Coin whatever happened with that I Thought the SEC was suing them like What's up with that ton was initially Developed by telegram but a subsequent Legal battle with the United States SEC Saw saw the messaging app abandoned its Development efforts in May 2020 see this Is probably what you last heard did you Know a small group of Open Source devs Then took over the project which led to The establishment of the ton foundation In May 2021 and now that we know that Anoka Brands is now kind of behind this It's it is a big deal web3 investment Firm Anoka Brands is set to become the Largest validator on the open network Ton blockchain and it plans to deliver Blockchainbased games to the messaging App applications telegrams 800 million Users so what led to all this well Anoka Brands has conducted extensive market Research on tons water ecosystem Focusing on the platform's ability to Drive cryptocurrency and gamey adoption

The firm plans to strategically support Ton play a gaming infrastructure Project Based on the ton blockchain the Infrastructure allows gaming Applications to be built on ton and Launched on Telegram and even allows for Porting existing webbased games to the Messaging app tonplay will enable Developers to deliver games to some 800 Million telegram users through its web Application and the mobile apps play Deck bot which allows users to browse a Catalog of mobile games the Annie Moi Brands co-founder yat cuu said that the Investment in ton is aligned with the Firm's efforts to drive adoption and the Transition from web 2 to web 3 quote Taking part in the networks's validation Underlines our faith in the successful Realization of the vision behind the ton Project as it looks to bring web 3 into The mainstream he added that Anoka has Identified significant growth potential For gaming within the ton ecosystem and Intends to drive the development of ton Based games over the next few years There's so much going on with crypto Make sure you subscribe if you're new to The channel look back on any of our Videos from the past three four months Literally many of these are evergreen The information is still good and now is The time to really get serious about Just your own research and your own plan

For this coming bull market it's going To sneak up on you again check in with Us every day it's going to be a great 2024


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