Biggest Bank in Germany Applies for Crypto Custody License! [ Crypto Espresso 6.21.23 ]

It's Wednesday and you know what that Means the first day of summer huh news What are you talking about oh right then That's stuff yeah I guess we could do The news I'm your host Andrew and this Is crypto espresso your teeny tiny daily Shot of caffeinated crypto headlines and Surfs Up first up Deutsche Bank AG Germany's biggest bank is seeking to Expand its services related to digital Assets such as cryptocurrencies the bank Has applied for a license from the German Financial regular Baffin to offer Custody solutions for digital assets According to Bloomberg the bank's Commercial Banking unit head David line Said at a conference on June 20th that The bank is building out its digital Assets and custody business this follows A similar interest from the bank's Investment arm DWS Group which has been Exploring Partnerships with crypto firms In Germany Deutsche Bank has been Cautious about the crypto industry in The past but has seemingly changed its Tone in 2023 the bank has also tested a Tokenized investment platform called Dama or digital assets management access In Singapore in collaboration with Momento blockchain the platform allows Users to access digital asset funds with A Fiat to digital on-ramp edx markets is The new player in the cryptocurrency Exchange industry backed by some of the

Most influential financial institutions On Wall Street like Fidelity Investments Charles Schwab and Citadel Securities The company announced the launch of its Digital asset Market on June 20th aiming To attract industry leaders by offering A non-custodial model that reduces Conflicts of interest as well as Liquidity and competitive quotes The Exchange currently supports only four Cryptocurrencies right now Bitcoin ether Litecoin and Bitcoin cash however it Plans to launch edx clearing a Clearinghouse that will settle trades on The edx markets platform with a central Counterparty this will provide benefits Such as Better Price competition lower Settlement risks and higher operational Efficiencies edx also secured additional Funding from strategic investors such as Miami International Holdings DV crypto GTS not go to sleep GSR markets LTD and HRT technology who joined the existing Group of founding investors beware Wii U Wii U of A counterfeit trezor app Lurking in the Apple App Store posing a Significant threat to cryptocurrency Users disguised as Tresor while it's Sweet this malicious app was brought to Attention on Twitter with Rafael Jacoby Of the crypto lawyers warning that it Requests users seed phrase granting The Operators full access to their crypto Holdings shockingly the app managed to

Evade Apple's rigorous review process And has possibly already ensnared Numerous victims over the weeks it has Been available the genuine treasure Wallet known as trezor Suite Lite is an Open source application that should be The only legitimate option in mobile app Stores trezor has yet to respond to Requests for comment regarding the Malicious app but let this be a word of Warning make sure you double check what You're downloading even in the world Garden that is the App Store greyscale Bitcoin trusts share price rallied on Tuesday a morning fueled by expectations Of its conversion into an ETF following Blackrock's recent filing for a spot Bitcoin ETF gbtc shares on secondary Markets surpassed 16 at one point Marking the first time this happened Since May 10th the shares have gained a Substantial 24 since the day of Blackrock's filing last Thursday this Surge in investor optimism can be Attributed to the possibility of future Fund redemptions along with the ongoing Lawsuit between grayscale and the SEC Regarding the funds conversion into an ETF analysts speculate that the market Perceives blackrock's filing as a Positive signal for grayscale's case Which could result in increased Redemption opportunities for gbtc Holders in the near future notably

Gbtc's liquidity remains low further Contributing to the narrowing of Discounts furthermore rumors have Emerged surrounding Fidelity another Major investment management firm Potentially filing for a spot Bitcoin ETF or acquiring grayscale however a Fidelity spokesperson clarified that the Company has not publicly announced any Plan to file and finally major crypto Exchange binance has started running Nodes on the Bitcoin lightning Network a Layer 2 payment solution for the world's Largest cryptocurrency this is seen as a Key step towards enabling lightning Network-based deposits and withdrawals On the platform binance confirmed its New lightning nodes in a tweet on June 20th but said that more technical work Is needed before the integration is Fully complete the lightning Network Allows users to create payment channels And transact off-chain with minimal fees And fast confirmation times the channels Can then be closed and settled on the Bitcoin blockchain whenever necessary This reduces the load and congestion on The main Network especially during Periods of high demand and binance sure Experienced such a demand on May the 7th When a spike in brc20 transactions Driven by the popularity of meme coins Caused delays and bottlenecks on the Bitcoin Network and guess what binance

Is the parent company of coin market cap And guess what else Andrew is the parent Of this engagement Spiel that goes like Video subscribe to our YouTube channel And click on that little bell icon to Get buzzed whenever a new crypto Espresso video goes live the proud papa Thoughts on today's episode just drop me A line in that comment section below Because I read those comments and those Comments keep me up at night and I can't Sleep and every day just Blends into the Next questions about our headlines or Crypto in general why not take the Plunge and desk Alex in that description Below Alex is always a great resource For all things web 3 and the metaverse And that amount does it for today as Always I've been your host Andrew these Have been your headlines and we'll see All of your beautiful shining faces Tomorrow


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