Big Week For Crypto Due To THIS.. (Major XRP, Cardano, Solana News) 🚀

But I want to call your attention what I Consider to be all the counterfeit coins That are still traded if you're invested In cryptocurrency you have a big week Let's talk about xrp let's talk about Cardano especially big news involving Solana but let's start with ripple as The Ripple vs SEC June 13th deadline Approaches the commission the SEC Deletes hinman's bio so why this is a Big week what's happening June 13th the SEC must finally hand over unredacted Emails of hinman's internal Communications bill Hinman is known for Having delivered a speech back in 2018 Saying that he did not view current Transactions and sales of ether as Securities transactions moreover putting Aside the fundraising to accompany the Creation of ether Based on my understanding of the present State of ether the ethereum network its Decentralized structure We Believe current offers and sales of Ether are not Securities transactions Meaning while ethereum the Ico may have Started as a Securities offering the Current state of ethereum is fine and Given that xrp was distributed in a Similar way to ethereum Ripple and other SEC critics have long sought internal Transcripts and discussions on the Speech to determine if ethereum was Getting preferential treatment over xrp

And we can see these internal Communications today it's just they've Been redacted the majority of them have Been redacted he's asked questions like Have you ever worked for ethereum Foundation look at the answers look at The freaking look at the redactions all Right and this isn't the whole this is Look at this this isn't the whole Processes dude are you kidding me and The issue is that obviously maybe They'll be certain like client Privileges that you wouldn't want going Out to the public I get that but for a Former director of the SEC to be asked a Simple question have you ever worked for The ethereum foundation that's a fair Question why is the entire answer Redacted so I don't know if people can See this This is an entire page of every single Word on the page redacted and there's There's there's pages of it This is your this is your transparent Securities Exchange Commission that was A lawyer John Deaton on an old episode Of the pbd podcast and on June 13th when We finally get the clarity I will make a Video I will keep you updated also big Warning from Charles hoskinson the Cardano founder has a dark prediction on AI frauds don't get something for Nothing you don't get something for Nothing you don't get something for

Nothing it's always a scam it's always a Scam I will not ask you for Ada I will Not ask you for your private keys I will Not ask you to invest in some chain it's Not going to happen What will occur Within a 12 month to 24 month Horizon so Likely next year will be that videos of Me could be manufactured using Generative AI audio of me can be Manufactured using generative AI to make It appear that I'm calling you talking To you or soliciting your money So the problem is that thousands of People are going to fall for that no Matter how many of these videos I make And warn you about it no matter how many Times I say it's a scam it always will Be a scam you don't get something for Nothing you don't get something for Nothing People are going to fall for it it's Called confidence scam and as a result Millions of dollars worth of ADA and Other cryptocurrencies will be stolen This is the world we're heading towards Because of generative AI it's one of the Dark sides and unintended consequences But scammers are already doing this the Email that I saw looks like it was Written by Chachi PT based upon a sample And it cost them nothing to send out Millions of these things to targets once Somebody bites then they go ahead and Play the game and see if they can

Convert a few people it only takes one Person to make it worthwhile and the Same goes double for the altcoin daily Community there's so much audio there's So much footage of our voices reminder We will never ask you to send us crypto For an opportunity if we do retweet this Because it's a hack now probably the Biggest news is happening with Solana Also Jim Cramer just went off but on the Regulatory front as binance and coinbase Have their issues in America bidget Secures a regulatory license in Poland Reserve funds of 80 million dollars in Q1 now as you know bitget is a partner Of the channel and this regulatory License allows bitkit to operate legally Within the Polish market also back in April bitget received its vasp license In Lithuania allowing it to offer Cryptocurrency related Services both Within and from the Baltic Nation on top Of that in growth news Latin crypto Holders flock to bitget following Binance and coinbase Suits so bitkit Users in Latin America increased 43 from June 6th through 9th alongside a 134 Increase in deposits so cool to see the Growth also Brazil and Argentina are to The countries leading that according to The exchange new clients in Brazil Soared 54 percent with a 208 percent Jump in total deposits while in Argentina its customer base increased by

33 percent while funds deposited Expanded to 87 percent now of course Bitget is global they have over 8 Million clients across 100 countries but Just in Latin America alone over these Last few days bit gets total deposits Grew 134 percent in the region and like I said because bitget is a partner of The channel use our link below and claim Bonuses every day and redeem them in Usdt so if you're looking for an Exchange for Bitcoin for altcoins There's over five thousand dollars in Rewards plus cashback if you sign up With our link specifically the first 1000 sign ups get the full rewards and Actually something that's new this Rewards hub recently added and now new Users automatically get a thousand Dollars usdt in coupons just for signing Up so again link down below to claim and Finally bitget becomes the first Exchange to support multi-chain evm Addresses so we know it's a top five Derivatives exchange we know bid get is A top 10 spot exchange we know they have A partnership with Lionel Messi but with This this new bit get feature will Elevate trading experience for its users And use a single address for multiple Blockchains so again a link down below To check them out anybody can Automatically claim now one thousand Usdt as well as complete daily tasks and

Earn coupons for usdt just for engaging And in Solana news the Solana Foundation Is on record saying Seoul is not a Security so I guess they're fighting the SEC as Seoul was alleged to be an Unregistered Security in this week's SEC Lawsuits Jim Cramer calls it a Counterfeit coin the dude can't even Pronounce half of these cryptos that He's about to mention it's like he's Reading them for the first time there Was so much appalling stuff in this Brief but I want to call your attention What I consider to be all the Counterfeit coins that are still traded Solana created by Solana Labs Ada native Token of cardano made it a native token Of polygon fil the native crypto asset Of the philcon network Adam the native Crypto asset of the cosmos hub San Crated on the ethereum blockchain Mana Minibike this the central land although The native token of the algorithm Blockchain axian Infinity shards and Other ethereum token Cody and native of The Kodi blockchain these are all Poppycock if you're in them you're a Fool you're just a fool but while all This fud is happening real Innovation on The Solana blockchain is happening just The same breaking d-gens can now fly on Solana's most anticipated game Star Atlas wow so looks pretty cool crypto Gaming as you know huge reason that new

Users will be onboarded if the game is Just fun and I'm no gamer but this looks Awesome to me let me know down below if You've if you've tested it if you've Played if you're planning to play see You tomorrow


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