Big Things Are Happening in Crypto Today (Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance, Solana, Bitcoin News)

Yes five big things are happening in Crypto today including with ethereum With Bitcoin with binance with altcoins And much more like always let's jump in And quickly start with Bitcoin coin Hub To install 1 000 new Bitcoin ATMs at gas Stations amid crypto banking cutoff and Just for perspective there are currently Over 33 000 crypto ATMs operating Globally today and while banks are Failing we just got a thousand more Bitcoin ATM operator coin Hub is looking To help address the issue of crypto Debanking by teaming up with more than One thousand gas stations and store Owners to install new crypto ATMs and Why gas stations well partnering with Gas stations and store owners allows Coinhub to place their ATMs in areas of High visibility and foot traffic giving Users an easy way to buy Bitcoin and Here's the key with cash and avoid the Hassles associated with using their bank Accounts credit cards so you can buy Crypto and stay off the grid for those That prefer more anonymity the ability To insert cash and receive Bitcoin or One of 25 other cryptocurrencies Instantly and securely is an ideal Alternative to signing up for an account On an exchange like coinbase and we're Seeing decentralized protocols Thrive Today uniswap protocol volume higher Than coinbase for two months in a row so

For the second month in a row Decentralized exchange uniswap beats Coinbase in trading volume hitting 71.6 Billion dollars in March 45 percent Higher than coinbase's volume uniswap Had its best month since January 2022 so This tracks the last 12 months and we Can see uniswap trading volume in dark Blue for the dexes dominates and Coinbase is now realizing they better Get some exposure to defy or risk being Left behind coinbase Ventures joins a Liquid staking protocol rocket pools Oracle Dow meaning that this is a big Win for those of you that hold RPL Rocket pools token because coinbase Ventures has increased its involvement Specifically last Friday the investment Branch of one of the largest centralized Exchanges by trading volume joined Rocketpool's Oracle Dow which is a group Of permissioned special note operators That perform extra duties for the Protocol so how this affects you this is A huge win for ethereum because Rocketpool assists in ethereum staking On the main chain and as such coinbase Ventures will now receive a share of the 15 of the total RPL inflation produced At each rewards period And as coinbase Works to support ethereum staking polka Dot making moves of its own polka dot Registers trademark for blockchain Communication platform so they have

Filed a trademark for a blockchain based Messaging app maybe like a signal or WhatsApp or a communication tool the Phrase polka dot Converse has been Trademarked with additional information On the app being added in the goods and Services section of the filing so Specifically what does this trademark Cover the trademark covers software for Social networking software for creating Software for sending and receiving Electronic messages as well as Graphics Images and audio content so like a Decentralized social media like a Decentralized WhatsApp and remember Despite several attempts from the likes Of steemit tethers Keat and most Recently Noster social media has never Really hit it off within the web3 Industry would you use a polka dot based Social media messaging service comment Down below and before we get to this Binance fund if you're wondering why Gala games is trending huobi and Gala Games to give 50 million dollars to Vic Victims of P Gala scheme so the firms Will compensate the schemes victims While fighting for millions in Damages From the cross Chain Bridge that covered Up the token printing scheme just as a Reminder on what exactly is happening This announcement comes five months After a bad actor minted one billion Dollars worth of P Gala a wrapped

Version of Gala that trades on BNB chain And off flow to the tokens on Decentralized exchanges including Pancake swap plunging the price of Gala 94 percent and here's what was crazy at The time P network the gala games cross-chain Interoperability Bridge set at the time That it coordinated a white hat attack On itself to prevent Bad actors from Getting away with users money so they Claimed the hack was innocent it was a White hat hack against themselves yet Users lost money and a month ago Gala Games filed a lawsuit seeking 27.7 Million dollars in Damages and Compensation from p-network either way They didn't want the users the victims Of this incident to wait so Gala games And huobi is compensating them in tokens And a nodes themselves and an update on This binance news breaking binance CEO CZ discredits rumors of Interpol red Notice citing Photoshop so this was huge News yesterday leaving many binance Users afraid all from this tweet from Kobe right here and encrypted message From Twitter user Kobe read Interpol red Notice for CZ Kobe is a renowned Twitter User with a massive following which Explains the loud chatter around this Post and this message was tweeted in a Sequence of letters and numbers Encrypted using the shaw 256 hash

Function now some are blaming Kobe for Fake news others are saying that Kobe Was tricked as well I needed five Minutes of search to understand that the CZ Interpol picture is fake the fud Against binance is engineered on purpose And Kobe had nothing to do with it they Want your Bitcoin Don't Panic sell it to Them until one mil so always double Check follow sources that put out Accurate information and as I get more Updates I will keep you updated now why Is ethereum going up well we know that Ethereum jumps to its highest price in Eight months ahead of Highly anticipated Network upgrade that is the Shanghai Upgrade as discussed in our best five Cryptos for April video but maybe even a Bigger piece of news for ethereum Satellite orbiting Earth participates in The ethereum kzg ceremony so what is This ceremony the ethereum kzg ceremony Which aims to provide a cryptographic Foundation for ethereum scaling has Already had over 83 000 contributions of Randomness from users all over the world Now it's receiving a contributor from Outer space meaning the ethereum network Is now being supported from space Cryptosat a blockchain-powered satellite Orbiting Earth announced its Contribution of entropy from space on April 4th and now this does mean that The ethereum network is now that much

Stronger according to the announcement From cryptosat the satellite orbits Earth every 90 minutes following a Remote course 550 kilometers above the Ground which makes it difficult for Outside actors to gain access during the Kzg contribution ethereum is feeling Strong and in the latest piece of Solana News another project is migrating from Solana onto ethereum remember pogs They're back in ethereum nft form the 1990s milk Caps game is a launching Ethereum nfts this week and the Solana Community is shook pogs first entered Web 3 about a year ago first launching On the Solana blockchain but this week Pogs will make the jump over to ethereum With a new nft mint that corresponds With the debut of an online version of The game and in a direct quote from the Pogs nft founder he says now that we're Going to ethereum it does feel like We're kind of stepping up to the major Leagues citing increased trading volume And liquidity compared to the Solana nft Space be sure to click subscribe because You want a daily video on cryptocurrency Keeping you informed and like always see You tomorrow


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