So I don't know if the ethereum ETF gets Approved today you know next week or the Week after it will get approved at some Point in time but also the trade now is Who's next the ethereum spot ETF is Getting approved for the first time in Crypto's history eth ETF approval Delayed until after July 8th this is due To the holiday in America but also the US SEC has requested the issuers submit Revised filings by July 8th and the ETFs Are significant because institutions Finally have an easy onramp to allow all That institutional money to buy ethereum But also the trade now is who's next Watch today's whole video I have chain Link news polka dot big news but let's Start for the altcoin getting an ETF Most likely after ethereum big elephant In the room here is how Regulators would Treat ethereum versus salana versus Bitcoin how much concern do you have About the regulatory disapproval of Salana versus how they treat ethereum so We know that Vanek has filed for a Solana spot ETF also 21 shares has filed An application and three IQ a company in Canada black rock is expected to apply For a Solana ETF in July although this Has not been confirmed yet but with Vanek for example having applications For both etherium and Solana the firm's Matthew seagull says decisions on both Come down to se sees Gary Gensler well

One thing that Gary Gensler said at your Conference last week which was not in That sound bite it was that the ethereum Applications are going smoothly and this Might be the only time in three years That I've agreed with uh Gary gendler About something but uh if these products Are allowed to trade then that confirms That ethereum is a commodity uh and the Same thing will be true of Solana as Well so you know there's there's some Focus that there's no regulated Futures Market for Sana and that might be Holding back the ETF we think that is a Gendler scop he has created that Conditions since taking power there are A number of ETFs that trade where the Futures Market is irrelevant to the Price formation I'm talking about Shipping ETFs uranium ETFs power ETFs so With the slight change in the regulatory Environment in Washington we think these Will get approved so typically if an Asset gets a regulated Futures Contract That often leads to a spot ETF soana Didn't get this they don't have a Futurus contract although while that's Precedent it is not a requirement so Lana to hit $1,000 on perfect ETF storm If approved although that all depends on Inflows for example with ethereum steno Research predicts that spot ETFs will Take ether to $6500 per coin later this year if they

Can get the inflows steno believes the e Ethereum ETFs will attract funds between 15 to20 billion during the first year of Trading even including the possible Outflows coming from the ethereum Grayscale trust this pushes ethereum's Price over $6,500 per coin of course if ethereum Doesn't get the inflows the bearish case Sten's Vision differs from the bearish Vision of other Market analysts like Bloomberg's Eric belal chunez and James Safer who have foreseen that these Instruments will only be able to capture 10% to 20% of the inflows that their Bitcoin counterparts captured this year In other words the bearish case would Only be between $ 1.5 to $3 billion in Inflows rendering the ETF unsuccessful Compared to its Bitcoin counterpart but Ethereum and Solana are different They're competitors competitive what Could be the bull case for Solana kind Of double down here on the question Between ethereum and salana because if You were one of the few issuers that may Be offering both ETFs how do you talk to Clients about it they are direct Competitors well I mean fiduciaries want To pick the asset that they think is Going to go up the most and then take a Bet so this is the largest Capital Markets in the world we're in the Business of Designing intelligent

Investment uh products and letting our Clients choose we've put out a lot of Research on why we think that salana may End up as the blockchain with the Largest market share but let's let the Clients decide and chain link news chain Link has officially partnered with Fidelity International and Signum Bank To bring net asset value nav data on Chain so net asset value data naav data Is a critical component of tokenized Funds this in production use case Resolves around Fidelity International's 6.9 billion institutional liquidity fund The fund industry is one of the largest Parts of the Global Financial system and Fidelity International is one of the Biggest players in that ecosystem and Founder Sergey nazro explains the Significance of fidelity International Ins Signum partnership and why we're at A critical Tipping Point in fund Tokenization so what this basically is About is using chain link as a technical Resource to provide net asset value data To allow that tokenized fund to come Into existence this pattern is very Similar to the pattern that we've seen With defi in the earlier years of chain Link where you actually couldn't make Defi protocols and you still can't make Particularly secure defi protocols Without relying on high quality Decentralized Oracle networks from chain

Link and so when decentralized oracal Networks came into existence defi boomed From a sub 00 million industry to an Over $200 billion industry and I feel That the tokenized fund Trend which is Part of real world assets Overall is kind of in a similar position Where historically net asset value data Hasn't been being put on chain and now That it is being put on Chain by highly Reliable decentralized Oracle networks In the chain link ecosystem you're Starting to see more and more tokenized Funds come into existence now as Discussed in yesterday's video coinbase Is about to launch cftc regulated Futures for chain link and polka dot and Polka dot has been making major news That you need to be aware of as a DOT Holder private jet brand deiz is oneway Polka dot burnt cash crypto Twitter Showed no mercy as polka dot published a Transparency report detailing spending 87 million of dot tokens and a lot of That on marketing so this was entirely Voted on by the community this was that Breakdown they spent do token on Advertising SLS sponsorships influencers Digital ads media events Etc and Specifically what the community was sort Of ragging on Polka Dot 4 polka dot Spent 4.9 million for influencers 1.9 Million to sponsor race car driver Connor Daly 1 million for digital ads on

Coin market cap almost 200,000 to Brand A private jet and 6.8 million for a deal With a prestigious soccer club although We don't have the exact name of that yet And just some of the sort of funny Things I found interesting about this Transparency and by the way they're 100% Transparent which I love polka dot paid Coin market cap half a million dollars To put an animated logo on the homepage Like this right here but one of the Biggest details that was sort of Disclosed in this public report Influencers getting paid $28,000 per month to talk about polka Dot so by the way that's about half a Million dollars in monthly deals in full Disclosure my brother and I altcoin Daily have done this before in the past It's interesting that even though the Community is sort of ragging on them This was voted on by the polka dot Dow This was voted on by the people when you Put the people in charge this is how They chose to allocate some of the polka Dot Treasury and the good news is that The average dot price has gone up this Half year resulting in more bang for the Dot buck highlighted by the fact that Dot spending went up by 2.4x but the USD equivalent value is up 3.2x in the same time frame so they got A better deal and their official account Is even joking about this well first off

Near protocol posted yesterday can't Spell polka dot without k key opinion Leader am I right and then pogot Responded Community voted we're Rebranding to K kadat both both interns From polka dot and near protocol gone Wild now again I don't see the big deal That's what the community the their own Community chose how to allocate those Funds chain link Stellar all crypto Protocols do that internally pokka dot Offered that transparency and some People were saying hey so Lana never Paid any influencers they only spent Money on hacker houses events like Breakpoint and those hackathons so Lana Is built different people ask me how do I afford to live in Manhattan I'll tell You I use salana which has 025 Cent transaction fees on average as Opposed to ethereum's $40 transaction Fees yet many examples can be found for All protocols and this is why I'm Partnering with salana it's faster it's Cheaper and I am bullish on efficiency I Would really love to hear your thoughts On this down below and I will leave you With this I posted this on the Roundtable app for Forum it's linked Down below Standard Chartered is Predicting $100,000 Bitcoin by this August what do You think any quality comments may be Tipped with rtb token so again check it

Out link down below and literally 2 days Left to grab your tickets for Bitcoin Nashville before ticket prices increase So use code altcoin daily for 10% off Your tickets


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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