BIG MOMENT FOR CRYPTO!! Bitcoin Price – What Comes Next? Ethereum ETF + 3 Altcoins I like!

Extremely big news coming out of crypto Today ethereum ETF new info &m promoting Cryptocurrency in a big way Bitcoin Update what happens for Price next and Low cap altcoin gem info smash the like Button subscribe to stay up toate on Crypto markets this is what you need to Know it has been revealed that Franklin Templeton just made their next move for Their spot ethereum ETF Franklin Templeton's ethereum spot ETF was just Listed on the dtcc the depository trust Clearing Corporation the listing Represents a preliminary step in the Trading process yet it does not ensure The SEC will grant approval for the fund This is a really good sign and actually A necessary step for the eventual Approval of the ethereum spot ETF many On crypto Twitter actually already Declaring this a sure sign that the Ethereum ETF will be approved ethereum Etf's expected to be approved Monday and Could begin trading next week potential For the ethereum ETF within weeks and it Is surely possible that this gets Approved next month Bloomberg ETF Analysts giving it about a 25% chance Although they say they don't think it's Happening so this is possible and this Is if you recall exactly what we saw Back in late 2023 this is exactly what Black Rock did with the spot Bitcoin ETF And this did end up getting approved

Shortly after like you remember breaking I shares Bitcoin trust has been listed On the Dtcc their ticker has been revealed Another step closer to launch Franklin Templeton's ethereum ticker by the way Listed as e so like I said there's Plenty of reason to think this has to Get approved in America eventually Sooner rather than later I also think It's not likely it gets approved this First week I mean the Bitcoin ETF took Years to get approved while ethereum's ETF is standing on the shoulders of Bitcoin with this current Administration I think we probably don't see that Initial approval next month the sec's Decision on the fund Still Remains Pending there is a great war going on in Crypto right now even though I'd argue Crypto is winning the war the final Battle the final boss has yet to yield Remember there are crypto entities that Have stepped up to the plate to fight The SEC headon consensus is the most Recent entity to throw their hat in to Fight Gary Gensler head on remember this Is what's happening consensus a major Backer of the ethereum blockchain filed A lawsuit against the SEC in order to Quote defend the ethereum ecosystem the Crypto firm claims the SEC is seeking to Regulate eth as a security even though Eth Bears none of the attributes of a

Security and that it participated in Regulatory overreach the suit also Claims the SEC has wavered on ethereum's Classification as a security the lawsuit Revealed that consent census received a Wells notice from the SEC earlier this Month in that notice the agency said it Intended to bring enforcement action Against consensus for allegedly Violating Federal Securities laws Through its metamask swaps and metamask Staking products by offering its Metamask wallet software according to The filing the SEC believes consensus Acts as a broker and offers and sells Securities even though the software Doesn't hold customer assets or carry Out transactions in a blog post Yesterday Joseph luin the CEO of Consensus and an ethereum co-founder Called the lawsuit an important step Towards preserving access to the Ethereum blockchain the agency declined To comment on the lawsuit and then Finally on this subject this is just Another Silver Lining coming out of What's going on with Franklin Templeton Who are big crypto Bulls in general Franklin Templeton announces Availability of peer-to-peer transfers For Franklin onchain US government money Fund Franklin Templeton today announced That shares of its Franklin onchain US Government government money fund are

Available for transfer from one Shareholder to another peer-to-peer on The public blockchain the Franklin Onchain US government money fund was Launched in 2021 and is the first US Registered fund to see a public Blockchain to process transactions and Record share ownership right now the Fund participants can transfer openly And freely to each other the company Says eventually we hope for assets built On blockchain Rails such as the Franklin Onchain US government money fund to work Seamlessly with the rest of the digital Asset ecosystem I like where Franklin Templeton's heads at in other news Eminem Marshall Mathers himself takes Another huge step into crypto this time Teaming up with for new Advertising campaign as you recall the Real Slim Shady first generated Headlines in 2022 when he purchased a Board ape Yacht Club nft for almost half A million the info is is this Eminem has Replaced Matt Damon as the new face of the ad featuring Eminem Stepping up to the mic is set to Premiere during the LA Lakers NBA Playoffs game at Arena this Marks a notable return of high-profile Celebrities endorsing cryptocurrency Following a decline after the FTX Collapse the ad will also be featured on Other major sporting events including

The Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix and a UFC Event take a look at M&M's new cryp Commercial they ignored your Potential dissed your Achievements and mocked your Ambition but it's not the critical Counts and you know that from the Beginning you couldn't be Stopped breaking resistance with every Swing and Block your game plan never changed Changed so enjoy this Moment the one they said you'd never Live to See some still call it Luck let Them cuz you know what it's always Been Inevitable feels good Low cap altcoin news first of all LimeWire which is a crypto company now This is basically like an AI studio for Artists announcing their second lime Wire token burn now you recall lime wire Token recently rallied to a dollar among Many things including their first token Burn well now they're doing another After completing the first lime wire Burn program earlier this month we're Now announcing our plans to burn an Additional 140 million lime wire token Worth 180 million over the next 3 months Which is

18.11% of the total Supply I'm invested In Lime wire it's one of my big 2024 Plays I own some bico tokens and if You've been staking like we have Exciting news for bco stakers you can Get aird dropped basically arbitrum Tokens out of nowhere for free I've been Staking for a while for all that have be Sure to claim your arbitrum tokens or Start sticking now and claim the next Ones just keeping you informed with with This another low cap crypto making news Today somnia is an L1 and it's basically Unifying all metaverses somnia is Sponsoring this video and it goes along With this coin Telegraph write up they Want to get the news out there somnia is A layer one blockchain and a suite of Omni chain protocols designed to create A scalable virtual society that can Potentially attract millions of users Into the unified metaverse by unifying This fragmented metaverse nfts gaming Landscape somnia seeks to give value and Creative control back to the users and Creators that's what we need more in This space giving control back to users And creators somnia is evm compatible And its own chain it's fast creators can Utilize som's toolkit to move assets Commerce and avatars across different Experiences so somnia understands that The future is all about remixing and Collabing and somnia is helping users

Recompose or remix content and build on Previous Creations to make metaverse Accessible to a broader audience the Project's approach makes Hefty projects Like organizing a new metaverse event More affordable by enabling the ReUse of Components from previous events such as Stages light shows or firework displays The original creators of the used Components can earn royalties through Microtransactions rewarding all Stakeholders in true web 3 fashion so Definitely be keeping somnia on your Radar it's getting a lot of Buzz right Now with somnia users will be able to Generate highquality content and Experiences that can potentially earn Them an income users can earn directly Through experiences that they create but Even more value will come from the micro Payments that they receive when content Is reused and repurposed by others and Congrats to somnia we're thrilled to Announce the official launch of somnia Betanet the first steps towards a truly Virtual Society right now you can create And mint unlimited avatars attend Upcoming Mega events with your new Avatars and more visit their websites Linked below if you want to set up your Own avatar and again props where props Are due in just one week of somnia Betanet we've soared past 50,000 avatars Minted thanks to our incredible

Community of somniac if you haven't Minted yours yet it's not too late these Avatars seem really cool let me know if You make an avatar yourself I'm going to Link the website for somnia below check These guys out give them a chance now Bitcoin price may be down but Bitcoin Daily transactions are up actually Reaching new record highs the Bitcoin Network surpasses 926 th000 daily Transactions driven by growing interest In runes in the new Bitcoin token Economy in that we're continuing to see Different entities buying some for the First time Japanese public company Metaplan Planet just bought almost 100 Bitcoin that's worth nearly 1 billion Yen Mega bullish now the ETF inflows Have kind of plateaued for now but this Is very common in all ETFs the fact that Bitcoin just had days of growth after Days of growth like nothing the ETF Industry has ever seen and I suspect After a coold down period more money Will flow into to these Bitcoin ETFs so Where does the price go from here well Right now we're in a Range I suspect Will probably stay in this range to be Straightforward with you unless some Crazy Black Swan event happens I don't See Bitcoin ever going below 50,000 ever Again anything can happen eventually Bitcoin's going to break out of this Range now doesn't have to happen this

Month or next month I certainly think by The time we get to the November us Election I suspect Bitcoin will be Breaking out or broken out of this range That's what I think let me know your Thoughts my name is Aaron at altcoin Daily it's turning into a great year see You tomorrow


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