BIG Ideas For 2023: Ark Invest’s EPIC Report!

What are the biggest ideas for 2023 well According to Ark invest's latest report There are 14 different sectors which Could experience exponential growth over The next 12 months including artificial Intelligence and cryptocurrency Today I'm going to summarize this epic 153-page report tell you what it says in Simple terms and give you my take on Whether the investment firm's 2023 Tech Predictions will come true Foreign I'll start by reiterating that Arc Invests Big Ideas 2023 report is very Big so I won't have the time to get into All the details here if you're Interested in getting the full story you Can download the report using the link In the description note that you'll have To provide your name and email to do so Now the report begins with a breakdown Of the risks associated with investing In Innovation this list includes Uncertainty regulatory hurdles political Or legal pressure and a competitive Landscape tell me you're talking about Cryptocurrency without telling me you're Talking about cryptocurrency Now the main big idea for 2023 is that Innovation is taking off the authors Explain that all investors should invest In Innovation as a hedge against Existing institutions being replaced by Technology the authors simultaneously

Stress that this report is not Financial Or investment advice In any case the first big idea is Technological convergence as the name Suggests technological convergence Consists of multiple Technologies Interacting with each other to create Exponential growth The authors speculate that these Disruptive technologies will be worth 200 trillion by 2030. The five categories of disruptive Technologies that the authors believe Will converge are cryptocurrencies Artificial intelligence genetic Sequencing Robotics and energy storage Now what you see here is how exactly the Different components of these Technologies will converge the authors Argue that the most significant Component of these disruptive Technologies is neural networks which Can be simply understood as artificial Intelligence the authors also argued That the combination of neural networks And autonomous Mobility is what will Have the greatest impact tell me you're Talking about Tesla without telling me You're talking about Tesla Next the authors spend a few slides Explaining how neural networks will Change everything from Taxi rides to DNA Sequencing they then discuss how Bitcoin Mining could be used to subsidize large

Renewable energy operations specifically Intermittent energy sources like wind And solar if this is surprising you Should watch our video about why Bitcoin Is not bad for the environment the link To that will be down in the description Anyways what's awesome is that the Authors predict that global economic Growth in the coming decades will be Significantly higher than what's Currently being projected by International organizations such as the World Bank obviously this is because Technological growth will lead to Economic growth the authors go as far as Arguing that existing global economic Growth estimates are wrong because quote Disruptive Innovations complicate the Meaning of economic statistics in plain English the impact of technological Growth is unpredictable but tends to Cause the economy to grow too This image shows you what the stock Market will look like in 2030 according To the authors they project a total Market cap of 300 trillion 200 billion Of which will be Tech related companies The three largest categories will be Artificial intelligence energy storage And cryptocurrency bullish Now the second big idea is artificial Intelligence the authors revealed that The cost of training AI models has been Consistently decreasing at 70 percent

Per year this means that AI will become More common and the result will be a Forex increase in worker productivity as They leverage AI for say assistance with Coding logically this Forex increase in Productivity due to AI means that what's Being produced will be cheaper to put Things into perspective the authors Estimate that generative AI has brought Down the cost of graphic design from Around 150 dollars per photo with a Person to just 8 cents per photo with AI This ties into something I remember Seeing during my research for our video About chat GPT it was assumed that AI Would start disrupting low-level labor Mainly menial and repetitive tasks Instead AI has started by disrupting Human creativity which many believed Would be ai's last stop so to speak What's scary is that the authors admit That access to proprietary data could Result in a winner takes all scenario Across all AI fields in other words big Tech companies like Google and Microsoft Could become the largest players in AI Because they have access to an ocean of Data that nobody else has access to The third big idea is similarly Disturbing and that's quote digital Consumers transitioning to online Leisure the authors argued that AI Related productivity gains means that People will spend more time online not

Surprisingly they believe this time will Be spent consuming short form content They also argue that gaming will become More popular due to quote immersive Virtual experiences nfts will naturally Be a part of this immersive gaming Experience and the authors believe that Nfts will accrue significant value as a Result not surprisingly most of the Revenue for this Tech sector will be Fees now the fourth big idea ties into The third and that's digital wallets the Authors believe that 65 of the planet's Population will use digital wallets by 2030 compared to the 40 who use digital Wallets today now I suspect this figure Will be much higher as governments want To force digital wallet adoption Speaking of which the authors reveal That digital wallets flipped cash as a Popular payment method during the Pandemic Prime prior to the pandemic Nearly a third of point-of-sale payments Were made in cash this number dropped to Under 20 percent in 2021 while digital Wallet use Grew From 20 to 30 percent The authors explained that digital Wallets have made it possible to Eliminate middlemen in some cases much Like Central Bank digital currencies or Cbdcs these so-called closed-loop Transactions will create massive profits For digital wallet providers at the Expense of traditional financial

Institutions as you might have guessed Closed-loop transactions are the most Common in China and the authors predict That closed-loop transactions will Become more popular in the rest of the World in the next few years again this Is basically guaranteed if governments Succeed in rolling out their cbdcs more About that in the description on that Note the fifth big idea is the polar Opposite of cbdc's and that's public Blockchains aka cryptocurrencies the Authors acknowledge that the crypto Market has lost a significant percentage Of its market cap due to calamities such As the collapse of Terror three arrows Capital and FTX they even provide a Timeline of all the events that forced Crypto to crash last year They also include a few bullish crypto Catalysts such as ethereum's transition From proof of work to proof of stake Bullish catalysts are noted in green and The bearish ones are noted in red there Is of course lots of red the authors Then explain that there are three Technological revolutions being driven By cryptocurrency the first is the money Revolution which is that governments no Longer control the money The second is the financial Revolution Which is defy and the third is the Internet Revolution which is web 3. Regarding the money Revolution the

Authors focus on bitcoin this is because BTC transactions are censorship Resistant BTC is inflation resistant or Rather holds its value when there's lots Of money creation BTC cannot be seized And BTC transactions are all transparent And auditable the caveat to that third Factor is that it assumes you're holding BTC in your own personal crypto wallet And not with a third party like a Cryptocurrency exchange if you don't Have a crypto wallet yet I strongly Suggest you make one ASAP and you can Check out our videos for help with that Down below Anywho as for the financial Revolution The authors likewise highlight the four Most important qualities of D5 it Eliminates existing Financial Intermediaries it is global it is Interoperable and it is auditable and Transparent I would say that Defy is Also censorship resistant but it depends On the assets involved as regards the Internet Revolution the authors again Highlight the four most important Qualities of web 3. it's owned by users Not companies it relies on protocols not Platforms it enables new methods of Monetization and it causes a convergence Between consumption and investment The authors predict that the total Market cap of cryptocurrency will be 25 Trillion in 2030 or 25x from today's

Discounted prices the caveat is that not All cryptocurrencies Will Survive the Next seven years however it looks like Bitcoin and ethereum will make the cut At least for now lo and behold the sixth Big idea is Bitcoin the authors say that One BTC will be worth 1 million US Dollars by 2030 consistent with their Total crypto market cap predictions the Caveat is that the value of 1 million US Dollars could be a lot lower in real Terms unfortunately the authors don't Address this they do reveal that btc's Decline from top to bottom was the fifth Largest and the second longest of any Previous BTC cycle this assumes that BTC Bottomed last November which is possible But unlikely given everything that's Been going on if you have have no idea What I'm talking about Link in Description Now the authors underscore that BTC Continues to outperform every major Asset class over the long term they also Highlight the fact that btc's Fundamentals are better than they have Ever been institutional investors Adoption Etc Using capitulation data they argue that The BTC bottom is in ironically the data On long-term BDC Holdings presented by The authors suggests that BTC won't be Rallying anytime soon notice how the Long-term holder Supply tends to

Increase significantly during bear Markets this effect is still ongoing and Historical data suggests it could last For quite some time the same goes for Bitcoin's hash rate which has Historically Fallen by 40 to 50 percent During bear markets this time around However it's continued to hit all-time Highs this is despite the ongoing energy Crisis which should be increasing costs And causing more Bitcoin miners to go Offline the more you know but the Author's bullish bias continues they Point to the announcements about Bitcoin By institutional investors like BlackRock during 2022 as more evidence That it's only Up From Here In fairness They didn't know that U.S Regulators Would be launching an all-out assault Against the industry just a few days ago Oh well Now the seventh big idea continues with The crypto theme and that's smart Contracts the authors pitch smart Contracts as the ideal alternative to All the centralized intermediaries in Crypto that failed last year they remind The reader that crypto isn't crypto Without decentralization and that means Smart contracts What's neat is that the authors present Which smart contract use cases have been The most popular on ethereum ever since It launched you can clearly see the nft

Boom of 2021 in yellow It appears that defy has become very Popular in recent months which makes Sense given ftx's collapse the authors Applaud decentralized lending and Borrowing protocols for continuing to Function as intended despite all the Unprecedented crypto Market volatility Over the last few years they also touch On the continued popularity of Decentralized exchanges despite the Crypto bear Market given that most smart Contract activities are occurring on Ethereum the authors take some time to Talk about the deflationary effects of The merge on eth's Supply they also give An overview of ethereum's layer 2 Ecosystem and take issue with the Potential for validator centralization And on-chain censorship note that you Can find out what ethereum has been up To recently using the link in the Description now the eighth big idea has Absolutely nothing to do with Cryptocurrency and that's Precision Therapies in the words of the authors Quote Precision therapies are patient Centric and Target the root cause of Disease not symptoms you'd be forgiven For thinking this means things like Eating well and getting exercise and Sleeping more in reality it means quote Technologies like artificial Intelligence AI DNA and RNA sequencing

Crispr Gene editing and laboratory Automation yikes to be fair Precision Therapy does mean doing things like Eating well getting exercise and Sleeping more just with recommendations That are specifically tailored to your Genetics the authors argue that this is Desperately needed because the incidence Of things like cancer haven't improved Over the last five years this makes me Wonder whether the general deterioration In health the authors observe is because So much of the population is aging There's also the possibility that Pharmaceutical companies are purposely Making people ill so they can provide a De facto Subscription Service solution Until they die Anyway conspiracy theories aside the Authors reveal that Gene editing is Close to going mainstream besides Creating genetically perfect babies the Authors discussed the potential for Gene Editing in therapy which will be very Expensive by contrast RNA therapies will Be fast and cheap I guess that's why They chose it now the ninth big idea Continues the borderline conspiracy Theme and that's molecular cancer Diagnostics note that Diagnostics as in Detecting cancer not curing cancer That's somehow not possible even with All these super Advanced biomedical Technologies and artificial intelligence

For what it's worth the authors Explained that early diagnosis means Early treatment which means a lower Chance that people die from cancer the Authors explain that advances in Molecular technology also mean you can Test someone for cancer using Non-invasive means these advancements in Testing will also make it easier to Detect the recurrence of cancer The authors predict that these Advancements will lead to 20 percent Year-on-year profits for cancer-related Industries until 2030. if only they Could find some way of curing it but I Suppose that wouldn't be as profitable Cynicism aside the tenth big idea is Electric vehicles the authors prefaced Their projections with the possibility That Supply constraints could make it Hard for the EV Market to grow Beyond a Certain point and as a fun fact there Are literally not enough Rare Earth Minerals to replace existing cars with EVS this reality hasn't stopped almost Every major automaker from announcing That they will be going full EV in Theory the costs of EVS will come down As production becomes more efficient in Practice however costs could stay high Due to a disconnect in supply and demand If petrol cars are outlawed this is Something the authors emit from their Analysis which focuses on how the

Efficiency of EVS will continue to rise As costs come down For the time Horizon the authors are Interested in this is all that matters And they showcase how the sales of EVS Have been exponential compared to Expectations this relates to the 11th Big idea which is autonomous ride hail Or autonomous Transportation the authors Start with a crazy statistic and that's That the cost of traveling one mile Hasn't changed in 100 years when Adjusted for inflation they believe Costs will finally come down with Autonomous vehicles this will be awfully Convenient for all the folks who won't Be able to afford EVS in the future Which will be well most of us the best Part is that autonomous taxis are Already here and their numbers will Continue to grow in the coming years the Demand for oil will simultaneously Decline as petrol cars are banned not Only that but the presence of autonomous Taxis will lead to a decline in car Sales and the frequency of short Distance flights ice suspect that this Declining Car Sales will result in car Manufacturers switching to subscription Services to stay profitable say it's Almost like you'll own nothing and be Happy more about that in the description Anyhow the 12th big idea is autonomous Logistics meaning automated delivery

With things like drones as expected Replacing humans with robots in Supply Chains will make everything cheaper the Authors seem to imply that it will Increase online grocery shopping which Is very popular in China apparently What's crazy is that the authors believe That autonomous trucks will eventually Become cheaper than trains for supply Chain purposes as such they believe that All the Investments made into rail Infrastructure in places like Europe and China will be worthless but this assumes The roads will be good The 13th big idea is Robotics and 3D Printing which is the most exciting big Idea besides those related to Cryptocurrency well in my opinion anyway The authors believe that these Industries could grow from 70 billion to Over 9 trillion by 2030 and I honestly Think these industries could be even Bigger the beginning of exponential Growth can be clearly seen in the Admittedly limited data provided by the Authors consider that the use of robots In manufacturing has increased by 33 Times since 2015. this trend appears to Be on the cusp of breaking out and Apparently Amazon is leading the charge When it comes to 3D printing the authors Revealed that 3D printing is what makes Boston dynamics's dystopian Atlas robot Possible the material used to make the

Robot had to be 3D printed so that it Was light enough for the robot to move Around with ease while being strong Enough to withstand impacts The authors predict that 3D printing Will be used in every industry but is Currently facing setbacks due to a Series of factors these include the cost Of materials a shortage of qualified Personnel and design issues not career Advice kids but consider 3D printing Design and production if you're not sure What to do with your life now the 14th And final big idea is orbital Aerospace Which essentially includes all space Related technology for starters there's Reusable Rockets which will rapidly Bring down the cost of space exploration Courtesy of companies like SpaceX if you Haven't seen their rocket Landing check It out reusable Rockets will also bring Down the cost of sending satellites to Space for Global networks something that SpaceX is likewise pioneering with Starlink as competitive networks are set Up the cost of space-based global Networks will continue to fall making The internet affordable for everyone it Won't just be people either the authors Envision all manner of vehicles being Connected to these Global networks Presumably creating the so-called Internet of things that the Elites at The world economic Forum are so obsessed

With so long as there are multiple Networks it should be fine And last but not least reusable Rockets Will make Hypersonic flight more Affordable with the authors predicting That zooming around the Earth won't cost More than a couple of grand by the end Of the decade I reckon by that point We'll all be on a different kind of Moon If you catch my drift And that is it for the arc invest report It really is a fascinating read and Again it's in the description if you Want to have a butcher's for yourself Down there you'll also find links to all The other places that you can follow me Like Twitter Telegram and Tick Tock yay If you enjoyed this video you know what To do hit that like button subscribe Button and Bell icon too anyway till Next time this is Guy saying toodaloo


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