BIG BITCOIN NEWS!!! *THIS* is exactly how US regulators are FAILING us!

Gensler is on tape at MIT explaining That none of these Cryptocurrencies are actually Securities They don't meet the Howie test so we Already know in the U.S and in many Other jurisdictions that three-quarters Of the market are not icos or not what We could be called Securities even in The U.S Canada and Taiwan the three Jurisdictions that follow something Similar to the Howie test That we've talked about three quarters Of the market Is Non-securities it's just a commodity and Now he's saying as a politician that They all do and so what is it one way or The other you know coinbase is actually Suing the regulator looking for more Clarity and The Regulators are trying to Regulate this industry off of a 1933 Footprint and so this would be like me Telling you we've created the automobile And we just recently created the Airplane take the driver's ed manual and Apply it to the air traffic okay you Can't use 1930 in 1940 regulation to Regulate this industry there's so much Happening in crypto in this video I'm Going to try to convey to you as many Things as I can I'm not going to be able To share with you everything in this one Video subscribe to the channel we cover The cryptocurrency market on a daily

Basis let's jump into it you won't Believe some of the things I'm going to Share with you Bitcoin just processed More transactions than ever before Bitcoin has blown away its previous Record for daily transactions set during The 2017 bull run it has blown this Previous all-time high out of the water I remember 2017. I remember the previous All-time high the Bitcoin network was Clogged everybody was using Bitcoin for Transactions so it's pretty amazing that Now four or five years later Bitcoin has A new all-time high when Bitcoins at a Totally different place in its history So what is happening on bitcoin that Caused this Bitcoin just processed more Transactions in a single day than at any Point in its 14-year history thanks to Ordinals bitcoin native nfts Inscriptions the daily number of Bitcoin Transactions surged Beyond 500 000 on Sunday nearly 78 000 more than its Previous Peak during the top of the 2017 Bull run over 300 000 of those Transactions were ordinals the most on a Single day ever and a 16 jump on the Previous record set on a Saturday that Means ordinals attributed around 54 Percent of bitcoin's daily transactions At its all-time record ordinals aside Most other Bitcoin transactions right Now are monetary in nature often Triggered by crypto exchanges

Importantly inscriptions represent Approximately 30 to 40 percent of mined Transactions 10 to 20 percent of fees Paid and fees paid is what most people Don't realize about Bitcoin why this is Such a big deal Bitcoin developing a fee Market makes bitcoin's long-term value Prop in my opinion even stronger even Better even more bullish than before get Ready my friends because a Bitcoin bull Market is on the horizon take a look at This chart you may be thinking that the Current bitcoin price of almost thirty Thousand dollars is high but one year Hodlers still have no interest in Selling their coins people just buying And holding the decline of one-year Hodlers is a mark of a true bull run Which hasn't happened yet do you still Not believe that we're just getting Started and so much Innovation is Happening this year and for the past Couple years and really for bitcoin's Whole 14-year history and crypto's whole 14-year history this news is a microcosm For basically what's happening to the Whole crypto industry Phantom Multi-chain is rolling out today so this Was just a Solana wallet now you can use Ethereum Matic Solana of course without Switching with support for multiple Secret recovery phases it's easy to Import all of your wallets in seconds Compatible everywhere with a metamask

Button or something like that I really Love the direction that this industry is Going now something I don't love is the Lack of regulation in America and Obviously I'm not the only one who feels This way crypto companies are pleading With UK Regulators do not follow the U.S Investment firms like a16z polygon labs Are the latest to praise Britain's Approach to crypto regulation in stark Contrast to attitude Foods towards the U.S policy makers so let's talk about This Anthony scaramucci is a politician He knows what the Regulators what they Know what they're talking about this is Exactly how the U.S Regulators are Failing us according to Anthony Scaramucci how do crypto exchanges get Regulators to do something well that's My point so until you tell me what the Regulator is going to do you can't Really advise the crypto exchanges you Know Gary Gensler is on tape at MIT explaining That none of these uh cryptocurrencies Are actually Securities they don't meet The Howie test and now he's saying as a Politician that they all do and so what Is it one way or the other you know Coinbase is actually suing the regulator Looking for more clarity and The Regulators are trying to regulate this Industry off of a 1933 footprint and so This would be like me telling you we've

Created the automobile and we just Recently created the airplane take the Driver's ed manual and apply it to the Air traffic okay you can't use 1930 and 1940 regulation to regulate this Industry this industry needs to be Regulated so what are we to make of the Fact that we're seeing American crypto Exchanges transition and move offshore Scaramucci Enlighten us yeah this call For clarity is one that we hear time and Time and time again and nothing is Happening with The Regulators what do You make of exchanges going Um overseas you know coinbase recently Said like maybe they're going going to Do it maybe they're going to leave the US do you think that's what should be Happening well I think they've already Done that right I mean they they Basically have gotten a license now in Bermuda Brian was in London showing Himself on Twitter in London I think They have to prepare themselves for the Potentiality that The Regulators in the U.S and some of the politicians are Trying to push the industry off the Shore of the United States so that would Be a near-term tragedy for the U.S it Would slow us down it would it would Crimp our intellectual Innovation and I Hope they don't do that but I mean the Good news about the United States is you Get a circulation of Elites and so uh

Hopefully Gary's uh tenure at the SEC is Short-lived and we'll find somebody That's more practical and somebody that Wants to bring these jobs to the U.S What he's doing right now uh I think he Has to explain to people he won't you've Got a lot of Republicans in the house That are trying to ask him for that but He's not providing any Clarity I want to Take you back a story I think important When you had the banking debacle in the 1920s you had very small politicians Like Franklin Roosevelt he said okay Let's go out to the banking industry Let's have them self-regulate Self-regulatory organization and let's Build laws to create more transparency To reduce fraud and then he hired Joe Kennedy he said he's going to put a fox In charge of the hen house as Jack Kennedy's dad who was a stock swindler Back in the day and there was a process In place if The Regulators did something Very similar to what would happen in the 1930s you'd have great regulatory Clarity around the cryptocurrency Industry this is what I'm really excited About it's awesome to see coindesk and Other Publications picking this story up Shark tank but make it crypto coin Market cap launches a competition TV Show killer whales will allow Entrepreneurs to pitch ideas for new web Free products and projects to a panel of

Judges let's find out more dubbed the Shark Tank of crypto killer whales will Feature a panel of Judges or whales who Will hear pitches from crypto Entrepreneurs and decide if they wish to Invest in them and provide mentorship a Recent update posted by hello Labs on Coin Market Cap's blog revealed that Crypto influencer Duo Aaron and Austin Arnold better known as altcoin daily Will produce and star in the reality Show other judges include Cordell Broadus AKA champ Medici watch now a Behind-the-scenes look at the killer Whales producers altacoin daily Paul Castlin Ninja tv film decide the final Lineup for judges for killer whales I'm gonna be very real If you have her you do not have meaning You have altcoin but no daily Okay guys decision time we need to Select the final line of the killer Whales are you guys ready I'm gonna go First top five gentleman this guy's a No-grainer we need him on the show you Know he's going to give us great Entertainment the thing is you cannot Tell the story of cryptocurrency bull Market in 2021 without talking about him I think the thing that separates this Show killer whales is the realism people Want to tune in and see real Conversations evaluating these projects That we look at every day this guy's

Real all right so this is someone who From my perspective is an absolute must And we need this diversity on the show Like we have to have some some strong Female voices on here to balance out the Minute she has ton of love her she has a Lot of haters I'm going to be very real If you have her you do not have me you Have altcoin but no daily I got an interesting one next this next Guy to me the last bull cycle these guys Dominated the space every big project They were involved in from a VC Perspective this guy represents the Institutional investors he's in those Board meetings he knows what that Demographic is thinking I think that's a Value add for the show I mean this guy goes full force really Kind of Paving the way in the nft space Like you know to me I feel like we're Divided I'm not sold on them at all who Is this that you wouldn't be in my show What how many nfts of his do you hold I want somebody I can learn from if he Has perspective if I can learn how to Better evaluate projects for me we'll Build projects that's what I want we Have the biggest influencers the biggest VCS biggest entrepreneurs So what we got Paul I think we got our Lineup All right we're only supposed to have Five not ten correct gentlemen

Looks like we'll need a bigger boat Uh Also if you're going to bitcoin Miami 10 Off with code altcoin daily linked below Use code altcoin daily 10 off Bitcoin Miami if you do get some tickets to this A little roast of crypto and Austin and I will be doing about two to three Minutes each getting in there with the Comedians this is going to be epic if You're going to bitcoin Miami definitely Be here this night that's it my friends Subscribe to the channel more coming Soon see you tomorrow


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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