Big Bitcoin & Crypto News! Harry Styles, Logan Paul, Cardano

Feels really nice to feel like oh that Is the right thing to do big news today If you hold crypto including Harry Styles and polygon Logan Paul and his Crypto project cardano news ethereum News like always let's jump in Harry Styles concert app takes fans in more Than one Direction with blockchain Rewards and polygon holders are loving This because earlier this month British Pop star and former One Direction band Member Harry Styles played a show at Slade castle in Ireland fans were Invited to use events the official event App for the concert and were able to Open up a self-custodial digital wallet The app linked with co-create a web 3 Infrastructure company empowered The Experience via its API that connects Through polygon a well-known eth Sidechain and now how many of the Harry Styles fan base were then onboarded on The polygon to claim the nfts well Kim O'callaghan founder events told coindesk That 5 000 of the 80 000 fans in Attendance claimed wallets through the App which garnered over one hundred Thousand unique interactions so Basically 1 16 which I'll take it and if You're asking why why would fans want to Claim their blockchain rewards in a Direct quote by leveraging web 3 we can Power Community loyalty enabling the Creation of entertaining and gamified

Experiences that offer fans self-owned Rewards fans can now be recognized and Rewarded for their dedication and Engagement with their favorite artists And everything they do at a show can be Part of an integrated gamified and Cohesive experience and while Harry Styles brings in the adoption The Innovation on polygon is still happening Polygon proposes architecture for Polygon 2.0 including aggregator bridge And while we've talked about polygon 2.0 When this was first announced on this Channel the news today is this today we Are excited to propose the polygon 2.0 Architecture designed to provide Unlimited scalability and unified Liquidity thus transforming polygon into The value layer of the internet the Polygon 2.0 architecture consists of Four protocol layers each enabling an Important process within the network so We have the staking layer the interop Layer the execution layer and the Proving layer and of course what this Means to you as a Matic holder it's just Cool to see the optimizations of this Network taking place and as you know From last week cardano founder Charles Hoskinson went hunting for aliens and UFOs at least their Tech and Harvard Astronomer Avi Loeb was leading the Expedition and said the team had found a Couple of bizarre objects here is the

Latest update from Charles hoskinson Speaking about why he decided to join This team fund this team in the first Place and then about the exposure I.E a Netflix documentary this is bringing Many of you know that I spent two weeks In Papua New Guinea years ago I started Following a muamua and all the amazing Progress that Avi lobe was making out of Harvard and I thought it was really cool That he was starting to put an Expedition together and once he Announced that he was looking for Funding I called him up and said Avi uh You know I'd love to work with you and Find a way to get you the resources that You need to be able to go and recover it Because when you look at the science it Was very clear to me that the object I Am one that we potentially may have Recovered we're still verifying that at Berkeley and Harvard Is probably Interstellar meaning it's Older than our solar system and it came From a very far away place which is a Truly impressive and extraordinary thing And it would be the first Interstellar Object of that nature ever recovered so I said to be real cool to document it And he said well I you funded Netflix Will come so Jason Cohn from Netflix Actually traveled with us and they're Doing a 90-minute documentary on our Quest to Papua New Guinea so hopefully

That comes out soon The these things if you look at the Ratings usually have about 50 million People who watch Avila was also on The Joe Rogan Experience so You know it's great to look for these Things but it's also great to get some Exposure and uh and be able to show a Human element of curiosity and I think It's great marketing and uh it's great Visibility for uh for who we are what We're about and uh our commitment to Good science and then Charles followed That alien update with a cardano update What's happening with cardano Specifically the implementation of Cip1694 throughout the world all these Red Pins indicate places that workshops Are being held so for example you click Here you zoom in that's a California sip 1694 Workshop contact information what People are doing there I look down here in Latin America Tam cardano they did six different Countries that group Africa Boop Look at that The Wanda Global with Mercy she did one In Ghana And then we did one in Kenya over here I Was actually Addis Ababa in Ethiopia Can use a little bit over there And then you look down here South Africa

Johannesburg And that cool and several in Asia I did Some Japan the cardano foundation was Kind enough to actually do one right There in Zurich [Music] Just outside of Zurich that's super cool So all of the feedback from these many Different places is going to be Aggregated together we're all going to Come together in Europe and uh we're Gonna have a closing Workshop to sort Through all the communities commentary And come up with a draft final Specification of 1694 and then the next Step is to get a fully functional test Net and then for the people to vote and If they vote for it we'll Fork it and Then cardano has an official government How about that and so everybody can go And become a drap you know and they can Actually start opening up the treasury You can do whatever you want you're Running the whole show Uh it's gonna be really cool when we Opened up staking thousands of people Came so draps thousands of people are Going to come and there's going to be Some Lively crazy debates and it's going To be really cool now this makes an Interesting transition to ethereum news The cardano community was sort of coming Down hard on ethereum when he said this Probably the biggest reason why I

Personally am not like just staking all Of my Ethan instead likes taking a Fairly small portion is uh because if You stake your eth it has to be uh like The keys that access it have to be Public on some system that's online and Like for safety it has to be a multi-sig And multi-six for staking are still Fairly fairly difficult to set up Um and you know it just It gets complicated in a bunch of ways So vitalik Stakes only a fairly small Portion of his eth because meaning his Bar for safety is too complicated Charles hoskinson what percent of your Ada estate the cardano founder responded A hundred percent he then went on to Quote tweet he said I had to listen to This a few times I'm just at a loss for words all of our Ada is staked guess what that's how it's Supposed to be for a properly designed Proof-of-stake protocol and maybe the Biggest piece of News investors are Still waiting on 1.9 million dollar Refund Logan Paul promised six months Ago coffeezilla just updated it's been Six months so here's a follow-up Logan Paul has not paid back his victims he Hasn't talked about it since he first Announced he was going to pay them back And what's worst of all he doesn't seem To have a plan in place to refund anyone Nothing to say now until we get Logan

Paul's response when that happens I will Keep you updated and last but not least Be sure to join us in Portugal use code Altcoin daily 50 for 50 off your tickets My brother and I are speaking


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