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Next company from Los Angeles California We have Beyond Arrow presenting for Beyond arrows Valentine shamal come on Out [Music] Aviation will be electric the remission Is to make it happen [Music] Hi everyone I'm vanotta schumero one of The three co-founders of Beyond Arrow And today I wanted to talk about one of The major challenges of Our Generation Climate change And as Beyond IO we focused on one part Of climate change Aviation emissions So as you all know there's an urgent Need to decarbonize Aviation At the Paris agreement in France we're Based in 2015 the Ontario industry Agreed to meet net zero emissions by 2050. but if you see the trend of Today's Aviation Market you get three Gigatons CO2 equivalent per year in 2050. how to fill that Gap in between That's what we want to develop at Beyond Arrow So Today I'd be on Arrow we are convinced Aviation will be electric that's a Solution to fill this Gap however we Need to start from the light aircraft That's why today I'm very excited to Introduce you one

One is our business yet but fully Electric thanks to hydrogen technology So it sure is Another view of the aircraft And maybe you're asking why hydrogen so Maybe you're considering also batteries Or sustainable aviation fuel as an Option to decarbonize Aviation Well there's two factors there's Energy Efficiency of the entire condition from Green electricity to the flight and There's the aircraft performance in Terms of range speed and payload so Battery Technology is Good Energy Efficiency as you see for Cars but it's not matching range or Payload or speed for an aircraft so this Is not a good enough option for this Aircraft Uh sustainable aviation fuel is a Recombination of hydrogen and Carbon capture in the air to make a jet Fuel This has good aircraft performance Actually you can drop in in existing Aircrafts but you don't have the Energy Efficiency the conversion process Consume too much energy so on the long Run this is not A good enough solution and hydrogen in The middle has good enough Energy Efficiency and a good enough aircraft Performance that's what we are choosing Hydrogen at Beyond Arrow to develop our

First aircraft Today Beyond Arrow demonstrated the most Powerful poor train in Europe We will be live demoing this in a few Seconds but this is a 85 kilowatt Powertrain from hydrogen tanks to a Propeller and we integrate it into an Aircraft that we are actually being Ready for test light and now I propose You to move for live demo of a ground Test of this aircraft So thanks to the team in the middle of The night in France introduce where We're based this is our aircraft in life So You can see here the hydrogen storage System at the rear of the aircraft A fuel cell system as a passenger seat Power electronics Business of Unix and balance of plant Also system Air Supply Plus The electrical engine that guides the Propeller there is a pilot in this Aircraft and we are ready for test Flight but now I propose that the team Launched a ground test in life for you So this is a hydrogen electric powered Aircraft ready for test slide So now I propose to move back to Presentation Because after this prototype subscale This is the power of a car we'll move to A real aircraft And in the go to market of business

Aviation business Aviation there's a lot Of aircrafts and a lot of emissions That's why we propose comparable Performance without the direct emissions So it's an 86 to 8 passengers aircraft Pressurized so you fly in altitude with Speed and range of existing aircraft so You can match the existing missions This is possible thanks to our scalable Portrait architecture basically it's Three times on hydrogen truck but for an Aircraft so we Supply H2 tanks H2 fuel Cell as Air Supply system and some Batteries and two electric motors for This architecture and then we built the Aircraft Around it so around it it means how to Integrate the tanks below the cabin of An aircraft and how to integrate thermal Management system Also another important part of Beyond Activity is to work with European Airport for them to being ready for our Jet so 200 airports handle 80 of the Traffic in Europe and we're working with 50 of them to bring hydrogen for our Aircraft Today we have 620 millions of liter of Intent and a force of our investors or Actually clients So we start with Business Jet but on the In the long run Aviation will be Electric so it will scale this to Regional and Commercial platforms at the

End of the day beyond that error as a Possible CO2 reduction contribution possible of 350 Megaton of CO2 equivalent So thank you for your attention and Happy to talk and connect if you want to Join the team join us as technical Partner or if maybe you want to buy a Jet thank you very much [Applause] One of my favorite things to do is watch The judge reactions and Healy lean Forward and wow really good I'm a pilot So I was like this looks awesome well Let's start let's start with Tess well I Want to ask you can you can you fly that Because I can't buy it but I would love To take a ride Um as a former aerospace engineer and I Like to think I still am an aerospace Engineer although this is my day job now We are notorious for our three-letter Acronyms our three-letter regulatory Bodies whether it's the FAA here Although I think your team isn't Toulouse so Esa there tell me a little Bit about how we're approaching Certification for an entirely new Airframe propulsion system and I'm sure You have extra fun sprinkles as well Yeah so when we started the adventure a Few options could we how to decarbonate Aviation maybe a big jet maybe a Regional aircraft and we converge to

Business Jet and in this business yet We've concluded that the only miracle to Happen is 35 hydrogen everything else in The aircraft is as conventional as Possible it means avionics or off the Shelf we work with airframe suppliers That work with Airbus or boy it means Electric engines let's buy from Aerospace suppliers whatever we can buy And assemble we do that's for at the end Of the day we have a Conventional aircraft And it means we have a lot of guidelines We could work with as a competitive to Certify it and the extra work we put is To certify hydrogen that's the cap all Your pieces have good flight Heritage And then on your last slide you had a Certain amount of Lois and commitment Who are some of your customers who are Some of those logos Um so we have two types there is people Flying private Um maybe some of you if you want to Discuss afterwards or Charters that by by tens or a dozen of Aircraft to make available for a Membership so we have a lot of known People uh I don't know if I can quote Them here I don't do it not sure mostly Downside Um but yeah and maybe what the Striking Fact is they invest in the company we Discussed with them for client interview

Then they sign a letter of Internet oh I Have the problem and my friends also Have it and maybe I can basically Pre-buy my aircraft if I invest soon Enough in the company that's how we work Early let's go to you Yeah so super intrigued of course I had A technical question which I asked test Later Um I guess as I think about this it's Kind of one of those Holy Grail Opportunities where it's it's like it's A big bet and it feels like it's going To require a lot of capital to get to a Critical mass and I was just kind of Chatting it down it's like you have the Certification process which is going to Take a while then you have to do the Testing which is going to take a while Then production then you get the Infrastructure on top of that and then You did the gonna go to market flywheel So How much Capital do you need for all Those you know 80 airports to have hydrogen and we'd Have jets flying in and out to get this Thing really moving okay so in terms of Infrastructure it's less of a problems That we sold to initial meaning this Aircraft is a light still a light Aircraft it's about three times a truck So you can make it compatible with the Hydrogen supply for trucks hydrogen

Trucks and in Europe there's a lot of Investment in this Supply system and a Lot of companies that are developing This supply network and so we are Linking airports and energy suppliers so They can just connect the last the Closest station for a truck to the Airport and basically since the aircraft Is not too big it consumed 150 kilograms Of hydrogen per flight A truck a trail truck for hydrogen that Is existing today there's a lot of them In the world it could Supply the airport For multiple days one truck multiple Days if we replace the entire Market Segment of these jets in this Airport so Basically the problem is for bigger Platform bigger aircraft later on but Guys it works quite well got it on maybe One word on the company side to finance The development Yes it will be a few hundreds of Millions but At the end of the day Aviation will be Electric yeah so we need we try to find The best approach to make it happen and Happy to work with whoever is willing to Make it happen it could be technical Parties could be a It needs to happen I think they all Brought their checkbooks yeah that's That's not a scary number I mean like That's okay so fast follow-up is so I Was thinking about initially I was going

To say could you retrofit existing Airplanes to work on the system then I Was like I will eff it I mean how how Much lifespan does an airplane really Have anyway so when you think about the Existing fleets out there you're Targeting how fast does the existing Fleet degrade and then what's your Opportunity to refresh it quickly please Oh sorry twenty thousand uh um aircraft In this segment and they have a lifespan Of 20 years so a thousand a year okay so There's a signs of the Year being sold Right now in this market segment so will Replace as much as the production line Or able to supply basically that's how We say it let's get one more question From priesty Um so in order to change the world you Also need to make it affordable and I Was curious what aspect of Aviation You're actually changing so you still Have to pay for the pilot you still have To pay for the gate fees you're swapping Out fuel for hydrogen can you talk a Little bit about cost of Maintenance and Ownership yeah So the our focus is that the overall Aircraft is at the same price as you pay It today but your maintenance cost and Your fuel costs all will be lowered on Maintenance it's it's already existing On drugs for fuel it it's already Comparable with jet fuel and as soon as

You add a carbon tax on any jet fuel you Are more competitive with hydrogen is it 25 percent more competitive or do It if you add a tax as much as the tax You you get a decrease of of the Competitiveness for digital I'm so sorry We're out of time it's always a good Sign though when you run out of time Let's give them Round of Applause thank You very much Thank you so much


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