Best Mobile Crypto Wallets for 2023: Top 5 Safest Options!

Where do you keep your crypto have you Said on an exchange then that my friend Is the wrong answer no matter how much You think you can trust an exchange you Can never be 100 sure that your funds Will always be accessible but what Happens if you like the convenience of Using an exchange mobile app and enjoy Spending your crypto out and about well There are a number of really safe and Secure non-custodial mobile wallets Wallets that are not only easy to use And highly functional but also 100 free So in my video today I'm going to take You through my top mobile wallet picks And show you exactly how to secure your Crypto on them stay tuned and don't go Anywhere Before we can dive into the numerous Different mobile wallets out there you Have to understand the concept of Self-custody this is something that I Talked about in much greater detail in a Video that I have linked to in the top Right over here Now the tldr with self-custody is that It means you control the private keys to Your crypto they are stored locally on Your device be that a computer phone or Hardware wallet that means that you are The only person who has the ability to Sign transactions from your wallet this Is unlike custodial services like Exchanges Etc where you have to file a

Request for a withdrawal on these Exchanges your crypto balance is nothing But an IOU and you have to trust that The exchange will indeed honor your Withdrawal request That's why it's really important when You're looking into any crypto apps that You make sure you're downloading a Non-custodial wallet where you hold your Keys quite the contrary to exchange Wallets where they custody said keys and You have to hope that they'll let you Withdraw when you want to so that is Very very important to understand not Just for the safety of your own crypto But because it's also a fundamental Tenet of cryptocurrency in general Satoshi did not invent Bitcoin so we Could ask others to look after it on our Behalf So with that out of the way let's jump In with my first mobile wallet pick and That is trust wallet so first a bit of Background trust wallet was established Back in 2017 and was originally based Out of Mountain View California however The wallet only really Rose to Prominence back in 2018 when it was Announced that binance would be Acquiring it at the time binance's CZ Said that trustwallet was a quote Diamond in the dirt with a team that had Quote strong technical skills What was most important from this

Purchase however was that trustwallet Would remain independent of binance and This is something that they've managed To do over the past four years This has seen the wallet rack up a total Of 25 million users pretty impressive Stuff Okay so that's a bit of the background But why is trustwallet one of my top Picks well let's start with perhaps the Most important consideration security To my knowledge there have been no hacks Or exploits of trust wallet now that Could possibly come down to the fact That the wallet's code is completely Open source but why is that important Well it means that the code can be fully Vetted by the open source Community if There was ever any doubt around the Security of the code any issues would Quickly be sniffed out by the white hat Pen testers so that's security The next most important thing is of Course asset support if it doesn't Support the coins and tokens that you Want to use well then it's no dice so Trustwallet has the widest range of coin And token support berries of course it Supports ethereum assets which then Encompasses all erc20 tokens but it also Supports Bitcoin xrp Solana Bitcoin cash Cardano the list goes on in fact Trustwallet supports upwards of 4.5 Million assets so whatever coin or token

You're looking to hoddle Chances Are it Has you covered beyond the fungible Asset support you can also store your Nfts on the wallet these include nfts That conform to the ERC 721 and ERC 1155 Ethereum token standards and the BEP 721 And BEP 1155 on the binance Chain Unfortunately though there isn't support For nfts on other networks like Solana But there are other wallets for that of Course Now because this is a web 3 Non-custodial wallet it means that you Can swap tokens using the built-in Decentralized exchange and another Really neat benefit of the trust wallet Is its web 3 Integrations essentially You can use it to connect with the Ethereum or binance chain networks and Engage in non-custodial D5 I'm talking About things like lending borrowing and Dex trading now this is great because You can effectively trade crypto or earn Yield on it without having to use any Centralized service This is done through the browser tab Over here in the app if you're going to Be connecting to UNI swap or Ave for Example then you'll put the URL in here And the app will connect to it so that's The Dex feature however trust wallet Also has Fiat payment options should you Want to buy crypto with a card they've Integrated several different card

Payment processors like moonpay Simplex Ramp etc etc They also show you the cheapest Processor at that point in time although I must admit because you're using the Traditional Financial system the fees Are likely to be pretty high so do keep That in mind moving on though something Else I really like about the app is its Ease of use and functionality it's super Intuitive and it really is one of those Apps that can be used by newbies The trust wallet is available on both The Apple iTunes Store as well as the Google Play Store and when you glance Over the reviews in these stores you can See that the app has got a lot of love From the rest of the crypto community I'll also note that they have released a Browser version of the wallet although I Prefer more established wallets like Metamask Etc at least for now Okay so that's trust wallet now let's Move on to my next favorite Mobile Wallet and that is Exodus For those of you who watched my video on Crypto self custody you'll have heard me Mention Exodus wallet before and its Mobile wallet is very user friendly and Like the desktop wallet I really rate The user interface easy on the eye The home page has a number of features Such as being able to select your Favorites Market data such as the top

Movers and some of the most recent Headlines too You can also customize this dashboard Down here if you prefer different Features now Exodus wallet is actually Quite an OG in the space having been Around since 2015 so it certainly has Staying power I'll also note that Exodus Is actually a public company that has Offered securitized shares in an sto That then begs the question of how Exactly a free wallet makes money well That's something I'll touch on in a bit Now of course the most important Consideration here is is it safe well Yes to my knowledge there have been no Hacks or exploits of any X's as wallets The only issues that I know of have been When a user downloads a malicious app or Program from a phishing site and the Only way that you can get around this is To make sure that you are on the Official site Now unlike the trust wallet though The Exodus wallet's code is not fully open Source only particular components are And exodus claims that it does this Because fully opening the code would Make it easier for hackers to copy and Create phishing versions well there are Grains of Truth here but it still Doesn't Trump the benefit of having the Crypto Community separately vet the Robustness of the code

That aside Exodus does have some pretty Extensive coin Support over 260 Different assets I'll leave a link to Their asset support page in the Description for you folks you can also Send over nfts and these can be viewed Within the app as well Exodus actually Supports nfts on a number of different Networks including algorand Avalanche BNB Phantom Solana Etc now like the Trust wallet The Exodus wallet also has The feature to swap cryptocurrency right There in the app this is provided as a Combination of both decentralized Exchanges dexes and centralized Exchanges sexes For the Dex aggregator they Source Liquidity from several different Providers which means you can get the Best rate and market conditions for that Token at that time when it comes to the Cross chain swaps I.E Bitcoin to Ethereum then Exodus will connect you to The API of some non-custodial exchange Provider this is actually where Exodus Makes their money they charge a spread On the transactions that are going Through both the cross chain decks or The Fiat conversion tools this is how They offer an otherwise free product and Well fair enough in my book Now if you wanted to buy crypto with Fiat then that option is also available Like trustwallet Exodus has integrated

With a number of third-party payment Processors you can use bank transfer Card or Apple pay the limits on these Are 10K 5K and 5K respectively now of Course I would watch out for some of Those fees especially for the latter two In terms of web 3 support meanwhile you Can easily connect your wallet to adapt Using web3 connect however unlike with Trustwallet you can't use these dapps Within the app yourself you'll either Have to open a mobile browser or do all Your defy shenanigans on a web browser Something that Exodus does have that Trust doesn't however is the ability to Connect to the lightning Network so that Could be a great option for anyone Wanting to send and receive Bitcoin Quickly without the network fees In terms of device support The Exodus App is available on IOS and Android Reviews seem to be generally positive With an overall rating just slightly Below that of trust wallet One thing you should also note is that The Exodus Mobile Wallet can be used in Conjunction with the desktop wallet that Means that you can keep all your assets In one place but access them from more Than one device syncing the wallets up Is easy and is done much the same way as Wallet connect with the dapps and Something else I find quite interesting About Exodus that's not explicitly

Offered by trustwallet is 24 7 support Not something one expects for a free Wallet however when I tried to test it Out with some technical questions they Didn't respond within a reasonable time Frame So that's the Exodus wallet time to move On to pick number three and that's the Coinbase wallet now I must stress again That this is their non-custodial wallet And not their mobile exchange app The latter is one which allows you to Access your exchange account from your Phone but if you're a coinbase user There is the added benefit of being able To connect your exchange account to the Wallet so first let's start with the Most important consideration and that is Of course security Now to my knowledge There have been no hacks or exploits of The coinbase wallet so tick that box However like Exodus this wallet is not Open source so you can't view the code For yourself so for the hardcore Cipher Punks out there well that could be a Downside When it comes to asset support coinbase Wallet supports all evm compatible Networks these include the likes of Arbitrim avalanches C chain BNB chain Optimism and Phantom the non-evm coins That it supports are Bitcoin Dogecoin And Litecoin so not the most extensive List if I'm honest and this list was

Actually further reduced just last week When coinbase wallet decided to withdraw Support for Bitcoin cash ethereum Classic Stellar lumens and xrp Coinbase claimed this was because of Quote low usage but I don't know if that Really justifies de-listing I mean how Much can it really cost to maintain Wallet support Anyways so that's a downside crypto coin Support the same goes for nfts Unfortunately although you can view all Your nfts within the app they currently Only support the ethereum network so if You minted your nfts on any other Network you won't be able to view them In the wallet and there's another Problem with this and that's that you Can't send the nfts out if you're using IOS that's thanks to a pretty crazy new Policy by Apple that claimed that gas Fees need to be paid for in-app Purchases it's almost as if the world's Most valuable company doesn't know how Blockchains work Now of course that is nothing to do with Coinbase wallet and everything to do With apple anyway that aside coinbase Wallet does have some pretty Advanced Web 3 functionality for example it has a Browser feature within the app which Means that you can connect and use dapps Right there in the mobile wallet which Is great of course like The Exodus you

Can also scan the wallet QR code and Select the coinbase wallet when using a Browser so you have that option too There's also the inbuilt decks option Over here where you can swap coins or Tokens on chain with a decks the app Will scan a number of Dex providers and Attempt to find you the best price However something that I'm not too happy With is the fact that coinbase takes a Fee for this one percent on all swaps I Must say I think this is a little bit Cheeky if I'm honest yes Exodus charges Swap spreads as well but that's because Their primary business is as a wallet Coinbase legitimately makes millions in Trading fees every day but hey it's a Bear Market needs must I suppose Thankfully though they don't charge fees When it comes to bridging your crypto Over from one blockchain to the next so For example if you wanted to move it From ethereum to polygon you can do it Right here in the app if you have a Friend who also uses the coinbase wallet Then an additional feature that you may Find useful is that it allows you to Send crypto via usernames this means you Don't have to write down or store their Long-form crypto wallet addresses for Each chain a handy little Time Saver Just make sure that you spell that Username correctly And yet another useful feature of the

App is this explore tab over here it Gives you an overview of some of the top Performing coins trending nft Collections trending tokens and a Special one for all the nft fans Upcoming drops pretty neat The app is available in the iTunes Store And on Google Play it has good ratings In the format but slightly less Favorable in the latter on to my next Wallet though and that is koinomi Now this is another wallet that's been Around for a decent period of time Having been launched all the way back in 2014 and it still seems to be going Strong although I must admit that the UI Is quite dated compared with some of the Previous wallets I've mentioned so far That aside something that I really do Like about the koinomi wallet is its Asset Support over 1100 supported crypto Assets on a number of different chains You can head on over to the assets page Over here to see just how many coins and Tokens you can send to the wallet There's also the option to send nfts Although much like coinbase Etc this is Only ethereum-based nfts From a security standpoint meanwhile the Only exploit that I've heard about was Poor handling of seed phrases back in 2019. the tldr is that when a user was Setting up a previous wallet their seed Was accidentally sent to Google apis and

This allowed someone to access the Wallet that was the only incident I can Find in konomi's eight-year history Moving on now coinomi has most of the Same features that we've seen with the Previous wallets for example there are Options to buy crypto with Fiat using Simplex with a card High fees but Convenient there's also a non-custodial Cross-chain exchange which allows you to Swap coins on different chains you also Have a DEX feature although unlike those Of some of the other wallets that I've Mentioned this isn't native to coinomi But it will connect you to the Power Swap aggregator pariswap will show you All of the available dexes that are out There where you can swap your eth tokens In terms of D5 functionality within the App you do have the ability to launch Dapps however I've always found the Experience incredibly clunky and hence The reason I don't use it personally the Connection just isn't as smooth as an Alternative you can always open the Dapps on a browser and connect to them With wallet connect Now something that's unique to coinomi Is the ability to buy gift cards with Crypto in the app these include things Like delivery apps grocery stores Cinemas toy stores coffee shops the list Goes on the benefit of this is that you Can use crypto to buy items from

Merchants who wouldn't otherwise use it In terms of in-app support they say that They have live chat support however when I tested it most recently my query was Still waiting several days later Koinomi's mobile app is available in Both the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store and the ratings are fairly Positive like Exodus you also have a Desktop wallet that you can connect to Via your phone so that's the Konomi Wallet an OG in the space that is a bit Dated but still does what it says on the Tin Now so far I've been telling you about All of my top picks for the best free Mobile wallets however if you really Want the gold standard in crypto Security while still being able to use a Mobile device then a ledger Nano X is Your best bet Yes this is technically a hardware Wallet but it has Bluetooth Functionality which allows you to Connect to your phone Now for those of you who are hearing About Hardware wallets for the first Time here is the tldr Hardware wallets are small devices Specifically built for the purposes of Storing private keys and signing Transactions they are simplified from a Functionality point of view specifically To avoid the potential for external

Hacks quite simply dumb single purpose Devices Now unlike all of the mobile devices I've mentioned before private keys are Not stored on the phone but are instead Stored on the hardware device in a cold Environment what this effectively means Is that even if someone were to steal Your phone or a hacker were to install Malware they wouldn't be able to access Your crypto that is not unless they had The hardware device itself and forced You to enter your PIN code I talked About this in much more detail in myself Custody video which is again in the Description for you folks Now when it comes to The Ledger device This is perhaps one of the most Well-known Hardware Wallets on the Market the company itself is based in France and was founded back in 2015. Last year in its June fundraising round It was able to raise at a 1.5 billion Dollar valuation pretty crazy Self-custody is Big Business these days And well rightly so anywho they have two Devices on the market and these are The Ledger Nano S Plus and the Nano X However if you want a mobile friendly One then that's the Nano X if you wanted To use the device with your phone then You would need to download The Ledger Live mobile app this will then connect You to your Nano X via Bluetooth

The device itself has an eight hour Battery which allows you to use it while Out and about when it comes to the Features and functionality of the legend Nano X and Ledger live they're pretty Extensive you can store over five and a Half thousand coins and tokens and it's Compatible with over 50 other wallets You can also store nfts and access defy Dabs The Ledger Live app is available on Both IOS and Android and the ratings in Both stores are the highest of all the Wallets mentioned so far Moreover if you want to use the desktop Or Mac version of Ledger live you also Have that option and they are a lot more User friendly now of course the added Benefit that comes from the security of A legend Nano X does come at a slight Cost around 149 is that worth it well it Really depends on how much crypto you Hold and how much you think that crypto Is worth I personally have a number of Hardware wallets because I appreciate The added security that comes with these Devices If you want to pick up The Ledger nanox Then you can use my link down below we Earn a small Commission on this as well So it helps the channel of course you Can also buy it by going directly to just make sure that you're Buying it from Ledger and not from a Third-party seller on Amazon eBay Etc

Anyways if you're looking for the best Security for your coins and tokens while On the go a ledger Nano X is one for the Pros well guys that's it for my list of The top wallets to use on the go Although I do have a few more crypto Security tips for you first and most Importantly all of these wallets come With seed backups it is absolutely Crucial that you keep these in a safe Place and be sure to make backups of the Backups write them on a piece of paper And don't whatever you do store them on Your phone or in any digital form Whatsoever If you want the best that money can buy For seed storage then you may want to Consider some steel seed cards the coin Bureau stocks these in our merch store Which again I will leave a link to below Then when it comes to using a mobile Device I wouldn't keep large amounts on Any Mobile Wallet even The Ledger Nano X That's because when you're walking Around with large amounts of crypto on Your person so to speak it absolutely Begs for someone to extort it from you Under physical threat it's really Important that you keep it on the Download that you hold crypto on your Phone or in your Hardware device Wherever No one needs to know what you're Huddling so be discreet when it comes to

The wallets that I've covered today know That it's not an exclusive list there Are also a number of other mobile Wallets out there and I do encourage you To do your own research just because I Like a particular wallet doesn't mean That you will but if you are going to be Exploring other wallet options be 100 Sure that it's non-custodial and that You have full control of your cues this Is after all the primary reason why you Would want to use crypto in the first Place to be the master of your own Financial Freedom the moment that you Delegate those private keys to someone Else you could lose your stake in that Freedom And that's it for my video today folks But I'm Keen to get some of your Thoughts now so what do you think of my Picks are there any other wallets that You would suggest I'd love to know in The comments below also while you're Down there you have to check out my Deals page this has links to some of the Best promos and discounts in the crypto Space exclusively for the viewers of This Channel and that is you so be sure To check it out also like And subscribe On your way ad go on you know you want To anyway until next time folks this is Guy over and out Foreign


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