Best FREE Crypto Tools 2022: Top List For Max Gains!!

The crypto market is a moving target Just when you think you’ve got your Finger on the pulse of a coin or tokens Price action it moves in an unexpected Direction The reality is that getting it right Every time is next to impossible even so You can increase your chances of success By leveraging the right crypto tools That’s why today i’m going to tell you About some of the best crypto tools i’ve Come across this year and how to use Them to maximize your crypto gains Before we examine this toolkit there’s Something i need to admit i’m not a Financial advisor as i lack the Appropriate permit education and Entertainment are the only things i Transmit so please contact a financial Advisor if your portfolio Looks like Now if this is the first time we link up My name is guy and i make high quality Content about crypto stuff if this is The kind of content you can’t get enough Of subscribe to the channel and give That notification bell a bump Okay that’s all you need to know about This crypto buff let’s look at a few Tools that will make the crypto market Less rough I’ll start with a quick shout out to Sergio gallado at masari for his Excellent twitter thread about crypto

Tools which inspired this video i’ll Leave a link to that thread in the Description if you’re interested and Feel free to hit me with your Suggestions about crypto tools i should Consider in the comments And before you ask yes all of the crypto Tools i’ll be mentioning in this video Are free to use Now the first crypto tool to add to your Belt is actually a bundle and that’s Crypto fees open orgs money printer and L2 fees by cryptostats and the smart Contract cryptocurrency gas tracker by Own chain So Starting with crypto fees what this tool Is all about is clearly noted at the top Of the page quote there’s tons of crypto Projects which ones are people actually Paying to use If that didn’t make it clear enough Crypto fees tells you how much people Have paid in transaction fees to use a Smart contract cryptocurrency or Decentralized application over the last 24 hours and seven days Crypto fees is useful because Well it tells you which crypto projects And protocols people are actually paying Money to use and this can help you Assess whether their associated coins or Tokens are undervalued or overvalued Relative to these transaction fee

Fundamentals Keep in mind that some crypto projects And protocols have very low transaction Fees as such there could still be lots Of demand for its coin or token even Though the transaction fees are low Now some would argue that higher Transaction fees equals more demand but That’s a topic for another time Now the next tool in this bundle is open Orgs which like cryptofees clearly States what it’s about at the top of the Page quote Dows are the new companies what’s on Their balance sheets if that didn’t make It clear enough open orgs tells you how Much crypto is being held by dows and What’s cool is you can see which cryptos They’re holding in their treasuries by Clicking on the little arrow next to the Treasury balance This is important to know because Spending by dows can be a strong source Of cell pressure for a cryptocurrency This is especially important if the dow Holds primarily the coin or token Belonging to the crypto project or Protocol which you’re presumably Invested in if you’re a fan of said Project or protocol Then there’s money printer which Actually has nothing to do with the Federal reserve Money printer is a tool that keeps track

Of how much annual inflation there is For major cryptocurrencies and how much Potential cell pressure this inflation Is creating on a daily basis for their Respective coins as with crypto fees It’s important to remember that a small Annual inflation rate can still Translate to a massive amount of daily Cell pressure depending on the market Cap of the crypto in question Now you can easily toggle this setting By clicking on the issuance rate and Daily issuance tabs L2 fees is more straightforward as it’s A tool that tells you the transaction Fees on ethereum’s most popular scaling Solutions including transaction fees for A simple eth transfer as well as a more Complex token swap This can help you save money when Transaction fees on ethereum are high This ties into the last tool in the Bundle and that’s the gas fees tracker By own chain which is seriously Underrated probably because of how the Website and the tool is named which is Just gas with many s’s As you can see the gas fees website Shows you the transaction fees for most Major cryptocurrencies both in their Native coins and in us dollars This can be extremely helpful when You’re trying to say move cryptocurrency Between exchanges or need to move a

Token like a stablecoin between wallets If you want to learn more about how Transaction fees work in cryptocurrency You can check out our video about that Using the link in the description Anyways the second crypto tool to add to Your belt is another bundle and that’s The governance tracker by tally the Governance tracker by masari and the Governance tracker by deep down Starting with tally’s governance tracker This tool lets you see all the most Active dowels on ethereum polygon Avalanche optimism and arbitram Any dows that have active proposals in Process are automatically top of the List otherwise it’s sorted based on how Many active voters there are I’ll quickly note that it’s quite Remarkable how little engagement there Is outside of the top 10 dows Now what’s cool is when you click on one Of the dows tally will show you how the Governance process for the dow in Question works in simple terms as well As the top voters in that dow and their Voting power Not surprisingly the top voters in these Dows are often crypto vcs What’s awesome is that tally even lets You create your own proposal for the dow You’ve selected and gives you a Step-by-step guide on how to publish Your proposal note that you’ll need a

Web3 wallet like metamask for this Now besides making it easy to have a say In your favorite crypto projects tally’s Governance tracker can be another way to Keep track of any cell pressure your Favorite coins or tokens could Experience assuming they have proposals Waiting to be passed of course Not only that but keeping track of Proposals before they’re passed can be a Great way of getting ahead of an Upcoming rally All you need to do is check when the Proposal will be passed and if you know It’s a significant one you could make an Easy profit selling the news Ideally you’d catch a bullish proposal Before it’s even tabled and that’s where Masari’s governance tracker comes in This tool also gives you an overview of The most active dows on popular smart Contract cryptocurrencies including Governance for smart contract Cryptocurrencies themselves unlike Tally’s governance tracker however Misari’s governance tracker gives you an Overview of all the preliminary Discussions going on within these dows This makes it easy to spot proposals That have yet to be tabled and can Therefore get you in extra early on a Price move before the proposal is passed Now the only thing i’ll caution is that Masari’s assessment of the importance of

A particular proposal isn’t always Accurate so don’t give too much weight To that indicator on the dashboard Always click on the proposal to double Check what it’s about Then ask yourself whether it’s something That could be passed and what it could Mean for the price of the coin or token In question Last but not least we have deep dow’s Governance tracker which essentially Combines the best of the two other Governance tools Deep dow lets you sort dows by changes In treasury value token holders and Active voters on the home page the tool Also lets you see both discussions and Proposals in real time on the dao feed The difference is that deep dow Aggregates this data to give you an idea Of how daos are doing in general be it By active voters or treasury balances Deep dow also lets you see which wallets Are the most active in crypto governance On the people tab interesting stuff to Say the least Now if you’re wondering why else crypto Governance is so important you can check Out our video about that using of course The link in the description Anyhow the third crypto tool to add to Your belt is a couple of telegram bots Specifically the ether drops bot and the Token unlocks bot the ether drops bot

Makes it possible to receive a telegram Message about changes to specific crypto Prices when a specific coin token or nft Is sent when there’s a change in a coin Or token’s liquidity whenever a coin or Token is being swapped on a dex and even Lets you track specific wallets the Ether drops bot has been around since 2018 and it supports popular evm chains Such as ethereum polygon phantom Arbitram avalanche and bsc I suspect that the etherdropsbot will Add additional evm chains as time goes On What’s amazing is that the etherdropsbot Has a free version and though there’s a Limit to how many items you can track And how many messages you can receive For most of you the free version should Be more than enough and if it’s not then The annual subscription options are very Affordable The only downside to etherdropspot is That it can take some time to set up due To all the options it offers Luckily etherdrops published a detailed Tutorial on medium and i’ll leave a link To that in the description if you need It It should go without saying that having The ability to closely track whatever Coin token wallet or trade you want is Very valuable and there’s no limit to What you could do with etherdropsbot i

Personally use it to keep track of the Largest holders of my favorite coins and Tokens the whales if you will this Relates to the token unlock spot which Lets you see when coins and tokens Allocated to investors like early Investors and the team are about to vest Aka unlock This is important because a large unlock Almost always results in a lot of cell Pressure for that coin or token as Insiders sell at a huge profit Whereas the ether drop spot can take Some time to set up the token unlock Spot shouldn’t take more than two Seconds to get sorted that’s because There’s only two options unlock info Which lets you see all the coins and Tokens the bot supports and alert which Lets you set alerts for said coins and Tokens If you’re not a fan of telegram you can Stick to using the token unlocks website Which also gives more information about Tokenomics including the total supply The circulating supply what percentage Of the total supply is still waiting to Be unlocked and when Clicking on a coin or token provides Even more detailed information about Tokenomics including the initial Distribution of the coin or token the Vesting schedule and how much cell Pressure the next unlock is going to

Create for the coin or token based on Its current value If you scroll down you can even see how Much of that coin or token is waiting to Vest to specific entities be it early Investors the team or the foundation That legally owns the project This can help you get a better sense of How much cell pressure could occur when The next unlock comes around If you are a fan of telegram i strongly Suggest using the bots to set alerts for These unlocks and you should also take a Second to check out our video about the Best crypto telegram groups that will be Down in the description Anywho the fourth crypto tool to add to Your belt is another combo and that’s Coindicks and stable fish funny names i Know but these are seriously two of the Most useful tools in cryptocurrency That’s because they both tell you where You can find the highest yields on your Coins and tokens for those who don’t Know you can earn passive income on your Cryptocurrency by either lending it out On a decentralized lending protocol to Earn interest Or providing it as liquidity for a Trading pair on a decentralized exchange To earn a portion of trading fees for That trading pair Note that this is not the same as Depositing your crypto with a

Centralized crypto platform to earn Interest As we’ve recently seen with these Centralized platforms there’s a lot of Risk involved and that’s ultimately Because you don’t own your assets when You hand them over to a third party When you lend out your crypto or provide It as liquidity on a dex you technically Retain ownership of those assets however This doesn’t mean that defy yields don’t Come with risk because as the saying Goes where there is reward there is also Risk or something like that In the case of defy risks can include Anything from unforeseen bugs that can Be exploited hacks of centralized Elements of protocols such as bridges And damaging arbitrage trades such as Flash loan attacks There’s also a risk of censorship Because of the tornado cash situation But Let’s not go there With that information in mind coindicks Is best for volatile coins and tokens And the website keeps track of d5 yields On just about every protocol on just About every smart contract Cryptocurrency there is What’s nice is that coindex lets you Sort protocols by yield and by total Value locked which makes it easy to Identify which yield opportunities are

High risk As a rule of thumb a low tvl or an Abnormally high apy is a sign that the Yield opportunity you’re looking at is Extremely high risk If it ticks both of those boxes you Might want to consider looking elsewhere Conversely a very high tvl and a normal Or low apy is a sign that the yield Opportunity you’re looking at carries Much lower risks Even then though it’s important to do Your due diligence by checking how long The protocol has been around whether it Has any audits and if it’s been hacked In the past also be aware that yield Opportunities on newer or lesser known Smart contract cryptocurrencies Inherently carry a high risk regardless Of the yield total value locked or Quality of the protocol because with These cryptocurrencies there could be Unforeseen risks at the blockchain level Another thing to keep in mind is that The price of the coin or token you’re Lending out or providing as liquidity Will likely drop in value over time Because of the crypto bear market This might be fine if you plan on Hoddling that coin or token for the long Term but this obviously won’t be the Case for everyone That’s why you might be better off Sticking to stablefish which tracks

Yield opportunities for stablecoins on Most major smart contract Cryptocurrencies Logically the same rules apply when it Comes to the apy tvl and protocol and Blockchain risk analysis but there are Two other things to keep in mind The first is that the yield for many of These stablecoin opportunities is paid Out in a volatile token meaning that the Actual yield might not be worth that Much in dollar terms You can see what the yield is being paid In by clicking on the yield opportunity That interests you The second thing to consider is that Some of these yield opportunities are Quite complex and many involve Lesser-known decentralized stable coins That could de-peg if the crypto market Collapses or if there’s a loss in Confidence in the mint and burn Mechanism The last thing you want is to Accidentally put your dry powder into The next ust Now the last two crypto tools i want to Discuss today are related to nfts and These are cryptoslam and nft nerds Cryptoslam is arguably the best place to Check nft prices especially since the Site has a dedicated tab for fan tokens Which are becoming an increasingly Popular type of crypto collectible

In addition to prices crypto slam shows You both the number of buyers and the Number of transactions for every nft Collection over the last day 7 days 30 Days and all time This makes it easy to spot low quality Nft collections since they’ll often have A small number of buyers with few Transactions Cryptoslam also lets you see which smart Contract cryptocurrencies have been the Most popular for nfts over the four Periods of time i just mentioned The popularity of nft related smart Contract cryptocurrencies is something That you should watch very closely if You’re one of the folks who believe it’s Going to be an 800 billion dollar Industry in the coming years Even if you’re not taking note of trends In smart contract crypto popularity Relative to nfts can help you make some Profits in the short term and between You and me i happen to think that it’s The smart contract crypto coins that Will capture most of the nft value in The long term too If you insist on being an nft d-gen you Can refer to cryptoslam’s upcoming nft Drops tab and make use of the second nft Tool in your belt and that’s nft nerds Nft nerds must be one of the craziest Crypto websites i’ve ever come across That’s because it provides detailed data

About nft mints and trades on ethereum In real time i mean seriously if you get A moment check out the mints tab to see New nft collections being generated Every block and check out the fire hose Tab to see nft trades on all the Different marketplaces Nft nerds even lets you instantly buy Nfts and automatically trade nfts if you Purchase their premium service which can Be paid for in eth directly from your Browser extension wallet No debit card or credit cards needed Because hey this is crypto Now this barely scratches the surface of All the features on nft nerds but i must Stress that the usefulness of this nft Tool depends on your ability to do your Research about all these nft collections If you need help with that you can refer To my video about how to find quality Nft collections and the link to that Tutorial will be in the description And that’s all for today’s video about The top crypto tools for 2022 so if you Enjoyed it smash that like button to let Me know be sure to subscribe to the Channel too and ping that notification Bell so you don’t miss the next video And while you wait you can check out Coin bureau eclipse for emergency crypto Updates or tune in to the coin bureau Podcast to learn about crypto on the go If you’re running late

You can also follow me on twitter tick Tock and instagram for memes and crypto Banter and join my telegram channel for All the daily crypto updates you’re After If you’re wondering which cryptos i hold As part of my portfolio you can find out By subscribing to my weekly newsletter It’s also where i tell you how the Crypto market could continue to ebb and Flow And if you want to support what we do The coin bureau merch store is your best Route it’s packed with cool crypto Themed hoodies sweaters tees and mugs so Make sure to get yours before the Current collections run out You can find your way to all these Resources and more using the links down Below thank you all so much for watching And i will see you in the next episode You


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