Best Cryptocurrency Investing Strategy into 2024 (Top Altcoins Revealed) | Raoul Pal Interview

So that shifts the kind of liquidity Cycle as it brings us into 2024. today I Interview Global macro investor Raul Paul as he gives his outlook for the Crypto Market in the 2024. we discussed The Bitcoin having the upcoming U.S Presidential election ethereum binance Solana and so much more but first Raul What's your take on the crypto market Today into this fourth quarter so My tech has been everything's quiet Right now you know we've got very little Liquidity coming into the crypto Market Or the traditional markets you know We've got the central bank still Tightening so there's just less money Around so even you've seen that the Positive narratives and there's been a Lot of positive news in crypto hasn't Really driven price Because the other thing is we're not Bringing many new people in yet Um and there's a lot of Supply on the Market from you know Mount gox Government stuff FTX and that just Weighs on the market when there's no new People coming in We're seeing it in traditional markets As well there's just not a lot going on It's kind of very summer feeling about It drifting around not that many people Participating uh you know you can see it On Twitter you can see it in other Places just engagement in the space is

Pretty low but people have forgotten Space is up 50 to 100 this year Um you know it's very quick to forget in Crypto unless it's up 300 we don't care You know so you have to take it you know Crypto still the best performing asset Class in the world this year but we kind Of feel miserable about it because it's Gone sideways or down since April let's Say so overall My view is that the Central Bank is Likely to start to see inflation falling And unemployment rising and economic Growth slowing or staying slow and so That means for the back end of the year The more likely outcome is they stop Raising rates okay that's plus Point Number one B if the bond yields keep Rising as They've been doing they'll probably stop Quantitative tightening at some point They'll be plus number two And then if inflation starts falling Below two percent which I think it will Do towards the end of the year they'll Cut rates as well so that's plus Point Number three So that shifts the kind of liquidity Cycle as it brings us into 2024. now 2024 is Not only will we see so all of my Forward-looking stuff about inflation And unemployment rents those kind of Things they should continue to come

Lower So that means the central bank now has The excuse to cut because they need to Refinance all of this debt that they've Got and there's trillions of this stuff And they can't refinance it at five and A half percent just it's it's Mathematically impossible almost So really what I think they're trying to Do is is make it so they overshoot to The downside so then they can cut and do The necessary things also 2024 is an Interesting year because Uh it's an election year So we tend to get more stimulus whether It's you know government handing out Money there tends to be more money Around to bribe voters so I'm I'm very Positive on the last quarter of this Year I think it'll be volatile let's say Until October and then we should have a Good run going through and then I'm very Positive on 2024. now none of these Things will go in a straight line but Generally the first year of crypto Spring looks like this it goes up a Reasonable amount but it's choppy and Sloppy and people don't really buy into The story Then the next year of of crypto is when Spring turns into summer we tend to have A good year not ridiculous year but a Good year and then the year after that We tend to have a ridiculously good year

So that's generally how things have Played out I think that's based on a Macro cycle I think that's how it's Going to play out this time So you being that macro expert I totally Understand what you're saying about the FED is closer to the end than the Beginning that makes sense but like the Housing market people are super scared About that right now it's sort of Stalled out does do you take any of that Into consideration or how big a deal is That for crypto well it's all part of The economy slowing down on inflation Coming down so if the housing Market's Really slow rents start coming down Rents are like 70 percent of course CPI I mean it's a huge weights So nobody's going to be able to jack up Rents particularly if they start having To cut interest rates at some point so Mortgage payments come down that takes a While to feed through there's about an 18 month lag of this stuff So as you said as housing slows down it Means the economy is slow which means More stimulus All they want to see is the magic number Of CPI gained below two percent Because they also know they know the Forward-looking indicators they're not Stupid there's like a thousand phds at The FED they know it's not like oh that Surprised us so therefore you have to

Ask yourself why are they doing this why Are they so late raising rates when Everybody knows we're pretty much in a Recession or around a recession and Things have been slow It's therefore because they want to and We have to ourselves why and it's Because I think they want the excuse to Be able to cut much further much faster Than the market expects We saw so much good news in crypto Probably a month six weeks ago all in The same uh around the same time uh Ripple winning against the SEC in most Part uh BlackRock filing for that uh Spot Bitcoin ETF application so to me it Made sense while we dipped a little After that it was sort of euphoria so Much coverage in the news Um BlackRock or insiders that they Bought any probably bought six months Before that do you think just like this Cool off from that euphoric little local Peak was that just a natural market Cycle or was that any like Insider Selling into the news I don't think there's an Insider selling Into the news I think again if we look At all of those uh the Ripple case Or the launch of the ETFs or the eth Futures ETF none of those have been Launched So there's no actual new money coming in So if you think of it as an economy

We're just all messing around with the Same money in the economy a lot of those Assets have gone down on nft stuff like That so we're still waiting for more Investment to come in So what we've done is sow the seeds for The new investment but the space hasn't Got much capital To put in You know everyone's kind of fully Invested in the space you know we kind Of know the story yes a bunch of people Have stable coins and are sitting on Cash but but generally speaking we need New investors and none of that's Happened yet so then if we step back and Say well who's the seller And we know that the government have Been selling the mount gox stuff we know That the FTX stuff has to come onto Market so really it's a supply issue Right now not It's a promise of future demand but we Haven't got it so the market has to deal With all this Supply When a spot Bitcoin ETF finally gets Approved comes into the market whenever That is number one do you think that's Going to be before or a little after the What the market suspects and how big Will that be for Bitcoin So my guess is probably before the Market expects I think a lot of people Are resigned to the SEC will wait until

March the absolute latest I doubt it but Who knows Um now I talk about this a lot if we'd launch a Bitcoin ETF Last year last October there'd have been Nobody buying it Right so price needs to be positive and Rising for people to want to buy it And we haven't seen that yet you know Not enough So really if they launch it tomorrow you Know could you attract a billion dollars Of RA assets fine but the government and FTX are selling more than that and stuff What we really need is you know let's Say bitcoin's trading up 40 000 looking strong you launch an ETF Okay then we're talking well maybe five Billion comes into the space and if it Goes up then you get to 10 billion and Before you know it it's real money into The space fresh Capital but right now I Don't it's not the biggest deal But it will be as an on-ramp When the market picks up when we're in Crypto summer we'll look back and go Bloody hell there's a lot of money in That ETF What's your take on these recent SEC L's Losses that they've been taking against Crypto companies You know You've got to be pretty brave to take on

The crypto space Because if you actually look at it it is Ludicrously smart people it's kind of The best of Finance the best of Technology you've got people with a Mission So you've got super super smart people Who are mission driven so lawyers will Go into the space to prove a point Everybody will prove a point and people Will fight to the death that they can Afford to coinbase Ripple Um grayscale everybody So as the SEC you are not taking on some Little small token you know some small Project you're taking on kind of the Best of the best here the space is very Smart and very driven so it doesn't Surprise me they've taken the losses Um because these people aren't stupid That's why the uniswap thing came Through as well I mean it's like Well people built unit swap very very Smart people built it so it is Decentralized and there is nobody to Assume that's the whole point of defy so The point being is a lot of this stuff Has been thought about in advance Um so it makes me very optimistic of how Many losses the SEC will take versus Wins they'll they get wins against People who don't want to fight like Kraken just don't have the money to Fight them but coinbase it's just going

To flatten to the death and that's what Brad garlinghouse did too and you know Good on these people because somebody Had to prove it through the courts and Not via coercion One of the big SEC unknowns to me is Well first we've they've done something Recently that we've never usually seen Them do before which is file a sealed Motion against binance usually they're Public they want to send a message What are your thoughts on binance Regulatory wise is that other shoe about To drop well it's only a shoe to drop if We don't know about it Right I don't think there's anybody Alive in crypto that doesn't think Finance is a complex situation that Could fall one of two ways they could End up just being the dominant player Outside of Europe in the US Or they could up in a world of we Don't know right we just there's no Visibility in finance Um so it's no Black Swan so if something Happens to binance Really major under binance the binance Token collapses and binance economic Model collapses you've got to ask Yourself Okay what would that do to price yeah It'd be bad How fast will it recover well better Because you cleaned up one of the

Biggest issues in the space Because people don't know the Uncertainty I don't know either way Whether binance good or bad Um but it's that it's the lack of Transparency so I think Overall it's just not the major shock The other thing I would ask about Finance is Look in a very geopolitical World who's The underlying supporter of Finance Probably the Chinese state Who's the underlying supporter of of Coinbase in a broader picture who would The US Prefer to own the Western World in Crypto coinbase so it's kind of like I Think it's also geopolitical Um and so that's one of the reasons I Don't think binance would likely go Under because I think it has A lot of reasons why The Chinese State and others would would Want it to operate We've just seen Visa integrate the Solana blockchain into their pilot Program of blockchain transactions Something I remember is we had you on at The very beginning of the year when Markets are really depressed and you're Very public that you think Solana is Going to be one of those best performers Because everybody thinks it's just going

To zero Um why do you think Visa chose Solana Over those other blockchains So I observe the space kind of try and Step back from it because too many People get too involved with what they Like because they like it and they're Part of that thing but I just observed Solana and I think I've mentioned in the Show before is like I see Tully as a Thought leader He's accepting of others around him He builds Bridges doesn't destroy them I see a very engaged developer community And people are really really passionate About building their ecosystem and Building their technology So and there's a lot of people who use It and there's a lot of Public awareness of the chain So why these are using Solana it's Because it's fast You know it's fast it does a good job It's not ethereum it's different to Ethereum and even the way that tolly has Been talking about you know could Could Soul be a layer 2 on eath or you Know how do these worlds integrate just Shows that you know for visa to make a Wrong decision is is not that easy Because things can be bridged things can Be interoperable uh life can move on so You know I've just been just observing That and that it had this Salama space

Has not put a foot wrong for a long time Now just when everybody had maximum fear And hate over the space now also you're Getting rid of the F FTX overhang You know the thing that people didn't Like is that FTX was such a big owner of Well that goes as well so for me it's It's still a it's a great story it's Still probably the best major story in The space outside of ethereum because Ethereum's the Big Daddy but if we're Looking at the next stage down you know Where's the next altcoin that has Relative Security in it you know it I you're not Taking a wild guess you're not saying Yeah helium's going to go up a thousand X you might be right might be wrong but Solana if the space grows will Solana do Well probably it's a smaller chain so a Hundred dollars of capital and Solana Will move the price more than a hundred Dollars of capital in eth versus 100 of Capital so it's liquidity drives it Higher and the and the higher it goes up Obviously the more people are interested In the chain as well so it it feels the Right thing now it doesn't mean I'm Right To to bring in a a new ball Market to Bring new money into the system markets Always need narratives for example in 2021 nfts play to earn huge narratives Besides the Bitcoin having in 2024

What do you what do you think are going To be some strong use cases or Narratives that people are getting Excited about I think it's going to be the Applications layer it's what can you do With nfts that is not monkey jpegs or Fine art what else could you do how does Ticketing work how do how do these Broader use cases how's the financial System going to integrate we're seeing Lots of noise from the financial system You know the the two big parts of Adoption for me Is the financial system And Brands and culture So the financial system we know they're Sniffing around every single Investment Bank every single asset management firm You know London Stock Exchange has just Announced that they've got a group Working on tokenizing Securities what People want to do is get Um get Securities on chain because it's A faster more efficient Capital Effective way of doing things so so I Think that's what they all want to get To so that's huge that's trillions of Dollars that flow through those markets The other side Is Brands and culture and that kind of Stuff so that's Sports entertainment Fashion luxury that kind of stuff Um Plus

Music Those are the big cultural pillars of Our societies And they have a lot of opportunity to Use this and we're seeing it from Everybody from Starbucks to Nike to Adidas to Um Chanel to you know Balenciaga to Mercedes-Benz to you know so I think They're all trying it testing out things But if formula one would get it right With nfts in some sort of kind of cool Format that's not just an nft but gives You unlocks and does different things Well there's a 1.6 billion Formula One Fans Well I'm saying football got it right You know soccer you know there's like I Don't know three billion fans so These things are massive Um so it's those two that I've got my Eye on what those applications are going To be I don't know are we ready with all Of the wallets and all the basic stuff That we need we're getting close not Quite there still a pretty crappy Experience but a lot of people can Abstract it away like Ticketmaster have Issued more nfts than anybody in the World and nobody knows this they've Issued 30 million nfts because their Wallet the Ticketmaster wallet That you get when you go to a gig or you Go to a sporting event that ticket is

Actually in a web 3 wallet the ticket's Not an nft but they drop nfts into your Wallet so hey thanks for coming to the Concert here's an nft momento And they're building a social graph out Right this is clever stuff you know the Scale of what um Starbucks are trying to Do with their loyalty program Interesting we've seen other airlines Look at loyalty programs so this is what I think it is it's when it becomes Abstracted away we're not talking about What chain it's on We're not talking about you know 10 000 Nft collectives I think they were just The proof points on routes are something Much much bigger And by the way both Starbucks and Ticketmaster I believe we don't we're Not asking what blockchain they're on But I think they're both on polygon Um Which is obviously a uh you know Works Uh with ethereum all part of the broader Ethereum ecosystem looking into 2024 What's a prediction or an Outlook you Have for eth I don't know I don't I'm so Scarred from trying to give outlooks and Then you know it becomes this this Obsession that people want to beat you With so look I'm very positive obviously I think we go well through new all-time Highs

Um you know I think the whole ecosystem Of crypto we go from 425 million users Where we are today I think the end of This cycle be a billion users by the Kind of use cases we've talked about Don't forget we've got cbdc stable coins There's a lot going on still so you know If the entire space is going to grow Two and a half X in in number of users Well market cap of the entire space is 5 Or 10x so you know you can figure it out From where that is so yeah look I'm I'm Just very positive Um And then let's see how people value Layer twos in this you know we don't Really know how value twos accrue as Much value do we have to have a massive Amount of transactions in which case Then you need stuff like Ticketmaster With millions and millions and millions Of transactions to drive value to those Chains because they batch them and then Batch them down to eat so look it's it's Super fascinating but yeah I'm I I don't See anything different this cycle than We've seen in other cycles for any Particular reason What's your view on coinbase's base Speaking valtuz have you bridge to it Are you on friendtech any of that excite You no I'm just not the guy who's going To do that stuff I get it and observe it But you know I'm just

You know when you're going down such Small use cases when you start to tell a Normal person well you need to set up a Metamask to get eat and then Bridge it Into Um into Base and then you can do it's like People are like You're talking to 20 people in the room At that point of a room of 10 million People I mean it's it's ridiculous now The coinbase people know that they're Not stupid either they're letting the Community figure it out test it test out An application layer like uh friends Other stuff so it's good Um I think it's a net positive the space Thing I think coinbase is just a really Good organization More of a big picture question not Necessarily on any specific protocol but What is something you learned in 2022 or 2023 or 2021 they're taking into the Next bull market for example with me and More of this was to me this was more of Just a reminder for me take emotion out Of investing meaning when coinbase is Ipoing and it's euphoric or FTX is Collapsing and it's it's there's blood In the street again stick to the plan Take Um emotion out of it and think of the Long term what's your Investor's thesis What's something that you're we're

Reminded of or just taking into the next Bull cycle Um I had that thesis for this cycle so You know having been around and see a Few of these Cycles I wasn't that fussed By it nobody likes it obviously but you Know you just think well great if I've Got cash then I can buy at the bottom of The big uptrend and you know I'm just Going to compound over time so I think I It's difficult because we all we all Learn lots of different lessons as we go But are they applicable this time around You know it's like before it's like I Don't really know what nfts I could buy And how to And how to get that right But then I've continued to buy nfts so I Don't know if I've learned a lesson There or I or I just want to prove out The thesis that nfts are lagged assets And as the ecosystem grows again more Money comes in than nfts like trophy Assets it's like it's really interesting To watch the chart of Rolexes and Nfts they're like one for one Because nobody's got any spare cash Right now in the real economy or the Token economy so these things kind of Grind lower because people haven't got Money to buy trophy assets Um I think the one thing I have done is

Last time around I tried to put basket Together of Smaller tokens that were interesting to Me Um you know that last time around Whether it was that Avalanches or or whatever it may be and Just hold the basket and thought let's See if that worked didn't really work Actually I was surprised didn't really Work as a strategy Um so I'm more concentrated than I've Ever been and I'm quite comfortable with That just saying listen I can sit with what I know now there Might be something that I find that I Really want to go but I'm not gonna fomo Into this stuff I mean I didn't do a lot In any of this stuff so it wasn't very Costly But it But it distracts you You know when I look at who made them Real money it's the people who made the Concentrated Focus bet and got you know And got it right Or if they were getting it wrong got out Switch their thesis fast And you're a punk holder correct for Nfts I'm a punk holder an ape holder a Bunch of art nfts uh and MF are a what Else have I got Rex guy that's behind me On There you go there's the wreck guys

Um that's my token frame so it keeps Rotating so I've got a whole bunch of Nfts you know from yeah from Fine Art And photography to AI stuff to culture Like red guy And what makes you in as simplistic as You can bullish and still bullish in Those some Blue Chips some newer uh nft Collections when markets are depressed Right now So because assets lag the economy so we Talked about in the beginning hey house Prices are still falling yeah because it Lags the economy Secondhand car prices falling yeah Because it lags the economy Um Rolex watch is falling yes because it Lags the economy nft is falling yes Because it lags the economy so you're at This point where it gets very Interesting Where you know a punk is likely to do Very well From around these levels or maybe board Apes got more risk in it Um you know I think of a punk like Bitcoin and bought a more like ethereum Because it's it expected to build some Sort of network effects on it The Fine Arts stuff I mean that barely Went down I mean it went down a bit but You know the buyers all came in Um so you could see that there was a Real demand for for the outside of the

Equation so you know to be honest Are probably making the same mistake That I did in the crypto market last Time around because I got really a Reasonably broad basket of stuff that I'm interested in will I get that right Or have I made the wrong decision in Doing that I don't really know because I'm not much of a Trader so I'm a buy And holder and maybe nfts are more about Trading except the more trophy assets That you know as soon as people start Making capital gains in crypto they all Want to buy a punk Or they all want to buy fidenza Or they all want to buy an x copy I mean We're all the same right we're going to Flex we're humans for sure Yeah yeah we want to buy a nice car so We can prove that we've got status you Know we are ridiculous as humans but That's what that's what it is we're not At that stage yet so this is much like 2020 Um two was in crypto markets It's like everybody's giving up the Whole blur thing has screwed up the Market everyone's being dumped on no Projects can get off the ground Everyone's getting angry with each other I'm like yeah we saw this last year in The main crypto market and the these are The signals you should be looking for To find entry into stuff

But we're all difficulty with nfts is It's hard you know is my Rec guy going To do well or not is my x copy I don't Know And there's such a broad range it Depends what captures the Public's Imagination What's new with real Vision you were Telling me off camera that you're having A new platform yeah so real Vision People knew us like our jobs to Democratize the very best financial Intelligence we help people in that Journey we created the long-form video Content in finance didn't exist before Real Vision Um you know and we have written research And that kind of stuff but we've been Over the last year building out an Entire platform experience so that's Pricing charting portfolio management Tools Um we've got AI embedded where it'll go Through the transcripts of the video you Can ask it questions explain this to me Make me bullet points explain it like I'm five do all sorts of stuff to really Engage in content when you don't Understand it so somebody may hear me Talking about something on this you can Just go through the uh highlight it in The transcript it'll explain it to you And then you can ask it more questions Like what does that mean for me or

Whatever so really trying to help people Further in that Journey because what we Decided is that we think there's one Kind of universal formula for life Um or success and that is Knowledge times tools times Network Equals success so it's great to have Knowledge Turning information to knowledge a lot Of people just see information and Trying to act on it knowledge is Understanding what that information is About so we have that journey in real Vision with the education side the tools Is now giving you the tools to apply Some of this stuff or further enhance it Whether that's pricing charting the Basic stuff portfolio tools or Ai and Then the network we built this whole Kind of network platform where the tens Of thousands of real Vision members Around the world can see each other on This kind of spinning globe connect with Each other Hey listen I'm in Spain this Week where should I go what should I do Or hey I'm interested in this thing you Know and some of those are token gated Some of those are membership gated some Of them are for everybody so we've Created this kind of Global Network Because the people in the real Vision Network are amazing so that all launches Um to our members next week in a phase Launch and then goes to the public so

People should look out for that because Um there's a waitlist currently you Can't even sign up for real Vision right Now as we roll this out but for those Who do go to the waitlist so go to join that wait list Um and there'll be special offers for People joining it and you'll get first Dibs at getting on the platform I'm gonna put that link Down Below in The video description I'm gonna go check It out yeah you'll love it and one more Thing is I'm starting my own YouTube Channel part of real Vision but just of My content that I think your videos Likes call raupel the journeyman to look At on YouTube uh it's not fully live yet But it's about to go live there's Content on there already but but it's a New series where I discuss the kind of My journey into the Nexus of macro Crypto and technology and where I think The world's going so you know I'm just Putting together all the the smartest People in the world to help us think Through the opportunities and the risks Of where we're going That's awesome people clip so much of Your of your interviews and put them on YouTube anyway It's not muscle to myself might as well So uh so Ralph Howell the journeyman on YouTube so you can sign up for that link Down below I wanted to ask you

Um You know best for the average retail Investor that's still in crypto he's Still here or she uh what's a what's a Piece of advice you would have for them As we wait 2024. Caught in a narrative of some small Token because you feel like part of the Community and you don't really know how It's going to do unless you really have True insight Into Demand network activity The things that really Drive value just Keep it simple Keep it to the top five something like That just don't over complicate I see so Many people on Twitter who are so so Entrenched into a token they have no Idea whether it's going to work or not And it's like You're in the biggest one of the biggest Trends of all time just don't up Just just buy the basic stuff that you Should buy and maybe have your D gen Money 10 of your money on the side to Say what an amazing Trader you are but Don't miss the big picture because you Will be so angry with yourself if you Miss it What are your thoughts on the Bitcoin Having of 2024 is it priced in is it Still a huge deal So I think the Bitcoin halving is

Actually to do with the macro cycle Um it's the debt refi cycle that Happened in 2008 in 2008 we had a great Reset of debt what happened is Every Central Bank major Central Bank Around the world said right nobody needs To pay interest interest rates are zero Okay that was fascinating then they kind Of agreed that nobody's going to pay off Debts so they just keep rolling them And what they did is back in 2008 they All issued debt between three and five Years That kind of four-year midpoint is the Halving cycle because Bitcoin launched At the same time so they're coincidental Now maybe it's one of the reasons Bitcoin you know can outperform because Of it but really the cycle is a macro Cycle which is really important for People to understand but you can still Use the Bitcoin halving cycle because at The same timing so it makes no Difference you don't have to over Intellectualize it it's just like yeah Generally 2024 should be an up year Unless something dramatically has Changed And like you mentioned earlier uh in This conversation presidential election In the U.S is happening it seems for the First time in history Bitcoin crypto is Going to be a hot button issue what are Your thoughts

Yeah I agree I mean we're seeing a lot Of the non-core candidates lean into This audience now you've got to be Cynical they're just buying your votes Right they're telling you what you want To hear because they want to get your Votes but we're seeing it on the left And the right that there's a leaning Into crypto to capture that photo Audience to a single issue voters Um It's a good thing Net net we know that the political tide Is turning so we had the massive Pushback and then the tide is going back Again as the system pushes against it so You know I'm very encouraged by that it Was very frustrating to see the US Operate in the way that it did versus Other countries uh who've done a much Better job of this but it feels that Maybe the political system will force Them uh to change and you know just Stuff like the BlackRock ETF and what Happens with the ETF stuff like that These are net positives particularly for 2024. In our final 10 minutes I actually want To zoom so far out get out of crypto Just talk about you life advice success But before all that final thoughts on Cryptocurrency your strategy into next Year Uh my strategy is I did most of my

Buying last year I never sold a single Thing Um the idea was the journey I've learned Since 2012-13 was if your thesis is long term Stay with that but then in these if you Think of that That logarithmic trend Is when we get these down Cycles The macro down cycle or the halving Cycle that's when you add and it Compounds over time So that's all I've done now Um you know when I've got more cash I'll Probably still add a bit more but that's The that's my main thesis and I'm just Sticking with that just keeping it super Zoomed out as you said keep the emotions Out of it ignore 90 of the news observe It but don't feel part of it that's a Really big thing to learn all the is Binance gonna go bust is that gonna none Of it matters It just it's just all that does is Change the path of that you know does it Go down and then up and then that I Don't know but what's the probability That the space is significantly higher In 10 years knowing what we know knowing That the financial system wants to use In all the brands that want to use it And that the the central banks want to Issue Central Bank digital currencies And stable coins are being adopted

Around the world the probability of this Being much higher is extremely high just Focus on that For this next question let's take crypto Out of it entirely I just want to learn About you If you would finish the sentence I Became successful when I understood Blank I don't even know what success means So I would say I yeah I became successful Or I had the path to success When I started to try and understand Why people think not what they think That's that is the game of markets it's The game of life itself why is somebody Angry with you normally it's something That they've got that's been questioned About their own self-identity it's Usually not to do with you And learning that why stops you getting Emotional about stuff and you become More analytical about stuff and you can Step back and observe everything going On and that helps you in your journey of Life in every way and how you operate With people how you run a business how You deal with your parents to the Opportunities that come your way Um so I found that as a really really Powerful tool What's one piece of Life advice that you

Would give your 20 year old self if you Could speak to them Um I want to keep my 20 year old self I wouldn't have chosen a different path You know could have been more successful Could have been less successful The advice I would give to any 20 year Old Let's go see the world Get out of your comfort zone more than You possibly believe if you're not Finding yourself lost and scared in a City in the middle of nowhere in a Language that doesn't speak or in a Jungle thinking am I ever going to get Out of it or in a desert or up a Mountain then you you'll never learn About life That that Meeting different people in Extraordinary circumstances and testing Yourself It is literally the biggest education LifeLock unlock of all time This next question you may make fun of Me and say this is a dumb way to think About it but just just for fun Again if you were that 20 year old that Could take on more risk what would be The easiest way to go from zero dollars To your first hundred thousand dollars Okay so I need to go back to 20 Euro When I was 20 years old

But today oh today yeah yes for like 20 Year old today So It's twofold You know generally as 20 years old you Don't have enough money to make money From your Investments So income is King Figure out how to make income and from Income comes everything this whole Generation Now thinks it's all about Passive income which is there's No such thing you know you end up with An Airbnb of which everything keeps Breaking it costs you money and then you Know there is no passive income go out Figure out ways of income streams and Then when you've got income streams that That exceed your cost of living so keep Your costs living low for as long as Possible you can then invest And then if you're young you invest in The longest duration asset So that's in at 20 it's like crypto Technology those kind of things it's Like you can take the risk you've got an Income stream so you're safe And then for me it's a it's a path That's not most obvious for others is Then have some Goals of where you're going so I always Had a future vision of myself now those Things change and shift around but Somewhere that when you're up at six

O'clock in the morning you're thinking This is why I'm doing this this is where I'm going I find that really helps and then to Take Lifestyle profits on Route so for me That is when I first bought a house that I owned outright I knew I could and it was in Spain I Knew I could work at a bar in Spain And the world could burn And I would have a house and I'd be Absolutely fine the sun would shine 300 Days a year the olives would grow Outside and the oranges would grow and Life was pretty easy that is such an Unlock because then from a place of Security so in comes the First Security Then somewhere to live Which is I know it's expensive these Days but it doesn't have to be in the Country you live in you could you know Buy Shack and Nicaragua cost you 100 Grand but it's yours and you can work With a laptop from anywhere so okay These things are game changing because Once you've got security of income and Security of life you can take as much Risk as you want and then the journey Becomes fun Final question what's a book or maybe a Podcast that you would recommend that You liked recently Um God I read so many books

I think Everybody needs to read Homodeus And I know I've recommended this for a While but a lot of people haven't if you Want to understand what's happening with AI and Robotics and where this is all Going what it actually means Um homo Deus by Noah Harari is a really Really really important book it's the Follow-on to sapiens so that is a great Book Um If you want to understand the world of Finance and kind of some of why we got To where we get to there's an amazing Book called Lords of Finance by Leo Ahmed that's an extraordinary book about What happened in the 1920s 30s uh and 40s I think it's it's just really really And it's a great read it's a great read So there's two books one is the future One is the past Raul Paul thank you so much for joining Me links to your stuffer down below Final thoughts for the altcoin daily Army Look I know everything feels Either dull or boring or it's not Happening don't force the narrative There's a reason people use the Terminology huddle or hold It's for this it's like Don't de-gen just for the sake of it

Stay with the big picture you know where You're going If I ask anybody watching this what is Your conviction that Bitcoin or whatever Is going up a lot over the next five Years my guess is the answer would be Yes of course it is But when you ask them is it going up or Down next week or the next month You know the view Splinter because People have no idea so why even play That game That you don't need to play that game And if you need to do it because you'll You love a bit of gambling and Adrenaline and you're bored I can see People trading mean coins or anything Just to get some adrenaline back into Them because we all live on adrenaline In this space just do it with 10 your Money just put the rest aside on your Ledger and just leave it and then you Can go mean mean-tastic or nft crazy With the rest of your wallet


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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