BEST Crypto Twitter Accounts: The Top People To Follow!!

Do you want to be successful in crypto Well to do that you have to be in the Know this means not only being aware of What's going on but also understanding The impact it could have on different Coins or tokens unfortunately this is Very hard for most people to do which is Why it's hard to be successful Fortunately following the right people Can be a shortcut to success and not Just on YouTube today I'm going to tell You about the top accounts to follow on Twitter that will keep you in the know And increase your chances of success in Crypto trust me when I say this is a Video you cannot miss I'll start by saying that nothing in This video is financial advice and that We are not paid to promote any of the Twitter accounts I'll be talking about Today This list of Twitter accounts is put Together by me and the coin Bureau team And we think that they are some of the Best when it comes to crypto I'll also Say that it's not by any means an Exhaustive list there are hundreds of Top tier crypto Twitter accounts out There which may not have made it to this List you can always look at who I follow On Twitter if you want a more Comprehensive rundown note that the Links to all of these accounts will be In the description and pro tip ping the

Bell on their profiles so that you get Notified every time they post it could Be the best decision you ever make and I Would argue that it's mandatory if You're someone who works in or actively Trades crypto So with that said I've broken down our List of Twitter accounts into categories And the first category is macro related News now this is because macro related News tends to move the crypto Market fun Fact this has been the case ever since Institutional investors started Investing in crypto around 2017-2018. the first Twitter account in This category is first squawk now first Squawk publishes important macro news as Soon as it's available sometimes even Before it's reported on This includes news about employment Inflation big price changes updates from International companies and even Geopolitical developments the best thing About first cork is that it's very fast And this can occasionally get you ahead Of big moves in the crypto Market before They occur the only downside is that First squawk doesn't always provide Sources in its tweets For what it's worth I have yet to see Any inaccurate or false reporting from The account The second Twitter account in this Category is inside a paper which focuses

Primarily on geopolitics this is Important because geopolitics has had a Huge impact on asset prices over the Last few years especially since the war In Ukraine began geopolitics will only Become more important as time goes on as Well now the best thing about Insider Paper is that it's surprisingly unbiased Given the sensitive topics it covers it Just reports the facts with zero Political spin or agenda The only downside to Insider paper is That it doesn't publish updates as Quickly as accounts like first squawk in My experience it's fast enough though Okay the third Twitter account in this Category is Walter Bloomberg now Walter Provides what can only be described as More Niche updates about economic and Geopolitical developments as such Walter Is a perfect addition to the previous Two macro accounts he's also hard to Miss most tweets are all in caps not Something I'd normally forgive but Walter redeems himself by providing Images and links in his tweets Especially for the kinds of stories that You'd want more information about the Only downside to Walter is that most of His updates are focused on the United States still there's broad enough Coverage to Warrant to follow The fourth Twitter account in this Category is Disclose TV over the last

Two years Disclose TV has become one of The top alternative news accounts on Twitter That's because it focuses on important Macro news that's likely to elicit an Emotional response It's less about stats and more about Narrative The best thing about Disclose TV is that Almost every single tweet is about Something interesting regardless of Whether it's crypto related or not the Only downside is that it has a very Strong anti-establishment angle to be Fair this is warranted most of the time But not always Now the second category of Twitter Accounts relates to the first and that's General macro analysis understanding the Significance of macro related news Requires lots of learning and I must Admit that I'm still a young Padawan on That front that's why I make sure I Follow the best Jedi Masters in macro so The first Twitter account in this Category is Bob Elliott now Bob used to Work at Bridgewater associate which is The world's largest and most famous Hedge fund Bob was the head of Ray Dalio's investment team for over a Decade for reference Rey is the founder And now former CEO of Bridgewater the Best thing about Bob is that well he's One of the best he explains what all U.S

Macro data means in plain English and Adds some much needed context and nuance He doesn't really cover foreign macro That much but his expertise in U.S macro More than makes up for it the second Twitter account in this category is Joseph Wang now Joseph used to trade U.S Government debt at the Federal Reserve It was literally his job to buy and sell U.S bonds and analyze Bond markets for Five years Joseph also wrote a book that Explains Central Banking in simple terms The best thing about Joseph is that he Has an Insider's insight into the fed And how macro data is likely to drive Its decisions on interest rates the only Downside to Joseph is that some of his Tweets can be a bit technical he also Doesn't seem to be a fan of crypto but I'm sure he'll come round eventually The third Twitter account in this Category is Andreas Steno Larsen if that Name sounds familiar that's because Andreas is a seasoned macro analyst who Works for the likes of block works and Real Vision in contrast to Bob and Joseph andreas's macro analysis includes Important non-us data and developments Now the best thing about Andreas is that He has unique macro insights he pays Attention to important indicators that Others Overlook as part of his analysis The only downside to Andreas is that he Doesn't tweet nearly as often as the

Other top macroanalysts then again his Ideas are often highly original Fourth Twitter account in this category Is Western Nakamura now Western used to Work for Goldman Sachs and he's one of The most underrated macro analysts That's because he sees Global macro from An Asian perspective what he sees from Japan is often more accurate than what's Seen from the West the best thing about Western is that his perspective allows Him to say understand that OPEC would Cut oil production after Credit Suisse Was acquired because Saudi Arabia lost Money now Western obviously has an Intense focus on Japan but hey the guy Is based there after all Now the third category of Twitter Accounts to keep tabs on is crypto news Obviously crypto related news tends to Have a huge impact on crypto prices In theory keeping up with crypto media Outlets is enough to stay informed in Practice though by the time you've read Something in the crypto news you're late To the party so the first Twitter Account in this category is DB AKA tier 10K DB covers the quote fastest Market-moving news in crypto it also Covers a bit of macro when it's related To the crypto market and posts funny Stuff every now and then as well also Unlike most fast-moving news DB almost Always provides sources the best thing

About DB is that it only covers crypto News that's truly important and it tends To do this within minutes of the news Coming out the only downside is that the Account doesn't always post which can Lead to gaps in crypto news coverage but Hey no crypto news account is perfect The second Twitter account in this Category is Bitcoin magazine now if I'm Not mistaken Bitcoin magazine was the First news Outlet in the crypto industry In case it wasn't obvious it covers Mainly BTC related news this is arguably Sufficient because BTC tends to move the Rest of the crypto Market the best thing About Bitcoin magazine is that it posts Regularly and typically every post is Worth reading the only downside to Bitcoin magazine is that it doesn't Always tweet about actual BTC news and Of course it doesn't cover altcoins Again altcoin news isn't always Necessary but well it is during alt Season The third Twitter account in this Category is Tim Bako now Tim is one of Ethereum's core developers and regularly Posts update about what's going on with The second largest cryptocurrency in Fact most of the crypto headlines you Read about ethereum updates tend to cite His tweets as the original source the Best thing about Tim is that he doesn't Just cover stuff that's directly related

To ethereum he also occasionally covers Things like layer twos and other crypto Projects that are integral to ethereum's Ecosystem the only downside to Tim is That he can get very technical well he Is a developer after all Now the fourth Twitter account in this Category is Nick Carter now Nick is one Of the partners at a crypto VC firm Called Castle Island Ventures and is Also the co-founder and chairman of a Crypto Analytics tool called coinmetrics These Days Nick posts a lot about crypto Regulations which you need to be keeping Up with the best thing about Nick is That he explains crypto regulations in a Way that's easy to understand and is Also not scared to call out mainstream Media journalists on their biased crypto Coverage the only downside to Nick is That he can get a bit political at times But well it's not his fault the Democrats hate crypto more about that in The description I digress now the fourth Category of Twitter accounts relates to The third and that's General crypto Analysis remember that keeping up with What's going on in crypto isn't enough To be successful you must also Understand the significance of what You're seeing and watching YouTubers Like us isn't always enough so the first Twitter account in this category is Jim Bianco now Jim is an expert in crypto

And macro analysis and has been advising Institutional investors for over two Decades Jim has some of the most Valuable insights about crypto and macro And has appeared on mainstream media Outlets many times as a result the best Thing about Jim is that he clearly Explains how macro impacts crypto and Vice versa and I can't really think of a Single bad thing to say about Jim he Does it all so well maybe that's the Downside being really good at both Crypto and macro necessarily means that You sacrifice some expertise due to time Constraints Okay the second Twitter account in this Category is Ryan selkis now Ryan is the Founder and CEO of crypto analytics firm Massari and is very outspoken this makes Sense considering Ryan has been working In crypto for almost 10 years and has an Acute understanding of what certain news Means for the industry The best thing about Ryan is that he is Always on the ball he's constantly Keeping track of important news and Explaining what it means for crypto the Only downside to Ryan is that he can get A bit too passionate at times so if You're someone who's susceptible to FUD Or fomo get ready for a wild ride The third Twitter account in this Category is woo blockchain AKA Colin Wu Now you could say that Colin is to

Crypto what western is to macro that's Because Colin provides extremely Valuable insights about crypto from an Asian perspective This is going to be ever more important As Asia continues to embrace crypto the Best thing about Colin is that he posts A lot and provides more informative Summaries of crypto news headlines which Help you understand their meaning the Only downside to Colin is that sometimes His summaries can be a bit fuddy to his Credit he's much more objective than he Used to be The fourth Twitter account in this Category is look on chain now look on Chain probably provides the best On-chain Alpha you can find on Twitter a Great example is the recent Dogecoin Rally look on chain found that two of The largest Doge whales sold into the Pump and made a profit of roughly 120 million USD The best thing about look on chain is That it reveals what some of the richest Crypto holders are doing as well as what Some of the best crypto Traders are up To the only downside to look on chain is That its limited visibility of what Happens on centralized exchanges can Result in an incomplete picture You can learn more about on-chain Analysis using the link in the Description moving on

Now the fifth category of Twitter Accounts ties into the fourth and that's Technical analysis it should go without Saying that there's lots of terrible Ta On crypto Twitter that said some Accounts have a firm grasp of the Psychology which underlies the price Action of all assets along with the Resulting Cycles so the first Twitter Account in this category is Bob Lucas Bob is an expert in Market cycles and Covers precious metals and stocks in Addition to crypto Bob is famous for Popularizing bitcoin's four-year cycle Prior to the most recent bull market if You kept up with his analysis then Chances are you did well the best things About Bob are that he explains why Prices are about to pump or dump and he Takes a longer term view that's a lot Less speculative The only downside to Bob is that Sometimes some of his recent analysis Has been a bit inconsistent for instance He thinks that stocks will crash hard at The same time as Bitcoin will rally now Although the correlation has come down More recently I still don't think we Have fully decoupled but well that's a Topic for another time Bob could well End up being right Now the second Twitter account in this Category is il Capo of crypto Capo as He's known is easily one of the best

Technical analysts in all of crypto Unfortunately he's recently lost some Credibility due to calls that crypto Will crash since the start of the Year Even so his ta is for the most part as Spot on as they come the best thing About Capo is that he keeps it simple Like Bob Capo is a swing Trader so he Focuses more on patterns and Trends Rather than elaborate technical Indicators the only downside to Capo is That his long-term convictions Occasionally come into conflict with What the short-term charts say The third Twitter account in this Category is horse AKA cantering clock Now horse does more elaborate and more Short-term technical analysis on BTC and Major altcoins this can come in handy When you're having a hard time Understanding what's going on from a Longer term perspective which can happen The best thing about horse is that he Doesn't have a bias towards any coin or Token he trades the charts as he sees Them and uses whatever indicators are Necessary to get an edge the only Downside to horse is that he doesn't Always post about TA or crypto related Content but well it is what it is the Fourth Twitter account in this category Is income sharks now if you're Interested in ta for altcoins that are About to pump or dump income sharks is

One of the best for that kind of content I'll just caution that short-term ta can Be less reliable than long-term ta Especially when it comes to altcoins in Any case the best thing about income Sharks is that it literally covers Anything crypto related that could pump Or dump be it altcoins or crypto stocks The only downside to income sharks is That it seems to have a bullish bias Which I suppose is a good way to balance Out the fud coming from Capo in all Seriousness you should check out our Technical analysis tutorials to Understand the basics before you blindly Copy what any crypto Twitter ta account Is doing otherwise you could get Seriously wrecked the link to our first Technical analysis tutorial will be in The description Now the final category of Twitter Accounts is entertainment because Everyone needs a good laugh every now And again even crypto Bros especially Crypto Bros Not surprisingly humor on crypto Twitter Can be pretty Niche which is why all of These accounts need some additional Explanation first up we have not Jerome Powell which is of course intended to be A parody of everything the FED is doing Or not doing naturally getting the joke Will require knowing what's going on in The world of macro and also

Understanding why it's significant good Thing you follow all of the accounts Above aim Next we have inverse Kramer which is Intended to be a parody of everything That popular CNBC Market analyst Jim Cramer is doing for those who don't know Jim is famous for consistently getting Almost every call wrong When he says something is going down Chances are it'll go up hence the Inverse Cramer now believe it or not but Some crypto Traders have made a pretty Profit by doing the exact opposite of What Jim has suggested apparently the Man himself absolutely hates this which Makes it even better There's even an inverse Kramer ETF in The United States so you can basically Bet against Jim in a more passive manner Now let me reiterate that nothing in This video is financial advice anyways Another entertaining Twitter account to Follow is inverse bra which even I don't Fully understand but that's all part of The fun in short inverse bra will Screenshot funny interactions between Crypto personalities on Twitter and you Can ask him to do it by tagging him in Such interactions there are some Classics to be found there and little is never short of material And last but not least we have coin Fashions which as the name suggests

Consists of anonymous confessions from Crypto Traders and investors now some of The confessions are genuinely funny While others are just well downright Depressing It's safe to say that it's a great place To learn what not to do in crypto I also Do think that some of the confessions Posted are far too wild to be true so do Take them with a pinch of salt again the Links to all of these Twitter accounts Will be down in the description along With a link to our video about the top Telegram channels to join trust me when I say that all of this knowledge will go A long way And that's all for today's video If you Enjoyed it smash that like button and be Sure to subscribe to the channel and Ping that notification Bell so you don't Miss the next one if you found this Video helpful be sure to share it with Your crypto friends and family and tell Them to like And subscribe too If you want to support the channel while Making bank head on down to the coin Bureau deals page to get massive Discounts on Hardware wallets and Thousands of dollars of trading Discounts and incentives on the top Cryptocurrency exchanges the links to All of these resources will be in the Description thank you all for watching And I will see you next time till then

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