BEST Crypto News for Bitcoin, XRP, Solana, & Polkadot | ETF Approval INCOMING!!

Bitcoin is this is a super important Point Bitcoin is the only monetary Instrument in the history of our species Big news for Bitcoin holders Hong Kong Just released crypto ETF requirements Ahead of a US approval meaning Essentially Hong Kong's Financial Regulator has published guidelines for The approval of both in kind and cash Creates spot Bitcoin ETFs and why this Matters this is arguably more B than the US ETFs as most of the volume in crypto Comes from the Asian markets and Secondly the approval of in kind refers To the buyers being able to redeem the ETFs for the actual underlying asset of Bitcoin and it does look like that the USA is only allowing cash creates if you Want to know the difference I encourage You to check out this video here Black Rock Bitcoin ETF news just got way worse I outline what the US is doing but but Understanding Hong Kong's move and now Seeing the actual data that this will Add to the fact that exchange reserves For Bitcoin are already dropping and Then after the having we will have much Less Bitcoin available per day in the Market in summary Supply will drop Drastically and demand will increase Someone will put a 200 first floor in Miami's tallest building if Silver's Going to 1,000x I will walk into my Kitchen right now I will melt all my

Silverware and I will sell it at Market If gold is going to Rally Elon Musk will Find more on Mars Bitcoin is this is a Super important Point Bitcoin is the Only monetary instrument in the history Of our species that is fixed it does not Matter how much more demand comes into The asset class Kelly no one will ever Be able to make more of it there are two Things I can guarantee you in my life One that I'll die and the other that There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin and those are one the two things That I can only value is my life and my Bitcoin so it is the only fixed Supply Asset Kelly it's not that complicated It's going to go up because everything Else can be issued more does that make Sense so even though we're dipping a Little today I understand why bitcoin's Going higher but what about the rest of The market xrp for example why is it Going up you'll soon the community knows About this but you'll soon be seeing an Amendment proposed by the xrp labs folks An amendment is coming to the xrp Ecosystem this explained by their head Of engineering speaking about side Chains a Unis swap killer amm and just Expanding their defi to compete with the Solanas to compete with the ethereums And so soon we'll be proposing Amendments that the community will vote On around an amm which will enhance the

Liquidity you know as a new liquidity Venue on The xrp Ledger we're working on Side chain technology and you know Bridging side CH xrpl uh side chains and Also we're working on an evm side chain As well that will bring the capabilities Of smart contracts for use cases around Defi to the ecosystem so Ripple X we've Got a lot we've got a lot going on we're Very bullish and it is important to note That ethereum needs side chains for Example because they need help scaling Yet xrp already pretty scalable why do They need side chains people I think a Lot of times they'll be familiar with The ethereum ecosystem where most of the Side chains layer twos whatever it might They're all about helping scale the Layer one right because they have Scaling issues but in the case of Xrpl would it be accurate to say that The side chains are more like maybe Stacks on bitcoin where their goal is to Add functionality I think so if you're Interested in making money in Cryptocurrency Click subscribe I will Keep you updated but now why is Solana Still in the green this week and Actually maybe let's do polka dot first Will get to Solana but why is polka dot Going up I come here not as a CEO of Parity anymore but as uh one of the Three Chief Architect of polka dot Founder of polka dot Gavin wood in a

Recent whoops just got to follow good Info Gavin wood who helped found Ethereum but then also went on to found Polka dot talks about the goal of polka Dot and where they are now is to help Increase its ubiquity or the state or Capacity of being everywhere ESP Especially at the same time an Omnipresence and while something like This may seem boring to you at first in This 90c clip Gavin wood takes a shot at Ethereum is polka dot better than Ethereum so let's look at the ubiquity One of the ways that polka dot is really Pushing on the ubiquity front is this Rather amazing piece of software called Small dot small dot is a piece of Software that sits anywhere where web Assembly can sit so it can sit in in a On a mile mobile phone and sit in a web Browser window and it connects directly To the polka dot Network indeed it Connects directly to any par chain Network built with substrate it can Synchronize in seconds with the network And provide all of the transacting and Querying services that you would need in Order to build a decentralized Unstoppable application here is uh an Example this is a very simple Application by small dot I just reloaded The page there it's now going to the Polka dot Network it's fetching the the Headers there we go it's done it with

Kosam it's with West End it's now Syncing a power chain on West End takes A few seconds to sync and there you go So this web page contains all of the Code needed to actually connect to nodes On the network we're not going through An RPC server so when you use uh a Typical ethereum application you will Tend to go through the metamask thing Which internally will go through an Elastically scaled server farm that uh Just runs a lot of ethereum nodes and Serves out requests this is owned by a Single company has a single controller And if for some reason the US Jurisdiction knocks on the door and says Right you can't use the we don't want This dap to be available anymore we Don't want anyone using this account Anymore whatever else they will Basically have to turn it off or shut Shut down wow very interesting to learn Technically speaking what makes these Protocols different looking at lower cap Altcoin news from two that I'm invested In we're excited to announce a Partnership between AIT protocol and Bonsai 3 together we're combining AIT Protocols Cutting Edge web 3 data Infrastructure for data labeling and AI Training with Bonsai 3's Innovative no Code tool set for anything web 3 so AIT Is artificial intelligence data Infrastructure and Bonsai is a no code

Tool set they have just formed a Strategic partnership and as tweeted by AIT protocol welcome Bonsai 3 masters of No code solutions for web 3 stay tuned For an exclusive initiative using our Data annotation platform that benefits Both communities also some news for ZK Link full disclosure another project I'm Invested in announcing our second Partner joining the ZK link liquidity Alliance flowes flowes provides a wide Range of digital Asset Services such as Market making OTC trading treasury Management and our collaboration with Flow Des will unleash institutional Grade liquidity solutions that can match With top tier crypto exchanges Essentially just putting in place the Infrastructure so if you're bullish on The ZK rollup infrastructure narrative For crypto ZK link making moves and then Of course Solana we're seeing more and More institutional interest because of The interest in Bitcoin they look for What's next to have watched salana after Last year's controversy with FTX being Such a big supporter of salana and to Watch the developers stick with uh with With salana is uh speaks volumes to us I Always say follow the developers and They certainly stuck with salana and They're also scaling uh in in terms of Ethereum as well so we think those are Two powerful networks in the

Decentralized finance space and we also Think that this notion of defi Decentralized finance that you know if People just start looking at it and Thinking about it as simply the the Internet Financial system uh the Internet in the early days was never Conceived of um as uh hosting Commerce Or financial services and so developers Back then didn't build in that Capability all that's happening now with Bitcoin and ethereum and salana is Developers are building in Native Currencies and um and much more Streamlined fewer intermediaries Streamlined uh ways of uh dealing in the Financial system much more efficient Much more productive just like the Internet itself if I missed an altcoin In today's video comment down below Reading now like always see you tomorrow


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