Best Business Credit Cards of 2023

Right now for the first time in the History of business credit card at Welcome bonus offers we are currently Seeing the highest offers to exist take As an example where back in 2015 the Chase in cash card offered only 300 cash Back after spending three thousand Dollars in three months a few years Later the offer was 750 cash back after Spending seven thousand five hundred Dollars right now in the most recent Months the chasing cash card is going to Offer you the highest welcome bonus Possible that we've ever seen at a total Of nine hundred dollars cash back after You spend six thousand dollars in the First three months of car ownership so Far we can clearly see that the Trajectory of these card offers are Showing even higher bonuses over time But this might not be around for so long Currently the highest offers known to be Around for only a limited time meaning This could possibly be the peak aka the Top of the credit card Market which Means you're going to want to take Advantage of the offers while they still Exist so ladies and gents in this video I'm going to give you an easy to Understand breakdown of the best Business credit cards right now that Exist in the market so to begin this Video the first set of lineup of cards Are actually going to come for that

Chase Inc side and this is because I Would consider Chase to be more of the Early and mid game set of credit cards That you want to complete just because They offer a ton of great points they Have a ton of good products and in Addition to that they also have rules Such as the 524 rule where if you try to Get them late game it's going to be a Lot harder because you're limited by how Many credit cards you can have this same Principle applies within the business Credit card sector except there is a bit Of a Twist and I'll go over that later What's also cool about the chase Ecosystem on the business side is the Fact that in the most recent months Chase also released a fourth lineup to Their business credit cards which also Gives you an additional one thousand Dollars in cash back after doing a Little bit of math if you get all four Chase Inc business cards with the Current welcome bonus offers you would Be getting over three thousand eight Hundred dollars in straight free cash Back in your pocket aside from the Newest car that was released which is a Chase Inc business Premiere you would be Able to transfer all of those point over Into the Ultimate Rewards portal so if You have something like the Chase Sapphire preferred or you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve you would get an

Additional bonus on those points so Instead of having just 2 800 in cash Back or to make it easier let's round it Up to three thousand dollars that could Be essentially worth double that amount Or six thousand dollars in free travel Credits so we're talking about a lot of Money here folks and this is just one of The simple benefits to business credit Cards now let's talk about what the best Business credit card at the time is and I believe that's going to be the Chase Ink unlimited so if you're in the points Of Miles game this is what I would Consider to be the ultimate version of The Chase Freedom unlimited card I was Gonna do a funny corny joke here and it Was going to be like get it ultimate Because ultimate reward points this is a Serious video this is about business Credit cards now if you aren't too Familiar with the freedom unlimited very Simple card just like the ink unlimited Where you'll be earning 1.5 cashback on Every purchase with no annual fee Meaning it costs nothing at all to hold This card now this year was one of the First first business credit cards that I Ever picked up and back then I didn't Get a welcome bonus offer as nearly as Good as you guys have it now with this Card just by spending six thousand Dollars across three months you'll earn Nine hundred dollars cashback or 90 000

Ultimate reward points on top of that The reason this card is among one of the Best is because it's a limited time Offer you'll also be getting zero Percent intro APR on your purchases for The first 12 months I'm sure since you Guys are already watching this video on Business credit cards you'll know that The purchases that carry over on your Business card aren't going to report Onto your personal credit report so that Means if you do need a little bit of Time and some Runway you're not going to See a dip in your credit score just by Carrying a balance and on top of that You'll be getting interest-free dollars That you could use towards whatever Business or Venture you have on top of That this card also offers you fraud Protection zero liability protection Which means that you won't be held Responsible for any unauthorized charges On your card you get extended warranty Protection you also get auto rental Collision damage waiver so you could Decline the rental company's collision Insurance and place it on this card and You get primary rental coverage which is Always nice always save a couple hundred Bucks that way and with this card you Also get purchase protection where if You have a new purchase for up to 120 Days you can get up to ten thousand Dollars per claim and up to fifty

Thousand dollars per account very Similar to what some of the other higher Tier credit cards offer on top of that With this card you get travel and Emergency assistance service and last But not least you also get roadside Dispatch now to sum this card up it is Simple it is amazing it is an easy to Hit welcome bonus especially within the Usual minimum requirements spend for Those welcome bonuses and right now I Would consider this car to be an Essential especially for anyone who's Already within that chase ecosystem now Before even applying for a Chase card or Even a business credit card there are a Few important things to note like I Talked about earlier which is going to Be that 524 rule where if you apply for A business credit card it won't count Towards your 524 limit but if you're Already over 524 within Chase you're Gonna to automatically get denied if you Guys do want to get approved for this Card I highly highly recommend that you At least have a credit score of 700 in Order to qualify now the next best Business credit card here on my list is Going to be the chase Inc business cash Card with this card here you'll earn Five percent cash back on the first 25 000 spent in Combined purchases at Office supply stores on internet cable And phone services each account

Anniversary year amongst those if you're Thinking about what office stores Qualify it's going to be like Staples Office Max Office Depot and then if You're wondering what other subscription Or phone services that qualify would be It would be like Xfinity FiOS Verizon Wireless or even at T now there are some Additional data points showing that There are still some other subscription Services like Netflix Hulu Sirius sling TV that show that it does code in as the 5x on this card but like with everything Your miles may vary so it depends on Your situation because sometimes it does Sometimes it doesn't aside from that Five percent cash back which I think is Amazing for a no annual fee card you'll Also be getting two percent cash back on The first twenty five thousand dollars Spent in Combined purchases at two Things gas stations and restaurants Which is a pretty viable car like always You'll be earning one percent ultimate Reward points on everything else but Guys two percent back on restaurants gas Stations that that is not too bad at all Figuring that most credit cards usually They hit you with an annual fee or They're one of the five percent category Rotating cards that offer it but this Here seems to be one of those credit Cards where if you're opting out of the Unlimited maybe you already have that

Card for some reason this here is Another great runner-up now the welcome Bonus offer for this is the exact same As the Chase Ink unlimited card where at The current limited time where it's Offering this if you spend six thousand Dollars you'll be getting a welcome Bonus of nine hundred dollars back in The first three months on top of that You will also be getting that zero Percent intro APR for the first 12 Months so you can still continue to Utilize the full benefits of business Credit cards all at interest-free cost Now the safe bet just like the previous Card is going to be a 700 credit score That you'd want in order to get approved Without a hiccup now the third best Business credit card here on my list is Going to be the chase Inc business Preferred one of the reasons why I Decided to put this at number three Instead of number one is just because You have to spend a lot of money in Order to get that welcome bonus Incentive now on the other hand instead Of getting 90 000 Ur points like you do With the two previous cards you'll be Getting an additional 10 000 Ur points Or an additional 100 by taking a look at The public offer right now it's a Hundred thousand Ur points after you Spend fifteen thousand dollars in Purchases and look I don't know too many

People who could spend fifteen thousand Dollars in three months it's about five Thousand dollars every single month That's usually people's full-time income Right there but for any Savvy business Owner maybe you're running Facebook ads Maybe you have like a high margin Business where you're spending a lot on Cost of goods you're buying inventory This card is still very viable it's Still an amazing one to add to the Wallet this is also another credit card That I still have with me I've not Canceled it I've kept it for many many Years and and this is because when I First got into the whole Entrepreneur Space I was running a lot of Facebook Ads I spent hundreds of thousands of Dollars within that space and this is One of the cards that gave me a lot of Points back in return so with this Credit card you'll be earning three Points per one dollar on the first 150 000 spent in the following categories This year is shipping purchases Advertising purchases with social media Sites and search engines so this is Going to be Tick Tock ads Facebook ads Pinterest ads even Google SEO ads and on Top of that you'll get 3x back on Internet cable and phone services and Travel like I mentioned earlier this Card is great for anyone who does any Type of marketing or paid ads so if

You're on the digital marketing agency Side you have your own Ecom store this Is one of the best credit cards that you Can get normally when a card has an Annual fee usually it's meant for a Higher tier audience or it's meant for More Prime consumers is what the banks Would call them but in this case I have Seen a lot of data points where people Who still have a credit score within That 700 range still get approved so you Don't need to have like an 800 your Credit score for a card like this you Actually don't need an 800 credit score For any card that's a little hack more Often than not if you have a credit Score of more than 715 you're going to Get approved for 99 of the cards out There now the fourth card here on this List might sound a bit like a broken Record but it is for good reason and This is going to be the final new Addition to the Chase Ink lineup which Is going to be the chase Inc business Premiere Card so this card here only Released just a few months ago and right Now you can earn an additional 1 000 Bonus cash back after you spend ten Thousand dollars on purchases in the First three months of account opening Now this card here Works in a really Unique way and there are definitely some Caveats that you need to know about that I'll just cover in a quick second but

First of all this card is going to earn You a total of 2.5 cashback on all your Purchases but there is an exception Those purchases must be worth over five Thousand dollars or more so this card is Really meant for anyone who places huge Bulk orders if every single one of your Inventory is under five thousand dollars This card isn't really gonna make much Sense aside from that though you do get Two percent back on every purchase but You have to realize that you're not Getting ultimate reward points with this Card you're actually getting straight Cash back so you can't find a way to Transfer these points out not only does It have an annual fee it's not just 95 But it's a little bit more it's at 195 Or you know if we round that up you're Getting a 200 annual fee pretty much to Get these benefits now I think this card Is still viable just for the reason that A lot of people who are late game Already have all the chase Inc business Cards and that is someone like me this Card is awesome because it's a free one Thousand dollars cash back because I Know if I have furniture I need to buy Like I just moved into a new house and I Need to deck out my new YouTube Studio Buy some new camera gear this would be The first card that I would get right Now yes it has a higher annual fee 200 But even after I get that one thousand

Dollars cash back I'm still profiting at Least eight hundred dollars in benefits Not even accounting for that two percent Cash back rate that I would get just by Using this card so if you are late game Definitely consider this as one of the More viable options right now and if you Are really just getting into the space I Would focus mainly on those three Chase Ink cards especially with the first two That I mentioned just because the Minimum spend requirement is much less And on top of that you can always Transfer out those points into a Personal card and use those points all Together for your dream vacation and get Maximum value back for this card I Actually recommend you to have a bit Higher score than 700 I think if you Have like a 715 credit score you will Definitely get approved but your miles May vary you know I also need to mention If you're someone who happens to have Like a 690 score 685 I have always seen Data points where those people still get Approved too so it always just depends On when you apply what season it is Maybe they don't even care too much About the minimum credit score Requirement maybe they lowered it down It always just depends and you don't Really know until you actually apply Speaking of applying real quick if you Guys do want to support the channel I

Have links Down Below in the description So before you pop open Google and you Punch all this information in to sign up For the card using the links down below At no cost do you support this channel Where I can continue to provide you guys Some some of that Banger fire knowledge In order for you to continue making Money as well a nice relationship here That I have with y'all and thank you if You guys use those links so for the Fifth credit card here on my list Finally getting out of the chase Ecosystem we are moving over into American Express and one of my favorite Credit cards that I have is currently The American Express business platinum Card so this credit card here is going To give you a hundred twenty thousand Membership reward points after you spend Fifteen thousand dollars on eligible Purchases within the first three months It is worth noting that this is one of Those cards where they frequently adjust The welcome bonus offer but I've never Seen it come this high if you're also Someone who can't really spend this much Money within a short period of time I Have seen some adjusted offers where They extend the three month time period Limit in order to go to six months and Sometimes I have seen before where it Goes even longer now although those Adjusted offers aren't guaranteed what I

Am seeing is just this public welcome Bonus offer which is still at 120 000 Mr Points which is absolutely nuts so with This card you'll be getting 5x Membership reward points on flights and Prepaid hotels on you'll Also be getting 1.5 x membership reward Points per dollar on eligible purchases In key business categories as well as on Each purchase of five thousand dollars Or more now this is up to two million Dollars of purchases per calendar year I Can't imagine anyone surpassing that Limit but if you happen to be a whale or A baller watching this video congrats Because that uh that is definitely a Special feat to accomplish on top of That you'll also be getting a 400 Dell Technology Credit this is really easy to Use it's 200 split up every six months And I always find that I can buy Something off Dell where it's a new Backpack or even like a docking station For my home office it does come in Pretty good handy on top of that this is Something new but they added a 360 Dollar indeed credit where you can use This in order to find maybe some new Team members hire some new talent but It's basically free money on this Website where you could use it to expand Your business with this card my favorite One though is the 150 Adobe credit so I Use Lightroom Photoshop my team also

Uses the editing software that adobe Provides and this card here is going to Give you 150 in credits which is split Up every single month which is still Pretty good on top of that you get a 120 Wireless telephone service credit with This I'm getting ten dollars back on my Cell phone bill which is absolutely Incredible too on top of that you'll Also be getting a 200 Airline fee credit Where if you get any incidentals you can Apply this to that too that's not even The end of it though you get a 189 Clear Credit so I've used this before I have a Clear membership I Wombo Combo it with Clear and also TSA pre-check when I'm Leaving or getting in the US and that Has sped up the process significantly You'll also be getting a 35 Airline Bonus in membership reward points and This here is definitely my favorite I Think I've said it's my favorite like 100 times but this is truly truly truly My favorite the fine hotels and resorts Program with this card you'll be Receiving so much more value where you Get late checkout you get free Spa Credit free breakfast credits I mean if You travel anywhere for business using This card and you maximize this portal Here you'll realize how great it is to Top it off this card also comes with a Payover Time option you get cell phone Protection so if you bang up your cell

Phone they'll actually help you to Replace it or to repair it which is also Another great thing about using some of These higher tier cards especially with Amex which always seems like they have Some of the best customer service Possible now all these things sound Great but I have to note that this card Here does come with a heavy annual fee Of 695 dollars per year this is an Annual fee that was raised in the past Few years during the pandemic a lot of People were so mad about it but I feel Like it really hasn't slowed down the Card owners who actually still hold on To it like myself included it's a higher Annual fee but if I take a little bit of Time make some reminders in my Google Calendar to set every six months use This credit you know make sure to Maximize this value or when I'm booking A new hotel and to use some of the Travel portals like the AmEx fine hotels Resort collection I can easily find that I still get positive Roi back from Holding this card and if it finds out That you know after a year you still Don't want it or you're not traveling That much Amex will offer you most of The time something called a retention Offer where they say you know what okay How about you pay half the annual fee or You know what how about we'll give you 20 to 50 000 Mr points which allows you

To justify holding the card even more Last but not least this here is one of My favorite credit cards to the list and This is going to be the American Express Blue business Plus card now I would Consider this card to actually be like a Sleeper credit card because it doesn't Offer you the highest amounts of you Know welcome bonus it's not the fancy It's not the priest I mean they did have A revamp on the card design recently but Other than that it's one of those cards Where I think it is just a staple most People's wallet this is because for no Annual fee you'll be getting 2x Mr Points on everyday business purchases Using this card and on top of that You'll be earning 15 000 membership Reward points after you spend three Thousand dollars and you get zero Percent intro APR for 12 months through American Express this card there's not Not much to brag about just the fact That it's a simple Workhorse and if you Want to expand your late game setup Within American Express this is one of Those key cards that you can add into The wallet you can forget about it or When the time comes in handy where you Need a no interest credit card for those 12 months to expand whatever business You have or you know if you have a Little bit of trouble making payroll or You know maybe you're a seasonal company

American Express is generally really Good with this and whatever credit limit You might even get on a card like this They actually have a little secret where You can often triple that credit limit Too now that video on my channel made a Long time ago I might have to make a Little bit of a refresher but that is Another viable strategy where you can Get a huge credit limit all interest Free for those 12 months and you also Get 2x back on it all while not ever Paying a single penny to hold this card So ladies and gents that is going to be The best business credit card so far for This year if you don't know the steps on Actually how to get approved I made a Fully dedicated business credit card Ultimate Guide here on YouTube so be Sure to watch this video after this is Over in order to make sure that you get All the the information and you know how To successfully apply and get approved If you guys did enjoy this video be sure To like And subscribe and share this With someone who you know is into the Business side of the world and if you Are looking to sign up for any one of These cards I do have links Down Below In the description thank you all so much Again for watching be sure to follow me Over on Twitter and Instagram if you Haven't done so already and that'll be It see y'all later peace


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