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To put it really simply I think the Centralized World deserves a Decentralized way of communicating and It's about time that we have borderless And inclusive ways of sharing Information within one another in the Crypto space as you know Aaron sharing Content in the crypto industry has Always faced challenges whether it's Platform restrictions or lack of User-friendly interfaces or other Limitations so what Boomerang does is it Provides you with a inviting and very Easy to use UI to encourage the Decentralized way of communicating with One another between crypto communities Is this a great time for you to you know Demonstrate this product Sure we could do that let's do it let's Go for it you're going to show me using Your site how I can like Use this product today exactly Ina Nemet You have a really cool crypto product That I recently learned about I think The altcoin daily audience would be into This It's called boomerang Tell us about this Hey thank you for having me and hello to The altcoin Daily Army so I think that Boomerang is basically your personal Bulletin board and the crypto universe But with a Twist it's time sensitive and

It's direct to wallet so with Boomerang You're not just sharing information You're kind of casting your ideas Straight into somebody else's wallet Whether you're sketching out a Game-changing idea or you're just Sharing Market intelligence it's just as Easy as just sending it to the Designated wallet address and the best Part is that you control the lifespan of The token so you control how long you Want it to stay in their wallet before It vanishes I know you can do you know a few Different things with it but the way I Understood it is I only know somebody's Crypto public crypto wallet address I'd Love to send them a message whether it's To you know make a trade contact them Whatever it is I just know their public Wallet address with Boomerang your app I Can basically send a token to them That's basically a message they can see That message and then that message will Disappear after a while so it doesn't Clog their wallet Exactly so you get to truly customize Your message from down to the full skate Wild board that gives you all the tools That you need to combine textual and Visual elements together and then you Can just send it straight off to Somebody's wallet and yeah you do get to Choose exactly how long you want it to

Stay in their wallet before it Disappears I know you're going to show us a Demonstration in just a little bit but I Can already feel the altcoin daily Audience aching to basically they know They're interested in this guys it's Linked below go follow Tina and Boomerang on Twitter go check out the Website and I guess before we get too Far into this Tina who are you tell us About yourself the company and feel free To brag a little bit yeah so my team Consists of me my co-founder Rob he Works with the devs directly we've also Got mostie he's our blockchain engineer And team leader he's really the driving Force behind the platform we've also got Sepi he's our back-end developer and I Like to say the Cornerstone of the Platform we've got a lot of talented Front-end experts and for me personally You know I've worn many different hats In my career from managing businesses in Various Industries to serving as a Treasure where I really hone my skills And fund management and forecasting and I feel like my diverse expertise gives Me a unique understanding of how micro Economics of each sector works but yeah That's us the team behind Boomerang Right so you're part of a company a web Through company called tonic Labs I see And one of your products is boomerang

Yes so we found a tonic Labs back in 2020 and since then we've been trying to Find Lloyds that we can fill in the Space ways to improve on the technology And here we are with Boomerang all right Tina I'm getting a sense of boomerang I'd love to hear you talk more about the Problems or pain points that Boomerang Solves in the crypto industry and maybe Some practical use cases for the Platform sure so I think that you know To put it really simply I think the Centralized World deserves a Decentralized way of communicating and It's about time that we have borderless And inclusive ways of sharing Information within one another in the Crypto space as you know Aaron sharing Content in the crypto industry has Always faced challenges whether it's Platform restrictions or lack of User-friendly interfaces or other Limitations so what Boomerang does is it Provides you with a inviting and very Easy to use UI to encourage the Decentralized way of communicating Within one another between crypto Communities whether it's for marketing Sharing Alpha time sensitive information Even ticketing giving access to somebody Because remember it has a time frame so You could give time limited stuff to Your community is this a great time for Free to you know demonstrate this

Product sure we could do that let's do It let's go for it okay so here we are This is our home page you're going to Show me using your site How I can like use this product today Exactly so we're going to go ahead and Actually you know I've actually created A bnfd for you so I'm going to show you How you could maybe use this service for Your channel but once we get here this Is the home page we have to get started So we connect our wallet you're going to Send me my own Pnft Yeah so bnfd are basically the messages That you sent through the NFD you Customize your own bnfd and you send it Off to anybody's wallet so right now I'm Going to send you one So here you see that I've already Connected my wallet but there is also a Login option so you also have to log in Because we do have like a whole profile That we've created for use so you can Keep track of things that you've made Before as you see these are my previous Ones this is my Aussie access token to Be able to use the service Um you have a little profile picture you Can customize your name and all that so That's your public wallet address maybe Somebody's going to send you a bnft with Your own platform hey yeah I would Appreciate that honestly

So here we go to the app section This part's not available yet so the Bnft pfp messaging part So here we have to first choose if we're Sending a bnfd or a pfp so a pfp section Is basically for having a blockchain Verified profile picture that has your Own personal touch on it if you have a Digital branding that you would like to Elevate a little bit and show a little Bit more of you into it you could use This section but for the purpose of this Interview I think that will focus on the Bnft messaging part So here I have the ascending from wallet Address is already there so we just have To put whose wallet address we're going To send this to so I actually have your Public wallet address error and that I'm Going to use for this healing the Curtain back I already gave it to you Yep And just so you know you have the option To send the same bnft to five different Addresses at the same time but we're Just going to send it to Aaron right now So we'll remove these and then for this Phase we have ethereum and polygon Available so you choose which blockchain Which wallet it is so Aaron's wallet is Ethereum wallet so we'll go ahead and go With this and choose this disappear in Time 4 hours 12 hours two days three Days we'll go ahead and go with one for

This and we hit next And we got our full scale whiteboard This is the part that you get to truly Do whatever you like so you could you Know if you've already done your design And you're just trying to use the Service to send it out to these wallet Addresses just to access these wallets Then you can just upload your design so I'll show you we'll go ahead and just Upload I think for me how I'm going to Use this is because vitalik's wallet Address is public I might just send him A message saying hey do you want to be Interviewed on our Channel hey yeah look Looks like we've had the same idea in a Way so I figured you know you might be Interested in interviewing the top three Largest crypto holders so why not you Know you can also even give them an Option of a Discrete no face interview whatever you Can think of I'm sure yours would be Much better than this but I put this Together quickly just to show you the Possibilities that it provides and you Can also have all these tools to do Whatever at shapes lines fonts we have Even different font options color sizes We have the frame tool that I'm actually Really proud of this I don't think this Is available anywhere else so the frame Tool helps you kind of if you have an Image maybe you want to cut it when you

Bring it on so we'll go ahead and choose Let's say I want to send Alpha to my Community right Put it here Um Very easy to use interesting so if I'm Running a private little group chat or Something notice an alpha to the Community I send them I send them all The same thing and it disappears after So much time exactly you just go on Trading view do what you do normally put Your lines on there you know you have a Little theory about based on your Trading based on your technical analysis And you want to share it with your Community and you want to cut out the You know it's too big you want to cut Some parts of it you use the frame tool Crop it nicely and we've already got This ready we'll go ahead and just send It off now we'll come down we hit next And here we'll confirm all the Information again sending from sending To how long you want it to stay before It vanishes the blockchain we've Selected and it shows you a little Preview of the design to make sure that It's exactly up to your standards if not You can still go back and make changes But I think we're good for this by now It's up to my standards it is okay then We'll hit compare And then once you hit confirm your

Wallet will pop up and you do the Confirm transaction and here it is you Get a little notification of transaction Complete and I'm sure that you can check Your wallet and let us know if you Receive it nice pretty pretty cool so That was ethereum now if you want to Send it for a little bit uh now if you Want to save a little bit on gas fees You could do it on polygon this is a Bear Market I don't have tons of money To spend on gas fees please yeah that's Thank God for l2s right so this is where Let's say I have a pudgy penguin I'm Selling and the current price is 5 8. so I come here I come down here on the Offers and I see .01 East that's a big difference what Would you say to this person Aaron Nfts will come back don't you worry Buddy just keep huddling right so you Know what I kind of want to send him a Message I don't like this offer so we'll Go here we'll go on bnft we'll choose The wallet address again that we're Sending this to We'll do polygon this time And we'll do three days since it's Polygon and we want to make sure he sees It now I also want to mention that the Whiteboard does give you options for Let's say show grit for something that Might require more of an accuracy Designing it or you could do you could

Turn that off you could do Zen mode you Could do View mode that removes all the Other tools so you can really truly see Your design but we'll go ahead and say For this pudgy offer you want to show This guy that we're really not down and We'll be down if he upset or maybe we Like something in his wallet we'll say Hey if you throw in your three-digit DNS I might give this to you you know so I'll go ahead Bring my meme graphic whatever I want up I'll add a text to it you know Just so he knows exactly how I feel About this and remember I did um Zen Mode so now that's why you're not seeing The little tools popping up so I'll turn Off that mode and as soon as I do text Then I see all these options different Options for text I'll go ahead and do This font family I'll go ahead and do Large size and I'll choose the color Black for this And as soon as I do that then I come Here and say hey Bozo That's a really low offer from my Penguin if you throw in your digit Three-digit ens I might be down now this Is completely hypothetical I have no Idea if these are actually valued the Same or not but just you know stay with Me oh god Um and then try to not have typos like I Do no you're right this is something I

Wouldn't be able to necessarily do on Openc but using this exactly you can Really like customize it however you Want to you know you want to keep this Quick so I won't waste your time Designing this too much But here it is you know you get to Choose make it easy bigger smaller it's It truly just makes it so easy to do Whatever you want but after this you Know we're done we do a little and Whatever the Whiteboard is just for your Convenience you know it will move it Will put whatever wherever you want but In the end the system will actually make Sure that it shows up in the right place So then we'll do next and we see a Little preview I'm happy with it are you Happy with it Aaron I'm happy with it It's fun okay cool three days polygon Wallet address is all right I'm good to Go so this is at this point it's just Confirm I do the switch Network on my Wallet so it automatically asked me to Switch wallets I hadn't done it from When we were sending the ethereum and I sign paying about two cents for gas Fees on this And here it is transaction complete and You'll be receiving it boom very Very pending pending I'm I'm about to Get it nice so yeah I think that shows You just a little bit about what you Could do on the platform I'm sure that

If you play around with it you'll find Many things that I might have looked Past and didn't mention but we're just Very proud of how easy to use this is And how fun the Aesthetics look the fun Environment that it provides so you Could truly just come and have fun and You know bring your ideas to life and Connect with others and network really Very nice very nice is there anything More to say on the tech itself like what Do you think about this emerging wallet To wallet Tech we're seeing in crypto Well I feel like it's the next thing That the all of the decentralized Computer users are rushing to for us it Started back in 2021 I want to say it's Because we wanted to reach out to some Of the entities Behind These wallet Addresses and we were thinking you know What if we actually had a way of Connecting with these people what if you Had a way of communicating with them and If you think about it you know ethereum Has about 400k daily active users Polygon has about 300K Solana has about 200k so what if there was a way for all These daily active users to actually Interact and communicate with each other So that's kind of how we came up with Boomerang and we got to building and Here we are today but um Yeah nice so tell us what's next for Boomerang what can the boomerang

Community look forward to that's a great Question actually because we have so Much cooking we're excited about Integrating other blockchains into Boomerang Solana and BSC are actually Already in the works and we're looking Into cardano and optimism and others as Well something else that we're excited About is we're going to incorporate a Notification feature to let users know That they've received information from Another wallet I think that we Understand that you know messages could Get lost in the Clutter of nfds that People tend to receive these days so to Address that issue we're going to Actually send out a notification Alongside with your bnft to let them Know hey you've received the bnft and I Think actually ethereum may have taken That idea from us because they rolled Out their IDM and it's not very user Friendly and it has its limitations For example you can only use it on EVMS Whereas your implementation did this You're saying yes they have an IDM Available right now on etherscan but It's obviously only available for EVMS Whereas Boomerang is a multi-change Solution that provides the service to From blockchain to all the other Blockchains as well so let's say if Solana let's say if Soul scan doesn't Have this IDM service available it can

Be rest assured that boomerang's got you Covered our whiteboard is continuously Under development and we're looking to Add other features that makes it more Practical and versatile like AI features Our UI in general is always under Improvement even though we think the Aesthetics are pretty nice right now It's pretty fun to look at but we're Always going to be improving it and Something that we're actually really Excited about is in addition to all These updates to the platform we're Adding a feature for on-chain analysis So it's something that we've already Built before so we thought it'd be a Good addition to the boomerang family to Provide fundamental analysis on crypto Assets so basically is just going to Give you all the charts that gives you Information about blockchain activity And you know the upturns and downtrends And an example of such platform is But on Boomerang the differences if You're looking on a and you like Something just from there press it and Send it off to somebody else's wallet Address and just share that information With them Cool Guys check out Boomerang linked below Follow Boomerang on Twitter follow Tina On Twitter thank you so much for coming

On today Tina final thoughts for the Altcoin daily audience hey thank you Thank you so much we're excited we're Ready we've been building for a long Time if you're interested on getting Updates please follow our Twitter at Boomerang dap or if you're a nerd like I Am please visit our white paper at it gives you all the Information even how to guides videos And everything but thank you for having Me You're not a nerd Huh you're not a nerd I know can I Pretend Thank you Tina thank you


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