Best 9 Crypto Altcoins to 100x BEFORE Bitcoin Halving (Very Early)

The having is a huge deal the Bitcoin Having is in less than 25 days there Will only ever be 21 million but not all 21 million have been issued to the world Yet and even though there is a fixed Supply Bitcoin is on a fixed issuance Schedule Satoshi programmed when he Launched he or she or they launched Bitcoin on how those would be issued out And most have been mined we're at about 19 million out of 21 so far and every 10 Minutes more and more get issued and the Having is when that issuance schedule Gets cut in half meaning there'll be Half as much sell pressure on the Network so the supply the forced sellers Those that pay money to produce Bitcoins Which then have to sell it to pay for Their costs that's going to be haved and So the really simple way to think about It Ed is if demand Remains the Same and The Bitcoin sold gets cut in half should Have an impact on the price to the Upside so it's a big event here are nine Altcoins that will 100x before the Having and will Bitcoin is inevitable It's just the Natural Evolution of money You go to work every single day and you Pour your Blood Sweat and Tears all of The time you spend on this planet in Exchange for what money watch this whole Clip it's about 2 minutes crypto is just The next step in money after we'll talk Altcoins the strike CEO Jack MERS on

Bloomberg they can make more real estate They can find more gold but they can't Make more Bitcoin so the central Planning of money convolutes and Complicates so much of the inner Workings of society let's go back to Basics our government is in debt right Yes or no the US government that is what All governments right our governments in Debt okay traditionally Ed if I owed you 20 bucks I'd have two options I'd one Have to default on that and say you know What Ed I hope you still consider me a Good friend but I'm not going to make Whole on that $20 the other is I could Pay it back those are classically the Two options that anyone in debt has Right now the government because they Centrally plan and control our currency Unfortunately has a third and that's That they can print more money devalue The debt that they have and that they Owe and allocate more Capital to Themselves so our government can't Default the US the United States of America cannot default on debt it would Collapse the entire planet we also Cannot afford to pay it back so if you Just like listen I didn't even go to College brother this is just 101 Basics How the world works if we can't default And we can't pay it back what's the only Option that they have to do no matter What they sit and tell you at the Fed

Chair meetings and all of the economists They have to issue more dollars and so If there's going to be more pieces of Green paper you want them competing for The most fixed thing right there's more Dollars that are competing for a fixed Amount of Bitcoin and yes real estate's Going to go up too cuz there's more Dollars competing for Real Estate but They can make more real estate they can Find more gold they can't make any more Bitcoins and that's just I mean even a College Dropout can understand that my Friend let me jump in and again just Reiterate that your your the basic of Argument is that there only ever going To be 21 million Bitcoin and the the the Finality of that what what am I trying To say the the the supply constraint on That is what we'll provide up with a mum So Bitcoin truly is my savings account I'm losing purchasing power with Fiat I'm gaining purchasing power with Bitcoin look at the us our broad money Supply increases at about 7% annualized Since the 1960s diluting everyone's Savings everyone's chasing yields and no One knows what the monetary policy is Going to be in four years much less 10 Or 20 with Bitcoin we know exactly what The supply will be everyone can verify It and Bitcoin is disinflationary so as Of this having it's going to become Harder than gold and with every having

The American dream is getting cheaper in Terms of Bitcoin my dream home once cost Like 600 Bitcoin and then it was 100 and Then 50 and now it's approaching single Digits because Bitcoin will continue to Reprice everything in the existing System and it's giving a lot of young People hope that they will be able to Provide for themselves and for their Future descendants with Fiat they can't Do that anymore also keep in mind this Is the one two three fourth having in Bitcoin's existence there are 32 140 so even if price-wise nothing or Minimal price action to the upside Happens 12 months from now because of This having this Supply shock which does Affect price will happen over and over And over and over again so what has life Been like for S bankman freed Behind Bars SPF to receive his sentence on Thursday the former FTX CEO faces up to A 100 years in prison should the judge Hand out the harshest penalty right now Bankman freed is waiting set ing which Is scheduled for March 28th but since August before his trial started he's Been sitting in a Brooklyn jail the jail Judge schol is Kaplan once described as Not on anyone's list of five star Facilities um and it's long been Criticized for its poor conditions yeah His living space is similar to a Dormitory and he's sharing it with other

Inmates and according to our reporting He's also been giving out crypto advice To the guards yeah although he is not Doing any crypto trading himself but he Is trading something else which is fish Yeah specifically pets of macro yeah They call them Macs and apparently They're the go-to currency uh within Jail yeah and his mom wrote a letter as Well saying that you know her son has Been helping other inmates prepare their Defenses and helping people study for Their geds prosecutors are asking that Bankman free to get 40 to 50 years in Prison um and also have to pay over 11 Billion in fines meanwhile bankman fre Says he's innocent and he plans to Appeal and looking at recent altcoin News gonzilla I'm Dr disrespect and I'm Playing Off the Grid an NextGen Battle Royale from Godzilla games on the unreal 5 engine by the way this channel will Always disclose I'm invested in these Coins today most other channels won't Share with you I will and I am not Saying that any of these altcoins will 5x 25x whatever bu the next having that Would be irresponsible but whatever Projects make it to maybe the 10th Having in 2048 or future having on the Line they'll do much more than 100x of Course with high reward comes ultra high Risk any project in crypto theoretically Can go to zero at any time so never

Invest more than you're willing to lose And click subscribe we drop one video Every day keeping you informed the news Today we are thrilled to announce that Gonzilla games have secured $30 million In funding this round was co-led by coin Fund and Avalanche blockchain with Incredible report from Morning Star Ventures and Republic capital and the Visuals are Amazing the best I've ever seen in a Battle royale and it's still in Development and how this affects you This funding accelerates the creation of Off the Grid and our Innovative guns Platform which is the first blockchain For AAA games that puts players first Off the grade is their leader thus far And we are grateful for the continued Support of our amazing Partners on this Journey to redefine the gaming landscape Ripple versus Swift can xrp overthrow The payments giant I think what we're Doing in executing a day day-by-day Basis is in fact taking over Swift in That you know we've now signed up you Know well over a 100 Banks some of the Largest Swift enabled banks in the world Are now using ripples technology uh I Mean just last week we saw a a a Remittance company who's using ripples Technology they reduced the price per Transaction to their consumers from $20 Per transaction to $2 per trans

Transaction and they saw an 800% Increase in usage overnight that's the Type of dynamic that Swift isn't able to Support that we're able to address right And breaking news for xcad partnering With governments xcad Network a Tokenized platform for YouTubers to Connect and reward their viewers with Crypto tokens today announced it has Signed M memorandums of understanding With multiple governments to expand Incentivized web3 education to Millions Of people across the globe so Governments are getting involved and The First Agreement was announced to be with Pakistan and under this partnership xcad Will distribute and incentivize the Consumption of educational media among Pakistani citizens users will have to Download the xcad network application to Watch interactive educational content on Various web3 topics upon completing the Modules and consuming content users are Rewarded with tokens and Way if you're looking for the best Exchange to buy sell or trade altcoins Join me on buybit now earn up to $30,000 In rewards Just for participating with Referral code altcoin daily checking in On BRC 20s specifically orange decks Which is aiming to be like a Unis swap But for the Bitcoin ecosystem BRC 20s First generation Bitcoin defi Hub your Fresh route to the brc2 ecosystem

Congratulations to Orange deck on the Successful launch today almost $8 Million in total in Just 2 hours and the Price has been holding strong despite Early investors getting almost all of Their tokens at tge so good to see BRC 20s making moves and looking forward to What's next looking ahead we are excited To unveil our plans for the future Orange deck will be launching top brc2 Projects on our 04 DX launch Hub Introducing unique initial launch Offering ilos to our community Furthermore we are embarking on phase One of Dex and Market aggregator Implementation initiating the Aggregation of liquidity from multiple Dexes so aiming to be the one Dex to Ru Them all this strategic move will Enhance liquidity provision and trading Experience for our users reinforcing Orange decks as a leading player in the Defi landscape and AI altcoin lime wire Growth Milestone we we've spent the Month building here's what we've Achieved in just under 30 days over 1.1 Million platform users number of AI Assets created over 1.7 million nfts Minted 30,000 and lime wire tokens Burned almost 30,000 I believe this was Just in the month of March and of course For a deeper dive on AI altcoins in General and line wire check out the top Five AI crypto altcoins for 2024 and if

You'll be in Los Angeles on April 11th Come hang out with us for the roast of Altcoin daily ticket prices do go up in A few short days so link down below for The flash sale take advantage


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