Best 9 Artificial Intelligence Crypto Coins to BUY? (Retire in 2025)

Let's talk about which cryptocurrencies Fit perfectly with AI now if you go on Coin market cap they have their list and Many of these coins that you do see on Lists like these are super AI Centric And everybody's planning for the future But nobody can predict the future so you Tell me in the comments which Cryptocurrencies you think would be Perfect for AI and let me share with you What experts are saying give the video a Thumbs up if you want to support our Channel It's a small thing you can do But it truly does help us grow let's Start here Arthur Hayes OG of crypto Arthur has brought so many into the Space because of the companies and the Products he's built Arthur Hayes insists Bitcoin will be the currency of Artificial intelligence he says Bitcoin Will play a crucial role in ai's future In fact it will be the food of AI so First of all what will AI accomplish Well Ai and Robotics mainly focus on Eradicating mundane tasks freeing more Individuals to chase their dreams and Produce art and culture and do what they Want why does Arthur Hayes think it's Bitcoin that we will choose and AI will Need well AI necessitates a digital Automated and censorship free payment Infrastructure which traditional Banking And Fiat currencies fail to deliver Blockchain driven systems present

Desirable features obviously with Bitcoin being the optimal Choice due to Its limited Supply censorship resistance And energy buying power he contrasts This with gold and Fiat currencies by Emphasizing their shortcomings and Absence of digital efficiency Arthur Hayes wrote that Bitcoin is the monetary Instrument closest to representing Pure Energy I would Echo that Bitcoin is the Most neutral and we're already worried About AI taking control we certainly Don't want them to have mass ownership In a cryptocurrency that they can Control because that'd just be like the FED take this into consideration as well But Bitcoins not just going on Microstrategies balance sheet it's not Just getting held in a vault somewhere It is getting used you can earn Bitcoin For playing over 100 Android games call Me when it's iPhone because sure Bitcoin's the best money but is it the Best for Tech because ethereum is more Programmable than Bitcoin some people Think ethereum is now built out enough And AI is now at that level where Ai and Ethereum can work perfectly together the Bankless pros bought in obviously in the Future ethereum will be interconnected With artificial intelligence ethereum And crypto it's alone in this room Waiting for its fellow siblings to grow Up AI is actually recently of age so now

Crypto and AI are starting to be able to Play together decentralized science will Help longevity and synthetic biology Come into the fold digital Nations have A lot of work to do as all of these Other Frontier Technologies grow up they Are going to need ethereum I guarantee You that day will eventually come where Each one of these technologies will Impact your life I actually think if it Is ethereum it's way more likely to be An ethereum layer too so what are the Options well we have optimism coinbase's Ethereum 2 Network base is prepping for Its mainnet they're using optimism Technology openc now supports nfts on Zora's ethereum L2 Network also optimism Technology by the way make sure you Subscribe to our channel daily videos Just like this keeping you informed on The entire cryptocurrency Market if You're interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel Daily videos there's polygon which Started off as more of a side chain but Certainly now much more of a contender In the layer 2 space and polygon 2.0 is Coming aiming to provide unified Liquidity across ethereum scaling Networks the company says polygon 2.0 Will better connect separate blockchains And do away with wrapped tokens here's The thing though there's been a CEO Shakeup and traditionally when stuff

Like this happens it can to be really Good or really bad so polygon Labs shake Up president Ryan Watts out Mark Byron Named CEO watt called the news Bittersweet and said he'll be advising Polygon still investing and otherwise Staying in the industry so that's good And just so you know the incoming CEO is The current chief legal officer and Legal is certainly something many Cryptos need right now I like ethereum I Like l2s but thinking about AI what base Layer will they need it could be Bitcoin It could be ethereum it could be an L2 But isn't it possible it could be a Special L1 that's going to build itself Out specifically for AI well what are The options maybe it's Avalanche we're Seeing big companies work with Avalanche Alibaba building a metaverse launch pad Among many other things on Avalanche why Is it though that so many people say Either cardano or Seoul cardano or Solana well Solana co-founder says Ethereum could be a layer two for Solana That sounds like something he would say How did vitalik respond to the Solana Co-founder ethereum founder vitalik Buterin says he feels bad for Solana the Ethereum co-founder says he feels bad About how Solana is being treated by U.S Regulators Class Act you know which one I never hear anybody talk about never Hear any other influence or mention this

Is Phantom and I'm gonna play you a one Minute video kind of gives you a broad Sense of where Phantom's at and what They're trying to do Phantom's Dev team Is taking an evidence-based approach to Blockchain bottlenecks L2 Solutions and Sharding introduce complexity and weak And security of the network this is kind Of throng shaded ethereum and things Like that now they have their own Ethereum virtual machine except it's It's very different and you're going to See what they're building theirs out for In this summary clip Herbert explains How Phantom is focused on vastly Improving scale ability Phantom itself Is an ethereum compatible blockchain That is aiming for low time to finality Low gas costs and strong scalability That we get to large amounts of Transactions per day the critical Problems for for blockchain technology Scalability energy consumption security Complexity and interoperability the one That we are I mean at the moment is Scalability ideas that we we want to try All kind of videos what is it if you Change the data format what if we change The programming language what if you Change the hash algorithm what impact Does it have on the performance and on The usability of the system can reach an Order of almost an order of magnitude Higher throughput if you sum it all up

The execution time is eight times faster We get eight times higher another Exciting side effect is that we not only Improve the performance we could Significantly reduce the storage Requirement as a side effect every time When you reduce the memory footprint you Get it faster because you don't have you Have to transfer less information from The disk to the main memory and back Smartness man in the world says Dogecoin Is perfect for AI I don't know Elon Musk I feel like maybe he's just a Dogecoin Fanboy Elon Musk calls motion to kick Tesla attorneys off of the Dogecoin Lawsuit he calls that an insult I say if You like Dogecoin maybe a more Programmable Dogecoin would be better so For instance Shiba Inu this amazed me Now it doesn't have a lot to do with AI But it amazed me that people are Building on and with and around Sheba Shiba Wings shibs crypto integrated Restaurant to set foot in Australia the Shib Army I.E Shiba Inu Community is all Geared up for the launch of Shiba Wang's Restaurant in Australia's Gold Coast It's a chicken restaurant with a crypto ATM installed on the premise everybody Always counts Litecoin out yet every Four years before bitcoin's having Litecoin has a having and we always see It soar you tell me what you think Because it's always amazing when we see

Cryptos that find that perfect product Market fit and people actually use it so Which cryptos are best for AI hell if Any of us knew that future we'd all be Rich guys this is a continued Conversation subscribe to the channel Join our team we're just about to travel To Portugal for the blocked on Festival So we're just about to release a week or So of interviews so look forward to that Top people in the space see you tomorrow


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