Best 8 Crypto YouTube Channels in 2023

Crypto is growing right I mean price Action does all sorts of things but you Can just look at at all these channels And see that look over time the asset Class is growing it's not always Reflecting on the price today I Interview Quant analyst Benjamin Cowan And ask him one simple question who are The top eight crypto YouTube channels in 2023 based on the data so we Compare the Numbers of coin Bureau bit boy crypto Altcoin daily cryptos are us crypto Banter and many more we also look at top Crypto Twitter accounts so Ben what's The data set one nice thing just like With crypto you can figure out which Ones are the best ones sometimes just Because by looking at the market like Which one does the market value right And the market sends the value Bitcoin And ethereum over a lot of the other Ones over the macro scale uh so let's Check in on on YouTube views and and uh One of the interesting things as you can See so we're tracking I don't know how Many words so we're tracking uh me bit Boy coin Bureau yourself data Dash Journey crypto invest answers cryptos RS Crypto banter and digital asset news so A nice selection of those are those are Some of the big ones that's a good Selection yeah yeah and I I think we Probably will add some more as time goes On

Um but this is what we've been tracking For probably last year or so and what's Interesting is you can really see the Last bull market in terms of social Media views right I mean like this this Is new YouTube views to these YouTube Channels I mean look at this influx of People we were getting by the way back In in 2019 2020 collectively these Channels were only averaging 200 000 Views like a day now or back in 2021 we Were averaging almost 3 million views a Day like I mean you're talking an order Of magnitude move and now it's back down To around like five or six hundred Thousand views a day so I mean you know Still definitely bear Market territory In terms of like social interest right But yeah like let's check in like which Ones are getting more of the views Um we'll start with me I do enjoy Abducting on myself from time to time And I mean this is sort of like the uh The fade into irrelevance right the fade Into our relevance is what we're looking At right here so uh my highest view Count I guess was back in in 2021 Um I think the reason why I had a spike Here is because I was I was very vocal About a summer lull right I was like all Right well we need to go down for the Summer and then we'll go back up Um and then and then that was I think Why I got some more views there but ever

Since then it's been more or less down Uh pretty consistently so I I'm now at Averaging around thirty thousand and Thirty to forty thousand views a day However you are averaging About a hundred and twenty thousand Views a day yes so I mean you're I mean You're killing it man you're you're You're you're single-handedly keeping The social risk alive Yo that's for the altcoin daily audience Thank you guys Right yeah yeah I I think the all coin Daily audience is is honestly there I Think they're tuning in more to your Channel than others to other channels Like if you were to go through the list Here Um so me I'm at 30 to 40 000 you have Bit boy who's currently at 88 000 or so A day which is still a good number I Mean 88 000 views a day is that's double What I'm getting uh almost triple what I'm getting coin Bureau A hundred and six thousand a day on Average or so again I'm looking at a Seven day moving average here I mean if You look at if you just look at it like This Um it's a lot noisier so I tend to just Take a seven day moving average just Because it cleans it up a little bit Um so coin bureaus is currently at about 106 000 a day you're currently at 114

000 a day data Dash is at around 9 000 a Day journey I think Journey crypto maybe Stopped making videos yeah um yeah which Is why you kind of just see it trailed Off uh invest answers is is currently Around forty four thousand a day Cryptos are us he's actually doing Pretty well too um 88 000 a day Uh crypto banter uh doing pretty well as Well 84 000 uh but actually I mean not Too long it goes up at that 148 level And then digital asset news is is Currently at around 20 000 but again It's somewhat noisy here I think maybe He went on vacation and that's why you See it dips alone it just came soaring Right back but look I mean you're you've Done pretty well here I mean even in Look at this in November you were at 300 000 a day that's pretty pretty good so Yeah I mean that's that's a great way to I think visualize it and by the way this Is looking at the uh just the the new YouTube views the other way we can look At it just look at total views and you Can see uh and maybe switch it to a log Scale well it's hard to look at on a log Scale because it's a stack chart but I Mean you can see like you know that it's Just continuing to go up into the right Beautiful right Freaking beautiful Yeah I think it's a really interesting Chart to look at and if you want to look

At yours by the way just specifically Yours that's what it looks like so you Were at a in in 2020 so January 2020 you Were about 15 million views January of 2021 35 million January of 2022 106 million uh January 2023 152 million And now you're at 174 million The the point is that like crypto is Growing right I mean price action does All sorts of things but you can just Look at at all these channels and see That look over time the asset class is Growing it's not always reflective on The price And before we get to crypto Twitter I Would love to look at subscribers see Who's still growing in 2023 in the bear And I would guess you are probably one Of those ones growing because dude You've been giving a lot of relevant Information that turned out to be right With these altcoin Reckoning No one cares about that they don't care About that no they care they people People don't care about that kind of Stuff I think um uh if anything I Probably would have had more views if I Had just been promoting points uh Yeah but I mean like I mean you you Focus more on the news right I mean I Focus more on price so like I have to When it comes to all coins I always have To think about like are they bleeding

Against Bitcoin or not if I think if I Didn't focus on the Bitcoin violations And I only focus on the USD evaluations I think I would have more subscribers But anyways if you look at if you look At new subscribers Um It's a ghost town it's a ghost town and I mean you know the views that were that People are getting I think what it Represents it represents the base Is still there right like there's There's always going to be people that Are going to stick around they're They're not the tourists right so They're still here but we're not seeing A lot of new people come in This was actually one of the reasons I Was embarrassed on all coins a few Months ago is like you know people keep Talking about all season back in April And I'm like well if no one knew is Coming in who's the marginal buyer to Buy your you know to buy your bags right Like no one knew cares who who's gonna Be who's gonna be buying your bags and That's why I mean you can see that all Coins dumped like 30 percent not long After that this is a seven day moving Average Um of all these channels Um and you can see right now we're Averaging about 285 new subscribers per Day

Across all these channels wait how many 285 that's not very much that's right Yeah there's nothing Um look at it might be better to do like A 30-day moving average over 30 days We're averaging a loss of 100 Subscribers Is that because of altcoin daily no he's Trying to hold the boat out here so Altcoin daily is still getting Subscribers right like so you can see Um that you are you haven't I mean you Had one down tick here Right back in April 2022 but I mean that Can happen because you just go above it For like a day and then you go below it And then it looks like you lost 10 000 Subscribers where in reality you Probably just lost a hundred uh because The Bots were getting cleaned up and and Then you went back up because the thing With uh YouTube is that it only once you Get above a million subscribers it only Tracks it in 10 000 subscriber Increments so like if you hit 1.45 million and then went down you know Ten thousand or you went down 100 if it Puts you below that threshold that's how A ten thousand and you can see that you Lost that ten thousand but you Immediately got it back like just a few Days later so you've actually still been Adding here right like you can see that Every every you know month or two you're

Adding another 10 000 YouTube Subscribers Killing it So this is coin Bureau pretty Consistently adding 10 000 actually Um Bit boy and it's up and down it's up and Down Um but I I mean I will say this All three of you have done by far better Than me I mean look I've lost some Recently So I mean this is one of those phases Where uh you have some like this is me This is bit boy This is coin Bureau this is you so you And coin Bureau are are getting Um probably the most right now Um data Dash Journey crypto invest Answers crypto bandico SRS digital asset News that's what it looks like if we Clean it up and look at a 30-day moving Average that's what it looks like okay So net It's been a loss of 100 subscribers if You remove some people right like of Course that can change I'm not really Sure if I remove people if it'll change Actually I guess it will so like if you Were to just look at say yourself Your 30-day No it is still it still is calculating It for everyone I mean if you were to Just look at yourself though I mean you

Can see that you're adding you're adding About 10 000 subscribers Um every few weeks which is pretty good You know I mean it's much better than I'm doing losing a thousand subscribers And I will I would love for even Especially those new subscribers that Have just joined the altcoin daily team Maybe maybe just joined the Benjamin Cowan team YouTube channel comment down Below What crypto content creator do you Really like do you think should be Number one I love seeing this actual Data but I also like getting like Recommendations from people in crypto Who do you like and why Yeah for sure and look at this I mean Look at these new subscribers 30-day Moving average like you can see where The bull market was you can also see how 69k was a lower high right you might Call that we can call that social Divergence For sure yeah but yeah you wanna you Wanna head on over to the Twitter stuff Let's go Twitter Yeah I think in my anecdotal Um analysis We're growing faster on Twitter I think Because in my opinion it's so much Easier to put out five quality good Tweets well it takes me half a day to Put a quality video so I think altcoin

Daily is going a little faster on Twitter in the bear yeah we can put that Theory to the test what's interesting is That Did this not call the top like this is New Twitter followers to the same people That we were just looking at on YouTube Except we added uh we added Plan B Because he's pretty popular guy on Twitter uh but he doesn't really have I Don't think he has a YouTube channel so He's important guy to follow Um but look at this they did not call The top I mean like so sometimes I feel Like these metrics like you know we Don't we don't look at them a whole lot But like when when you see social Sentiment coming in like that like you Have to ask yourself how much longer can This be sustained you know Um and and I mean of course the the Floor fell out and and then now it's Just a bear market in terms of new Twitter followers for most people Compared to what was going on back over Here now to break it up which I know What we want to do let's first start With me Um because it's always fun to dunk on Myself uh so seven day moving average it Looks like I'm getting about 834 new Followers on average every seven days uh Which is not bad Um at the peak I was getting more like

Three two to three thousand uh you on The other hand are averaging let me get This so you can see that you're Averaging what like This is a this is not a movie so you're Averaging three to four hundred new Subscribers or new followers a day it Looks like does that sound like what You're seeing yeah 100 Yeah it's like if we were to take a 30-day moving average of this Um you're averaging about 900 A day or sorry yeah this is a 30-day SMA Of it is about 900 or so but yeah I mean You can see that you're still growing Right now I mean you're you're still Averaging two to three hundred new People new followers per day Um do you want me to compare to anyone Specific I mean I want to know the top So I want to know bit boy coin Bureau You me and then George uh George doesn't Really do Twitter as much Um bit boy and coin Bureau do though Okay so bit boy and they've also been on The channel just like you so I do like To yeah I mean it it looks like I think Maybe this value is for everyone Actually not just um you so let me let Me look closely at these numbers so bit Boy I mean you can see back over here he Was averaging about 3 000 a day right Now it's he's averaging you know 50 60 a Day some days are negative but some days

Are negative for me too Um because you know sometimes the Bots Get cleaned up and some people sometimes Just unfollow because they don't like You for sure consolidation consolidate The portfolio consolidate the social Yeah so I think this number over here is Including everyone so let me just look Closely here right so you can see and Let me get a moving average right so Like a seven day moving average puts Bitboy at getting about 88 per day a Seven day moving average of coin Bureau Is getting about 114 per day You are getting about 261 per day on Average like over over a seven day Moving average uh data Dash is getting About Seven a day Journey crypto so he he's But he he it's just because he's no Longer active so he's capitulated yeah Like I mean like if if if if we all just Stop making content we would all lose Followers right like it's not it's not a Fair comparison Um invest answers he's averaging about 20 a day Um cryptos are us he's averaging about Eight per day maybe he just he's not as Active on Twitter I mean you can see Whenever he does get active he starts to Gain like two or three hundred and then He just doesn't tweet for a while uh Which I think explains that crypto

Banter is averaging about 20 a day or so Plan B is averaging about 100 or 200 a Day I mean this is currently at 132 Which is 132 which is respectable of Course and then digital asset news is Averaging about 85. I believe you're in The I think you're in the lead Um at about 261 per day if if I'm not Mistaken and uh if we were just sort of Stack these charts right so if we stack You coin Bureau and bit boy that's what It looks like Um and you are the light blue down here So the reason why you're not at the top Here is because um it's just it's just Sort of stacking it right that's the Reason I think this is super super Interesting and I forgot to do the Summation of top YouTubers just going on People based on the views in the bear Markets the top crypto YouTubers in 2023 Would be altcoin daily Uh Coin Bureau And then bit boy crypto and actually Close tie with George of cryptos R Us And then crypto banter so it's very Interesting to see YouTube YouTube subscribers for coin Bureau he's a 2.27 million he's killing It man dude is killing it you're at what Are you out you're at is 1.31 million Son right yep okay almost one point Almost that take up to point two three

Times and then uh bit boy is at one four Five So you guys are all I mean you guys are All doing pretty well you're around that One to two million range I'm it Yeah like 783 000 which I I don't think Mines I mean I I think if anything Mine's probably going to start going Down Um if I had to yes unless unless I Branched out to talking about the news Or something I don't see any reason why It's Gonna Change until until the FED Goes back to QE so I think I I think Let's not worry about Reddit maybe if The audience wants it we'll look at Reddit next time but I would love based On Twitter based on YouTube can we make Any conclusions or hypotheses based on When the bottom will happen because in Retrospect it's kind of clear to see the Top Yeah I mean like I feel like the bottom Was also should be described what is the Bottom is it for Bitcoin is it for all Coins is for everything Um obviously there's a case to be made That 15.5 could have been the bottom Right there's always a case to be made I Don't think we're gonna know the answer To that until we figure out like if it's If we get a higher low or a lower low or A double bottom normally that occurs Sometime in between Q3 and q1 so we just

Entered into Q3 uh but the way I think You you you quantify all this is you Look at how things have historically Done and and you you normalize it Between you you normalize the uh the Delta between a range uh between zero And one and you do it for all five Categories so the YouTube Subs YouTube Views Twitter analysts Twitter exchanges And Twitter layer ones and you get a Chart that looks like this and this is If I hide the price this is what I call The Social risk Um So this goes back to that prior video Where we're talking about the altcoin Market the time the time that I want to Buy all coins is when the social risk is Between zero and one like last time Right when it's between zero and one and Right now it's at it's closed it's at 0.17 right so it's getting close like It's getting close and I think we'll Probably be there within a few months I Think we'll see that social risk come to Those lower wristbands in a few months And if you I mean if you think the Bottom 30 in for the altcoin market uh Look you could be right but again I Would say just a few weeks ago we saw a Lot of them put in new lows you know Just a few weeks ago and and imagine if Bitcoin were to drop what what would Happen right I mean like they put in new

Lows and bitcoin's still at 31k Um so that's I I think that's what we Need to look at and I think this is how You you make use of this stuff right We're not talking about it just to talk About it right we talk about it because You can learn a lot from the market by Understanding if people are coming into The market or leaving the market one Interesting thing by the way Is you know when when the social risk is Going down like it is now typically the Bitcoin dominance you like how I work in The dominance into every video right That's like the when the social Rift Yeah the social risk is going down the Bitcoin dominance normally goes up Because when the liquidity dries up People leave the altcoin market they go To bitcoin they go to cash right either Bitcoin or cash Um and and that's where they normally go Or stable coins right when this bottoms Out and that's why back in April by the Way back in April when when you asked me If I was bullish or bearish I said Bearish because I'm like who who's Buying I mean I'm watching my channel Lose subscribers and you know I'm Watching the social risk go down and Since April it's only continued to go Down and you could clean this up as well By looking at say like a 30-day moving Average of it right it's just it's just

Continuing to go down So I think this is how you how you how You make use of the social stuff is you You try to figure out Um You know you basically want to get into The altcoin market at the lowest social Risk levels and you want to get out of The altcoin market at the highest social Risk levels I think that's how you use It and look I mean and just for the for The people that think I'm too bearish in The altcoin market if you're buying an Altcoin that actually provides some Fundamental value and Will Survive into The next um you know major phase of Expansion buying now will probably work Out pretty well in a couple years right It's uh look I've we've all been there It doesn't mean that it can't go down First but it probably would work out Within a couple years as long as you're Buying something that actually has some Utility to it it's just that as long as A social risk is trending down and People are capitulating Why why should we assume that the Altcoin market has you know has has Necessarily put in its low right as long As this keeps trending down I keep Thinking that retail is still Capitulating thanks for having me Pleasure to be here and by the way if You're watching this and you're from my

Channel make sure you guys subscribe to Altcoin daily as well uh he goes over All the news and all sorts of stuff that I I don't talk about on my channel I Would love to get all your subscribers Onto my channel and then I want to push Equally all my subscribers onto your Channel let's get that let's not let the Social risk go down too fast you're Keeping it elevated man I'm waiting for It to get to that zero to point one but You're single-handedly keeping it Elevated and with all your views foreign


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