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You know I think there's gonna be a lot More excitement uh coming to the space And who knows who knows who else will be Entering the space in a big way maybe Another country another huge institution Today I interview crypto expert George Of cryptos are us as he shares three Micro cap new crypto Investments that He's bullish on so you've been advising Now for early stage projects and you've Always been in the trenches investing Early but to me it seems like a more Conscious decision especially in these Last few years to be an advisor and Focus more on the early stage was that a Conscious decision Yes yes and it wasn't even years ago it Was earlier this year that made me Realize that I've been missing out Um I think a lot of a lot of us in our Positions uh we we see a lot of projects Come and go okay and it's tough to to Tell which ones are going to make it Sometimes we we go by what we see fomo Or Market Market momentum and maybe the You know these projects have a great Team Um but you know what something happens One and it it just doesn't work out and We have seen some bad collapses you know In 2022 But um I've come to realize that there's A big portion that I can offer to Projects besides just getting them

Exposure and marketing and that's Helping them make the connections right Making connections with who they need to Talk to it could be other advisors it Could be Uh social media experts it could also be Exchanges if they need to Um you know get listed it could be Launch pads if they're trying to do a Public sale it could also be to other Projects and there could be synergies There right Um and I just realized that you know in The position that I'm in I'm able to Help a lot of these projects get to Where they want to be and the more Successful they become the more Successful I become right so that is Something that's a new Um that's definitely a new thing for me This year and I've started down this Path and so far it's been absolutely Great It's actually perfect for you and Perfect that you have you and some other Uh notable people uh have your own show Next crypto gem that's essentially the Type of stuff you're doing offering Advice seeing these early stage projects Much alike and much like you know Kevin O'Leary or Mark Cuban on Shark Tank you Know you can provide the awareness also Credibility also make the connections Out there because you do have so such a

You know a wealth of knowledge in the Space before we get to those specific Projects just one or two Um What's like a common pain point you see Besides needing awareness that a lot of These projects are making Um a common pain point for early stage Projects yeah A big one is fundraising Um now most people Um well I would say most projects back In like 2017 or 2021 when things were Hot uh you could raise money very easily Right you could do a public sale or even Before that you could do Ico but that's Kind of like frondan pound now Um but you know when things are hot you Can raise money left and right you could Do nnt sales and sell a whole collection For a million dollars no problem but When things are bad Um you know these projects uh can't get A lot of funding so Um and and there's many parts to that You have to make sure that you're in a Position to raise right and you have to Have a good marketing you have good Strategy Um there's a lot of little factors there Even having a good pitch deck which many Projects don't even know how to create These little things make a big Difference and you know the timing of it

And who you know obviously uh makes a Big difference as well so I find a lot Of these early stage projects Um they have something good you know They come from very strong backgrounds And and this relates to to uh gaming Companies too because all these Founders Are from EA Sports or or uh some other Bungie or some other big Um big gaming studio and you know it's a Bunch of guys that get together and they Create a really game and their game Looks fantastic Um but they don't know how to get to the Next stage because they've never built a Business before or and in crypto it's Definitely different different animals So uh I would say right now when it's Not so hot fundraising is uh is a big One I want you to give me three projects That you've invested in that you're Passionate about and just for the Audience George originally wanted to Come on and not name the project so I Was like no that's interesting I want to See how your mind works and I also want To be able to learn myself you know what Makes the what makes the great cryptos Are us tick and also what sort of Projects are being built in 2023 so if You would one or two projects that you Like Sure uh the most obvious one is

Hourglass and they are the incubator Project behind the next crypto gem I Mean honestly when I was the first Approached the next crypto gem I didn't Know it was real or not because the show Never you know never existed like that Before Um so I'm really glad to be part of the Show which will be debuting soon but Hourglass you know is the is the Incubator project that started it all And they're also integrating Um other projects so that yeah they're Basically an incubator Um so that that's one and I'm very you Know I'm a big integral part to that Project Um something else well so first on that Do you need the token to watch the show Or how can people watch the show No so the distribution uh is still being Worked on but there's many uh many Distributors uh for example DirecTV Inside TV bespoke TV also directly from Your from your TV like Samsung TV LG TV These are all Distributors that will be Playing the show I don't know exactly The exact date or time but there's also Talks like Amazon Prime of Europe will Be Distributing a show and there's There's many other places Um so it's yeah it's still being worked Out but it will be shown in a lot of Countries

Um worldwide and by the way for the Audience trying to pit our shows against Each other I will be tuning in day one To watch the next crypto gem just like Competing YouTube you know channels I Think more quality shows or channels it Brings up the space so I can't wait but What is the point of the token then if You don't need to watch the show just What's the utility Well there's many things still being Worked on but some of these projects as Coming aboard hourglass right they will Have some kind of joint venture and Utility uh built-in utilizing the weight Token for example there is a game that's Coming out that's called Alpha District Who I'm also advising for it's a really Good futuristic sci-fi game that takes Place of course in the future and some Of the biggest guys Um even guys that's worked on a Mandalorian in Disney uh you know They're part of the team but you know They don't have a the game doesn't have A token right so the token the way token Will be integrated into the game as an In-game utility token where you can use To purchase items and so forth so that's An example of what the way token can be Used for Very cool and then what are two or three Either areas that you're investing in or Specific companies

Yeah and one that you're very familiar With uh RX RX Um you know RX wallet After I started playing around with that Kind of blew me away Um honestly You know there's a lot of wallet makers Out there but uh there's very little That has all the functionality that our RX wallet has you know the biggest Competitor is the meta map is metamass Which most people use but you know There's a lot of problems with contracts You know with all the vulnerabilities Behind contracts and people Automatically just signing whatever Metamask prompts without you know Reading that's a that's a big problem so Many hacks happen because of it Um and RX has a way to fix that and plus The the RX wallet is just awesome and They just integrated Um a full training view so that you can You know you could trade right within Your wallet which is fair it's unlike Anything else out there so Um and I think a lot of people don't Realize this they are trying to actually Go public they're trying to go IPO so That is also something very different Um you know with uh web3 company Especially with the SEC with Gary Gunzler and stuff but they've been Working very very hard very long time to

Get approval and and uh you know make That happen so yeah they're they're Another project I'm very excited about And my audience knows that I'm an orx Partner I love that one of their Taglines is Um having defy with the looks of C5 and They phrase it so much better but Especially the new the pro version it's Cool how you can track your portfolio You can have all these Integrations Um in a defy wallet that is 100 Non-custodial but provides the ux UI of Some of these more established platforms So I totally get that Um and then once one more Oh another one I would say This is a smaller project more unknown Called B nft And they are trying to revolutionize Education uh utilizing AI you know AI Right now is very hot a lot of people Talk about AI because it's chat CPT Right but what are some real use cases For AI Um so in crypto we haven't seen a lot of It we've seen projects to kind of talk About it but you don't really see any Real utility well that's what vnft is Trying to do and try to revitalize Education and try to make it fun and Rewarding so most most courses that People have to take you have to pay Right for bnft they're trying to reverse

That they're trying to make it so that People can actually educate themselves And get rewarded with tokens by doing so Uh and they're layering AI Um To help with that they're gonna have Like an AI tutor which you can work with And make sure that hey you're staying up To date on things and anything that you Want to learn a tutor will help you with And also on the business side too they Have a SAS product which allows users to Ask questions it's almost like an AI Based knowledge base but it goes way Beyond that and they're they're trying To integrate everything together so also Another project I'm very excited about Very cool George I want to have you back In at least three four months revisit Some of these projects get your updated Takes uh links for your channels are Down below but just final thoughts for The altcoin daily audience Uh Uh I just think things Circle get really Exciting later this year you know it's Uh it's July already a little bit past Fourth of July but I really think as we Get closer to that to quarter four of This year uh we will see some good Movement and you know I think there's Gonna be a lot more excitement uh coming To the space and who knows who knows who Else will be entering the space in a big

Way maybe another country another huge Institution you know maybe another Famous uh investor you know uh there Will be there will be more excitement Coming so you know I'm very bullish as Always


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