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When Bitcoin breaks above seventy Thousand and continues to 100 150 200 I Mean I don't know if anyone actually Thought about it but a hundred thousand Or two hundred thousand per Bitcoin is Astronomical right it's it's crazy today I interviewed crypto expert and Broadcaster George of cryptos are us as We discuss the best crypto investing Strategy today we talk expectations for This upcoming Bitcoin having why he Codes certain altcoins for his portfolio Also profit taking strategies but before All that George what are your general Thoughts on Bitcoin today well you know Me I've been bullish for a long time and I'm really glad that we're above 30 000 Once again I mean To to get people motivated Um when it was below 20 you know when we Fell back down to 17 16 15 it's tough But I think those of us that's been Through a couple Cycles truly Understanding landscape know that Things will get better and I think Things have gotten better but I do think We got a couple surprises not just from The four-year cycle But from all these big institutions like BlackRock that's bring in enthusiasm and Optimism again I think a few surprises Uh for this year that that probably Drove Bitcoin a little bit higher than Than what I expected at this time but

You know what we'll we'll take it So Bitcoins up near 100 since the Bottoming after the FTX collapse Am I too late for Bitcoin or ethereum Oh no no certainly not certainly not I Mean just look out from this perspective Uh we're nowhere close to previous highs Bitcoin is still at least you know Um you have to double to to get back to Previous high of 69 000. ethereum has to At least double more than double for Both of these and just look at the rest Of the landscape the alts Um outside of Bitcoin and ethereum they Have to go up four five six 10x just to Get back to previous high so it's Definitely not too late This is more of a fun question because Nobody knows the future but how do you See the rest of this year playing out do You think it'll be Bitcoin doesn't Surpass all-time high until 12 months After it's having or what do you think Yeah I definitely think all-time highs Is out of question for this year even With the entrance of you know BlackRock Fidelity all these big institutions Um I think it's just too too soon the Macro environment in the U.S although It's getting better still not optimal Um the macro conditions worldwide is Still not optimal Um we're we're all recovering at this Stage and still battling inflation but

As for Bitcoin I think if we do see any kind of sudden Pop up maybe quickly to 50 000 it would Be similar to what happened uh back in 2018-2019 when Bitcoin fell down to a Low of 3100 and then quickly popped up To 14 000 and unfortunately then it Started retracing back down so I think If we see something like that we may get Um a pullback but for me I think for the Rest of this year we're just gonna start Trending upwards or continue to Trend Upwards I'm thinking by the end of the year if We end at 40 or 45 000 that would be a really good place to Be and then we have about you know four To five months in 2024 before the having Event and traditionally speaking after Having event is when we really start Moving right so we can just even get to 40 45 000 by the end of the year and Then Trend upwards to about 69 000 by April or May of 2024 will be in really Good shape I look back and my you know career in Crypto or even just as an amateur before I was making content and I realized like I learned so much every cycle I learned So much more I feel I'm in a much Greater place How will you be handling next Bull cycle Based on something you learned in this Last one

Oh that's a that's a good question Um one of the things I've learned from The previous cycle was uh not having Enough cash on the side hurts okay so Um that's one of the things I I've Implemented this year or this cycle I Should say make sure that I have enough Cash reserves so that when we were going Lower Um I would able to DCA and continue Holding or hodling and I think this next Cycle I think it'll be more or less the same I Think it'll be very important to take Profits when necessary okay because when When the Market's blooming No one really wants to take anything off The table everyone wants to let her ride And go to the moon but I think more so Now Um as we as we approach these Astronomical figures I mean when Bitcoin Breaks above seventy thousand and Continues to 100 150 200 I mean I don't know of anyone has actually Thought about it but a hundred thousand Or two hundred thousand per Bitcoin is Astronomical right it's it's crazy so I Think more more so this cycle Um I will be paying attention to to Um To I guess my cash reserves and making Sure that I take profits when when Necessary

Um and also advise people that watch me To to do the same to not be too greedy To still recognize that hey we're in a Cycle there will be up and downs there Will be volatility there still will be Manipulation right so just make sure to Have appropriate funds on hand in case Any of those things happen I think that's dead on that's such solid Perspective for me personally I would Just add on and again this is just for Me Try not and let try not to let emotion Get in the way because even you know Four eight whatever years in it's still Like when coinbase is ipoing you know There's hype there's Mania damn that Feels like euphoric but again as Bitcoins going up that's gonna take Profits as Bitcoins going down maybe Everybody's super scared when FTX Collapsed not that day but that week Those next two weeks awesome time to buy In retrospect and as Warren Buffett says Get greedy when other people are fearful So I guess for you what's your profit Taking strategy as we as we get to that 100k You know what this is uh this is This is a good question and many people Ask me this and I've been I guess fine-tuning this before I I Think first and foremost Um

Recover or recoup what you have put in Right so Doesn't matter if you put in a hundred Bucks a thousand bucks a hundred Thousand bucks into something right make Sure you recoup that back take that off The table so then you're playing with House money Um but you know even with the house Money while it's going up I've been thinking about the best way to Do this Before I would say well you know Everyone should set their schedule like Hey if it goes up 20 50 100 set a Schedule to take a little bit off the Table right and it's different for Everyone some people want to be more Conservative some people want to be more Greedy and let things ride more but I've I kind of fine-tuned it and I'm like Okay Don't worry so much about that but look At how much cash I have so one of the One of the new I guess strategies I Implemented for myself is to make sure That I have around 20 25 30 percent In cash of my total uh Holdings So a really easy way to judge us would Be hey if Bitcoin and Ethan everything Else is going up and I start seeing that Per that percentage drop in cash well That's clear indication I need to take Some off the table and make sure I

Replenish the cash pile right and I feel Like as long as I have that cash pile And at that certain percentage locked in Um I'm okay I can let things ride and You know when appropriate takes them off The table and you know I think that's a Really easy way to look at it of course That's just me for everyone else that Could be it could be totally different But I think that's a really easy way to Judge when to take profits and when not To Regulation for the US and crypto it's Always been a factor but it seems like This year it's at the Forefront Especially with the U.S presidential Election coming up Um which I don't want to say scared but Does that worry you at all when you're Taking out any altcoin positions or Anything that's not really Bitcoin or Ethereum how much do you think about Regulation I to me I really don't focus on that but I know I've spoken to many projects Um us-based projects Unfortunately they Are worried Um so as an investor I think we do have To worry a little bit uh obviously if Something gets delisted from exchange or Gets sued by the SEC it's going to cause Some panic and some flood and Um you know that's unfortunate but

Um you know there are just a lot of Great projects out there and the key Thing to remember is none of these Projects are just located in one spot Crypto is worldwide and being traded Worldwide there's many exchanges outside The jurisdiction of the SEC right even Though Gary pretends like he controls Everything Um so a lot of these projects that are Faced with let's say SEC lawsuit or Being deemed as a security doesn't Necessarily mean that it's true and Doesn't mean that other countries care Right so as an investor I I pay less attention to it although I Definitely Uh focus on some of these Um declarations by the SEC or cftc or Any other jurisdiction Um so I do pay attention to it but you Know a lot of these l1s These Chains That I've come to believe and and love You know and we'll continue holding them Because I think they're great projects With great potential Um so nothing changes from that Perspective Um but yeah I mean it kind of sucks to Be in the US with Gary kind of throwing His weight around and causing a whole Lot of fud it sucks for the projects That are you know based in the US and That's why so many are thinking about

Leaving this country Sucks for the US even more in my opinion But you're right it's it's a speed bump But it does not negate the overall trend Of this world is only getting digital Blockchain's only a tool to be utilized In that George This next question is directly from your Audience I know you're a man of the People I know you have answers Besides Bitcoin and ethereum what are Your next one or two biggest Holdings Oh that's a good one that's a good one I I'm gonna have to bring up CMC right now And kind of look at it uh I've always Been a big fan of binance and BNB is Definitely one of my bigger Holdings Um it's not just binance itself Finance We know has binance chain and there's a Lot of projects on top of binance chain It's a very robust ecosystem and I just don't think bmbs could go Anywhere and Um Not go anywhere meaning it's not going To disappear or anything like that even Though a lot of people do like to spread Fun about CCM Finance but there's a Reason why they're sitting number four On CMC with a much larger market cap Than xrp cardano Solana Litecoin and so Forth so BMB is definitely one that I do Uh like a lot

Um outside of BMV I do like a lot of Evm compatible chains uh for example Polygon I'm a big big fan of polygon I Mean just look at the brands they're Associated with There's no there's there's really no Other chain out there that has as many Partnerships we're talking about like The likes of Reddit and Starbucks and Nike uh the NFL they're all partnered up With polygon and um you know I'm really Bullish on polygon as well some of the Another chain would be Avalanche they Are evm compatible they're building out Their side chains uh one of the projects That that I used to talk about a lot D5 Kingdoms is on top of uh Avalanche and Kind of just Um started you know they kind of started A trend of uh moving to Avalanche and Nowadays there's a lot more that's uh That's on board so Um yeah those are a couple and you know What sometimes I just want to be a Little d-gen so I I like following meme Coins as well uh I don't you know a lot Of a lot of uh creators a lot of Influencers don't want to talk about Memes I do I mean I think they're fun Right when when time appropriate I mean Look at what Pepe did this year which is Amazing despite the fact we're not in a You know a parabolic run right now right Uh they kind of set off the trend and

You have others that have done very well For example on cardano's neck Um you know who thought such a serious Chain like cardano would Embrace a meme Coin Um but you know I've heard nothing but Good things about Um you know what has done for cardano And there's many others out there Um so give me one I like to de-gen into Them as well give me one other meme coin One other one Um That's really well obviously you have Sheep right and sheb is not going to go Away so I I do a whole little bit of Sheep Um I do hold a little bit of Pepe but There's a few other ones I don't want to Mention because they're too small and I Don't want your audience to all of a Sudden just like fomo into them so I Totally relate to that dude I I also Like to have a little d-gen phone and Going to mean points but I never want if They're so if they're so micro cap you Know I always want I just you know I'm Just scared for the audience I don't Want anybody fomoing in but it's cool to De-gen a little if if you want to yeah It just just bear in mind that it's for Fun it's a gamble right some will make You you know make a lot of money some Won't some will just die off so you just

Gotta be careful George thank you so much for sharing Your time links for your Twitter for Your YouTube Down Below really encourage My audience to check it out in our final 10 minutes I know you're started to Advise for early stage projects so I Want to just focus on that but just Final thoughts for the audience on Bitcoin on macro Uh yeah so did you want wait so are we Talking about Bitcoin and matches just Yeah you know just final thoughts just Tie it in a bow maybe some positive Words of affirmation or advice for all Those hodlers Um You know basically just know that if You're Well let's let me start over with any Kind of Investments out there you have You just have to have patience it's Really a matter of who has the most Patience Um it doesn't matter if it's real estate Or stocks or crypto those who have held The longest traditionally have made the Most money it's really that simple now Most people Most people don't truly understand that They think holding you know six months Or maybe a year is a long time but it's Really not we go through these cycles And sometimes the Cycles are very long

This last downtrend that we had in 2022 Was the longest downturn we ever had in Um in in crypto in Bitcoin so sometimes Um you know you just have to withstand It but if you truly believe what you're Holding you truly believe in the Environment in blockchain and web3 and Decentralization and self-custody if you Truly believe and understand it then There's really no reason for you to to Get out and Um they didn't invest in anything else Now the one one caveat to that is if you Invested more than what you could afford To lose meaning that you bought crypto With a credit card with a home mortgage Loan or something like that and you're Just paying a ton of fees or you know That's a different story if you need to Sell you need to sell but for the rest Of you guys that have side money and you Have invested and you maybe just be you May be discouraged at this point just Know that this is normal and many of us Has been through uh times like this and Things will get better so just have Patience


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