.@benioff remembers when no one on Sand Hill Road would give him money

I mean you know when we were raising Money no one would give us money so that Was Difficult we raised it all privately Through individuals Um I was lucky that I had some rich Friends if I had didn't I would not have Been able to get the company going no One until on uh Sand Hill Road would Give me any money what were they so Scared of what did they understand about The business well I think that they did Not understand this incredible Opportunity for cloud computing they Certainly did not see that this would be A company with 45 000 employees and more than 100 billion Dollar market cap top five software Company they just could not see it and That was an amazing moment in time where I was going in and out of these uh Venture capitalist offices with no term Sheet no deal no opportunity and Um Uh I found friends of mine here in uh San Francisco and also Japan who gave me Money and it was it was private money


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