“Be as bold as you dare, and then go further”

Start with be bold be as bold as you can Possibly dare to be like dream big That's what we want to see more of in Europe you know a lot of us spent a lot Of time in the valley and you know the Birthplace of some of that Global Ambition well now it's potentially the Time of Europe to deliver on some of That promise and we certainly believe That it's one of the founding principles Of Adrian whites based here and I that's What my message they found would be Would be be as bold as you dare and then Go further The second thing I think is is Thing Not out there or hasn't been funded that Looks like what you're doing or who you Are it doesn't mean that what you're Doing and who you are isn't going to be Incredible so don't be put off by just Looking at what's out there and thinking I don't see anyone that looks like me Because we need people now who do look Different and who are solving completely Different problems you know there are Such big problems still to be solved the Climate crisis is one you know politics Is another child care is another Fertility you know there are just these Huge areas that we would love to see More Founders tackling


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