Battlefield Alumni Update

Before we get to Battlefield final Winners I would like to introduce you to A couple of our Battlefield alumni we Have many many companies come through This program all of them are awesome a Bunch of them do crazy awesome things And so we're going to hear a little bit About that right now our first company Is from Firehawk Aerospace please Welcome to the stage will Edwards [Music] Foreign how's it going guys my name is Will Edwards I'm the CEO of Firehawk Aerospace I know I'm the guy who's Delaying you from hearing the results For Battlefield so I'm gonna try to make This quick At Firehawk what we do is we build Rocket engines and when we pitched at Battlefield we were trying to solve four Significant problems rocket engines are Expensive they use chemicals that make Them extremely dangerous because they're Dangerous they're extremely complicated To produce and that leads to really long Lead time so if you buy a rocket engine That's been sitting in a warehouse for Several years you're still going to have To wait another year two or three to Implement it into whatever you want to Use it for so at Firehawk what we do is We 3D print Rocket Fuel so I'm holding 3D printed rocket fuel right here in my Hand you can see that image on the right

We're actually printing a slightly Larger fuel grain and the image on the Left we're testing our engine at Nasa so We've found that the problem with rocket Engines the Crux is in the fuel So if you 3D print the rocket fuel you Can build a rocket engine that has Really unique advantages our engines are Extremely safe I took this on a Southwest flight today or this week uh They're very inexpensive our engine is About one-tenth the price of a Traditional solid rocket motor it only Has 12 moving parts so it's far less Likely for something to go wrong we can Design it in a matter of like one Evening and when after that evening we Can go ahead and prototype it in weeks And test it in a matter of months and Most importantly we can actually Throttle turn off and restart our rocket Engine in mid-flight rocket engines Today when you ignite them they burn to Completion you can't control the thrust On solid rocket motors with us we can Actually throttle it and that leads to a Bunch of enhanced capabilities that will Allow you to do really unique missions So since Battlefield 2020 uh We've made A lot of progress we partnered with NASA We tested our engines at Nasa we got Air Force contracts we became one of Raytheon's first ever Venture Investments and we got a massive

Contract massive for us we got a Multi-million dollar contract with them Uh and we've raised over 20 million Dollars Since TechCrunch Now that money has allowed us to bring a Lot of our operations in-house one of Our biggest problems was we had to Outsource the 3D printing of our Rocket Fuel here's one of our printers that's Sitting in our facility it can print 12 Grains at a time we can print rocket Fuel in a matter of hours cast molded Rocket Fuel which is what they use in The industry today takes weeks if not Months to actually produce so that's Just saving a huge amount of time on Scale and cost we had a team of about Four people and uh 1200 square feet when We pitched now we're going to end up at Around 30 people by the end of this year And we're building out a 42 000 square Foot low rate production facility and r D facility We've built a much bigger test stand we Signed an agreement with Midland Texas Where we get several Acres where we can Test as frequently as we want we're Actually going to build out a full Testing facility there and here's a Picture of our larger test stand Next year we're going to do Demonstration launch we have half of This built out already we're going to

Put our rocket fuel into one of our Rocket engines and test that in the air So that's going to happen near the end Of next year and it's going to be like a Sounding rocket that will send up And then just so you guys know that this Plastic that I am holding it actually Does work so this is just a bigger Version of it being tested at NASA Oh it's a roughly a thousand pounds of Thrust and we were able to turn that Rocket engine on and off eight times to Demonstrate the throttling capability It's an extremely safe low-cost rocket Engine and what our mission is is to Scale space we need to make scale or Space and defense and Aerospace much Cheaper safer and more reliable Thank you Great job Firehawk Thank you one person Um okay we're gonna move on to our next Uh Battlefield alumni please welcome to The stage Stacy ronowski from canix [Music] Hi everyone I'm Stacy harnowsky and I'm From canix and we won start a Battlefield in 2020. So 2020 was an interesting year for a Lot of us here and especially for canix When we presented at Battlefield in 2020 We were a simple but powerful solution Focused on Inventory management for Cannabis cultivators so our solution was

Focused on compliance automation sales And yield forecasting we focused on the Beginning of the supply chain As the industry has evolved over the Past two years so if we Um we've been pretty busy over at canix So we now offer purchasing live Inventory and we really cover all the Core competencies for cannabis companies Across the U.S our goals that we set out At the beginning of in 2020 was to be The system that operators use to run Their business and we feel like we've Made tremendous strides towards that in The last two years Also in 2020 we were focused on Primarily cannabis cultivators Since then we've grown to cover the Majority of the supply chain the entire Wholesale supply chain in fact cannabis Cultivators manufacturers and Distributors as the industry has evolved What's become more and more clear is That a comprehensive solution for Operators to run their business as Needed socanics has evolved with the Needs of our customers and now we cover Everything through distribution We also raised 13 million since disrupt 2020 including our series a of 10 Million this earlier this year Back in 2020 we were primarily operating In four states in one country including Our home state of California Oregon

Oklahoma and Colorado Currently in 22 2022 we cover 17 States And six countries and I'm really excited To announce that by the end of 2022 We'll be operating in 23 States in six Countries we're releasing a new Compliance integration to allow canix to Serve called cannabis operators across The U.S Thank you All right canex Pot and stuff let's go All right we got one more Battlefield Alumni for you please welcome to the Stage from Urban kisan Bahari kanakolu [Music] Hi everyone We're a part of Um Uh in 2020 We're basically building the future of Farming at Urban kasan we basically are Working on hydroponics and electrical Farming I know it's been there for a While but then if if the technology is So great that it uses 95 less water and It doesn't use any soil ideally it Should have been around the entire Globe By now right but then Their extreme High Capital costs and Energy costs and lack of diversity in Which you can grow these plants like you You can see many of these hydroponic Players or vertical farming players only

Growing leafy greens but that the tech Doesn't have hasn't evolved beyond that What we've basically done is we've built A full stack Hardware software and a Plant science company which essentially Uh solves all the three problem Statements that we've said We are building Farms almost at a tenth Of a cost when compared to the leading Unicorn Global players present in the U.S markets and the outside markets we Have Diversified plants where we can Grow vegetables where we're able to grow Fruits we're able to grow berries we're Able to grow even saffron So enabling the enabling Growers to grow Far beyond than just leafy greens and Then bringing in more Farmers onto this Portfolio of making this deck more Accessible and more affordable We've parented uh almost uh we've gotten About four patents in which we basically Are able to grow up 100x higher yield Than traditional farms and we've Selectively bred a lot more varieties Making it far more uh affordable to grow These plants on on in Hydroponics this Is a quick video on how our Farms look Like We grow cherry tomatoes bell peppers and Almost all kinds of leafy greens on These We've basically uh from being a Technology company uh being an r d

Company for about a couple of years we Moved on to building our own Farms where We built first about 10 acres we got Sold out we got we built 20 acres 30 Acres at a point we basically gotten Sold out almost all the Farms that we've Built in India now we're looking far Beyond of building farms for ourselves The market size is more than 30 billion Dollars and what we feel is that this Tech can scale across the world so we We're now seeing the upside of deploying This Tech with Farmers across the world Now we have active contracts and active Participations across the world like Qatar Middle East markets and we've Built by launching this product in the Last four months we've gotten a deal Pipeline of more than 30 million dollars Where we signed these contracts and we Also have introduced something called as Fast like farming as a service model Like just like SAS and we we in since 2020 we've also raised a couple of Rounds we've raised uh we're part of YC We're part of um also a lead investor Called BSF also has led the round so we Raised total of about seven million Dollars uh my my co-founder is a Scientist and while I uh take care of All the Ops and scaling it Reach out to us if you uh want to see How this Tech works and if you want to Be part of this journey thank you


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