Avalanche Crypto is a SLEEPING GIANT!

We have systems like Bitcoin which are Single asset single chain systems they Do one job they do it incredibly well we Have systems like ethereum which are Multi-asset but single chain systems There's only one ethereum systems like Avalanche are different not only is the Consensus protocol much much much faster Than everyone else's because it uses Something that nobody else is using but It has a different architecture Multi-asset multi-chain yeah each and Every one of the chains can be Completely different from the other They're isolated from each other Congestion on your chain does not impact Me high fees for you does not impact me That allows us to be able to accommodate Jurisdictional differences if you want To have an American chain subject to American rules you can have that Avalanche is a latest generation Blockchain and it has this architecture Based on what we call subnets subnets Are unique custom purpose custom Designed blockchains for a specific Purpose what does that mean and why Might you need it if we go back just so That everybody has the right context


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