Aurox: Best Crypto DeFi Wallet in 2023 (5 Things You NEED to Know)

I think everyone should check out our Wallets I I really do Um we built it with the user in mind Every single detail of it was done to Make sure that the user is safe and is Able to use it safely with decentralized Applications today I interview founder Of orox which is also a partner of the Channel Yorkie on what characteristics Make orocs the best cryptocurrency defy Wallet in 2023 we discuss security full Decentralization cross-chain Functionality gasless swaps but first Yorkie what's your background yeah I'm In Dallas I've been in Texas since I Moved here from Republic of Georgia when I was eight years old my family just Immigrated in Carrollton actually kind Of outside of Dallas Um and everything around Dallas ever Since So What's how did you get into orox how did You get into crypto and then founding The company Um so we myself and the two partners That found the company Um we were involved in a variety of Different online more online uh Businesses so we started off with Affiliate marketing e-commerce lead gen Media buying just a bunch of different Things Um and in 2016 actually before 2016 we

Were actually using Bitcoin to pay some Of our developers and offshore personnel And then in 2016 uh is when my partner Tara has actually ended up trading Investing in other tokens that's when You know that first sort of semblance of The Bull Run uh started Um and he was investing in them he told Me you know Um about wrecks I signed up I Threw like 200 of some token and uh Started going down I was like you know What I don't want to any part of this I Want to take my money and pay the Developers so I end up selling that Token and then at that point I realized That there was a or we did I actually we Realized there was a huge demand for More professional trading environments Software Services Etc so we wanted to Create an all-in-one training platform That had all the data all the analytics That a Trader would ever want and that's Where rocks was first born we basically Wanted to apply the capital markets uh Products like Bloomberg or you know Think or swing type of product to Cryptocurrency because it didn't exist And from that you know we developed Works for about years 2017 until 2020 is When we released it and all that was Self-funded by our other businesses Basically So orox is a trading terminal it's a

Defy wallet in general what is the Mission of oryx So our easiest like just a one-centered Submission is to simplify cryptocurrency Trading and busting um so we started That with the orox terminal which is the All-in-one trading terminal that has all The indicators 50 different exchanges Tens of thousands of pairs and customize Your workspace you can basically do Whatever you need as a Trader on that Platform and from there it sort of Shifted into like I got really involved In D5 Want to say maybe 2001 1920 or actually no it was a little After that got involved in D5 and saw The potential decentralization and Actualized more contracts ethereum et Cetera Um and I wanted to leverage that to Power our terminal and leverage Decentralization in a way that Gave you all the perks of centralized Service the behind the scenes everything Was just decentralized and from there we Just started evolving the ecosystem Going from the terminal to the wallet to Now uh we actually have a mobile Application that's pending uh I have a Sub Apple approval and all of these Products are just going to function In a very Simple and easy to understand way for

Any Um any type of audience and at the same Time be completely decentralized so We're offloading all the complexities to Our developers and our company which is Not the easiest thing to do Um while eliminating those complexities Away from the end user So I'm an average retail investor I just Want to know what's the best crypto defy Wallet out there today you mentioned Better ux better UI what are some of the Other big differentiators for orox Compared to the other D5 wallets So one of the core items that even when We initially started sketching out the Wallet was secured and this really came From experience of our own users at the Time Um as they were purchasing tokens or Staking or whatever it was there were People that our own users coming to us And saying you know I just got hacked I Lost my private key or I um you know Just got trained whatever it was and That was a core aspect to creating the Oracle is to make it as secure as Possible obviously the user experience In the UI was also you know they were Kind of like almost on the same level But security was a huge um uh thing that We wanted to improve on in decentralized Finance so we added simulation we added Smart contract monitoring so it tracks

Like hundreds of different smart Contracts across the entire blockchain And let you know if it's safe or if it's Not safe we added anti-fishing so one of Our users actually typed in their Mnemonic into a website and of course They got their fund stolen so we added a Way when you have our wallet installed And if you try to type in every mnemonic Into a page it tells you you know you Should probably not do that it'll let You continue if you want to but it'll Warn you hey don't do that you're Probably gonna get hacked Um so those things were are I think is a Huge driving force for why people are Using our wallets today and then why There's a pretty significant demand That's been increasing over the past few Months to me I think that's a no-brainer Like if I'm trying to Um if you know my parents or a friend Asks about a defy wallet I'm concerned That maybe they'll fall victim to some Stuff so basic Securities like that That's huge Um another big differentiator that I saw Is you guys are open sourced and you say Fully decentralized could you go into Both those Yeah uh so yeah we did open source our Wallets so anyone can go and inspect it Uh find any bugs report the books so That's preferably

Um find any uh anything that they want Within the code uh we're actually going To be doing uh bounties as well if Someone wants to improve the wallets They'll be able to build on top of our Wallet uh since again it's open source Um the the other aspect is it being Fully decentralized although we provide Like additional data uh for example you Know charts and historical USD values Etc although that is coming from our Back end the same back end that powers Our terminal Um that portion of it can be completely Disabled so if our company goes down you Don't lose access to your wallet you Always have access you might not be able To see your USD value of your portfolio Balance anymore but you will still be Able to sell and you'll still like be Able to receive or still be able to Transact Um on decentralized applications so that Core that core item that the essential Aspect will always remain even if Tomorrow our company sees it to exist Sir orox the value prop is better ux UI More secure uh open source more Decentralized and then if you had to Name one more would Um cross-chain functionality be that Fifth Um yeah so we are working on integrating Blockchain functionality into we're

Doing a lot of um on on specific Blockchain items so we're doing a lot of Uh uh unique aspects to improve that User experience so for example we're About to release the gases swapping Um which allows users to swap any token For any other token without possessing The native token in this case eth Um that was one of the things that I Personally when I first got into D5 and I had a member wallets I received usdc From someone I'm like oh I'm going to Send usdc to someone else and while it's Like no you don't have any Ethan like Why do I need just to send my own money Um and I think that's a lot of uh new Users that are getting into the Uncustodial wallets side of the the Business Uh is probably their first experience is Like why am I being charged to eat when I just want to send usdc and we can Actually see it from reviews like if you Have our competitors reviews it's like One after another it's like why is it Asking for either like what is gas why Are they charging you so much Um so we wanted to eliminate that and we Did by completely getting rid of that Um hurdle you can swap just like you Would on a centralized exchange the fee Just gets deducted from the token that You're using to purchase You guys are going public later this

Year is that an edge for you versus the Competitors Yeah so we are planning on going public We've been on this track since Um some time uh early last year Um when we raised our first five million Dollar rounds Um part of that was you're right Um to bring transparency and Accountability Um to not just us but to web3 and Defying God knows after FTX is that we Definitely need it Um so by us going public at least we Have not only a direct communication Channel with SEC and we can make sure That we're abiding by all the right Regulations but we also can show the General public like hey you don't have To read our source code we don't have to Trust my word you don't have to do any Of that work filing we're put out public Filings out there you can read them you Can see them they're relatively simple To understand and you can just trust That this filing that we follow the SEC Which reviewed it and approved it well I Guess I shouldn't say proof I reviewed It and allowed it to uh allowed us to go Public means that we're telling the Truth I mean it's not to say not all Public some it's not just saying not Every public company is truthful out There but there's a very strict uh

Guideline that you have to follow Otherwise there's some severe penalties Behind it For sure I liked the fact that one You're based in um you personally are Based in Texas but crypto companies Popping up it's like it to me I like That you're maybe the first Um or the most decentralized company That has gone public with the SEC or is About to Um so I don't know I thought that was Interesting Yeah I will Um it takes place here and before anyone Else beats us to the punch it will make Us the first and only uh defy web3 Oriented company on NYSC uh that's what We're planning on uh going public now Georgie it's not all sunshine and Rainbows there are challenges what would You say are the biggest challenges in 2023 Um right now I think it's trust Um and I guess liquidity too um Liquidity has been drained out of the Market after FTX and it always I mean It's picked up pace a little bit now Garbage from his uh captured a Significant amount of liquidity for Example but it's not like it used to be Um liquidity was all over the place Um raising funds was you know you could Do anything you could put up a new brand

New website and an idea and people were Throwing money at you Um so that part's going to be a Challenge and I think that's going to Remain a challenge for probably the next Couple years Um and That's caused by the loss of trust the General public uh VCS have kind of lost Trust in cryptocurrency the the worst of It is the VCS that were planning on Stepping in or the institutions that Were planning on stepping in now are Probably going to wait it out for a Significant amount of time or Potentially forever What else is on the roadmap for orox This year or anything else we didn't Cover Yeah so uh one of the things that we're Excited about is our uh for colonophobia We're going to work on that terminology But Um it's a terminal that's built into the Um extension itself so when you have the Wallet installed there's gonna be a Little button you click on it it opens Up a new tab and you have a built-in Decentralized terminal all the files are Stored locally on your computer uh They're always available you don't have To visit a website and what that does is Actually improve the user experience Even more so you can see all the tokens

Across multiple chains you can track Trade Um monitor your own balance monitor Other people's balances and because it's All stored locally it's fast quick Quicker than any website will ever be Um and because the wallet knows its own Private Keys Um trading and investing is actually Just one click process right now when You have a wallet installed even if it's On your phone or your browser extension You have to go to a decentralized Application connect the wallet you get a Pop-up you've got a warning then you Have to approve it then you do this this It's like five six different steps uh Whereas with the built-in terminal you Actually just have one click you just Select your coin select uh what you want To buy click and it places the order and Is able to submit it Um and there's a lot of unique useful Functionalities to that and we're really Excited to demo that I think it's we Haven't seen it before and I think it's Gonna be a really Innovative product That's huge and you told me the other Day off camera that you want feedback From the community specifically the Altcoin daily audience this is not this This is a product but they only you only Want to improve based on what the users Need can you speak to that

Yeah Um so one of the things that we noticed Was our competitors Um if you go to their GitHub or even Their customer Supports they're not Really paying attention to their Customers Um we are Um even our like if your audience joints Are Discord for example and reports an Issue or reports the future that they Want added we put it on the backlog and We tackle them as soon as possible Obviously if it's a bug we try to Implement that fix immediately if it's a Future request it's usually at the top Of the list because if one person wants It chances are there's probably Thousands of others that want it so We're very um user friendly I think That's the only way for us as a kind of Relatively new business in the wallet Game uh for us to dominate the markets Um so if anyone in your audience has uh Future requests or um anything really Feel free to I guess they can shoot you A message they can contact us in Discord Uh we'd love to implement their ideas That's awesome I'll put the Discord the Website your Twitter Down Below in the Video description I encourage everybody To check it out I want to have you back on Um at least in the next two three months

To go over some of this see the progress But just final thoughts a call to action For D5 investors out there Yeah Um I think everyone should check out our Wallets I I really do Um we built it with the user in mind Every single detail of it was done to Make sure that the user is safe and is Able to use it safely with decentralized Applications so if you're using some of Our competitors you don't feel safe use Our wallet switch over give it a trial It's deposit two dollars in there and We'll just try it out [Music]


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