Audi’s lighting technology

The idea behind this Digital Light is This special chip looks like one surface Mirror but it's not one mirror it's 1.3 Million pixels we are able to protect Movies on the road you know this Technology from a meeting room in a Meeting room you have a projection System that projects your PowerPoint on The wall but instead this normal Projection system we use an LED the LED Illuminates this pixels and then we Create here some sort of newbie and then You need a projection system of course You need special lenses special Illumination you have to see that the System works from -40 degrees Celsius up To 120 degrees Celsius it has to work in A whole lifetime of the car and there Are a lot of things that don't have to Work in your meeting room but they have To work in this car Can project a lot of things one is Really the safety and assistance Functions in the other part is of course If you think about movies It's Entertainment the future will bring Systems where we say we will communicate With pedestrians we will communicate With others we will have projections Around the car in the front in the rear Maybe in the future even displays on the Front end of the rear and this car Actually opens the door for the idea for The future and this is the first step

Into this future


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