Asking Dubai Crypto Millionaires How They Got Rich

Hey guys the sun is just setting on Token 2049 the first day now I've seen Some incredible watches around here Today that make my Omega SE Master 1948 Looked like a kids toy so we're going to Go around and we're going to have us see What made them rich Let's [Music] Go hi sir so I'm with coin Telegraph YouTube we're just wondering because of Your beautiful watch what made you rich I sold a cyber security company that Worked on uh 28 years so I wanted to ask You what made you so rich uh investing In traditional Finance markets which Ones uh stock markets option selling Yeah and your SSA investing in crypto Mem coins only there we go the ying and The Yang let's go the ying and the Yang Completely different what made you so Rich well I'm uh unfortunately well it Was good I actually worked in a hedge Fund quite early and uh managed to Become pretty successful within a short Period of time so took a lot ofed fund Money how do you get so rich um by Crypto which crypto um uh there's a good AI project called enk AI it's um like Chat gbt but it is uncensored and Decentralized amazing we noticed you Have an incredible watch so we're just Wondering what made you so Rich um yeah I've been running this Project for a few years and uh things

Have been quite good over the last few Months the thing is like I've invested So much in the project that I thought I I need to treat myself at some point you [Music] Know how many Bitcoin you Have uh a few a few he's Rich yes he's Rich what made you so Rich trading trading what well I trade Futures yeah yeah okay and yourself said I would say being lucky being lucky yeah Being in the right place with the right Time with the right people good stuff Luck and F just contracts let's go what Made you so rich what made me so rich by Buying uh Bitcoin in 2014 yeah yeah you still got it yeah Still got it still got it Diamond hands Okay so my story in 2020 stock market Crashes uh I get a lot of money from a Lawsuit right at that time I put the Majority in Tesla it does great I take My profits into crypto that's why There's a circuit board inside of it and It's kind of this trophy you know what I Mean I joined crypto in 20113 yeah so it is 11 years now and You' still got Bitcoin or you sold of Course yeah I have Bitcoin rings so I Have Bitcoins look at that look at that Hi guys sorry to interject Bradley from Coin Telegraph we noticed you have an Incredible sea master and we were Wondering what made you so rich uh I

Actually got it by selling some Litecoin Yeah yeah but when he was 15 yeah hi Guys this Bradley from coin Telegraph Just wondering that is an amazing watch I'm just wondering what made you so rich Uh Bitcoin 6 6K like in in 2018 I went Like hard on it amazing we just wanted To say you have an amazing date just 41 And we wanted to ask you how did you get So Rich uh I invested in this uh dog Project back day no just joking and what Are you rocking today well you know I Don't have a very expensive watch so I'm Still trying to that's good enough That's good enough What made you uh enough money to buy That my startup in building Infrastructure for developers to have All the tools in one place to build AI Dabs amazing thanks guys thanks a lot I've been in crypto since 2018 yeah so a Rolex is not that expensive then then Where's it gone a Rolex is not that Expensive what can we say after today Well most of the people that have nice Watches either have 100 Bitcoin in their Wallet or they've sold some company so Maybe ice watch does mean lotss of money But how they get that money well that Varies people have said it's via Happiness maybe social reasons or it Could be as simple as buying crypto uh In the past and then coming back to the

Future and selling it so those are the Conclusions I'm Bradley this is point Telegraph thanks for joining us today See you later [Music]


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