Asking 5 Billionaires Their 2024 Market Predictions (Crypto, Stocks, Upcoming Crash)

For next year are you optimistic about The global economy or pessimistic as 2024 approaches asking five billionaires On their upcoming year predictions on The stock market on cryptocurrency on The upcoming crash so like the video Send this to a friend and let's start With black rock CEO Larry fing we've had A government I'm talking about the US Now that in 2000 we had an $8 trillion Deficit and today we have a 33 trillion Dollar deficit so the deficit is grown By more than a trillion dollars each Year over the last 23 years that is Highly inflationary the balance sheet of The Federal Reserve um is highly Inflationary and so all these different Measures um are much more structural Much more difficult so as a result of That interest rates are going to remain Higher opportunities for investors are Going to be able to be very Patient um You could do nothing and enjoy a Positive return all right so are you Expecting a hard Landing or a soft Landing in the United States or you just Can't project I would I do not we will Not see a hard or soft Landing in 2024 Um the amount of fiscal stimulus that is Just entering the economy which is very Inflationary the chips act the IRA and The infrastructure acted about $970 Billion the largest peacetime non uh

Pandemic moment of fiscal stimulus at The same time our Central Bank is trying To arrest the economy and and and so That's that that's just hitting the J Curve and and you see um in labor Settlements right now what's going on in Labor talk 20 25% increases in wages so I I don't see a problem but I do believe The Federal Reserve is going to have to Raise rates higher which probably will Mean by 25 we may have a soft we may Have a hard liing that is the only way I See how we're going to be arresting this But I don't expect it uh anytime soon I Think the power of the economy the power Of the consumer that Jamie about a lot Um is giving me Comfort that the economy Is fine so Larry think's biggest concern Is the Federal Reserve interest rates Higher for longer he sees that staying And what's interesting because of all That Global macro uncertainty as Explained in yesterday's video Larry Think is bullish on bitcoin into next Year because of all that macro Uncertainty the rally today is about a Flight to Quality and I believe crypto Will play that type of role as a flight To Quality now Ray doio was asked about The global economy into 2024 this is What he said for next year are you Optimistic about the global economy or Pessimistic pessimistic pessimistic Pessimistic about the look you you have

You have a political you have a monetary You have an A a conflict type of Environment at the same time you have The greatest inventiveness we talk about This fabulous technology development That has so much potential to um produce Wonderful things and then I also it's a It could be a problem so if you take the Time Horizon the monetary policies that We're going to see and so on will have Greater effects on the world and you Look at the world Gap so you it's Difficult to be optimistic on that and I Think now uh the real issue I think is How we deal with each other okay okay if We it was said earlier very well you Know um Peace if we can if we can keep a Peace if we can have a com a a healthy Competitive environment without having a War with each other we will be in good Shape we will make ad adaptation so his Worries about the growing Global Conflicts make sense to me are we about To enter World War III that's a fair Question but even billionaire Ray doio Can't help but hold a little Bitcoin a Little ethereum here's why he's bullish I I got to ask you before we let you go About crypto how much Bitcoin do you own You have any other cryptocurrencies and What do you think the Outlook is for Them now well I'm not going to give the Precise amount of um uh Bitcoin or um That I do own uh some ethereum as well

Um and uh but the answer to your Question is um that I don't own a lot of It I view it as um an alternative uh Money um in a environment where um the Value of cash money um is depreciating In real terms and I think it's very um Impressive that uh for last 10 11 years Uh that programming has still held up it Hasn't been hacked and so on and it has An adoption rate so I'm very big on Diversification cash I've been quoted Cash is trash um that um cash which most Investors think is the safest investment Um is um I I think the worst investment Now next up billionaire Warren Buffett Who's obviously a big hater of cryp Crytocurrency now if you told me you Owned all of the Bitcoin in the world And you offered it to me for $25 I Wouldn't take it because what would I do With it but what is Warren Buffett's Prediction for 2024 and what is he most Concerned about but it all has Consequences and and I think we're we're About what we are starting to see for Context Warren Buffett is speaking about The potential ticking Time Bomb of this Debt fueled commercial real estate There's over 1 .4 trillion maturing all Of next year and then through 2025 Actually half a trillion dollars of that Is maturing next year here's Warren Buffett's concerns and Outlook uh this Question comes from Tom Seymour he says

The first sentence of a recent Financial Times article read Charlie Munger has Warned of a brewing storm in the US Commercial property Market with American Banks full of what he said were bad Loans as property prices fall please Elaborate on what's going on in Commercial real estate how bad will the Losses be and what sectors or Geographies look particularly bad I'll Just add an addendum from another viewer Who wrote in and wanted to know if Berkshire would be more active in Commercial real estate as a result well Burer has never been very import very Active in commercial real estate it Works better for taxable investors than It does for corporations tax the way Berkshire is so I I don't anticipate Huge Effects on birer but I do think that the Hollowing out of the Downtowns in the United States and Elsewhere in the world is going to be Quite significant and quite unpleasant I Think the country will get through it All right but as they say it will Awfully it will often involve a Different set of owners yeah and the Buildings the buildings don't go away But the owners do well but but most People like to buy with non-re in in in Real estate and and U one time I asked Charlie there was some real estate guy

We were talking to and you know how do They decide how much they can a building Like this is worth and it's the answer Is it's whatever they can borrow without Signing their name and if you look at at Real estate generally you'll understand What the phenomena this happening if you If you remind yourself that that's the Attitude of most people that have Uh become big in the in in the real Estate business and and uh uh and it Does mean then that the lenders are the Ones that get the property and of course They don't want the property usually so Then the real estate operator accounts On negotiating with them and and the Banks tend to you know extend and Pre-end and there's all kinds of Activities that arrive out of out of Commercial real estate development which Occurs on a big big scale but it all has Consequences and and I think we're we're About well we are starting to see the Consequences of people who could borrow It two and a half% and find out it Doesn't work at current rates and they Hand it back to somebody that gave them All the money they needed to build them Now Mark Cuban has officially not gone On the record of his economic or stock Market out look for 2024 he says Anything could happen with markets so be Careful but it's interesting that he States crypto is not dead it's growing

These are the growing pains and this is Why he's bullish long-term you think Crypto is dead yes or no no hell no but I do think crypto has some problems Number one most people when they think Crypto they think speculation that's not What crypto is really about number two Crypto is really about creating new Applications that make things better and Easier what crypto is missing seen is That one application that Grandma really Wants to use think back to the iPhone it Came out in 2007 but it wasn't until the Best apps like Instagram and Snapchat And Facebook went mobile that the App Store and the iPhone really took off Crypto is still waiting for its Instagram moment now we've interviewed Mark cubin on this channel before and That Instagram moment the application With crypto that is coming so make sure You subscribe and like always see you Tomorrow


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