Apple Vision Pro Hardware Walkthrough | TechCrunch

A lot of a lot of different parts of This device are removable on the visor You've got the light seal right here This this ships with two of these as Well during the setup process you do a Scan of your face that's a lot like face ID and uh these are the optical inserts Right here so again during the sign up Process if you send your prescription to Zeiss they will make these custom got The digital Crown right here the two Primary uses of it in most apps and the Vision os are uh for the environments so You can turn up and down the Transparency of the environments which Are those like fully immersive shots That you see these are the speakers on The side right here um you probably know That if you have a pair of airpods pro You can link those as well this is the First place where special audio actually Really kind of starts to make a lot of Sense as you turn your head and things Are fixed in space power button right Here we've got some where the eyesight Would come in so during the initial Setup process when you first put this on It's going to ask you to do a facial Scan as I mentioned facial ID before and Then when somebody a human is in your Line of vision it will pop up those sort Of like weird looking eyes up here to Let them know that you're that you're Looking at them and then that is also

Used to form your persona moving on to The bottom we've got a pair of cameras Down here that's used for the hand Tracking but the hand tracking is really Good you know if you're watching a movie Or something and you want this is going To do a pretty good job of blocking out Most of the light


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