Apple Vision Pro Battery and Charging | TechCrunch

We are taking a look at the Vision Pro This of course is the external battery Pack this right here is the power port On the side next to the speaker this of Course is the plug it's not actually mag Safe so it won't magnetically stick Because the way this actually fits in Stick It Up top and then it twists like That to lock into place now as far as Battery life goes I you should be Getting somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 and 1/2 hours now like that's a decent Amount of time but now that you're going Be able to watch a chunk of the movie if You're just running off a battery now That said one of the I guess nice things About this USBC Port that we have right There the device also ships with a USBC Cable and a uh power brick so you can Actually just take this again if you're Sitting down sticking on the couch next To you and plug this in and use Effectively use the device for um as Long as you you'd like to when you're Done you just twist it unsnap it and Then there you go


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