Apple unveils its latest AI: Apple Intelligence | TechCrunch Minute

Apple makes its big move into artificial Intelligence at its worldwide developers Conference Apple announced a new feature That it's calling Apple intelligence Which is basically artificial Intelligence that works across Apple's Apps and also thirdparty apps that run On Apple devices Apple CEO Tim Cook says There are a few key features to Differentiate Apple intelligence from Other AI products it's integrated into Software that you already use it's aware Of your personal context and it's built With a focus on privacy that emphasis on Privacy definitely stood out privacy is One of the main ways Apple promotes its Products and it's a word you rarely hear At other AI launches Apple's goal is to Run as much of this AI on your device Itself however it won't be able to Accomplish everything on your Mac or Your iPhone so it's introducing Something called private Cloud compute When that happens your data will get Sent to Apple's Cloud infrastructure but It's supposed to be limited to whatever Data is needed for this specific AI task And apple says it won't store or have Access to any of your data but what are You actually going to be a able to do That's new well for starters Siri is Getting a big upgrade so you'll be able To interact with it more Conversationally and use it to control

Different apps so you could schedule a Meeting without having to switch between Mail and maps and your calendar in one Demo someone from Apple used Siri to Help figure out the plan for picking Their mom up from the airport they Pulled up the latest flight information Then looked up the drive time to the Airport and to the restaurant where they Were having lunch all through Siri that Kind of thing sounds useful even if You're not using Siri voice capabilities So apple is also giving users the option To type their queries it's also Partnering with open AI so users will Get access to chat GPT in Siri and other Apps without having to create an account Or pay Apple is introducing new writing Tools that should again work across Different apps like mail and notes and Pages the emphasis is less on creating Entirely new text and more on proof Reading and rewriting for example Apple Could scan your email and make Suggestions for how to rewrite it in a More casual or more professional tone or It could summarize an email so you can Add a tldr section at the beginning There was also a demo where mail went Through a message and actually pulled Out every question that was being asked So the user could make sure they're all Being answered in the reply you'll also Be able to generate custom images and

Emojis the examples I saw had the same Uncanny valy feeling I get from a lot of AI art and apple says it's adding more Natural language search into media that Was previously tougher to search like Photos and videos so that's a lot and There are other AI features promised That we still haven't had time to cover But compared to some other AI launches It actually feels less Grand and Ambitious it's just taking things you do Already on software you already use and Making them easier as always though it's Worth remembering that there's a big Difference between a marketing demo and How a product actually works in the wild It's barely been a month since Google Announced AI powered search results then Basically had to walk it back and Apologize because the results were so Embarrassing hopefully Apple's AI launch Will be a little less Rocky as Apple Intelligence rolls out in the latest Versions of the company's operating Systems we'll see you tomorrow


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