Apple sherlocks third-party apps like 1Password and TapeACall | TechCrunch Minute

Seeing which app developers are sweating After Apple's worldwide developers Conference I learned a new term today Sherlocking which refers to the moment When Apple releases a feature that does The exact same thing as an existing Thirdparty app the term goes back more Than 20 years to Sherlock a file search App that Apple released that basically Replicated the features of another app Called Watson I know it's not subtle to Be clear an app isn't doomed just Because it's sherlocked for example Apple music has been available for Several years but I still use Spotify And so do Millions of others but it's Probably not a great day for the app Developer when they realize they're About to be competing with apple and It's built in advantages also Apple Generally doesn't want app developers to Get too mad at them because it needs a Big healthy ecosystem on its devices so It's interesting to see where Apple Thinks it can still do something new and Useful and maybe lucrative even if it Puts developers in a tough spot so who's On the list this year let's start with Password manager apps like last pass and One password Apple already offered the Ability to store passwords without one Of those apps but it was kind of Hidden Away with iOS 18 and other new operating Systems Apple will be offering a real

Standalone passwords app this is one Area where I'm definitely not planning To make the switch because I've been Using one password for years and I just Don't see any reason to switch over that Said it's probably going to get more Challenging for one password in similar Companies to attract new customers next We've got call recording apps like tapac Call and True caller which could be in Trouble now that Apple's making it Possible to record calls directly from The phone app I've never had a great Experience recording phone calls in the IPhone so I'm really excited to give This a try and I suspect a lot of Journalists are too in addition to Recordings Apple will also offer voice And phone transcriptions which could Compete with services like otter I think The biggest question here will just be Which transcription is the most accurate But there are other features like AI Powered summaries that could make Services competitive Apple will also Make it possible to mirror your iPhone On your Mac similar to an app called Bezel in fact bezel Creator posted that He had mixed feelings about Apple's move It's part of the game it raises the bar It excites me and makes me sad at the Same time there's also window tiling Similar to apps like magnet and Rectangle and as I mentioned yesterday

Custom emojis similar to nuji Apple Maps Is also getting an update with national Parks trails and custom routes but I Suspect all Trails has enough features And content that series hikers aren't Going anywhere I'll see you tomorrow


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