Anthropic’s Claude 3.5 is its best model yet — at least on paper | TechCrunch Minute

Anthropic just dropped its newest AI Model called Claude 3.5 Sonet but it's Not quite giving Shakespeare yet Anthropic is a rival of open AI the Company that makes chat GPT that's some Steep competition and the pressure to Keep pushing new updates is strong the Sonet model can analyze text and images As well as generate text and its ability To analyze charts and graphs has gotten Significantly better with this update But the progress is only incremental Which makes sense because this Technology is really complicated and Takes a long time to develop responsibly Try telling that to your investors Though techon reporter Kyle wiggers said That while Sonet looks really good on Paper the benchmarks that companies use To measure progress in AI sometimes Aren't that meaningful these models are Often tested on esoteric edge cases like The kinds of questions you'd find in a PhD level math class but most people are Using these chat Bots for much simpler Tasks like writing cover letters there's Value in an AI being able to explain in Postto chemistry research but maybe not Every AI needs to be good at everything If you're a historical researcher for Example maybe you don't need an AI Trained on medical information as for What else is new with Sonet anthropic is Working on artifacts which is a

Workspace where users can edit and add To content that they've already Generated with Claude the company wants To build this out to help teams Collaborate which points toward Anthropics interest in attracting Enterprise level clients so far that's An area where open AI is winning An executive at open aai disclosed last Month that 93% of Fortune 500 companies Have Enterprise level subscriptions to Chat GPT but we don't know how much Those companies are actually using it on A day-to-day basis the release of the Sonet model could be a sign that Generative AI is entering its iterative Era and growth is slowing down or Becoming more predictable AI might seem Cutting Edge but it's repeating the same Problems that we see across the tech Industry investors want to see profits Faster than the techn techology can Actually keep up seed level Venture Funding for generative AI startups Declines in the New Year and that could Be because this expensive technology Isn't yielding the returns that Investors want yet


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