Anthony Scaramucci – It’s All Happening Now! [Bitcoin Update]

Wall Street is a selling machine Wall Street is just mechanizing right now to Get this product on boarded at Wirehouses brokerage houses registered Investment advisors Anthony scaramucci In this interview gets incredibly real About Bitcoin in 2024 2 years from now Every person that manages wealth in this Country will have Bitcoin as a weapon as It relates to tactical asset allocation We talk ethereum ETF a wall streer That's going to call you and say you Need a 2% allocation in Bitcoin a 1% Allocation in ethereum it may switch a 2% allocation in ethereum a 1% Allocation in Bitcoin top altcoins I own Salana I own ethereum I own Avalanche I Own pyr obviously own a position in Alaran Biden versus Trump the Biden Administration has failed the industry Right now if you're a single issue voter You're voting for Donald Trump he is pro Crypto and so much more smash the like Button send this video to the one friend Who needs to hear this let's jump into It the great Anthony scaramucci has a Book out now from Wall Street to the White House and back the scaramucci Guide to Unbreakable resilience I mean Aaron come on look at the airbrushing The spray tan I mean the botox I mean There's a lot there's a lot going on on This book cover okay I just want you to Know that okay exactly thank you so much

For having me you're the man and there's A lot going on but um you know when I Was with you a year ago and I was Looking this up in preparation for the Show Bitcoin was approximately 27,000 okay today talking to you at 71,000 but the whole complexion and the Whole world has changed for Bitcoin and I would Al I would also venture to save For some of the other assets including Salana ethereum cardano Etc algorand but But it really changed for Bitcoin and Why did it really change for Bitcoin Because uh we won those core cases the Industry I mean I know grayscale won the Case but the industry uh which was Behind grayscale uh those court cases Were uh big big leaders and and now you And I I think we can comfortably say That Bitcoin is an asset class I think We can both comfortably say that and uh It's being backed up now by research Financial Services Research backed up by Some of the largest asset managers in The world so this has been a seismic Year and I'll just finish this this Statement off with two Sentences stay long Hold Your Position And recognize that there's volatility in The past and likely be volatility in the Future but don't get shaken out of it Because you didn't get shaken out of it I didn't get shaken out of it and we and Our families are and our clients are

Direct beneficiaries of it Now I love it Sage advice stay long stay Disciplined And this is an election year crypto is a Bigger election issue than it ever has Been before you are a political expert You are an expert on the crypto industry So crypto being a big election issue What do you think about that what do you Notice what's important to you so I'm I'm up I'm up against it with my Crypto Hy if you will my fraternity or Sorority of crypto people whether it's Wendy Ryan celus I don't know where you Guys stand on this but Trump has now Come out saying that he's Pro crypto and He also did offer out very negative Tweets as president about Bitcoin and Other cryptocurrencies but he's now done The 180 he's for crypto and so a lot of People in our industry are going in his Direction and I am a diplomat I don't Agree with Mr Trump's policies I have Spoken out against him I have explained That having said that I am somebody that Believes in the country and the system Of the country if if you're for him okay I'm not I had certain life experiences With him guys like Mike Pence or close To none of us who work very closely with Him are endorsing him what is going on Though and I'm writing an oped for Block Works right now is that the Administration the Biden Administration

Has failed the industry and the Brien Administration has picked a guy by name Of Gary Gensler who needs to go he's Failed as the commissioner of the Securities Exchange and he's made the uh System of regulation in the country way Too political him and Senator Elizabeth Warren don't like crypto they won't Explain to you why they don't like it They say it's r with fraud it isn't r With fraud we've had some fraud in Crypto but there's also been fraud in Banks billions of dollars have been Spent by the banks in terms of making Mistakes and so on and so forth so in Quick summary I'm for Biden because I Dislike Trump I don't want Trump to Degrade the system Or lead us into chaos as a country I Disagree with Biden on a lot of things Mayor Ed kot the former mayor of of the Of uh New York one said if you agree With me on nine out of the 12 things you Should vote for me if you agree with me On 12 out of the 12 things you need a Psychiatrist okay and that's the point About politics you're never going to Find a perfect fingerprint so what I Would say to my crypto Bros and my Crypto sisters we can disagree on this But there's one thing I want us all to Agree on that the regulation of Cryptocurrency and the blockchain should Not be partien or politicized this

Should not be this should be a right or Wrong thing for the country we have to Work alongside of the Democrats Particularly the younger Democrats that Voted for the 121 legislation that Biden Stupidly vetoed we have to educate these People so that when you and I are Sitting here one or two years from now This is a non-event this is a burgeoning Asset class in the United States this is Where both parties are agreeing that we Need appropriate commercially attractive Regulation for the industry and so what I worry about is all of us are moving For Trump and I know a lot of us are and None of us are on the Biden side we Don't want to overly politicize it it Should be a nonpartisan Issue I like that crypto shouldn't be Partisan crypto is for everybody it Shouldn't be you know Embrace I think Are making a mistake and and and when I Say nine out of 12 um I agree with them On the preservation of the Democracy the Rule of law I agree with them on the Decentralized nature of the government I Don't want 15 million people deported From the country Mr Trump is calling for That I'm sorry I don't want the Handmaids tail armored car arriving in My neighborhood designating certain People as illegals and pulling them out Of the country now some people may want That I think that would be a real

Cooning of the society and it would Create a more wicked society and I want To live in an aspirational Society where People are pursuing the American dream The flip side is Elizabeth Warren Doesn't want you to have control over Your own money okay for some reason uh She wants to suppress you and uh it's You Aaron but I'm also saying you and The second person generic we don't want That we want people to be empowered with Their money we want people particularly Lower and middle class people we want Them to be able to pursue the American Dream Elizabeth Warren is a Self-proclaimed Progressive but in my Mind she's actually a regressive she's Supporting the American banking Association she's supporting big scale Centralized Institutions and uh she shouldn't be Doing that she should be for the little Guy you and I are for the little guy and And uh I'll continue to make that case And continue to fight that Fight but if you're a single isue voter For Donald Trump is the far better option Would you Say okay but let me let me just flip it Back to you Trump just switch to Pro Crypto you know he was anti- crypto I Know he's anti- crypto we can show Tweets of anti- crypto what if Joe Biden

By the end of June switch to Pro Crypto thank you Jesus I would love that Okay okay but I'm just saying you're Right the answer your qu I want to Answer the question because I'm an Upfront guy right now if you're a single Issue voter you're voting for Donald Trump he is pro crypto the Administration is anti-crypto however You and I noticed in the middle of May It looked like the ETF for ethereum was Going nowhere and then miraculously they Made a decision to approve those ETFs okay now he said he was going to Veto that bill and so I think he was Forced into it but if you see a c change In Joe Biden and again we just saw a c Change politicians are capricious we Know this and their weather veins Trump Is now spinning towards crypto if Biden Spins towards crypto the industry is one Because I want to take the industry and The regulation of the industry off the Table this should not be a partisan Issue I'm not saying we're there area With Joe Biden but I will tell you that We pushed the Elizabeth Warren quote Unquote anti- crypto Army nonsense out Of the Biden campaign thank God and Hopefully that will start to Resonate and uh full disclosure I'm not A Trumper you know I'm just you know I'm Pro crypto gotta ask with you I'm with You and and by the way I'm full

Disclosure I I am not in love with Either of these candidates just full Disclosure I'm a life long right of Center person I mean I'm social I'm more Of a Libertarian I'm socially agnostic On social issues and people's right to Choose and sexual orientation that's Other people's personal lives I don't Want to be Saying what they can and can't do in Their personal lives but I'm but I'm but I'm also for the Democracy I don't when I read the project 2025 and I read the Heritage Foundation's plan for exerting unitary Executive privilege unitary executive Power on the society I don't want that And so remember you're safest when There's nobody at the top that has that Much control the founders understood That the reason why the country's Government is the longest standing Government right now 250 years in Counting it has to do with the Decentralized nature of it autocracies Live and die one party systems live and Die this thing has lived on because of The diffusion okay and doesn't that Speak to what the blockchain is and the Decentralized nature of these assets Okay and this is something people Shouldn't realize the reason why Bitcoin Is going to be with us Bitcoin is going To be part of the furniture Bitcoin is

Digital gold or if you're Michael sailor It's digital property okay he doesn't he Gets mad at me when I call it digital Gold but it's with us it's part of the Fabric it's part of the furniture now And uh let's not regulate it out of Existence because it's not possible to Do that and I'll submit I'll submit to You this you Know The Regulators didn't want Uber They did not want Uber they tried to Block Uber at the city level they tried To block it at the state and federal Level but you know who wanted Uber the People people wanted Uber and so we got Uber and I think that's the same thing With the blockchain and Bitcoin and These other great Assets totally I was an early adopter of Uber I wish I would have been that early With Bitcoin but um amen let's zoom out A little bit from the election I want to Get your thoughts on traditional markets How you seeing those playing out the Rest of the year and then well obviously The next question is than you know Bitcoin with that backdrop so give us Your thoughts on traditional markets how Do you see the rest of this your plan Well first of all I have been in the Camp uh of that we're going to get two And possibly still three rate cuts and People look at me like I'm crazy because We were seven rate cuts and then we went

To zero rate Cuts I think the consensus Now is one rate cut but I actually think It's going to Be I believe that yes I do believe that I think they're going to come in the Months of October November December and And I think what's going to end up Happening is the fed's going to move 25 Basis points a clip at the end of the Year because they are they they're going To be behind the curve if they don't do That the economy is weakening you just Saw the data that came out in housing Markets the housing market is slowing Down new mortgage applications Refinancings slowing down and housing Whether we like it or not is still a Very large heartbeat in America and and I'll just remind your viewers and Listeners that jobs are created in the United States by small businesses big Businesses generally don't create the Jobs they stay at a rough equilibrium in Terms of quotas small businesses create Job growth and 60% of the small businesses are tied to US housing just go down your local Main Street you'll see a hardware store Sheetrock guy Plumbing guy they're all There there's a bank there that you know Lends out mortgage money to people's Houses There's real estate brokers on That block um and if you look at it About 60% of it insurance agents that

Are selling you uh Property and Casualty Insurance fire insurance or your home It's all there and when you have a Slowdown in housing you hurt those small Businesses and so the FED knows this and I believe that the FED will start Cutting rates uh will inflation be near 2% and I'm going to tell you something It already is and I would ask your Viewers and listeners to please go to Truf and what that is is a Decentralized aggregator of pricing data From around the United States and you'll See that that number is at about 2.3% and so well why is the government Reporting a different number well There's an expression that there are Lies Aaron and there are damn lies and There are statistics so lies damn lies And statistics the government can make These statistics look any way they want And they change the inputs so we don't Think it's accurately reflecting the Drop it's a lagging indicator those CPI Numbers are using and we think there's a Larger drop and a result of which I Think you're going to get the rate Cuts You get the rate cuts the you're going To get a tear in Bitcoin you're going to Get a tear in uh risk Assets and uh I don't even think they're That overpriced there's a lot of good

Things happening in the economy and the Earnings have generally been good so Three rate Cuts get a tear in bit coin Get a tear in Risk assets um so Bitcoin's over 100,000 by the end of the Year that's my honest opinion you know It's at 71,000 now um and and let's Let's just do the math at at and you'll Let you and I do the math together uh at 71,000 it's 1.5 trillion so let's say it Goes up 50% from here and it's 105,000 it's 2.2 trillion and gold is at 16 trillion and Bitcoin is only adopted Up until about 5% adoption right now so I don't see how unless you tell me Something that I don't currently know Which again I've been humbled by life I've been humbled by markets so we all Know that we don't know we all know that But based on my life experience in the Markets I do believe that this is going To go to 100,000 by year end I just Think that there's an overwhelming Amount of institutional demand Coming into the uh Bitcoin Marketplace And it's going to affect the other Prices and 100,000 bitcoin price Something Bitcoin people have been Talking about for years such a Psychological Milestone like once Bitcoin clears 100K dips back down then Pops back up still you know clearing 100K do you think that's going to be When Bitcoin kind of enters a parabolic

State as as people get you know feeling Good about it well you know you're you Know you're maybe better at this than me I do think that can happen um I would Say it differently I would take the Kathy Wood stance I would Say again been wrong about a lot of Things in life but let me just say this To you I would say in 10 years it is not Impossible that Bitcoin could be between Six and 800,000 dollars a coin and still be Lower than the overall market cap of Gold and I'll just submit this to you I'm 60 if there's a 25y old out there Right now that owns Bitcoin in 10 years That person is going to be 35 in 10 more Years they'll be 45 that 40y old person 20 years from now is going to be very Very comfortable owning Bitcoin it's Going to be very fluid in the digital Asset space and most assets that you and I talk about real world assets and Others will have been Tokenized for a very long period of time By the time we get to 20 years out so Hopefully I'll be 80 hopefully I'll Still be here Aaron you'll be Interviewing me I'll have less hair It'll look the same color you'll have to Talk to my colorist as to why it will Look the same color but but I'll be here I hope God willing and we'll be talking About this and saying you know we were

Early and we were steadfast and we were Disciplined and I think our families Will be rewarded by That yeah bitcoin's really been uh Welcomed into the the club with these ETFs and uh just before we get off of uh You know thoughts on this cycle for Bitcoin what would be your bease base Case and bull case for Bitcoin this Cycle well I mean look if if we have a Bare situation in Bitcoin given that We've had a having and given that we Have this institutional momentum and and I don't know 10 or 11 ETFs in the US Several outside of the us that are Generating demand and if we get some Upset of the apple cart maybe it's a God Forbid a terrorist attack or some larger Broader you know catastrophic event Could we lose 50% in Bitcoin sure I Could Bitcoin go from 71,000 to 36,000 Sure could it go back to 10,000 boy I'll Tell you it have to be a really rough Thing going on in the civilization the Flip side is the the rough thing going On in the civilization might increase Bitcoin's value you know right now it Tracks the NASDAQ right now it tracks Nvidia it feels a risk on asset but as It matures it may start to have non-c Correlative properties and it may start To look more like gold but I think you Know I think downside is down 50% upside You know you could probably go four or

5x from here over 18 months um not Inconsistent what what has happened over Prior havs effect of anything that's on The conservative side as it relates to Prior Is there you know I think we took a Billion dollars into the ETFs on a net Basis uh this week thus far and the Demand is there and just you know you Know it's just shortage of Supply not a Lot of coins on the wallets of exchanges And so you know that that could really Push the price up and then you know There are people that are nap leevers That are short Bitcoin and so when you Get pressure on your short position you You have a tendency to see gaps you've Had gaps in Nvidia you've had gaps in Tesla because you've had a lot of Non-believers in those two stories and When the fundamentals continue to grow And expand they those people that are Short are forced to cover and they're Always covering at higher prices there You know so that's where the go Parabolic could be you know you get a Combination of fundamentally strong Demand for Bitcoin and then people Saying okay I got to get out of the way I'm short this thing I got to go cover And so you now you have buying coverage On shorts Blended in with the Fundamentals that could be really big For

Bitcoin I love your nuanced answer no Let me try and pigeon hole You you said That uh the your bare case is actually Less than you know uh 70k today 10K not Out of the question but it could half on A bare case said your bull case was 5x 350 350 right and then your base case I Think Bitcoin if I had to like make I Think it's 100 I think it's 100,000 by The end end of this year I think it's 200,000 by the end of next year Appreciate that let's talk about and by The way you know people get mad at me oh That's Euphoria that's not going to Happen blah blah blah you and I were Together in Los Angeles last year we had This conversation uh wasn't on your Podcast and you were extremely bullish Longterm on bitcoin and know you Remember you saying this to me but you Also said it's very hard to predict the Short-term price movements but the Combination of the having coming the Likely outcome of a positive ETF story And I'll tell people why the having Isn't priced in because I'm a wall Streer I'm 36 years on Wall Street Wall Street is a selling machine Wall Street Is just mechanizing right now to get This product on boarded at wirehouses Brokerage houses registered investment Advisors two years from now every person That manages wealth in this country will Have Bitcoin as a weapon as it relates

To tactical asset allocation and so uh You're going to walk into a raia and They're going to say Aaron Arnold here's Your net worth this is how we want to Manage your money and we want to put a 2% allocation into Bitcoin if you get a 2% allocation into Bitcoin across Trillions of dollars of assets that are Out in the world this is going to be a Home run and then again one last Point State of Wisconsin son said whoa I got To own Bitcoin they put $160 million of Bitcoin dropping a bucket for their Scale but they know that Bitcoin is Going to end up in a tactical asset Allocation portfolio they do know this a Result of which they also know that if They're not long Bitcoin Aon they're Short Bitcoin so they're building the Position now before it gets Added okay and that's something people Need to understand that's going to Really start to happen at an Exel at PACE over the next 12 Months so there's a lot of reason to be Bullish on bitcoin and you know you can Nobody can predict the future price but There's a lot of reason to think uh Bitcoin is uh bullish just given enough Time more and more bullish and another Thing that you told me almost a year ago From this month was while we're on the Set of killer Wales you said we were Talking about Bitcoin and you said

Actually my company skybridge capital is One of the first outside investors in Black Rock's Bitcoin ETF assuming they Can turn it into a Bitcoin ETF and you Know I want to talk to you now about Black Rock's ethereum ETF you know the Industry has progressed so much is Skybridge an investor in black rocks Ethereum ETF or how do you think about The ethereum ETF in general because even If even if you don't think it's like Even if you think Bitcoin is a special Uh asset that um you know it's this has Got to be hugely bullish for ethereum or What do you think yeah well full Disclosure I own salana I own ethereum I Own uh Avalanche I own pyr Vulcan Forge Or the gaming to token obviously I on a Position in aloran but I would say as it Relates to Ethereum it's a Blockbuster seismic thing for ethereum So ethereum again use the same logic There's a wall streer that's going to Call you and say you need a 2% Allocation in Bitcoin a 1% allocation in Ethereum it may switch you may need a 2% Allocation in ethereum a 1% allocation In Bitcoin and you've now made these Things very Accessible and let me tell you as the Money you know who has the money the Baby Boomers have the money and what do The Baby Boomers like well they like

ETFs they like qip numbers Baby Boomers Don't want to be bothered with hello Coinbase give me a wallet I'd like to Buy Bitcoin from you and put it in my Wallet on coinbase they like the fact That they can put Bitcoin now on their Brokerage statement using the qip of Black rock or Fidelity or you pick the The brand and so uh I think it's usually Positive for ethereum Um and uh you know I my my partner is an Ethereum maxi um one of my partners my Partner Brett messing is more of a Bitcoin Maxi but my partner that runs Research at Skyridge is more of an Ethereum maxi The Duality yeah there Duality right and but that's the thing You got to be able to hold a couple of Different ideas and arguments in your Brain at the same time you don't have to Be that binary about things so I own Both I'm very proud to own both and I Think ethereum is going to do very Well and with the ETF approval I mean Ethereum a commodity I assume now um the The risk dropped a lot I would think Based on a year ago with ethereum now That the ETFs are approved um would you Say that's true and do you have an Ethereum prediction like you do Bitcoin Yes so I'm not as comfortable with that Okay my my analyst who is my partner who Is a ethereum Maxi he would say this Will double over the next 12 months one

Of the things that he's concerned about And maybe you know more about this than Me because I've been more focused on Bitcoin is that ethereum has pretty good To very good tokenomics if you're Staking and putting up your Bitcoin to Help confirm transactions on the network You get pretty good tokenomics but you Don't get those tokenomics you don't get Those Staking rights in the ETF that's Something the F the s E continues to give the fu to our Industry okay and that was one of those Fus that they gave to our they could Have allowed these guys to have some Kind of staking component that would Have been better for us but they didn't But I still think it's going to have a Big Run just a couple more questions as We're uh wrapping up this interview Appreciate your time scari guys Everybody go follow scaramucci linked Down below by his book um you already Mentioned some altcoins that you hold or Bull on salana algorand Avalanche um This is I'd love to hear like your top Altcoins maybe you already mentioned Them and there's no more but uh anything Those are th those are my top ones I I Bought into a smaller one called parcel And so the symbol is p a r c it's a Salana based layer 2 but it is a token

And they are a real world asset token And they are basically giving you the Opp opportunity to go long or short Macro real estate markets so if you own Property in New York but you're worried About the market your term you could Short the New York Market using parcel And using the parcel tokens flip side if You want to get long it you could do the Same thing they're in 14 markets now They've got very robust data uh in terms Of how they're doing the analysis of Their index and it's real world Decentralized data and so we have that As an investment as well so our altcoin Tokens are Avalanche Solana I don't know would you consider Ethereum in altcoin I would say no right I guess so sort of because I mean Technically but it's on a different Level right okay we own that we own Aloran as I mentioned we own vogan Forge Because I'm a big believer in these Gaming tokens and I I think he does a Great job and we now own this thing Called Parcel I appreciate that that's that's Our exposure bro I was that's the I was Looking for thank you and um I guess Just uh thank you so much for coming on Today please give us closing thoughts uh Any you know best advice for the altcoin Daily audience or anything you want to Plug yeah well I'm GNA say something

Somewhat generic but I think hopefully It'll be resonating if you're right Don't Diversify and let me explain that to you There's diversification and there's Deification when Warren Buffett got Apple right and it became 50% of his Portfolio he hung in there you don't Trade Apple for for scrubs and call it Diversification you know he said Something in the '90s in one of his Annual reports he said well in the name Of Diversification I'm going to trade Michael Jordan for four mediocre Basketball players is that what I'm Doing so you're if you're listening to This podcast and you follow Aaron and You're invested in what Aaron owns You're right okay you're right so don't Get scared and don't get scared out of Being right if someone comes to you says Oh you need to diversify right now and You own Bitcoin the answer to that Question is no you don't need to Diversify you don't need to you know and I think that's a big message stay in Things I appreciate that um scui thank You so much for coming on all right Brother I'm gonna see you at the end of The month right you at the end of the Month for killer Wales thank you man Right all right God bless brother thank You again


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