Andrew Tate: The Crypto Market Is Gonna Get WILD (investors left speechless)

Something big today is happening with Bitcoin and watch today's whole video We'll talk about Andrew Tates and eggy Aelia's altcoins burn it but for Bitcoin Breaking micro strategy again to raise $500 million more dollars by selling Their stock to buy more Bitcoin micro Strategy is a publicly traded company They have to disclose and this is a Chart overlaid with bitcoin's price Showing every single time micro strategy Continues to buy Understanding in the long run bitcoin's Price is going up I wake up another Convertible note from micro strategy but Even in United States Congress let me Share with you just 45 seconds of this Us Congressman Thomas masi says he Decided to introduce a bill to end the Federal Reserve after reading the Bitcoin standard book it is time it is Way pass time to reintroduce a bill to End the Federal Reserve and you would Think something like this would get no Support I was left speechless on just How much Congressional support this Received and I was actually listening to An audio book by saaden amus uh called The Bitcoin standard and I'll I'll warn Anybody who wants to listen to that book The first 80% of it is not about Bitcoin It's about money and what is money which I think is important to understanding Federal Reserve and also but he he has

To lay that down so he can explain what Bitcoin is because you can't assume Everybody knows what money was and Frankly I learned some things or picked Up some vocabulary that I didn't have About it there and I'm was listening to That tape and I'm like it is time it is Way past time to reintroduce a bill to End the Federal Reserve and so I put it In the hopper and I thought man I may be The only one maybe I'll get two or three Co-sponsors but I don't care this needs To be done I got two dozen co-sponsors So we the number of co-sponsors of the Bill to end the Federal Reserve in 10 Years has gone up 10x um which is remarkable we also have Breaking news regarding ethereum the Ether ETFs should be fully approved by September says SEC chair Gary Gensler Specifically finished by this summer uh The Bitcoin ETFs were rushed at the very End I I'm assuming you remember there Was constantly up of new filings and Minor changes that were going back and Forth between the issuers that was Started in early October and those Things launched January 10th um so That's like a three-month time frame I My assumption is this will go a decent Amount quicker so I think they're going To launch this summer turns out James Safer was absolutely right and again Before we talk altcoins I feel like I'm

That guy you know I feel like I've done Something legendary which will never be Repeated and has never been done before Most people have no idea what happening At a congressional level right now I Would like to see all crypto Become controllable load resources irot Recommends that Bitcoin mining be Integrated as a controllable load Resource to ensure grid reliability they Are starting to understand so ot's job Is to balance generation and Load and we can use load to balance that To to to provide that balance just as Easy as we can use generation and so There are loads that will tell us we'll We'll back off 50 megaw at this price And 50 more megawatts at this price now This jargon gets very technical stick With it he's making a point and our Dispatch engine will line the loads and The generators up side by side and Balance according to who's the next Cheapest megawatt and we don't care if It's a load or a generator all we care About is maintaining that balance so Controllable load resources are a way That loads can participate in very Reliable way for for loads to Participate in the OT market and the OT Systems the energy management system and This actually goes on for another two Minutes let me just cut you straight to The end straight to the point where aot

Recommends that Bitcoin mining be Integrated as one of those controllable Load resources to ensure greater Liability so that's a very use way of uh Of loads participating in a real Reliable method I would like to see all Crypto Become controllable load resources that Would be from a reliability standpoint That would be uh real advantageous for All crypto become controllable load Businesses what are the tools you need To to manage crypto growth and ours well There's some legal problems with that There's some court cases out there on Software and things like that that would Have to be taken care of I think before That could be adopted and in altcoin News Andrew Tate promoted daddy memec Coin flips Iggy aelia's mother meme coin Which was Andrew Tate's goal the whole Time to flip mother in fact he stated in One of his original tweets I'm Supporting a coin called Daddy to flip It for the patriarchy we're bringing the G's back make me an effing sandwich Females so classic Andrew Tate the Self-proclaimed misogynist went on a Spree of tweets then promoting the token Claiming he'll never sell but instead Burn the 40% of the supply he holds in His public wallet burn it as of today Breaking news and I guess it's onchain To prove it Andrew Tate has officially

Burned $110 Million worth of daddy 40% Of the total Supply wild burn it I feel at peace feel pretty good now no Longer holding this Project's Tokens I Feel I feel like I feel like I'm that guy you know I feel Like I've done something legendary which Will never be repeated and that has Never been done Before I feel like once again Tristan as You quite pertinently pointed out Earlier in this podcast that it was our Spirit of Brotherhood that we've brought To the world and young men working Together I feel like once again we've Changed the World clean up Crypto I'm waiting for the Confirmation it's Done cheers old Friend Students prepare yourself for what comes Next this is just the beginning of Course IG aelia was just at the New York Stock Exchange pitching Mother I mean how much money have I made You guys today lots lots did you say Maybe even billions Perhaps do you think I could raise my Market cap to 300 by the end of the day Of course you can exactly of course I Can of course I can wow if you're Interested in making money in

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