Andrew Tate EXPOSES the Crypto Market! Bitcoin Will EXPLODE!

I'm a proponent of crypto I do use crypto Bitcoin 
eighth the big ones if you buy crypto at a dollar   And then you sell it at ten dollars someone bought 
it off you at ten dollars probably in that same   Probably in the same telegram group so you're 
literally stealing money from the other people   In your community the other people who believe 
in the project you're stealing money from them   It's player versus player they start these stupid 
communities so all of you sit there and don't dump   So that the developer can stop yeah you're all 
done you're all dummies it's player versus player   And a lot of the dumb money is now gone people 
who are stupid who believed in all this stuff   They've lost all their money yeah so now the only 
people left in crypto is to Smart money kickboxer   Entrepreneur viral sensation and feminist Andrew 
Tate has just exposed the crypto Market some of   What he said in this video is 100 completely true 
we talk about things like this all the time on our   Channel this is Andrew Tate's message to crypto 
holders in full I'm a proponent of crypto I do   Use crypto Bitcoin each the big ones okay I think 
that chasing Crypt pumps is now over we're not the   Bull runs over the stupid money is gone most 
people don't understand about crypto that it's   Person versus person I see they launched these 
coins and then they start a telegram community   And then if you go in the community if you go in 
the community everyone's like yeah we're all in   This together no you're not no you're not in this 
together you if you're buying or if you're selling   If you buy crypto at a dollar and then you sell 
it at ten dollars someone bought it off you at   Ten dollars probably in that same probably in the 
same telegram group so you're literally stealing   Money from the other people in your community the 
other people who believe in the project you're   Stealing money from them it's player versus player 
they start these stupid communities so all of you   Sit there and don't dump so that the developer can 
stop yeah you're all done you're all dummies it's   Player versus player and a lot of the dumb money 
is now gone people who are stupid who believed   In all this stuff they've lost all their money 
yeah so now the only people left in cryptos to   Smart money and that's very very hard to steal 
right so I think that the idea of chasing a pump   Right now is very foolish I also think that one 
of the detrimental things about crypto is that   It recently made people a bunch of money yeah 
sure in the last two to three years or two six   Months at nine months whatever it was to Bull 
Run but the people who made money with crypto   Didn't learn any real skills they didn't learn 
sales they didn't learn marketing so they learned   Management didn't learn how to deal with stress 
didn't learn how to grow a company didn't learn   How to deal with taxes they didn't struggle there 
was no pain they bought a coin they watched it go   Up now they tell the world how smart they are they 
think they're a genius they think they're too good   To work these people nah I'm too smart to work 
you don't understand I know crypto I bought this   Coin my friend every single coin went up you're 
not genius everything went up all of them went   Up you could have bought anything yeah you were 
in the right place at the right time you made a  

Little bit of money but you've learned absolutely 
zero and unfortunately if you have money but no   Lessons and you're still a dummy that money is not 
going to last long and you're going to lose it and   The world we live in now is also hyper expensive 
like you make a couple hundred thousand dollars   And you think you're rich the amount of money you 
need nowadays to be considered rich is ridiculous   Andrew Tate has just exposed the crypto Market 
Andrew Tate is wrong about crypto in a lot of ways   If you miss out on the information I'm going to 
share in this video you might miss out on the next   Bitcoin crypto Bull Run Andrew Tate I will educate 
you on why exactly you're wrong with this clip   Most Andrew Tate fans aren't going to dive deep 
enough into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at times   Like this when the market is down and they're 
going to miss out when the market comes back up   Again now it doesn't help that Andrew Tate nailed 
Sam bankman freed and FTX when he said this what   He is is a [ __ ] dork who wanted to be powerful 
and influential he realized that money won't stop   Him being a nerd because the girl he's hanging 
around with is still getting plowed by his [ __ ]   Blockchain Dev so we wanted to have power and he's 
when you want Power you need unlimited bunnies   Who became infinitely greedy trying to get as much 
money as possible to buy political parties pretend   He's doing charitable acts just have influence 
and control over other people then stands up and   Goes I drive an old car and I have a cheap t-shirt 
and you know what you dumb [ __ ] believed him you   Sat there and go oh yeah he's a good person he 
won't for moose me for all my money he doesn't   Care about money people like him care about money 
more than people like me because people like me   Spend our money beware the Frugal man Andrew Tate 
fans understand what this man is saying it's not   That it's 100 wrong in a lot of ways he's making 
a lot of sense he's saying this 13 months after   Bitcoin already topped 13 months we've been in 
a crypto bear Market understand this is the type   Of thing people say near the bottom those of 
us who follow the market every day understand   Yes prices are down but so many back end metrics 
are up and these are the kind of things we need   To keep track of polygon Matic daily active 
developers is breaching all-time highs polka   Dot daily active developers all-time highs cardano 
the amount of cardano smart contracts deployed has   Increased 300 percent year to date so understand 
what Andrew Tate is espousing is very popular to   Say when the market is down the Bears are coming 
out now that prices are down listen to Jamie   Diamond CEO of JPMorgan Chase a bank a spouse 
virtually the same sentiment that we just heard   Out of Andrew Tate a bearish sentiment about 
crypto that is so popular to espouse nowadays   Listen to him trash crypto put in a plug for the 
banking system and then we'll discuss crypto is   A complete Sideshow okay and you guys spend too 
much time on it and I've made my views perfectly   Clear about crypto tokens are like pet rocks and 
this and and put people hyping this stuff up the   Other thing the American public should look at 
when you look at crypto if you look at all the   Buying and selling so bitcoin's worth like under 
a trillion dollars today and we're not even sure  

That's a real Market by the way there's 20 to 30 
billion of ransomware a year that we know about   20 to 30 billion of exchange costs that we know 
about lots of AML anti-terrorism financing tax   Avoidance uh sex trafficking and what's what why 
we allow this stuff to take place and I think you   Know the regular set of beat up and Banks should 
maybe focus a little bit more all those things   Were doing pretty well before crypto but now even 
Jamie Diamond had to admit this next part and this   Is what very few people are saying nowadays that 
doesn't mean blockchain is not real right that   Doesn't mean smart contracts won't be real or web 
3.0 but cryptocurrencies that don't do anything I   Don't understand why Andrew Tate fans this is my 
message to you this is what I hope you take away   If this is the only video you watch on our Channel 
we educate on crypto currency on a daily basis but   If you only take away one thing this is what I 
hope you understand over the last 30 days 200   000 Bitcoin worth about 3.4 billion have been 
moved off of exchanges the great Exodus moving   Bitcoin off exchanges usually means that the 
person who holds said Bitcoin has no intention   Of selling at least not anytime soon 25 of all 
Bitcoin in fact have not moved in over five   Years this is bullish so we can look on chain 
and understand what Bitcoin is liquid Bitcoin   On exchanges what Bitcoin is illiquid Bitcoin 
not on exchanges my thesis stands using illiquid   Supply as a proxy for scarcity this is the most 
mind-blowing chart Bitcoin illiquid Supply this   Is the first having this is the second having here 
is where we are now going into the current have   Having not if but when demand comes back 
things will be insane so how high could   Bitcoin go realistically obviously Nobody 
Knows the future except Andrew Tate this   Is not Financial advice but by drawing a trend 
line starting from 2011 cycle low you can find   The top two cycles later using this method 
and by taking the average of both previous   Lengths from a cycle low to a top two cycles 
later you can find the next potential top 170 000. what do you think let me 
know in the comments see you tomorrow


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