Andrew Tate Denied Bail Again [ Crypto Espresso 3.15.23 ]

Mondays I'm wait no sorry It's the Tuesday new wait Oh my God it's Wednesday it's Wednesday And you know what that means Time has no meaning when you have a Newborn anyway I'm your host Angel and This is crypto espresso your teeny tiny Daily shot of caffeinated crypto Headlines all right I gotta Park up here Come on let's do this first up Controversial crypto Trader and Tick Tock the character Andrew Tate has lost Another appeal in a Romanian Court he And his brother Tristan are being Investigated for alleged crimes Including rape human trafficking and Creating an organized crime group but They're yet to be charged both have been Detained since December reports suggest That Tristan may have a better chance of Being granted bail during a hearing That's set to take place today while Lawyers for entertain have called the Detention overly harsh judges have Raised concerns that the crypto friendly Social media influencer could flee the Country or attempt to influence Witnesses he or one of his Representatives has continued to tweet While he's Behind Bars NatWest is Sharply limiting the ability of its 19 Million customers to buy Cryptocurrencies from exchanges the British Bank says this comes after 400

Million dollars was lost to crypto scams By UK customers in 2022 customers now Will only be able to transfer 1 000 Pounds per day to crypto platforms That's about 1215 and a monthly limit of 5 000 pounds is also being imposed the Bank said men over 35 are most at risk Due to them being more willing to take On risky Investments the cost of living Crisis is also having an impact with Promises of high returns used by Criminals to entice investors one former HSBC executive has suggested that this Looks like the start of a coordinated Crackdown on crypto coming from the UK Banking sector the decision to seize and Shutter Signature Bank over the weekend Had nothing to do with its activities as A crypto Banker that's at least According to the New York Department of Financial Services which regulated the Doomed financial institution it says the Move was linked to a significant crisis Of confidence in the bank's leadership Signature is under investigation by Federal prosecutors and the SEC over its Adherence to anti-money laundering Relations but no criminal or civil Charges have been reported or filed so Far Barney Frank a signature board Member and longtime U.S politician has Claimed the bank was shot to encourage The others to stay away from crypto and Finally the first federally chartered

Crypto Bank announced that it would lay Off 20 of its staff Anchorage digital Said that it would reduce its headcount By 75 as part of a strategic realignment Adding that its long-term vision of Building an enduring financial Institution for the digital economy Requires us to adjust to changing Economic Marketplace and Regulatory Conditions while there is a heightened Demand for the products and services it Provides for digital assets those Macroeconomic market and Regulatory Dynamics are creating headwinds for our Business and the crypto industry Tuesday's announcement comes in the Heels of a collapse of three of the Largest crypto-friendly banks in the U.S And if you also hate collapses please Don't collapse My Heart by liking this Video subscribing to our YouTube channel And clicking on that little bell icon to Get buzzed whenever a new crypto Espresso video goes live live thoughts About today's episode well we still Don't have comments so Questions about our headlines or crypto In general why not take the dive and ask Alex in that description below Alex is Always a great resource for all things Web 3 and the metaverse and that about Does it for today again I've been your Host Andrew these have been your Headlines and will see all of your

Beautiful shining faces tomorrow


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