Amex Platinum vs. Chase Sapphire Reserve | Which is Better?

The Chase Sapphire reserve and the American Express Platinum Card are two Luxury premium Tier credit cards that Have been in heavy competition with one Another that's because these two cards Unlock an insane amount of value for Anyone who travels regularly and they Also offer some of the best credit card Perks benefits and more within the Market alongside those benefits though The Chase Sapphire reserve and the American Express Platinum both come with Some pretty hefty Annual fees at 550 and 695 dollars now if you're stuck on Knowing which credit card to get which One might be better you're in for a Treat this video is going to cover all Of that I'm going to be sharing with you My own experience from someone who's Held both of these cards and who's also Been within the space for a pretty long Time 43 years if you guys actually Didn't know and by the way I even Mentioned that fun fact in one of my Previous videos and I saw a ton of Comments like people were like you know I can't believe you've been within this Space for that long and my only answer To that is that Asians don't raise it Y'all ever heard of that yeah that's Exactly why anyways let's get started With this video so first of ball the AmEx Platinum Card this here is widely Considered to be the best Elite Tier

Credit card for a long time because when It comes to travel it is still one of The best cards currently the public Welcome bonus offer on this is going to Be 88 000 points after spending six Thousand dollars in six months with this Card you can also earn 5x points on Flex Booked directly with the airline or Through Amex travel on up to five Hundred thousand dollars per year you Can get 5x points on prepaid hotels Booked with the AmEx travel portal and Then One X points on all other purchases Now there are a lot of credits that this Card has to offer I'm just gonna put it Out on the screen for you guys to see Because I've made multiple videos on This and I think it's just going to go Outside the scope of this because I just Simply want to cover the Chase app by Reserve the AmEx platinum and share with You at the end which one is the best if You guys do want to learn about the Exact benefits of this card and how you Can get outsized value be sure to watch My AmEx Platinum video at the end of This by the way the recommended score if You do want to get approved for the AMX Platinum card is going to be a score of At least 680. on the flip side Chase Sapphire Reserve let's compare annual Fee welcome bonus offer and the earning Rates that this card has this card is a Little bit less than the AmEx Platinum

Card at 550 you can get a 60 000 bonus Point welcome offer after Spending four thousand dollars in the First three months and also keep in mind Their welcome bonus offer on The Chase Sapphire Reserve doesn't usually change It usually stays constant because if you Do a little bit of Google searching too You'll find out that chase app by Reserve costs the Chase and JP Morgan Entire bank and ecosystem a lot of money It was reported back in 2018 that this Card has cost the bank more than 330 Million dollars and I've seen figures Even higher than that in most recent Years so with that said we often don't See Chase elevating the offer on this Card but when it comes to things like The American Express Platinum Card I Want to let you guys know I have seen Some higher offers sitting around if you Guys want to make sure you get the best Offer possible be sure to check out the Links Down Below in the description as Well going back into the Chase Sapphire Reserve card this is 60 000 bonus points After spending four thousand dollars in Three months compared to the six months That you have with American Express and In terms of earning rates you can get 10x points on prepaid hotels and rental Cars booked with Chase you get 5x points On flights booked with Chase you get Three x points on dining at restaurants

Take out and delivery service and you Get 3x back on all other travel Purchases and then a 50 point value Boost with the Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal that you only get access to with Either the Chase app I preferred or the Chase Sapphire Reserve card now I would Say the Chase Sapphire Reserve has a Little bit of a higher threshold in Getting approved so I think 680 is Barely going to make the cut with this Card but we have seen people with a Score less than that still getting Approved for some of these higher tier Cards so this is also a reminder to you The more expensive the card and the Better the benefits are doesn't usually Mean the higher the requirement in order To get approved is so if you have a shot Up credit score I wouldn't be surprised If they still approve you for a card Like this but I always recommend if you Can to have a score of at least 700. so Now that we have an idea of the general Fundamentals of both of these cards Let's make a case in point for them Starting with the AmEx Platinum Card all Right so between the platinum and the Chase Sapphire reserve the Platinum is Definitely one of those cards that you Need to work a bit more for in terms of Other different factors like Prestige or You know having some of that Flex as we Would say the platinum card comes out on

Top 100 there are also things that I Remember that American Express did as a Company just a few years back where During the pandemic a lot of people had The Platinum Card we weren't allowed to Travel everyone was on lockdown and in Quarantine and we're at a point where We're like why hold this car Why Pay Such a heavy annual fee for a pandemic We don't know how long it's going to Last well even during that time American Express had offered all of these free Credits they were reducing the annual Fee pretty much cutting it like by a Fraction of what you would normally pay By giving us free statement credits um I Remember there was like small business Credits I was getting and just a lot of Other free perks that stuff was Memorable because if there was a time I Would have ever canceled the Platinum Card it would have been during the Pandemic when I actually couldn't travel But I know that American Express really Does tend to look out for their customer Base and we can see that continuously Through their customer service that they Provide to their users what I also love About this card is that you get free Elite tiers from different hotels so as An example Marriott bomboy and Hilton Honors you get status with those hotels And then even with like rental cars Nationals Hertz Avis you also get

Benefits there out of all the perks that This card has to offer though my Favorite hands down is the AmEx fine Hotels and resorts portal which also Allows you to get even more further Benefits that you normally wouldn't see Especially if you had a card like the Chase Sapphire Reserve card and you Booked through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal these perks range from a Hundred dollar experience credit to Early check-in to like 4 pm checkout and Most importantly you get complimentary Room upgrades when available now the Platinum concierge is also another phone Number you get access to when you get This card where you can have them help You book a travel appointment whatever It is I found that it's not as useful it Is come in handy for me before but I Don't find myself like gravitating Towards it using it that often so I Wouldn't put too much of a value on it But where I would put value on this card Is their protection and insurance that They offer so whether it's lost items Stolen items damaged items extended Warranties I know that if I buy Something expensive I put it on my AmEx Platinum card and if something happens If I'm on travel and I don't know for Whatever reason I lose the item or Someone holds me up I'll know that Usually I got warranty on the back of my

Head that is provided by Amex where they Make it fairly easy to redeem or I'm Good to go on top of that the AmEx Platinum card is also a charge card Where if you're spending a lot of money You don't ever have to worry about you Hitting that credit limit and I'm sure That if you're looking at a card like This or the Chase Sapphire Reserve you Might be in a tier where you are Spending a lot of money and if you were Capped out with the Chase Sapphire Reserve with as an example a ten Thousand dollar credit limit you may not Want to have the extra stress on the Back of your mind knowing that there is A limited amount of money that you could Spend on a car now with the Chase Sapphire Reserve I don't know about you Guys but I got a pretty generous limit About three four months ago I got the Built MasterCard and that came I think With like a ten thousand dollar limit I Got the Chase Sapphire reserve it Kick-started me with a 30 000 limit and I know that if I ask for a credit limit Increase I would probably still get it Too regardless these are both higher Tier cards the Chase Sapphire Reserve is Technically going to be a less of a Credit limit than the American Express Platinum Card but because Chase Sapphire Reserve is alongside the Visa infinite Collection you're still gonna usually

Get anything upwards from ten thousand Dollars or more as your starting base Limit when it comes to the Chase Sapphire Reserve this card is just Simply put a lot easier to use it's more Beginner friendly and if you already Have an ecosystem of other Chase Products I feel like it fits well within The reins currently I own the Platinum Card the business platinum card and the Chase Sapphire reserve and yeah we do The math and add those up it comes to be A substantial amount but even for me I've probably traveled so far this year Like twice and I'm still finding out Size value if you're traveling on the Case of every quarter I still think by Holding both of these cards you'll be Able to come out on top but there are Definitely moments where these cards Still overlap with one another now the Reason I picked up the Chase Sapphire Reserve now is because way many months Ago I had the Chase Staff I preferred I Waited the 48 months so I can renew my Welcome bonus offer score a free 60 000 Welcome bonus points and from there I Also have a few travel appointments that Are coming up as well going out Mexico At one point and then going back to Austin Texas for a conference and I know That the Chase Sapphire Reserve also Opens up doors and different access Points for me to still get value there's

Also even a time when I was traveling I Believe this is at one of the Texas Airports where my American Express card Wouldn't allow me into their Lounge but They only allowed people who hold the Chase Sapphire reserve and if you guys Were watching some of our earlier videos In the past few months we also talked About a brand new Chase Sapphire Reserve Lounge that also opened up so there are Moments too where I wish I had one card When I only owned the other and by Having both cards I can make sure that I Actually reap all the benefits that I Can especially when I'm out on my travel If it came down to it I would probably Do the method that I've done within the Credit card point to Miles space and That is to get the Chase Sapphire Preferred the annual fee on that is 95 Bucks you can find elevated welcome Bonus offers on that get it and then Downgrade that card eventually I Downgraded it to the Chase Sapphire no Annual fee card and yes that card exists Most people just don't know about it and Then from there I cooled down for 48 Months I used the American Express Platinum Card in between that time now After that 48 month period or four years I got the Chase Sapphire reserve and From there I can be eligible for that Welcome bonus once again because of the Chase 48 month Rule now both of these

Cards still offer perks that are going To make your travel experiences a lot More luxurious and enjoyable but just Make sure that you actually read through The benefit it and see what lines up With your spending habits and what Benefits you value the most when it Comes to lounge access Global Entry TSA Pre-check booking portals and higher Earning rates on travel purchases or Just seeing which Transfer Partners are The most flexible between the two these Are things that you want to take into Consideration the way I see it if you do More international travel then use the American Express card but if you try to Do more domestic plans stick with the Chase lineup until you get the hang of The points and Miles game and at a Certain point I still think it's Beneficial to hold both of these cards Another great thing is the fact that you Have upgrade paths downgrade paths you Get retention offers and if you cancel a Certain credit card you can always get Another version of it at a later time at The end of the day these cards are still Just meant for people who know how to Travel in luxury and they want to Maximize all the benefits that they can If you're finding positive value with Either one of these cards this is where You're going to continue to win and I Believe having both of these cards can

Still be beneficial but just make sure That you are doing the math and that you Are not ever paying more in Annual fees Versus the return that you get back now If you guys are interested in applying For any one of these cards be sure to Check out the link Down Below in the Description if you want to support this Channel by the way guys I'm going to a Travel Summit if you guys want to say What's up and see me speak Network Whatever it is be sure to check out the Link Down Below in the description we Have an early bird special that might be Expiring soon hopefully it's not expired By the time I put this video out and I Also have a coupon code for that and if You guys also want to join our free Facebook group where if you have any Questions you want to join a community Say what's up be sure to check that out As well linked Down Below in the Description now if you guys want to Learn more about any one of these cards I also made full dedicated review videos Here on my YouTube channel so be sure to Search that up watch it till the end and Make the decision for yourself and if You do plan on applying for one of these Cards let me know do you like the Chase Sapphire Reserve better or the AmEx Platinum Card


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