Amex Gold Card – 9 Secret Benefits & Tips

The American Express gold card has been At the top of my favorites list for many Many years since I first got this card About four or five years back since then I've learned a ton about this card Including some secret little benefits That I wanted to share with you in this Video to give you extra value Beyond Just your point earning and your welcome Bonus offer if you're someone like me Who looks at these annual fees and You're like nah nah it's a little too Hard it's a little too high I'm gonna Make it so worth it because we're gonna Cover everything you can do in this Video to make sure that you get every Single penny back with your card Starting out with number one dining Credits okay a lot of people tend to Sleep on this just because they forget To use it but let me tell you these Dining credits add up especially if you End up owning this card for multiple Years this is because you get up to a Hundred twenty dollars for these credits Which is broken up to 10 statement Credits every single month and this Includes being able to use it in Restaurants like the Cheesecake Factory Gold belly Shake Shack or even GrubHub Now like most y'all I will say I do not Go to to most of these places and I Surely do not get Shake Shack or Cheesecake Factory every single month

But there are ways around this to Continue maximizing your benefit so two Ways GrubHub will oftentimes charge you An additional fee and if you don't even Have your food delivered it's just a Waste of money because you end up paying More to get that benefit but what you Can do is utilize the GrubHub pickup Feature so wherever you're going Chipotle whatever it is do grub up set It for pickup pay the same amount of Price redeem your 10 credit that way Another way is say you live next to a Cheesecake Factory or buy a Shake Shack Every single month you can walk into the Store or the restaurant and pick up a Gift card for that same amount this is Because you're still going to these Restaurants in order to spend some money And then pretty much at the end of maybe Every five or six months you're gonna Have 50 60 worth of gift cards saved up It's gonna be a little funny when you Pull out five to six you know ten dollar Gift cards but this is one of the ways That you can make sure that you fully Utilize this benefit now I will say too With all these things I'm going to Mention I never said it was going to be Easy but it's going to be all about how You can work smarter in order to make Sure that every penny is maximized in This recession you know we got to do What we got to do out here we don't know

How crazy things are going to get who Knows maybe those 10 gift cards will Even come in clutch one day in the Future now to activate this feature it's Really easy all you have to do is go Into your American Express Account make Sure you enroll for the benefit and then Just use your gold card whenever you Make those purchases and then Automatically it will apply as a Statement credit at the end of the month Now I've done the whole little gift card Thing and the GrubHub pickup thing for Many many years your miles may vary you Know sometimes they may make an update To the policy depending on how many People actually end up using it now Those are my two favorite ways in order To maximize that benefit but if you want To keep it even more simple than that Like you want to do no work at all you Can use the 10 statement credit on Either a GrubHub Plus or seamless Membership which also conveniently comes Out to 9.99 a month now depending on Where you live here in the US some grub Up plus users can also get a 10 food Credit back on their order so all this Credit card stuff it actually Cycles Back why did I talk like it can also Cycle back because when I'm like making YouTube videos you know well I get a Little cartoony y'all y'all can tell me Brian start speaking like how you would

Speak in public and don't give me that Now the next benefit that you also get With this card is a 120 Uber credit so This here also comes in the form of ten Dollars Uber cash credit at the start of Every calendar month that can be used on Ubereats orders as well as Uber rides For me it's so easy to do this because I Use Uber to deliver my food at least Every single week especially when I'm Too lazy to cook and for this all you Got to do is just go into the Uber app Click on your account add a new payment Method and it is like a little bit of a Minor dopamine Spike when I go in there And it's like oh minus ten dollars for My AmEx gold card if you also have the AmEx Platinum Card you're going to be Getting even more than that but for me Personally I think it's a very Straightforward credit to use and just Like we mentioned with the first one There are little workarounds okay Similar to the GrubHub plus membership There is an Uber one membership that is Also at the cost of 9.99 so you know if You're ever traveling you ever need to Take an Uber this can definitely save You on some processing fees and you can Also get your money back in that way too If you didn't know Uber one's benefit Allows you to save five percent on every Uber ride and every ubereats orders and On top of that you're also getting zero

Dollar ubereats delivery fees if you Live in the city like New York or L.A or You know somewhere in DC and you don't Own a car and you're using Uber a lot Anyways I feel like you can still Continue to maximize this benefit now The next benefit we're going to talk About here is the American Express Hotel Collection so this here is what I Consider to be like a watered-down Version of the AmEx fine Hotel and Resorts program which pretty much you Get access to when you have any one of The Platinum cards either way American Express's Hotel Collection program it's Not terrible by any means I would still Say It's A Step Above something like Expedia or the main Difference with this and those Services Is that you get extra additional perks And benefits as an example this includes Benefits where if you're booking 2 Nights or longer you're going to get a 100 experience credit that you can spend On dining spa and resort activities as Well as a room upgrade if it's available Now if you want to increase the chances Of getting a room upgrade I posted this Recently on my Instagram where I took a Trip to Las Vegas with my girlfriend and I did the old credit card 20 sandwich Trick we mentioned this trick here on YouTube like five years ago I did it Again and it works particularly well in

Vegas where Vegas is considered to be More of like a tip first get service Later type place it worked really well I Originally had a room I think it was Still going to be like a couple hundred Dollars a night I don't remember the Exact price because that one was comped But then she upgraded the original comp To room to one of their Salon Suites in The win y'all can look that up online And that room was fantastic it was two Thousand dollars a night and from just a Twenty dollar little investment and from Y'all watching this video I'ma share the Alpha with you I pretty much was able to On the minimum double the amount of Value that I stayed and this here the Salon Suite with within their Tower Collection at the win because they fully Renovated it just a few years ago was One of the best hotels that I've ever Stayed in you know it's a nice hotel too When they literally come into your room Three times throughout the day to make Sure that you have all the amenities and Your bed is continuously made I've never Experienced anything like that I thought That was just a waste of money for the Hotel staff to be doing but it was Fantastic and I can't even complain now The easiest way to access this benefit Is to just log into American Express Find the hotel collections tab or just Go on Google and type in Amex Hotel

Collection now if you're wondering Whether or not this benefit is actually Worth of any type of value I would say It is if you don't have any one of the Premium cards like Platinum Capital One Venture X or the Chase Sapphire Reserve This is because whenever I book a stay I Love getting additional benefits and I Love having the possibility of getting That room upgrade by scrolling through Reddit it seems like though there are Mixed reviews on the platform and its Cost where one data point says that they Save 20 on booking with the Hotel Collection whereas another person said It was 200 forty dollars more expensive Than any other platform now that being Said and with most things within the Points and Miles game just make sure That you check the rates yourself Because your models will always vary now By the way if you are looking to get the Best welcome bonus offer on this card And for some reason you don't have this Card yet or you know a friend who's Looking to sign up for it first of all One way to get easy amount of points I'll talk about in this video is for you To refer them because you're going to Get points and they're going to get Points but if you are watching this Video you don't have a referral offer be Sure to check out the links Down Below In the description because it supports

This Channel and allows me to support my Team as well to continue making these High quality videos for you now if the Offer that you guys get from My Links Don't give you the best offer don't use It okay find the better offer it's okay I don't need to eat I want you all to Eat out here I've ate enough the last Few years so you know links for that are Down below in the description but like Always I appreciate it so much whenever You guys use it the next benefit we're Going to cover is the American Express Experiences tab this is something a lot Of people don't utilize because you know It takes a little bit of work you got to Open up the app you got to go on the Website and then you got to find the AmEx experience section but that's all It is it's like three clicks pretty much With this benefit here you get exclusive Experiences from the line ticket sales And even pre-orders on some exclusive Events as an example right now Equinox Is putting on exclusive workout events In New York LA and Miami for cardholders So if you already live in those cities It's going to work well or if you're a Huge fan of the Wimbledon and even a few Months where you couldn't get access to This you can get first-hand exclusive Tickets or as an example Coachella maybe You love Raven that's your thing and you Want to get Early Access tickets and you

Want to have access to you know some Special little benefits American Express Is here to help even as an example F1 Racing is going to have a huge huge Event where they're driving through Las Vegas for the next nine years and if you Want to have a chance of getting tickets Like that it might be hard finding it Online but a lot of people forget to use Their cards benefit and see if it offers One there now it's really hard to Quantify the value of the benefits that I mentioned but even looking at the State of the event ticketing industry Right now these pre-orders and exclusive Tickets can save you a lot of time and a Bunch of headaches for this benefit it's Simple just I recommend checking it out Every couple of weeks so you don't miss Out on any exclusive offers or you know If you don't want to do the work check Out the link Down Below in the Description join our Facebook group you Also get added to our exclusive email Newsletter and from there if I see any Offers I'll hit you all up about it on The topic of exclusive experiences I Know one thing that a lot of people Continue to sleep on is the resi Exclusive experience benefit so you get Full access to this if you create a resi Account and then you just add your gold Card to your account as a payment method From here you'll be able to access the

AmEx gold exclusive events as they come Up and if you're someone who wants to Take out their significant other on a Special little date maybe like a little Multi-city dim sum experience they Literally have that as a choice now I Would say this is really for the Ballers Because you know you got to be traveling And you really gotta love food but I Think this is just one of those special Ways that you can continue to use a Benefit that a lot of people don't Really know they have now rezzie's been Around since 2014 and it's primarily What people use in order to book Reservations so if I'm on Yelp and I'm Not doing it through Yelp most often It'll pull up like a resili link and you Get your spot on the table for 6 P.M on A Friday and if you're wondering why American Express is working so closely With resi and that's because rezzy got Acquired by Amex just a few years back It didn't even take me that much work to See an American Express Gold Card pop-up Dinner in New York and if I you know set This to my city you know there's a lot Of cool stuff you can check out new Openings there's a there's also The Hit List as well just some cool places to Eat and look guys I recently heard a Thing it's like if you ever get married One of the best things that you can do Every Friday you know make sure the

Grandma and grandpas can be taking care Of your kids if you have kids and you go Out on a special little date and I feel Like these apps just make it so easy for You to do that and maybe I don't know Could be a part of a stretch but rezzy Could save your marriage well just yeah I know that that sounds kind of crazy But y'all y'all know what I'm talking About right all right the next benefit Is one of my personal favorites I can Get you hundreds of dollars of value Every single year and this is just by Logging into your Amex account and You'll be seeing a tab at the top that Says offers and when you click on that You'll be seeing a list of exclusive Offers for your card that can earn you Higher Point earning rates or even Statement credits on purchases now a Couple past examples of some of these Offers because they're not always Useless there are some where they you Know allow you to get a discount on Ray-Bans I've used that a bunch or even Like a 60 statement credit after Spending 300 at any Hyatt Hotel on top Of that you get one where you get 25 Back on FedEx purchases the way this Works is easy you just enroll in it it Doesn't cost you anything to enroll in It and if you happen to spend at any one Of those places you're going to be Getting a little bit of money back now

Number seven referring your friends in Case you didn't know just by being an Amex gold card holder you can get a Bonus just by referring your other Friends as well we talked a little bit About this earlier let's dive deeper so Let's say one of your friends is you Know looking for the gold card one of The best ways that you can earn even More points is by referring them where You and your friend both get a bit of a Bonus to access this link all you have To do is go on your Amex dashboard you Can do this on your phone and it's going To show you a box where it says refer Your friend click on that it's going to Show you the welcome bonus on what you Get and what they get and at the current Moment of when I film this video you can Get 30 000 points while your friend or Family member gets 90 000 points shouldn't even be mentioning This because this is this is more higher Than the links in the description Sometimes not all the time but guys That's why a value first here I want to Make sure that you guys are able to Maximize every Point possible just know That with this program here you are Limited though in earning a hundred Thousand points from referrals in a Calendar year which is equates to about A thousand dollars so three people Max a Hundred thousand points so an easy way

To do this too if you have Instagram Facebook Myspace Pinterest whatever ever It is Tick Tock literally just make like A story or a post you know like hey I Traveled here it was one of the best Trips I took I got all these points or You know I just earned 4X back on this Or I use my resi reservations benefit From an AMX gold card if you're Interested I have a link down below Where you can you know click it or you Know swipe up or whatever it is whatever Platform you're on and you can find that You can get three people maybe a lot Easier than you once thought that being Said make sure whoever you refer okay They're they're not someone who's gonna Rack up a bunch of credit card debt and You're you're going to be opening the Gateway for them ruining their life as Long as people that you refer are people That you know have responsible credit Card usage you'll be good they're gonna Be able to benefit from this card you're Going to be able to collect a little bit Of referral bonus it's a win-win-win for Benefit number eight which is actually One of my all-time favorite ones is Purchase protection so I mentioned this Story a few times before on my channel But I have lost a pair of my airpods and I did buy it on one of my American Express cards and their purchase Protection was so good where they went

Ahead and pretty much comped my entire Replacement pair of airpods actually That full video like that story time is On YouTube if you want to find it it's One of my older videos during the Pandemic now to give you more details About this benefit itself the way it Works is that anytime you purchase an Item with the American Express Gold Card You're covered up to ten thousand Dollars in value from damage theft and Loss this is why anytime I you know try To buy like a new computer or like Something expensive if I'm buying like a New Apple watch whatever it is I would Rather buy it on my AmEx card rather Than any other issuer just because of How good they are with their customer Service in their last four to five years They've never let me down and I believe The reason this benefit here is really One of the best ones is that because a Majority of purchase protection doesn't Even cover losses where American Express Does where I lost a pair of my airpods And they went ahead and replaced it to Follow up on this please also by the way Guys I don't know if I need to say it But don't make fraudulent claim I know There's gonna be at least one or two of Y'all that are thinking like oh okay There's gonna be a way for me to play This just please don't do that okay Let's just try try to be good people out

Here if you do lose something you Actually have lost it or it's stolen in Order for you to move forward with this You can call Amex with a number on the Back of your card or fill out a claim Online you also need to make sure you Have a receipt to get the items value Covered so this is why I never do Printer receipts because I know I'll Lose it I always try to have the receipt Especially when I buy something Expensive email to me so I could just Search it up online now each claim can Get you up to ten thousand dollars in Coverage and then you're also going to Have a yearly total limit of 50 000 of Value cover unless you really be Misplacing things out here you should Not be uh you know maximizing this Benefit but it's just good to know that You have last but not least number nine Retention offers people will oftentimes Try to cancel the card and in order for A lot of these companies to retain their Members they'll give you something Called a retention offer if you let them Know hey my name is Billy Bob Joe I'm Thinking of canceling this card because The annual fee is high I'm not using the Benefit most of the time they're going To give you an offer that allows you to Keep the card by incentivizing you to Hold the card a bit longer through Getting additional points now on the off

Chance they don't get a welcome bonus Offer you can do something called hookah Which is hang up call again so just let Them know you know what sorry I think I'm just going to keep the card hang up Try it again that's one way where you Can also try to get another retention Offer but please don't try this 20 30 50 Times guys just don't do that okay if It's not popping up usually for the Second or third time you're probably not Going to get an offer because this is Just done through an algorithm on the Computer depending on how your own Credit profile looks if a retention Offer also doesn't pop up for you today You could try again in a month or two to See if pops up then a lot of people also Think of retention offer is something That they'll give constantly that is not The case usually it's a one-time thing So get the retention offer make sure It's the best one that you can get I've Heard of some insane offers where people Are getting even their entire annual fee Waived or even more statement credits Added onto their account alright so Ladies and gents those here are going to Be the nine secret benefits and Strategies in order to make sure that You squeeze the lemon out of the American Express gold card I know a lot Of these things can take up a little bit Extra work so if you guys want to join

Our newsletter down below I'll hit you Guys with like credit card tips and Stuff here and there but sometimes I'll Let you all know okay on the occasion if I see anything crazy I'll email you guys So you guys are reminded and you don't Miss out on any of these benefits too if You also want to go ahead and join our Facebook group that same link is down Below in the description and like always If you want to sign up for any one of The products or a credit card that comes Up to your mind doesn't have to be the Gold card be sure to check out the link Down Below in the description like And Subscribe love y'all and I'll see you All soon peace


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