Amex Business GOLD Just Got a MAJOR Upgrade | Time To Act Now!?

So American Express just announced a Major change to one of their more Popular business credit cards judging by The title I'm sure you all know what it Is but this is going to be the American Express business goal now real quick Because I already got a few messages About this over on Instagram even in the Comment section of my videos where People are like Brian how dare they Change my personal Amex gold card with All these new benefits that I'll never Use there have been no changes made to The personal Gold Card guys it is just The business version and yes they do Look identical and yes the new one even Got the rose gold color so I can see Where the confusion lies but I wanted to Say that real quick before we even got To anything else because this is a Question I've seen a lot of people Asking other than that though this video Is going to be very straightforward We're going to be talking about the new Changes made to this card because if you Weren't interested in it before like I Myself included I personally was not Interested in the AmEx business gold Card but you might be now and towards The end of the video I'll also give you My honest opinion and thoughts about This card and I'll also talk about how This can also plug in with most people Set up if you guys are subscribed to

This channel you'll know that I've been Holding a lot of different products but Two of my favorite cards are the American Express gold card and the Platinum card and those already have a Decent annual fee that I pay every Single year so adding in another high Annual fee card like this may not be the Best decision or is it so let's cover The benefits first of all inside of our Computer we're just going to read off of American Express's website from here I Got some few data points from outside of The website that we're going to cover Big thing to note welcome bonus offers If anyone's going for this card Generally if you go for the welcome Bonus offer you're able to hit the Minimum spend a requirement of ten Thousand dollars and you get that 70 000 Membership reward points you are able to Come out net positive either way because 70 000 membership reward points at a Conservative 1.1 Cent ratio is still Going to be 700 back in Pocket now one Thing I noticed was the fact that American Express before in the last year Or two have allowed people to extend the Three-month minimum spend requirement Time zone all the way up to six months But you're not seeing that on this card Now if you do own a business with a Decent amount of spend you should be Able to get this no problem but for

Anyone who may not be in a high spend Business where you don't have payroll You don't have office equipment and you Know maybe you're running a Consulting Business where the only thing you're Buying every single month is a Subscription to Google and zoom it might Be a little bit harder to get this Welcome bonus offer then so you need to Work creatively now with this card here You're gonna have the same earning Categories or the way they structure it Which is a little bit different from Other cards so first of all you can get 4X back on up to two categories that you Manually input these categories are Going to be gas dining advertising Transit electronics and wireless you'll Also notice on their website it says Enhanced we'll talk about what Enhancements mean because it's not a Full enhancement they actually took Something away that I've seen a lot of People actually be quite upset about Within the categories though you also Get 3x points on flights and prepaid Hotels booked on and then You get 1X back on everything else now I Really like this benefit here this was Not included before you'll see that Little new sign here and this is one of Those cards where now it can also be a Replacement business travel credit card Where in the past you would have to pick

Something up like the business platinum Card that has the highest annual fee Amongst all American Express cards other Than the Centurion card with the Forex Membership reward points that you also Get back keep in mind that it's capped To about a hundred and fifty thousand Dollars in Combined purchases I have Several friends of mine who actually Have to use this card and then rotate Over into a Chase Ink business Preferred Card just because they end up maxing out The amount of points they earn from the Spend that they do within even just a Few months if you're not a high spend Business now what's new within the Forex Membership rewards category is that you Get new Transit purchases so this Includes taxis trains Rideshare server Services ferries tolls parking buses and Subway and it actually reminds me a lot Of the flexibility that the Chase Sapphire Reserve card has the two new Aspects are also the monthly Wireless Telephone service so if you're paying a Lot of money for your telephone bill Then this is definitely going to be a Valuable benefit for you and then if You're also buying electronic goods made Through us or other cloud system Providers and different software this is Also going to be a pretty valuable card Now later on this video I'll talk about The one benefit that they did take away

Because if you're spending a lot on this Category you may not even want to hold This card anymore even though they've Added a bunch of new ones now aside from Those Point earning categories the next Thing that American Express has done is Allowed you to earn statement credits on The money that you spend so for this you Can earn up to twenty dollars in Statement credits every single month After you use a business gold card for Eligible U.S purchases and this is going To be at FedEx GrubHub and office supply Stores and you can also get 12.95 back In statement credits each month when you Pay for a monthly Walmart Plus Membership so a little bit to digest There let's break it down if you've ever Heard of the saying American Express is Like a big coupon book well you're not Wrong and this is definitely reaffirming The stigma that most people have keep in Mind American Express's goal is to get You to maximize spend on their card Versus other competitor cards all while Still being able to hold back in Gatekeep not all the benefits that most People would want to get what this means Is instead of breaking it up to be Twenty dollars in statement credits Every single month just like some of the Other issuers it would have been a lot Better if it's just 240 dollars and you Can get it all at once now I get why

American Express does this look their Company they're publicly traded they Want to do good for their shareholders But at the same time it would be a lot More easier if they just made it more Flexible where we can spend it all in One time going into the Walmart Plus Membership I know a lot of people are Not even gonna look at this one twice But let me tell you this at least within My my area a lot of the produce a lot of Items at Walmart are still significantly Cheaper than a lot of the grocery stores Around here and the Walmart Plus Membership I see it as like an Additional Amazon Prime membership or With this you can get free shipping with No minimum spend and free delivery from The store to your house even outside of That Walmart plus is really not a bad Deal for the amount of different Benefits that they give you member Savings on fuel on Exxon Mobil Walmart And Murphy stations you got Paramount Plus if you love the movies that they Have to offer there you get that pretty Much for free you get video streaming With Pluto TV where you get ad free Streaming content and then you also get Early access to any Black Friday deals And special prices so how much would I Value these credits it just simply Depends I do think the Walmart plus is Still one of the more underrated ones

And I really do love the collaboration That we're seeing American Express doing With them because this is not the only Credit card that has been offering this Type of benefit now when it comes to Downsides there are two main things that Stuck out to me so far first of all Annual fee has gone up so currently the Annual fee is 295 dollars but you'll Notice in parentheses in very small Print that it's going to be 375 dollars If the application is received on or After February 1st of 2024. so right now At the time of filming this video the Annual fee is still what it used to be You're going to be able to get Grandfathered in but as soon as February Comes along you're going to be seeing a Hike in it and if you decide at that Point you want to apply for the card You're going to be spending about 80 Dollars more now on top of that the one Category that they removed was the Shipping category I'm not really too Sure the intention behind American Express doing this but for us consumers I don't think it's a bad thing at all Just because there are plenty of other Cards that still give you a benefit Within this category like one of the Chase Inc business cards so when it Comes to picking this card up here's Just a simple math that I would do do You find Value in any of the categories

That you get can you hit the minimum Spend requirement on that welcome bonus Offer if the answer is yes on even just One of those holding this card for at Least one year will still make sense for Most people now I do know that there are Other people who are very cautious with Annual fees you don't want it racking up But at the end of the day I just break It down between Roi it's how much money That you actually spend versus the money That you get in return from the points Value in the cash back as I mentioned Earlier in this video I personally have The gold card and the AmEx platinum card And I still do a ton of spend amongst Those cards so with my own ecosystem of Having I think it's like 15 16 cards now At this point unless I have expenses Coming up from my business I'm Personally going to be holding off and Right now keep in mind I do have all of The Chase Ink business cards so those I Find a lot of value in by the way I Recently made a video talking about how The chasing cards got a huge buff with That welcome bonus offer it's for Limited time it's still going on but I Don't know how much longer it's going to Last for the last time Chase introduced One of these offers it was gone within About three to four weeks and I believe That time is gonna creep up on us pretty Soon if you guys want to learn more

About any one of the Chase bank cards be Sure to check out the links Down Below In the description you can check out That video or if you're looking to apply For even the AmEx business gold card you Have done the math you've watched this Video you like the new revamps that They've added check out the links as Well down below if you're looking to Apply now I know on the topic of Business credit cards it can be pretty Intimidating to apply for so regardless If it's this card or any of the end Cards check out our new site where I'll pair you up With one of my vetted credit card Experts to walk you through the process And to see if some of these cards are a Good fit for you if you're ready to Apply and you're still a little bit Cautious about the whole process reach Out to us and we can help you out Completely for free now if you guys did Enjoy this video be sure to drop a like Down below comment down below what you Think of the AmEx business gold card is This a card that you'd consider picking Up or is it a card that you just don't Really still care about thank you again For watching this video have an amazing Blessed day I love you all and I'll see You all soon peace


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